Future of Digital Marketing Agencies in India

The Future of Digital Marketing Agencies in India [2023]

Traditional Marketing is still fine and well, but Digital Marketing has taken over the focus of business owners for the past few years. The extensive need for digital marketing services has given birth to new digital marketing agencies. However, the real question is will all these agencies stand the test of time and market whirlpools? Read on to find the future of digital marketing agencies in India in the coming years.

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The birth of the internet has made the world a small place. We are able to connect with people from different countries of the world on the same screen from our homes. Despite the fact that the internet has existed for a while, the revolution made possible by the world’s greatest computer network only happened in the twenty-first century. Later, interactive platforms like social media emerged.

The potential of the internet blossomed, laying the foundation for modern society. It has eliminated all obstacles to communication, resulting in an open society with simple yet effective communication practises and opportunities. Thanks to our mobile phones, we can converse online without our computers.

The hike in internet users’ graph started to hike after the launch of Reliance Jio in 2016. The Internet was introduced to many new Indians. Post that, the pandemic lockdown widened the internet usage limits in India. People had no other option left except for the internet, the internet became the only medium of communication among people. 

People started spending most of their time on the internet, making it a perfect medium to market their products and services. Business owners realised that marketing their services and product on the digital platform not only brought in sales but also built brand awareness and customer loyalty. This new method of marketing started to boom, and it is called “digital marketing”. And not to mention, the future of digital marketing agencies in India is bright.

What is Digital Marketing?

You still didn’t get what is digital marketing. Don’t worry, we have got you covered below with a brief explanation of what is digital marketing and what are its importance in the future.

What is Digital Marketing?

Putting in simple terms, Digital Marketing is marketing your products and service in the digital space via internet-activated mediums like; Facebook, Search Engines, YouTube, and Instagram, to name a few. When it comes to researching products and making purchases, the modern customer is moving more and more in the digital experience direction. Digital marketing does not only limit itself towards initiating ad campaigns, it has a wide variety of segregations from SEO, Web development and designing, email marketing and much more.

Google and other search engines continue to be the most widely used platforms for consumers to conduct their research. Utilising search engines to discover and make an informed decision is where the purchase begins.  Therefore it is important for businesses to be found during these online searches so they can interact with clients and attempt to influence their purchasing decisions by offering useful information.

Even though search is a crucial component of digital marketing, consumers today utilise other tools, in addition, to searching to research products before making decisions about what to buy. The combination of all of these digital marketing strategies enables your company to inform customers who are looking for items or services similar to yours. You might be passing up a chance to connect with these clients if you don’t use these digital marketing methods.

Digital marketing strategies will be increasingly necessary as more and more customers utilise their smartphones and other mobile devices during the consumer buying process. When a customer is in need of information, such as when the user searches for a nearby clothing store, the marketer should try to provide their brand so that they are convinced to take a chance. One of the most effective ways to reach customers who are seeking goods or services similar to yours at a moment of need is by using digital marketing strategies.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

One of the most crucial factors is how you approach your online marketing efforts. You have two options for handling your marketing: in-house or through a third party. Some businesses with internal digital marketing teams will do marketing of their own products and services. But, businesses with no specialized digital marketing team to their backup reach out to digital marketing agencies. These digital marketing agencies will market your products digitally on your behalf. 

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do

Digital marketing initiatives it is intended to promote the company and brand, foster consumer loyalty, and boost sales. This is accomplished by utilizing interactive, targeted, and quantifiable digital technologies. A digital marketing agency holds expertise in what they do. They primarily analyse your business from the roots and give out suggestions on what has to be done to get to your targets.

A digital marketing space is often made up of various marketing elements grouped together under one roof. These components include SEO, social media, Lead generation, Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, website design, content, data reports, and other relevant areas. You have the choice to work with one firm to handle all the numerous online marketing responsibilities required for online marketing when you hire a digital marketing agency. If your team is skilled in one or two areas, they can handle those and delegate the remainder to the digital agency.

The digital agency manages all the duties involved in putting your marketing strategies into action and keeping them up to date. Their liaison will typically be one of their main team members who has been assigned to you. Through meetings, reports, and email status updates, your liaison will keep you regularly informed on how the agency’s marketing initiatives are going.

A digital marketing agency is a tool that offers several different marketing services under one roof that a company often does not have in-house experience in. The agency has a number of client objectives, but its main focus is on assisting you in boosting the sales of your goods and services.

Types of Digital Marketing Agencies in India

The majority of digital marketing companies will increase your company’s visibility through the various marketing platforms, but each one is different. Additionally, a number of digital marketing agencies will offer a range of services, including content, SEO, social media management, email marketing, web designing and content marketing.

