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Case Study on Digital Marketing Strategies of Goibibo

Are you fed up with investing time, energy, and financial resources into numerous digital marketing campaigns to no avail? Discover the case study of Goibibo, a travel booking company that has helped holiday businesses succeed for many years

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Goibibo’s Detailed Marketing Strategy Case Study


Goibibo’s story,

Goibibo is the base of the ibibo Group. At Goibibo, we are particularly focused on domestic Indian travel and outbound bookings for individuals from India looking to travel internationally.


Vikalp Sahni, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Goibibo.

goibibo founder

ibibo. This company is a pioneer in the internet travel industry’s hotel segment, which includes Goibibo, the air aggregator Goibibo, and the bus company redBus.

Users of Goibibo can make reservations for hotels, flights, trains, buses, and autos in addition to using travel money. Over 8 million people have used redBus in Singapore, Indonesia, and India.

It may surprise you that Goibibo started as a social networking service. In 2007, it launched as a social networking service. In 2009, it evolved into an online retail and tourism company. Goibibo allegedly increased from 1 site to 200 in its first year of operation, according to a current source.

Goibibo Annual Revenue

goibibo annual revenue

The CEO and Co-Founder of Goibibo, are Sanjay Bhasin, and its headquarters is in Gurgaon, Haryana. They have a solid team of 1.0k to 5.0k employees who work together to build a great company, and their yearly annual revenue is from $100-500 million.

Why Should Travel and Tourism Services Study Digital Marketing Strategies? 

One of the best ways to reach potential customers nowadays and persuade them to make a purchase is through digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing may aid companies of all sizes to expand, boost sales, and bring in more money if used properly.

Here are five reasons business owners should study digital marketing strategies: 

1. The expense of digital marketing is low. Digital marketing is frequently far less expensive when compared to conventional marketing strategies like advertising.

2. Businesses need to grasp how digital marketing works to stay competitive as the world economy grows more digital to understand their competitors.

3. Using digital marketing technologies, tourism service providers can enhance their consumer experience overall.

4. Service providers in the tourism industry may produce better content and advertisements to reach more people by understanding how digital marketing operates.

5. In the travel and tourism industry, competitor analysis is crucial; therefore, learning about digital marketing techniques can help you better understand your competitor.

Digital Marketing Strategies of Goibibo

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Goibibo, a tour package service, is an excellent place to start if you want to expand your business online. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, they have created a complete social media marketing plan that can boost your company’s success.

Goibibo reached its target audience by making customised content and launching successful Twitter and Facebook campaigns.

So, if you’re looking for a technique to grow your audience and clientele, the Goibibo case study is what you need!

The overall statistics that Goibibo maintains are listed below.

Social Media platformsNo. People follow
Instagram75k followers
Facebook210k  followers
Linkedin99k followers
Twitter25.3k followers

Goibibo is performing better on Facebook than other social media platforms when comparing the number of followers on each platform; let’s look at the list of marketing methods used by Goibibo for all social media platforms.

social media traffic goibibo

Goibibo has more outreach of 48.48% on youtube, and secondly, they get more convincing leads at WhatsApp of 26.76%.

1. Instagram Marketing strategies

Instagram is a good platform for interacting with customers and advertising your goods or services.
Goibibo recognised this and offered a range of Instagram marketing techniques that might assist you in connecting with your target demographic.
A successful travel service company like Goibibo truly needs to discover the perfect Instagram marketing approach for their organisation because they offer trip packages that can be customised to match any budget.

goibibo instagram homepage

These digital marketing techniques can spark interest in a location or product, motivate consumers to travel there, and create connections between tourist locations and businesses.

Goibibo convinces its audience with vibrant and carefully picked templates and videos by grasping social media concepts.

Goibibo has 75k followers and constantly uploads 1594 posts. They have fantastic Instagram marketing methods by working with local influencers who favour Goibibo services.

Making intriguing content, employing relevant hashtags to target your audience, and leveraging graphics and photos to grab attention are some advice for good Instagram marketing.

2. Facebook marketing strategies 

Goibibo, a travel and tourism service, are valuable for companies looking to attract customers and grow their businesses.

When it comes to online travel and tourism booking services, Goibibo is a name that you can trust. With over 10 million users, Goibibo is one of India’s most popular travel booking platforms. 

To showcase the service, Goibibo posts travel-related services, including hotel bookings, flights, and train tickets, along with the current offers.

The company first started using Facebook to connect with customers and drive traffic to its website.

In this way, they have achieved creating link building.

goibibo facebook likes

After attracting customers through multiple coupon deals, they currently have 210k followers on Facebook.

goibibo bio
total likes and total talking goibibo

Goibibo has more than 100k likes, which is significant for a travel agency.

3. Twitter marketing strategies

Twitter marketing is becoming increasingly popular due to its ease of use and ability to connect people with businesses and services. 

Goibibo is a travel and tourism booking service that uses Twitter to reach out to tourists and travellers. 

They aim to provide a better experience for tourists and travellers by providing information about the best places to visit, how to get around, and what deals are available.

goibibo twitter homepage

Goibibo has 25.3k followers and a thorough bio that contains a link to the website, the team support id, and details about the company.

goibibo special day post

This is one of the best examples of how Goibibo has a strong social media team to create moment marketing.

When we look at the post, it is clearly shown that Goibibo is using Twitter up to the mark of best.

SEO Strategies of Goibibo

Goibibo company has developed a strong reputation for being reliable and trustworthy and has been able to build up a large user base with the help of the website they own. 

Goibibo has managed to develop a strong relationship with its customers and has been able to provide them with the best possible travel experiences with a user-friendly and modernised website.

