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Globus Fashion’s Digital Marketing Strategies: A Case Study

Nowadays, the clothing industry cannot survive just by selling clothes in their physical store. They also need to use digital marketing strategies to sell their clothes online.Having an online presence will help you connect with more consumers, increase sales, and build brand awareness. This blog post will discuss why it’s important for the clothing industry to transform its business online and how it can use different digital marketing strategies to do so. Stay tuned!

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The digital age has greatly disrupted the clothing industry. More and more people are buying their clothes online, making it necessary for clothing businesses to adopt online marketing strategies to stay competitive. 

Clothing retailers who fail to transform will likely see their business slowly decline. 

There are several important reasons why clothing businesses should switch to digital marketing, and we’ll explore some of these reasons in this post. 

So if you’re a clothing retailer wondering whether or not to take your business online, keep reading!

globus digital marketing strategies

In this case study, we’ll take a look at some of the tactics that have been used by Globus Fashion and their effectiveness in growing business. 

And I’m sure this case study will bring everything you need to know to bring out your best while you are practising digital marketing for your business.

We will also explore challenges they’ve faced and how these obstacles were overcome to see what lessons can be learned from them for other businesses looking into digital marketing strategies as well!

Marketing Mix of Globus Fashion

1. Product Strategy of Globus Fashion

The brand has an extensive line of men’s and women’s clothing and jewellery. They offer customers the opportunity to shop from their collection in-store or online with complete ease through apps on your phone!

Like many other retail brands, Globus also offers private label and top-of-the-line clothing for men and women. 

However, it does so with an edge that sets them apart from its competitors; besides having a wide range of casual fashion accessories like bracelets or necklaces, they offer more luxurious items such as watches.

The women’s clothing range at Globus spans many ethnicities and Western styles. They have dresses, kurtas (long shirts), pants or salwars for those looking to be more traditional.

globus indipop

Globus Fashion also offers skirt-tops combinations and tops that can come as blouses/shirts worn open over your favourite outfit!

There is a wide selection of apparel for men, including jackets – jeans types paired up nicely together alongside chinos & shorts if you’re after something casual yet still stylish enough during these hot summer days ahead.

And don’t forget about our latest collection showcasing some trendiest pieces from every season alone.

Shortly, Globus Fashion plans to refurbish its product mix. They recently launched a clothing line with actress Kareena Kapoor that includes high-end dresses and casual wear like alike-Jewellery isn’t part of this policy, but you can find all sorts online! 

So they planned to improve their visibility by taking up a chance with influencer marketing!

2. Pricing Strategy of Globus Fashion

Globus is a well-known clothing company that has been in business in India for over a decade. Customers may always rely on them because they supply high-quality products with a ‘No Questions Asked’ returns policy and rapid shipping globally.

globus end of season sale

There’s nothing worse than buying your favourite t-shirt just to discover it doesn’t fit properly – but thank goodness if you don’t have those issues because this company sells high-quality items in many categories, like graphic tees for Rs.399 and jeans/tops combination sets for Rs.499, among others.

globus talking tees

Globus has used a high-end pricing strategy for certain products, such as the Rs 399 “Graphic T-shirts.” Customers can also pay using various methods, including net banking and mobile wallets (VISA/MasterCard). If you’re not completely pleased with your purchase, Globus Fashion provides you with a no-questions-asked refund if you return it within 30 days.

3. Place & Distribution Strategy of Globus Fashion

Globus has been around since 1998 when it first opened up shop in Indore. The store was spacious with more than 35k sq ft and had plans for two other locations, one in Chennai, which became operational that same year.

while another store came later in Mumbai’s iconic Fashion Capital Of India-localized version called “Mumbai.” By 2008, there were 24 stores scattered throughout major cities like Delhi NCR, Kolkata, etc., and they’re not done yet! 

The Globus shop locator on the internet will assist you in locating your nearest location, and it includes a list of luxury stores in prominent areas such as Fort and Hill Road Bandra. Due to scalability concerns, several were closed, but they’re currently developing separate ones for men and women!