The three primary categories of digital marketing agencies are;

  • Full Service Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Single Channel Digital Marketing Agencies, and
  • Multi Channel Digital Marketing Agencies
Types of Digital Marketing Agencies in India

1) Full-Service Digital Marketing

From creating a website to maintaining your marketing channels, they can do it all. This agency houses technical specialists, developers, designers content writers all under one roof. These businesses are also significantly bigger, and there is a high chance that you might be drawn to the all-inclusive package that a full-service digital marketing agency can offer. It could seem like a fantastic plan, but if you don’t do your research, it could go horribly wrong. Typically, this means that the design or the digital marketing is being undermined and that one is being provided more as an “add-on service” than a service provided by devoted professionals in that sector. 

2) Single-Channel Digital Marketing

A single-channel agency gives you a chance to collaborate with a team of specialists who are focused on one field and can aid in increasing your visibility on that channel. Because they stick to what they know and just focus on it, these digital marketing businesses are typically quite good at what they do. If you already work with another agency or have a capable internal marketing team that might use some extra assistance, a single-channel agency might be the best choice. It’s perfect for companies with few resources that like to work on a project basis.

3) Multi-Channel Digital Marketing 

Every multi-channel digital marketing agency is built on a solid strategy. These companies have experts in each of the channels in which they specialize. It assists in boosting understanding of the appropriate channels and skillfully integrating them to achieve overall digital success. Multi-channel companies devote time, knowledge, and experience to their campaigns, guaranteeing their high caliber. They also comprehend how these channels work together to form a comprehensive strategy that enables businesses to be in the right place at the right time, in front of the right audience, in the digital marketplace.

State of Digital Marketing Agencies in India

In the last few years, there are a lot of agencies have taken birth. In fact, in India, there is a rise and death of an agency every single day. Digital marketing enables you to target the customers most likely to purchase your goods or services and reach a wider audience than you could with conventional techniques. Additionally, it allows you to evaluate progress on a daily basis and make adjustments as necessary, and it is frequently more affordable than traditional advertising.

Businesses can target audiences using data in digital marketing based on variables like age, location, interests, gender and education. Companies can use various techniques and message tailored to each audience to retarget potential buyers who are already associated with their brand. Digital marketers who want to learn how to target customers most effectively might take advantage of advanced online marketing credentials.

Traditional advertising has several limitations, although it can be useful for certain objectives. One of the main advantages of digital marketing is that it may provide you with a complete picture of all the metrics that are important to your business, such as views, clicks,  impressions, shares, and time on page.

Digital marketing in contrast to the majority of offline marketing initiatives enables marketers to view precise results instantly. If you’ve ever placed an advertisement in a newspaper, you know how challenging it is to gauge how many readers turned to that page and read it. There is no guaranteed way to determine whether or not that advertisement actually caused any purchases.

Future of Digital Marketing Agencies in India

We are all aware of how popular digital marketing has become recently. Even the smallest objects may now be found on the internet. The digital marketing trend has captured the attention of both consumers and marketers.

How can we be at a saturation point when our time today is invested in digital?  We consume more content digitally than in the real world. In India, there are about 500 million internet users. Similarly, in other countries, there is an increase in the usage of the internet, and this is going at a very rapid pace. 

With campaigns like Digital India and Jio’s free internet, digital has reached out to even the rural places in the last 5 years. Year On Year, there is a 22% growth in usage of internet users in rural India and about 7% in urban. Remember, about 55% of Indians haven’t used the internet yet. As they start adapting to the internet, the process will become more digital, and there will be an increasing demand for digital marketing. 

“Digital marketing is here to stay, and it is only getting bigger and better”

India has always been open to embracing new technology and keen to enter the market as quickly as viable. Studies report 72% of overall marketing budgets are put towards digital marketing channels. 55% of the marketing is digital. 

Total digital advertising spending in 2021 was $436 billion, versus offline advertising at $196 billion. Economists report that this will gradually increase in years to come, which undeniably leads to the fact that there is a bright scope for digital marketing in India. 

The increase in the need for digital marketing has paved the way for many new marketing agencies in India. There are many reasons for this increase which also includes considerable adjustments made to traditional marketing. In the past, marketers used physical effort to advertise their goods. On the other hand, modern people demand instant access to everything.

With over 50 % of customers find businesses through the news feeds of social media sites. Just Instagram can help businesses interact with almost a million clients, and Facebook is used by more than 1.1 million companies to do the same. Organizations use social media platforms for their digital marketing campaigns, including B2B and B2C.

