Gaming influencers on Instagram in India

Top 20 Gaming Influencers On Instagram In India

India has a large and passionate gaming community, and there are many gaming influencers who are sharing their love of games with the world. Here are the top 20 gaming influencers on Instagram in India. From well-known YouTubers to up-and-coming streamers, these gaming influencers in India are sure to get you excited about gaming.

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India has a big gaming community, and there are lots of talented gamers out there! In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the top 20 gaming influencers on Instagram in India. These influencers have a huge following and are always posting great content. If you’re looking for some new generation gaming inspiration, make sure you follow these gaming influencers in India.

Gaming, in reality, has become one of the highest-paying jobs in today’s time. As per the statistics and records, a well-renowned gamer earns nearly 2-3 lakhs per month depending upon the popularity of the game he/she is playing at the moment. Gone are the days when gaming and playing Ps4 was taboo. Back then, parents would retrain their kids to spend hours playing games on their cell phones or laptops, or even computers.

But at present, as the world transforms digitally, the new realm of this digital world that we live in has now surpassed the boundaries of retrains back then and has now truly opened the doors for new career opportunities that did not exist back then.

Gaming influencers in India

Call of Duty, Fortnite, PUBG battleground, and much more are now popular enough among youngsters. These several gaming influencers in India are dedicated and spend hours of their time live streaming content and competing with international gamers abroad.

Never take gaming professionals lightly and considering it is a profession where people simply play games and win. In this new realm of gaming and professional gaming players, winning is tough, and every gamer around the world is spending days and hours nourishing their performance on a particular game.

Not just this, there are competitions for gaming influencers in India and around the globe that takes place for many popular games. Winners or the top 3 win lakhs of rupees if they win. It’s not just the money that they win, it is the popularity and fame that comes along with it. 

The gaming profession to date is as same as any other profession. The popularity of a particular game depends upon his/her experience in gaming and viewers can easily notice who performs the best and who needs more practice. With time and experience, gamers improve in their performances and gain more and more subscribers and followers over time. 

Who are Gaming Influencers on Instagram in India?

Gaming influencers on Instagram in India

Professional gamers or gaming influencers on Instagram in India are simply the people who are engaged in producing gaming-related content with the intention of winning, gaining popularity in the gaming world, and delighting their followers who expect them to win.

These gaming influencers in India do not only play games but collaborate with several reputed companies like Monster India, Sony, and a lot more. They usually stream their entire gaming session and upload the edited version on YouTube. Based on the popularity of the gamer and the game he/she is engaged in, they gain views and subscribers. Not only this, they roam around the world to visit brands they are in relation with to promote and advertise.

So, coming back to the topic. Have you been seeking for the top 20 gaming influencers on Instagram in India? That’s great! As in this article, we have compiled the list of the prominent gaming influencers in India for your assistance.

So what are we waiting for?

Here are The Top 20 Gaming Influencers on Instagram in India

1. Two Side Gamers- @twosidegamers

The well-known gaming channel TWO-SIDE GAMERS is run by cousins Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka on YouTube. On a daily basis, they stream Garena Free Fire live. They had the first pair gaming channel on YouTube in India, as is well known.

According to reports, the couple makes between $91.9K and $1.5M annually. More than 7.17 million people are presently subscribers to their YouTube channel. Today, they have over 1.3 million subscribers on Instagram.

2. Naman Mathur

One of the most well-known gaming influencers in India is Naman Mathur, also known as Soul Mortal. He is the first Indian to share a video of himself playing PUBG Mobile on an iPad or a mobile device. When playing any game, viewers comment that he is swift and effective. Additionally, He and his teammate SOUL are the only reliable Indian team to compete in and win every PUBG tournament. Nowadays, he has 5.3 million views on Instagram.

3. Ajey Nagar- @carryminati

We all know who Ajey Nagar is. He is popularly known as Carry Minati, who was born on June 12, 1999, in Faridabad. He is a YouTuber and gaming influencer in India well-known for his rants about viral videos and outstanding gaming abilities.

He withdrew from DPS’s arts-stream class in his senior year, and today he is India’s most well-known figure. For live streaming gaming videos, he regularly works with celebrities and content producer Tanmay Bhat. Moreover, he has more than 16 million views on Instagram.

4. Rishi Gaming

Rishi Agrawal, often known as Rishi Gaming, is a gaming influencer in India that broadcasts Free Fire material from his country and has amassed over 2.8 million YouTube subscribers. Over 2.8 million people subscribe to his YouTube account, and the average number of views for each video is 1.52 million. Now, he exceeds  60.5k followers on Instagram.

5. Rachit Yadav- @rachitroo_1

Another prominent gamer from Uttar Pradesh is Rachit Yadav. He just achieved success at school. His “Rachitroo” YouTube channel has more than 4 million subscribers. He is currently the most well-known young streamer and gamer. Presently, he has 264k followers on Instagram.

6. Naman Chhabra- @namanchhabra_

Naman Chhabra is another gaming influencer in India who is profoundly focused on Tech and other technical aspects of technologies. Despite having expertise in tech and tech-related content, he is equally focused on gaming and collaborates with other famous gamers we know. He is another youngest YouTuber and gamer and has achieved more than his age. To date, he has over 45.4k followers on Instagram.