4. Promotion & Advertising Strategy of Globus Fashion

The Marketing Strategy of Globus analyses the brand with a fivefold framework that covers not only product, price and promotion but also the place (retailer), platform or channel that brings it to market – this could be TV ads and print campaigns. 

globus- store

The company will use all these elements to ensure its success through customer engagement across different channels at any given time, depending on what they think may work best for them right then!

Globus has a marketing strategy that helps them position themselves competitively in the market and achieve their business goals. 

The first step of this process involves understanding what products or services they offer, how those specific items can be priced to meet budget constraints while still providing value for customers (i.e., not over-manufacturing), and who should pay for these goods/services? 

However, advertising & distribution channels into which we put our message about Globusses’s great offers – both traditional forms like print media advertsentization on television networks and new technologies such Facebook ads targeted specifically towards certain demographics.

They also eventually practised advertising through various channels such as print media (ad pictured left), online websites like Facebook & Twitter, etc. Mobile apps are available on the iTunes store app store named “globus”, which provides social networking features for users to stay connected even when offline. It also involves public relations efforts – telling people about new products through SMS.

Some of the Successful Campaigns for Your Reference

Tagline- #Fashion for the changing world

Kareena Kapoor is undoubtedly the most glamorous fashion icon in India today and has set countless trends with her discerning taste for style. 

globus marketing camping

The Bollywood star was recently announced as Globus’s brand ambassador at an event that brought together some of Mumbai’s glittering socialites to celebrate their 150-store expansion plan!

The creative minds at Globus have created a state-of-the-art design studio in India to ensure that they are always ahead of trends. With over 50 designers and product specialists forecasting international fashion trends, it’s easy for them to create something new without being too far behind other brands on retailers’ shelves around town!

globus- katrena posts

F21 Brand founder Kangana said she was excited about partnering with Kareena because “she represents everything we want our customers—young men or women alike—to embrace.”

Overall Digital Marketing Strategies

The stylish clothing company Globus Fashion designs and markets fashionable clothes to attract customers with digital marketing tactics. 

Globus Fashion uses social media campaigns for increased brand awareness and email newsletters that provide up-to-date information on new products coming out or events happening around the time of purchase, which can be tailored specifically towards you if needed!

They also make sure their website is optimised, so it ranks high when searched by people online looking at just what they have listed.

Let’s see how Globus Fashion handles digital marketing in its best way.

Globus Fashion’s online store sells fashionable clothing, bags, footwear, and accessories for women and men designed by the Globus Fashion team. 

globus digital marketing strategies poster

This fashion store is today’s new entrant in the market with a new concept and idea. Globus Fashion’s emphasis on quality, affordability, variety and style has made its product very popular among customers. 

Digital marketing is one major way that Globus Fashion uses to reach customers.

We all know that digital marketing has become one of the most significant transformations in recent years; as large and small businesses alike shift their marketing strategies to increase profits by selling their products globally, you may be wondering why it is important to understand any company’s digital marketing strategies fully.

Let’s take a thorough study of this!

1. Website Strategies of Globus Fashion  

After researching Globus Fashion’s website for design, functionality and SEO practices, we discovered a few unique strategies to keep customers interested in their brand.

Globus Fashion is a fashion brand with a focus on sustainable practices. The parent company of brands makes someone look better, and the texture of the clothes and accessories are environmentally friendly. 

Globus-step into explore

My team and I looked at the design, functionality, and SEO practices of Globus Fashion’s website. We noticed a few unique internet methods that Globus Fashion employs on their website to engage and interest customers in their business.

According to Globus Fashion, the keys to reaching the top of Google search results have the right approach and patience.

Now let’s look at the real stats about how Globus Fashion succeeded in the website strategies.

