Top 10 Free Sitemap Generator Tools for Website SEO

Top 10 Free Sitemap Generator Tools for SEO

Sitemap is vital to help your website become more visible and improve its ranking in search results. Creating a sitemap is the first step towards achieving this goal, and having access to the right tools can make the process simpler. In this article, we discussed some of the top 10 free sitemap generator tools that you can use for SEO purposes. Utilizing these tools will help you create an up-to-date xml sitemap that is properly formatted and ready for submission.

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The process of designing and optimizing your website for SEO should be included in creating a sitemap, which is a file containing all URLs on your website. Here we have covered 10 best free sitemap generator tools for SEO experts to win the game on search engines.

Having a sitemap on your website is extremely helpful for search engine bots, as it tells them where to start and what pages to navigate next. This can improve your PageRank. 

Your website may appear on significant SERPs with an XML, HTML, or CSV formatted file.

Considering how important it is for your website to have a sitemap, you are curious about how to create one, aren’t you? 

The creation of a sitemap can be accomplished in a few different methods. You can do it manually, which we won’t get into here, or you may utilize a tool that generates sitemaps.

Because many free SEO tools are available online, you may need clarification about which one to use. We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the ten finest free sitemap generators for small businesses that can be found online.

Since a sitemap mainly comprises URLs and code, its manual creation could be more efficient and prone to errors, particularly for more extensive websites. Fortunately, using some of the top sitemap generators is entirely free. 

Does it sound shady? 

It would be best not to let the word “free” deter you from using it to produce the sitemap file for your website. Web developers of all ability levels utilize these sitemap generators to conserve time and resources.

Before we get started with the list of free sitemap generator tools, check out some helpful tips

  • Always make sure to establish several separate sitemaps for the various sections of your website. This will help you identify which parts of your website are not being indexed properly.
  • The maximum size of an uncompressed single sitemap is 50 megabytes, and it can only include 50,000 URLs. If your file is more significant than usual or contains more URLs, you must divide your list into multiple sitemaps.
  • You can generate a sitemap index file that directs users to a collection of sitemaps and submit it to Google for indexing.
  • Since Google does not take priority into account in the sitemaps, assigning a higher priority to a specific URL would not change the results of the indexing process.
  • After your Sitemap has been generated, you should upload it to the root of your domain, include it in your robots.txt file, and then send it to Google through the Google Search Console.
  • After you have sent it in, check for any issues that may have occurred and ensure that the file has been sent in and read without any problems. With the help of these tips, you can quickly optimize your website.

List Of Top 10 Free Sitemap Generator Tools for Website SEO


This sitemap generator, which offers a free as well as a paid Pro edition, is the one that is mentioned the most frequently. 

Free application users can generate an XML sitemap file for up to 500 URLs without incurring costs. After that, you must upgrade to their paid plan, which will pay you back $4.19 monthly. 

XML-Sitemaps include other SEO tools like a sitemap validator, SERP page checker, competitor analysis, and keyword density calculator. You can download sitemaps immediately, and there is no need to register for the service first. is the most useful free sitemap generator available for more compact websites. Simply entering your website’s URL is all required to generate a sitemap for your website.

You may additionally add the following in the “More options” section of the settings, like:

  • The date and time the page was most recently updated: This allows web crawlers to avoid reindexing sites that have not been modified.
  • Priority that is automatically calculated: to highlight the URL’s value compared to the importance of other pages on the site. 

2. Slickplan Sitemap Builder

The Sitemap Builder by Slickplan is an easy-to-use application that will assist you in developing website architectures and sitemaps that give off an air of sophistication and professionalism. However, the free version is restricted to a single sitemap and user. 

Sign up for a free trial of the service on its website, and you won’t need a credit card to do so.

It offers a drag-and-drop user interface for generating sitemaps, and you may personalize them with different colours and graphics. One of the potential final outputs is a scalable vector graphic that can be used for client presentations. 

The price range is determined by the number of users, active projects, and storage space that is being used.

Additional Options: 

  • Capable of importing and exporting XML file formats.
  • Provides a plugin for the WordPress platform.