7. Yash Soni

Since he began playing PUBG Mobile on YouTube, Yash Paresh Soni, also known as Yash Soni, has gained widespread recognition among gamers as Soul Viper. He is an accomplished Esports player, streamer, and game developer from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Furthermore, he has 689k followers on Instagram.

8. Tarikul Laskar

Famous Indian Free Fire player Tarikul YT, better known as Tarikul Laska, launched his YouTube channel in 2019. He is another 18-year-old successful player. On YouTube, Tarikul Laskar has a little more than 1.5 subscribers. Impressively, he has 100k followers on Instagram.

9. Animesh 

Animesh Agarwal, also known as 8Bit Thug, is well-known as the pinnacle of gaming influencers in India. Asia’s Indian gaming community has been altered by him. He was a former co-owner of Team SOUL and the owner of Team 8Bit (as stated above). His 8bit Thug YouTube account has almost 700K subscribers. Additionally, he oversees the careers of well-known e-Sports figures like Scout and SouL Mortal. Today, he has more than 702k followers on Instagram.

10. Rishab Karanwal- @rakazonegaming

Rishab Karanwal, also known as Rakazone Gaming, was born on March 28, 1993. He broadcasts video games live on YouTube. He is among the veterans of the Indian gaming scene. Additionally, he received the title of “Streamer of the Year” in 2018. More than 464K people subscribe to him. Nowadays, he has 112k followers on Instagram.


Titian Shot YT is another famous gaming influencer based in India. He is another young gamer from India who has made a good amount of fan base and subscribers. He has over 300k subscribers on YouTube and is known to be one of the most competitive gamers in the gaming realm. Furthermore, he is the founder of Titan E-sports and possesses a team of skilled gamers. Also, he has 102k followers on Instagram.

12. Hitesh Kumar Sharma

Hitesh Kumar Sharma is an Indian game developer, tester, and YouTuber who specializes in video games. He completed his BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) course at Chandigarh, a city in northern India.

His primary concern is the gaming community in India, and he works to support everyone who wants to create a game. Additionally, he has moreover 86k followers on Instagram.

13. Rohan Ledwani

Rohan “HydraFlick” Ledwani is a well-known FPS player in the nation. The 23-year-old digital producer and broadcaster have more than 320K YouTube subscribers. After entering the PUBG competitive scene, he began to pursue a career in gaming & very soon became a recognized gaming influencer in India. He feels that his spirit of competition has shaped who he is now. While you read this, he has over 75.9k followers on Instagram.

14. iMaZik

Another youthful figure in gaming that belongs to the GodL clan is iMaZik. iMaZiK is a well-known player in the PUBG Mobile gaming community, but he is also a very good one. It is well known that he dedicates hours of his time and effort to gaming and works to improve his skills over time. At the moment, he has over 64.7k followers on Instagram.

15. Ankit Pant- @ankitpanth

One of India’s most well-known Counter-Strike gamers is Ankit Pant. He also goes by the name V3nom, and he began playing video games in a cafΓ© in the Indian district of Kandivali, where Mumbai is located. It is well known that his monthly payments might exceed Rs 22,000 when perks like a gambling establishment are added. He has more than ten years of gaming expertise in addition to involvement in the DJ and fitness sectors. Till date, he has 68.2k followers on Instagram.

16. Yash Shukla

Yash Shukla is another young gamer from India who is marking his mark in the gaming realm. He is profoundly known for his dedication and passion towards gaming. Given the fact that the gaming sector and profession is equally competitive and it gets difficult for young players to succeed, he has made sure to give in whatever it takes and has been focusing on gaming since the day he first started playing. Impressively, he has 35k followers on his Instagram.

17. Jonathan Amaral

Indian esports player Jonathan Amaral is highly recognized. Jonathan is just 19 years old, which is fascinating. The greatest player on this list from India, he is renowned for his hacker-like skills. He has more than 2.5 million YouTube subscribers, and his YouTube family is continually expanding. Currently, he has a massive 2 million followers on Instagram.

18. Aditya Deepak Sawant

Aditya Sawant, also known as Dynamo, is another YouTuber and gamer from India who plays pubg on a mobile device. He presently belongs to the Hydra clan. It is well recognized that Dynamo is a very talented and competitive player, and other players look up to him as an example. He has won several games against players from other countries and is well-liked among emulator gamers. He often works with the gamers on this list. He contains has over 2.1 million followers on Instagram.

19. Akash Dodeja

Akash Dodeja is an Indian comedian and a YouTuber better known by his stage name “Jadoo.” Before beginning work, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (TSEC), but he quickly discovered that his true passions are YouTube and gaming. His friendship with Ashish Chanchalani is strong. To date, he surpasses 207k followers on Instagram.

20. Sujan Mistri

One of the most prominent YouTubers right now is Sujan Mistri, also known as Gyan Gaming. He became aware of how important internet gaming had become to younger people and devotedly began his profession. He often posts his live streams on YouTube and is madly in love with the game Free Fire. Today, he maintains 1.9 million followers on Instagram.

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In conclusion

So here are the top gaming influencers in India for your reference.

As stated before, winning is difficult in this new world of professional gamers, and every gamer on the globe spends days and hours honing their skills in a particular game. The gaming industry is currently much like any other industry, and you can have your mark as well.

We hope these gaming influencers in India were beneficial to you. Do you know any other gamers based in India?

Do let us know in the comments section below.

Happy gaming!

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