The total number of visits to the Globus Fashion website is 4.6k, with 3.6k unique visitors. They spend 00:00 on average per day on their site, and their bounce rate (people who visit but do not buy anything) is 100 per cent; Because 80% of a company’s profit comes from 20% of its loyal customers, this is a problem that every company faces, and it’s nothing to be concerned about.

globus- traffic

2. SEO Strategies of  Globus Fashion  

Women’s clothes and accessories are available in Globus Fashion’s retail stores and eCommerce.
Customers can purchase fashion-related items from any of these websites. In addition, the corporation has used a variety of SEO tactics, including:

  • Backlinking for SEO keywords is good.
  • Pages don’t have broken links.
  • More effective off-page and on-page optimisation solutions.

If you Google “Globus Fashion SEO strategy,” you’ll find hundreds of sites purporting to explain how SEO works, including on-page SEO, off-page SEO, LSI, and articles.

The bulk of these sites, on the other hand, provide confusing information, leaving you puzzled and frustrated.
As a result, we’ll tell you the truth about how Globus Fashion developed and implemented a successful SEO plan.

Let’s start with the top five keywords they used to get their website to the top of Google’s first page.

paid search positions

The domain score of the Globus Fashion website is 27, with organic search traffic reaching 22.6k visits and paid search traffic bringing 1.4k new visitors to the website. In addition, their backlink techniques allow them to achieve visibility of 2.3k. The statistics listed below are from all across the world.

globus digital marketing- DA

The website receives 22.6k visitors in India and has a keyword density of 3.4k.

Most of the best backlinks sites where they have submitted links by Globus Fashion are shown in this image.

backlinks globus

The stats show Globus Fashion’s top paid keywords, which drive more visitors to their website.

keywords by intent

They use 36% of informational keywords, resulting in 2.4k visitors to their website, which is the best to note. However, the 2.4% navigational keywords bring them far more traffic, with 12.1k total visitors in the current month.

reffering domains - globus

These are the top five websites directed to global fashion from which traffic is directed.

3. Facebook strategy of Globus Fashion

The power of social media is undeniable, and Facebook has become a staple for businesses everywhere. Its popularity allows it to be an effective tool in the promotion process – one that Globus Fashion uses wisely!

Even though Facebook isn’t the only social networking platform available, it is the most popular. It is one of the most effective strategies to promote your business due to its vast appeal.

The rise of social media has provided brands with an opportunity to market their products in front and behind the scenes. In this day and age, it’s vital for any fashion company not only to have a presence on platforms like Facebook but also to take advantage by using them strategically 

for instance; 

Likes can be used by any brand or business as feedback indicators or survey respondents who interact frequently enough to become customers of the corresponding fashion brand!

globus page likes

Let’s take a look at Globus Fashion’s Facebook approach and the amount of traffic and followers they receive regularly.
Globus Fashion recently created the pictures below, which are being utilised to generate additional visitors to the site using Facebook advertisements, which are working effectively.

globus fashion about

Globus Fashion has 838k Facebook fans, 7K Twitter followers, and 441k Instagram followers, whereas the Facebook and Instagram followers are nearly similar in the case of Fandian.

This is an example of the May monthly report on the number of likes and followers. Globus Fashion’s received and how many visitors newly engaged with them on Facebook.

globus fashion- followers gained

The monthly report of ups and downs in Globus Fashion’s uploads, likes, and followers earnings is portrayed in this graph.

4. Instagram strategy of Globus Fashion

Many tiny fashion brands worldwide are now widely publishing on Instagram with no restrictions.
Instagram is a platform where brands can use post reels and stories to market their products, attract traffic back to their websites, and eventually drive sales.

Whether in images or illustrations, visual content has always been important to the fashion business. However, the fashion sector is increasingly using video as a marketing tool, allowing companies to connect with offline and online clients.

globus - showcase post

Many brands have recognised the significance of Instagram and are starting to incorporate it into their overall strategy, and one of them is currently succeeding in the fashion industry.

