Best Free Text Summarizing Tools

Top 10 Free Text Summarizing Tools

This article explores the top 10 free text summarizing tools so that students, researchers, and editors can quickly create accurate summaries. From Summarize Bot to Text Compactor and more, these tools help condense long-form material into easy-to-remember bulleted information. Learn about the features of each tool, as well as how they compare with one another. Read on for more details!

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If you need to know the most essential components of your writing, it might be challenging to summarize the content you’ve spent ages creating.

Translating your material is crucial as it informs readers about what to expect and why they should continue reading. It effectively highlights the topics covered and lets readers decide if reading the entire piece is worth their time. 

Only some people who stumble upon your content will have the luxury of reading the whole article or blog post. You can use the list of AI summarizing tools compiled in this article to reduce a lengthy article or other piece of writing to a single, orderly paragraph.

Which Tools for AI Summarization Work the Best?

The best AI summaries extract vital ideas and present them.

We’ll review each of the top tools in-depth and provide an overview of the best features and pricing.

10 Best Free Text Summarizing Tools

1. Quillbot

With Quillbot, you have complete creative control over how much or how little of your writing has to be summarized or paraphrased. It can be used on the Quillbot platform or linked to Google Docs or Word.

Benefit from summarizing, synonym searching, and plagiarism verification for college-level essays or customer content.

Features Of Quilbot

  • Defining your content
  • Look for common grammatical errors
  • Condense your writing
  • Create references for your sources.
  • Verify your writing for plagiarism.

With Quillbot’s free plan, you can access all regular fluency modes, 1,200 words under the summarizing tool and 125 words under the paraphrase tool. The free program can be perfect for you if you’re someone who doesn’t write a lot or if you’re writing is more concise.

The premium package includes five unique “modes,” allowing you to summarize up to 6,000 words and paraphrase an unlimited amount of text with each premium mode.

If you produce more long-form work that necessitates grammar and plagiarism checks, the premium plan can be well worth it as you only have access to the plagiarism checker and the grammatical rewrites under that plan.

You can select a free or paid subscription depending on how much content you require, a summary or paraphrase.

2. Genei

Genei is a top-of-the-line tool that can extract keywords from lengthy articles or research papers using key phrases and essential points. 

This AI summary tool is helpful for individuals who produce research papers or long material and need help highlighting critical issues with bullet points in a summary. This tool can also benefit college students who are conducting research.

The company takes great satisfaction in the fact that Berkeley University, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, and other top universities and AI experts trust Genei. This AI-powered application summarizes text into easily readable content, saving time. 


  • Summarize any text passage.
  • 14-day free trial
  • Pro and fundamental plans to meet your needs.
  • Export your synthesis and phrasing.
  • You can paraphrase and rephrase using Pro.

Depending on what you want to accomplish with a summary tool, Genei would be ideal for students and professionals who conduct extensive reading or research and want to grasp the key ideas.


Despite being an AI tool, aims to provide excellent paraphrase with a human feel. Because its information is grammatically accurate and more accessible, says its application works faster than other AI-based summary producers.


  • Easily navigable
  • Quick results
  • Original work and top-notch outcomes could be the ideal platform for those seeking a cost-effective solution that provides access to a complete bundle of AI tools rather than various individual tools.

One of the best features of is its ability to be used on both iOS and Android devices, allowing for use anywhere.

You can enter your original text in the input field, and the AI summarizer will produce excellent summaries. The most crucial sentences in your reader won’t need to be located by you.

4. is a cutting-edge AI that summarises your text when you start typing for free. 

There are two boxes on the screen: one is for entering your original content, and the other is for the summary generator to output its findings.


  • Slider for summary length
  • Bullet points, the most robust line, and extra characteristics
  • Text summarization software that is multilingual is a resource that can be used without cost. Additionally, no restrictions exist on how many or long summaries may be requested.