The breadth of digital marketing includes much more than just social media, even while publishing advertising and content on Facebook and other well-known platforms remains a successful approach to reach your target audience. Therefore the future of digital marketing is bright and clear, and there are countless scopes for digital marketing. 

How to Build a Profitable Digital Marketing Agency?

Building a profitable digital marketing agency takes time and immense effort. Over the course of time, scalability becomes a challenge, over-demanding clients, under demanding clients, growing attrition, lack of talent, cash crunch, the energy of the owner, everything becomes a challenge. It takes one empathetic leader to drive all these blues away, and that empathetic leader can be you. 

Have a look at the top 10 tips to build your

How to Build a Profitable Digital Marketing Agency in India

1. Building Systems

Chalk out clear processes for ideation, employee exit, onboarding clients, weekly email, calls, reporting idea sharing, and process for ideations. Everything should follow a system and ensure that it is clearly defined. So everything is not all over the place and is difficult to manage. 

2. Structure

Let there be a structure to your company,  be a thinker who loves to strive to get things executed. Form a leadership team that will drive things with you so that you are not the only one who is responsible. 

3. Win Big and Let Go

Now that digital marketing is a buzzing world, everybody wants to get into it. You will have numerous client enquiries Work with clients that have the budget so that you can help them grow because you know how difficult it is to grow without ad budgets. Find the right balance between good and toxic clients.

4. Get a Mentor

Time will again make you feel that you are stuck in a situation and will make you feel like quitting. Understand that the market is open to conversation. Speak to experts when you are struggling to make a decision. Have a go-to person who can help you out without any ego clashes.

5. Build Your Culture

You are responsible for the culture that you build inside your agency. Begin your day early and try to wind up things within time. Many agencies start their agencies by 11 and drag their work till late at night. With this, they struggle to find work-life balance. Rember agencies cannot be automated. It is always about the people so take care of the team. Host events, go for outings, and conduct games to encourage them because they are your backbone.

6. Maintain Your Energy

We may have great days and bad days, we may see a very crucial client leaving us and a significant prospect deciding to go with our competitors despite several attempts to offer the best for them. You may feel low some days and feel rejected, but you are always responsible for everything that’s happening around you, so always maintain high energy and environment.

7. Hunt for Clients

A lot of agency owners and freelancers complain that they don’t get enough clients. This is also because they do not have business acquisition goals. Every digital agency leader should be able to define their goals clearly and have the energy to go chase the business they want to work with. It is always the game of numbers that makes us successful. Don’t wait to start acting.

8. Tough Leadership

While you make friends with your team, draw lines and don’t get personal with your team. There is a difference between knowing them personally and getting personal. Of course, agencies are about people, and you got to talk about feelings. There will be a time when you need to become tough to save your organization.

9. Scale the Right Way

People think the ideal way of scaling up your business is opening new branches, it is yes indeed. Opening branches in multiple locations is a great idea, but the first step toward scaling up is increasing billing or finding out clients willing to outsource work to agencies working from any part of the world.

10. Find Your ‘Plan B’ Early

Agency business can be monotonous and tasking, so instead of just calling it a quit, find out something that you can sell using the digital marketing that you have learnt over the years. It could be a tool, an ecommerce venture or an educational product. 


The space for digital marketing is definitely expanding and is expected to expand ten folds as it is today in the upcoming years. So if you are already in the digital space, you do not need to question the future of digital marketing agencies in India because digital marketing is scaling towards its pinnacle. And if you are not still into the digital marketing side of the world, it is high time you consider it because it is pretty cool.


1. Why is Digital Marketing Important for Your Business?

Digital marketing is important for your business because it is the most potent form of marketing in today’s digital world. It has more channels for engagement, results are comparatively more measurable and targeting the audience is simple.

2. Why do Business Owners Prefer Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is preferred by business owners because almost everything has gone digital. As per  2022 statistics, nearly 50% of the Indian population has access to the internet. Indians spend almost 6 hours on the internet daily, making it an appropriate platform for business owners to market their products. Digital marketing can take your business to a wider set of audience within a short period of time. 

3. Which is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in India?

The best digital marketing agency in India is echoVME Digital. Spearheaded by Sorav Jain, an influential digital marketer, the agency has garnered many “best digital marketing agency awards” throughout its 12 years of expertise. They have worked with nameworthy brands in India like Casa Grande, DELL and much more.

4. How Can I Learn Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can be learnt by any individual if they have the curiosity and passion for it. You can learn digital marketing by enrolling in a digital marketing course from Digital Scholar or Udemy. There is always google and youtube to the rescue, you can look up, research and learn from them. Or you can enroll for an internship at any reputable digital marketing agency to gain practical exposure.

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