Let’s look at how Globus Fashion used its social media marketing team to give Instagram marketing its best effort.

glo bus social media followings

Globus Fashion currently has 39k followers and 1677posts with an average of 6.06 likes, two comments per post, and no average video views.

globus engagement rate

The engagement rate is constantly affected by the frequency of posting and the level of involvement through likes and comments; as a result,  Globus Fashion’s Instagram account has a 0.02% lower engagement rate this month.

globus total followers

This is a collection of  Globus Fashion’s most popular hashtags for gaining followers and increasing brand awareness.

globus hashtags

I hope this hashtag information has given you a better understanding of hashtag usage and how often you should publish and engage with your customers.


most viewed and liked Instagram posts/stories/reels

5. Google ads Strategy of Globus Fashion

The Google AdWords strategy is well-known for generating traffic, developing brand visibility, increasing engagement, and driving sales for any sort of business, including apparel brands.

Clothing companies that use Google AdWords to sell their products will have a lot of success.

Let’s look at how this works with Google advertisements to boost brand awareness and website traffic.
To increase the visibility of its website and achieve commercial goals, Globus Fashion has employed some of the best examples of ad content.

Globus - sample ads

Take a close look at if you operate in the online fashion or clothes industry right now.

Key Takeaway From Marketing Strategies of Globus Fashion

  • Globus Fashion increased its consumer base by employing Facebook Ads to target young females with similar interests. 
  • They used these adverts to display people’s deals in specified regions around the targeted users.
  • The Facebook Lead Ads campaign targeted guys between 18 and 40 who frequented local living stores.
  • The sort of apparel the viewer is interested in or has recently purchased is used by Globus Fashion to target adverts. Ads are also targeted depending on gender at Globus Fashion.
  • They deal with clothing, footwear, luggage, and eyeglasses, among other things. And it should plan to further advertise its products by launching a better marketing team.
  • Globus Fashion promotes its apparel through social media. Their Facebook page has received over 198k likes.
  • Globus Fashion Tailors caters to Asian women and men who want their suits customised to their exact measurements. Users can take their measures without seeing the tailor in person, thanks to their smartphone app and SMS.
  • Since deploying Lead Ads, Globus Fashion has grown revenues by 90 per cent and in-store visits by 10 per cent. This is due to the company’s increased marketing efforts for the physical store, which have successfully targeted the correct people.

Globus Fashion Competitors

globus -cmp

Globus Fashion should increase its investment in paid ad search to beat the following competitors.

The main organic competitor of Globus Fashion is

  • Globusjourney. in

They are investing more in paid ads than Globus Fashion, and they are the best competitor of Globus Fashion India.

Success Formulae of Globus Fashion

Most of Globus Fashion’s clothing, shoes, and accessories are made in-house for men and women.
Globus Fashion’s Success Formulas are as follows:

1. Stores can be found all across the country.
2. More effective outbound marketing tactics.
3. Thousands of buyers have commended the quality of the things created.
4. The professional and dedicated team at Globus Fashion works tirelessly to produce the right ensemble.

What Should They Improve in Comparison to the Competitor?

1. More time should be spent on increasing website traffic.
2. Must increase awareness using Facebook ads in areas where visibility is lacking compared to the competitor.
3. Increase the frequency of posting on social media to increase the number of followers and likes.
4. Seems to have the ability to run various games to get attention and recognition on social media.

Bottom Line 

Digital marketing is one of the most successful techniques for selling your goods or services globally. Regardless of the business, it has become the most common approach for marketers to communicate with customers.

Globus Fashion’s efforts are based on online dating for the fashion world, where they have attracted many members. They formed alliances with other fashion sites, allowing them to gain relevant coverage on well-known fashion sites. 

Globus Fashion increased its internet visibility due to the relationship if they improvise their cons mentioned in this article.

For this reason, Digital Scholar is on a mission to collect as many brand case studies as possible to provide in-depth knowledge on how various industries, brands, and organisations employ digital marketing techniques.

Keeping up with the newest advances and changes is crucial in an ever-shifting and evolving digital marketing market. Enrol in Digital Scholar’s Online Digital Marketing Course to develop your digital marketing skills and increase the ROI of your online business for your fashion brand.

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