Resoomer, another free text summarizer, can shorten long texts. Like the other AI-based summary generators they’ve looked at, Resoomer is focused on academic writing. 

It aims to employ natural language processing and recreate it into a summary of your input material.


  • This tool is designed for academics who wish to reduce their time reading lengthy reports and papers.
  • Completely free; there are no payment plans or memberships.
  • Resoomer’s text summarization tool is free, with no subscription tiers or pricing plans.

Resoomer is a fantastic AI-based summary generator that offers a one-click paragraph mode. This feature enables you to obtain a concise summary of your document quickly. Resoomer is free, making it a valuable resource without adding to your monthly expenses.

It can summarize your material to leave only the most crucial information, making it simpler to finish your reading and research.

6. TLDR This

TLDR: This text summarization tool recognizes the underlying reason to describe a piece of writing: frequently, the content is too lengthy, and you need a response immediately.

According to TLDR, long texts can be swiftly and effectively converted into information that is simple to understand using the most recent AI technology.


  • Ad-free and draught reading
  • Extracting metadata from articles
  • Capable of weeding out unconvincing arguments when the document’s most crucial points are at stake

You can use most of the capabilities in this text summarizer’s free edition to produce a flawless summary. Examples include limitless keyword recognition, ten high-level AI summaries, a browser addon, and crucial sentence summaries.

The free plan includes everything in their $4/month basic program, plus additional advanced summaries and paraphrases.

Everything previously mentioned is included in the professional package, plus up to 500 advanced summaries and 500 paraphrases.

7. Autosummarizer

For those in a rush, an autosummarizer is a fantastic tool. It only performs a few functions and generates concise summaries. Five to ten sentences can be set up by the user for the output result. 


  • There is no registration fee, and the tool is free.
  • You cannot, however, summarize documents or web pages with this tool.
  • It would be best to use an ad-blocker to avoid the advertisements on this website.

8. Summary Generator

The last tool on our list that can improve your college or university experience is the article and essay summary generator. Everyone can utilize this free, open software.


  • Only two buttons are on the tool: one summarizing the document and the other clearing the field.
  • You will receive a summary from this software based on your text.
  • To get your paper abridged there, you don’t need to register.

When discussing the website’s shortcomings, they would point out that there are too many adverts and no choices for summarizing a URL or document, setting the length of the result, or exporting it to the most common file kinds.

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9. TextSummarization

You can enter text into the area or provide a link to a source where your article is posted using the TextSummarization tool. 


Decide how many sentences you want in your text. 

Your factual material is analyzed by this summary generator, which then extracts the precise number of phrases you choose.

Although the website is free, it does contain adverts, so be sure to have your ad-blocker switched on. 

Additionally, the tool does not allow users to upload files or export the finished product to other standard formats like TXT, PDF, or Doc.

10. Summarize Bot

In our list, Summarize Bot is the most user-friendly, ad-free software for quickly and accurately creating summaries. By condensing texts with its aid, you can free up more time for research. 


  • The summary creator displays the reading time that it has saved you, as well as other helpful data.
  • It would help if you only used Facebook or added the bot to Slack to summarize any text.
  • The program supports various languages and file types, including PDFs, MP3s, DOCs, TXTs, and JPEGs.

Final Thoughts

Numerous solutions exist for online AI software that can take long-form material and produce clean, bulleted information that is simple to remember and quickly provides you with your knowledge.

We discussed the top AI programs for summarizing text. Some are superior to others in terms of academic use. Try them out for yourself to determine which one works best.

We also discussed various features available in each of the summarizers. It is essential to note the importance of text summarization tools for students, researchers, writers, and editors who need a summary but don’t have enough time to summarize manually.

You can also take advantage of our exclusively curated tech deals and SEO tools to help you save time and money. Get the best deals on tools from trusted partners.

We hope that this article helps you find the right text summarizing tool for your needs!

Don’t forget to share it with someone who may be interested in a quick, efficient summary generator.

Happy summarizing!

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