So let’s look at how well the Goibibo SEO team applied SEO techniques.

goibibo visitors


Goibibo has a highly impressive website with 11.5M visits, 6.6M new visitors coming monthly, an average visit duration of 10:04 and a bounce rate of 48.06%.

DA goibibo

Goibibo has an Authority Score of 69 with organic search traffic of 16.8M and paid traffic of 205.5K  through 93M backlinks.

Goibibo’s Domain Authority

A website’s domain authority is determined by Moz, an SEO tool, based on factors such as backlinks, site consistency, page load time, traffic, and the typical time visitors spend on each page.

According to Moz, Goibibo’s website currently has a Domain Authority score of 61. However, there is a chance that this score will go up.

domain authority goibibo
distribution by country goibibo

Also, Goibibo has 16.8M traffic for inserting the right keywords of 839.2k on their site.

Top organic Keywords - goibibo

Their top organic keywords are Goibibo, hotel near me, Goibio, Goibobo, and Goibobo flights which people directly search for on Google.

Goibibo’s branding and local SEO are excellent, as seen by the fact that only 2% of their traffic comes from the 18% of local keywords like “Hotel Near Me” that drive visitors to their website.

There are no keywords related to businesses listed in the top 10 keyword listings. They are missing up on numerous opportunities for possible keywords, such as business keywords. Over the coming years, I think they’ll refine their SEO tactics.

top paid keywords goibibo

Their top paid keywords are goibibo, booking buddy, goibio, flights from India, and gobobo.

Types of SEO Targeting Audience for Goibibo

goibibo- keywords by intent

Regarding keywords by intent, their informational keyword reaches 42.6% of people, making them gain 21.1k traffic with 205k keywords on their website.

So what is an informational keyword?

Information keywords are a way to organise keyword-rich content on your website. They allow your readers to easily find information about a topic without having to search for it yourself. 

By using information keywords, you can ensure that all of your content is focused on one specific subject and that readers have an easier time finding what they’re looking for.

For example,“Vacation packages” are suitable for any travel and tourism booking service.

Who Are The Competitors For Goibibo?

goibibo CPM

Goibibo’s top three competitors are railyatri, confirmkit and indiaralinfo, with higher SE keywords. 

Now, look at the position of the Goibibo competitor for better reference.

What is the website Traffic Volume of Goibibo for the last three months?

traffic engagement - goibibo

GoibiboTarget Segment

  • What Product did Goibibo Sells?
goibibo website page

The best travel help is offered by Goibibo, which connects banks to offer a variety of bargains on low-cost flights. It also provides lodging at hotels and resorts.

  • Goibibo Price and Offers
go stays - goibibo

Goibibo offers affordable costs for stay and travel, which is the only reason for the audience to reach their service.

special day sale  - goibibo

A rate chart based on routes and the type of flights you select, such as domestic or international, is clearly displayed on the Goibibo website.

  • Goibibo Geo-Targeting Audiences

The following packages are targeted toward the following audience by Goibibo.

Ages 25 to 34+ are people covered by Goibibo through ad campaigns.

audience demography goibibo

Goibibo prioritises males over females when it comes to gender. Additionally, their entire audience value set is currently close to 157k.

Audience Interest for Goibibo

audience interest  goibibo

The majority of people from IT, banking, and other travel and tourism sectors frequently visit the Goibibo website and the competitors listed below to learn about better deals.

Goibibo’s Recent Digital Marketing Campaign

By that time, Goibibo, India s leading third-party OTA, with its new campaign, is in full swing, offering a fun alternative to wasting time during a commercial break with its aptly named Live Vasool League. Titled, this campaign is intended to reward viewers who alleviate moments of not watching ads with adrenaline-fueled travel deals and offers. 

To kickstart it, the company has teamed up with some of the finest cricketers in the country.

During the Full Vacations Promo, watchers registered with the Vasool program will locate opportunities for stealable travel deals and bargains, including hotel vouchers, special offers, and discounts from the website. The easy method to obtain these awards is also available.

When a banner for a popular show is clicked during commercial breaks, people will be redirected to WhatsApp and sent the text  Win W! to Goibibo, which will instantly send them over the edge!

This is how they carried out the campaign, and it is a brilliant marketing tactic that truly surprised the research team at Digital Scholar when they looked at the Goibibo case study.

Influencer Marketing Campaign by Goibibo

Goibibo has partnered with veteran actor Anupam Kher to harness the resolve and positivity of the youth during these tumultuous times through the continuation of their digital campaign, #WeWillTakeOffAgain

Through this campaign, we hope to instil in young individuals a sense of optimism and hope for a more promising tomorrow.

The campaign is a droll message from the older generation that accommodates the younger generation and encourages it to be brave and optimistic.

This is the message given by Anupam Kher for young India.


Mobile App Marketing Strategies of Goibibo

By downloading Goibibo apps, tourists may now use an app to plan their trips and find the best deals on lodging and transportation.

goibibo app promo

Their offer regards downloading the app encourages the downloaders with 2k cash back for using the above promo code.

Reviews of hotels, attractions, and transportation alternatives are available on the GoibiboTravel app.

goibibo app download

It additionally offers deals from partner stores.
GoibiboTravel is freely available on iOS and Android devices.

Goibibo has a 4.5 rating and has been downloaded over 50M times.

Final Verdict

Goibibo has succeeded in several digital marketing strategies; according to a recent assessment of Goibibo’s digital marketing strategies by Digital Scholar, the below-shown companies are the real competitors for Goibibo.

competitors of goibibo

However, they may concentrate more on content marketing, social media marketing, Display Ads and email marketing to compete with competitors.

goibibo medium of sharing

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