3. Inspyder Sitemap Creator

There is a free trial version of the Inspyder sitemap tool that allows you to map up to 25 pages. In addition, Inspyder provides free tools for website inspection, such as the HTML/URL Encoder, Sitemap Validator and HTTP Header Viewer (which checks your XML sitemap for flaws).

You can produce unlimited XML sitemaps without restrictions imposed by Inspyder Sitemap Creator after a straightforward and speedy desktop installation process. In addition to that, it will assist you with other kinds of sitemaps, such as video and image sitemaps.

Additional Options: 

  • It can automatically generate an XML sitemap for you.
  • After that, it sends a notification to you when the file has been successfully uploaded to your server.

4. Flowmapp

Using this cost-free sitemap generator, you may generate an attractive representation of your Sitemap, which can then be downloaded in XML format. 

You can invite other team members to participate in the app’s planning, collaboration, and organization processes. The highly user-friendly drag-and-drop tool enables you to modify the visual Sitemap in a concise amount of time. 

Additional Options: 

  • The free version of Flowmapp permits one active project, up to 50 pages, and 100 MB of storage space.
  • Its premium alternatives range in price from $11 to $120 per month, allowing users to crawl unlimited sites.

5. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog, widely regarded as one of the best search engine optimizations (SEO) crawlers, can generate sitemaps for websites of any size. 

It provides an XML sitemap generator. This tool is more complicated than others and was developed with larger websites in mind.

This is the order in which the XML sitemap generator completes each step: The Website Should Be Crawled > Select XML Sitemap from the menu under Sitemaps. 

Choose Which Pages You Want to Include: For instance, if you wish to verify the status codes of a list of URLs and carry out a list crawl, you may quickly and effectively construct an XML sitemap from that list crawl by using the list crawl as a starting point.

Additional Options: 

  • The tool is free up to 500 URLs. You will be required to join up for the commercial edition, which costs €149, i.e. Rs.13,269 per year, if you have an enterprise-level website that contains hundreds of millions of pages.
  • One feature that makes Screaming Frog different is its ability to generate a sitemap based on a list crawl.

6. Writemaps

Writemaps is a visual sitemap application that allows you to produce a sitemap for up to 50 pages for free, with a maximum of three sitemaps per account. 

Addition Option:

  • You must sign up for its monthly subscription plan, which begins at $14.99. 
  • You can export your visual Sitemap and give your team the unique URL to solicit feedback.

7. Yoast SEO 

Yoast SEO is most likely the most widespread free WordPress plugin for basic SEO, and it is the tool of choice for entering an XML sitemap. 

SEO is jam-packed with many different SEO features, such as automatically-generated meta tags and canonical URLs, template support for titles and meta descriptions, and interaction with, a repository for web admins that contains schema markup language.

In addition, after it has been installed, it will automatically generate a dynamic XML sitemap for you.

Additional Option:

  • Yoast Software developed Yoast SEO. A premium edition is also available for an annual fee of $99. 
  • It is safe to say that Yoast SEO is the most widely used plugin for WordPress SEO.

8. Google XML Sitemaps (plugin)

Users of WordPress are highly familiar with the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, which is necessary because a sitemap is required and very simple to operate because it is a free utility. 

Additional Option: 

  • The tool creates HTML sitemaps, 
  • It has over 2,000 ratings, all of which are five stars.

9. Octopus. do. is well known for its ability to consume visual sitemaps quickly.

To boost your website’s visibility and search engine optimization, you can produce Sitemap XML from visual sitemaps and then submit it to search engines like Google, Bing, and others. features an interactive workflow that makes extensive use of drag-and-drop functionality.

Additional Option: 

  • You also have the option to export your Sitemap to several other file types, including PDF, PNG, TXT, and XML.
  • Free for the first project, then $120 monthly for unlimited sitemaps and tasks afterwards.

10. GlooMaps

Using only a few clicks and at no additional cost, you may generate visual sitemaps using this software. 

Additional Option: 

  • After you have finished, you can save your Sitemap on your computer using either the XML, PNG, or PDF format.
  • The map you build on their website will be accessible online for fourteen days unless it is revisited. In this case, its availability will be extended for fourteen days each time.

What Comes Next?

Let’s look at the next steps you should take after creating a sitemap for your website. 

Adding a Sitemap to a Website by Uploading the File

After creating the Sitemap, you must use an FTP client to upload the XML file you prepared to your website’s root folder. 

If your website is powered by WordPress or another content management system (CMS), you do not need to worry about this step.

If you have that installed, the CMS (or the sitemap plugin) will handle this automatically. The following explains locating your Sitemap using Wix, Squarespace, or Shopify.

The same principle applies to sitemap generators, software programs that automatically add an XML file to your website.

Conducting a Check of the Sitemap

We recommend doing a crawl-based inspection of your website to check that your Sitemap is functioning correctly.

An SEO auditing tool such as Site Audit by Semrush is available. The instrument goes as follows: 

  • Verify that an XML sitemap is available for viewing.
  • Check for mistakes in the formatting, erroneous pages, and any other problems.

To begin going, you will first need to establish a project.

  • To create a new project, go to the Site Audit tool and select the “+ Create project” button. 
  • Enter the URL of your website and give your project a name. The next step is to select “Create project.”
  • The “Site Audit Settings” window will appear before you. 
  • Choose the number of pages you wish to crawl from this menu. And perhaps most significantly, the source of the crawl. 
  • The crawl source provides instructions to the tool on how to crawl your website and the locations of all the pages that should be crawled.
  • The program will read Your Sitemap and then crawl all URLs.
  • After that, select the option to “Start Site Audit.”
  • Once the audit is finished, navigate to the “Issues” tab.

Try searching for “sitemap” and reading through the list of problems and notices.

If you click the number of impacted pages, you will be sent to a page that details the exact instances of the problem and provides suggestions on how to repair it. 

Providing Google with the Sitemap for their Consideration

  • After creating the Sitemap and verifying that it functions properly, you should submit it to Google Search Console.
  • The process of Google indexing your pages may be sped up due to this. 
  • Navigate to the report titled “Sitemaps” in the “Indexing” section of the left-hand menu.
  • You’ll find a text box that allows you to enter the URL of your Sitemap right here. The next step is to wait until Google has indexed your Sitemap after clicking the “Submit” button. This could take a little bit of time.
  • Following the completion of the submission with no errors, the “Success” status should be displayed in green.

Frequently Asked Questions for Sitemap Generator Tools

What is a Sitemap generator? 

A sitemap generator is a tool that automatically creates an XML file of your website’s pages and structure, allowing search engines to easily index the content on your site. 

How often should I update my sitemap? 

You should update your sitemap whenever you make changes to your website, such as when you add or remove pages.

What are the benefits of using a Sitemap generator? 

Using a Sitemap generator tool can help ensure that search engine bots accurately index all of the content on your site, making it easier for users to find what they are looking for. Additionally, the tool can make sure that all necessary meta data and page information is included in your sitemap, which helps boost SEO efforts. 

Are there any disadvantages of using a Sitemap generator?

Using a Sitemap generator can be time-consuming and tedious if you are unfamiliar with the process. Additionally, some generators may not produce an accurate representation of your site’s content, so it is important to check the output carefully before submitting it to search engines. 

What should I do if I encounter errors while using a Sitemap generator?

If you encounter any errors while generating your sitemap, it is best to double-check the output for accuracy and make sure that all necessary information is included. You may also need to update the settings of your tool in order to generate an accurate sitemap. 

Is there a limit to the number of URLs that can be included in my Sitemap?

Generally, sitemaps are limited to 50,000 URLs per file. If your site has more than this number of pages, it is recommended that you split them into multiple files and submit each one separately. 


These are the top 10 free sitemap generator tools based on our experience research.

Many more are out there, so you must do your homework to pick the most suitable one.

Ensure it generates a sitemap that follows the formatting to make it simple to upload and check.

You can choose to employ any of the top sitemap generators outlined above.

Creating a sitemap can be daunting, but it’s straightforward with the right tools. The encouraging news is that most sitemap generators are available at no charge.

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