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Top 10 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools 100% Accurate Detect Duplicate & AI Content 2024

Ensuring zero plagiarism is vital for SEO experts, and the availability of free plagiarism checker tools can be of great assistance. The list top 10 free Duplicate Content Checker Tools offer reliable and sophisticated solutions that comprehensively analyze content. We recommend reading the entire article to gain further insights into these powerful tools.

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In the world of SEO, the importance of original content cannot be overstated. You can’t fill your website with copied content and expect to do well in SEO, as its this immoral.

Plagiarism affects your search engine rankings and puts you at risk for legal action. As an SEO expert, ensuring your work is plagiarism-free is essential. One way to do this is by using a free plagiarism checker tool.

What Is The Importance of A Plagiarism Checker Tool?

A plagiarism detector tool is used to detect any duplicate content on the web. It helps SEO experts discover if their content is being reused or copied by someone else. This way, they can ensure their work is original and unique.

Using a plagiarism checker will also help you identify any errors in your work and ensure that the content you’re putting out is accurate and of good quality.

Plagiarism is often accidental and can happen in a thesis even without intention. Even one incorrect citation can be considered plagiarism. You can use free online plagiarism checkers to identify plagiarism.

The Benefits of Using Free Plagiarism Checker Tools for SEO Experts

Plagiarism detectors go beyond identifying copied content; they offer several valuable features:

A reliable plagiarism test tool provides links to the original source texts, allowing you to verify the origins of information. This serves as evidence against accusations of word-for-word copying and highlights the origins of your ideas.

2. Improvement of Paraphrasing Abilities: 

Plagiarism checks not only promote honesty but also enhance your writing skills. By identifying copied content, these tools help you refine your writing and eliminate unoriginal material. Readers will recognize you as the authentic author of the work.

3. Percentage of Similarity: 

Plagiarism detection software reveals the percentage of similarity between your content and existing sources. This enables you to assess the authenticity of your work and identify areas that require editing. Educational institutions often employ such software to evaluate papers based on predetermined similarity thresholds.

4. Adherence to Regulatory and Ethical Guidelines: 

Plagiarism checkers benefit academics and authors by aiding compliance with regulatory limits and ethical guidelines. To thrive in any field, individuals must prioritize originality, as it demonstrates intellectual competence and integrity.

5. Fast and Efficient:

Plagiarism checkers offer the advantage of swift operation. These software tools scour the entire internet within seconds, relieving concerns about unintentional copied content. By uploading your work and letting the tool automatically examine it, you save time and effort, avoiding the laborious task of manually checking for plagiarism. This efficiency minimizes frustration throughout the process.

Embrace the capabilities of duplicate content checkers to ensure the integrity and authenticity of your work while enhancing your writing skills.

Before we move to the list of the ten free plagiarism checker tools, let’s have a look at the tips for selecting the best free plagiarism checker for SEO experts:

Here are 5 Tips for Selecting the Best Plagiarism Checker

When deciding on a plagiarism checker, keep the following factors in mind:

1. Accuracy: 

Ensure that the tool you choose is reliable and can detect even the slightest amount of copied content.

2. Feature Set: 

Evaluate the features offered by different plagiarism detectors. Ensure that the duplicate content checker tool provides essential features like a comprehensive plagiarism report and a grammar checker tailored to your needs.

3. User-Friendliness: 

Opt for a plagiarism remover tool that is intuitive and easy to navigate. The interface should be user-friendly, allowing a smooth experience without unnecessary complications.

4. Reliability: 

Prioritize a plagiarism detector with a proven track record and positive user reviews. Opting for a reputable and trusted tool increases the likelihood of reliable and accurate plagiarism detection.

5. Word Limit: 

Make sure to check the text length or word limit of each tool. Some tools may have a specific number of words or characters they can detect plagiarism for, while others do not have any restrictions.

Plagiarism is a serious concern that can harm your academic or professional reputation. By employing a reliable dupli content detector, you can ensure the originality of your work and avoid any unintended instances of plagiarism.

Now look at 10 of the best free plagiarism checkers for SEO experts.

Top 10 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools For SEO Experts

1. DupliChecker

Check out DupliChecker for hassle-free plagiarism checking. Whether you’re a blogger or a content creator, DupliChecker is an excellent choice to ensure the originality and quality of your work.

Duplichecker is one of the top free plagiarism checker tools

Duplichecker Offers the following features:

  • Convenient:

Analyze up to 1,000 words without the need for a personal account.

  • Easy to Use:

Upload or copy and paste your content onto the website.

  • Plagiarism Detection:

Instantly identifies instances of copied content.

  • Corrections and Rechecks:

Edit the plagiarized parts and rerun the check for improved quality.

  • Fast Processing:

Saves time with quick results.

  • Effective Alert System:

Notifies you of copied work, despite the slightly outdated interface.

  • Backlink Generation and Analysis:

Provides insights into backlinks, enhancing your content strategy.

  • Relevant Keyword Suggestions:

It helps optimize your content for better search engine rankings.

Give it a try and experience its user-friendly features firsthand.

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2. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

Discover the Grammarly Plagiarism Checker, a superior choice that outshines other alternatives. Check below why Grammarly stands out:

Key Features of Grammarly Plagiarism Checker:

  • Ease of Use:

Copy and paste your content into Grammarly for quick and effortless checking. Within minutes, you’ll receive accurate results, making the process seamless.

  • Extensive Coverage:

Grammarly’s database includes billions of web pages, ensuring highly accurate plagiarism detection. Initially designed for students, it is equally effective for professional writers.

  • Integration and Compatibility:

Enjoy a browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, enabling easy access. Seamlessly integrate Grammarly with Microsoft Word and Outlook, enhancing your writing workflow.

  • Ample Word Limit:

With a word limit of over 150K, Grammarly accommodates extensive content, making it suitable for large projects.

  • Comprehensive Web Search:

Grammarly scrutinizes each phrase against a vast database of over 16 billion web pages, leaving no stone unturned in detecting plagiarism.

  • Multilingual Support:

Grammarly’s plagiarism checking extends to various languages, ensuring broad coverage and versatility.

  • Mobile Keyboard Support:

Benefit from keyboard support for Grammarly’s mobile apps, making checking for plagiarism on the go convenient.

  • Pricing:

With added advanced grammar-checking features, Grammarly Plagiarism Checker starts at Rs.984/month.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker is the go-to solution for an unparalleled plagiarism-checking experience complemented by grammar analysis. Try it out and elevate your writing with confidence.

3. Copyscape

Introducing Copyscape, the plagiarism detector for handling large volumes of work. Copyscape, a pioneering tool launched by Indigo Steam Technologies in 2004, has garnered a reputation for its exceptional performance.

Explore the standout features of Copyscape:

  • Free Identity Theft Search:

Utilize the free service to search for instances of online identity theft, safeguarding your content.

  • Premium Service:

Opt for the paid premium service, which examines offline content and allows for batch searches, streamlining your plagiarism detection process.

  • Content Owners and Webmasters:

Copyscape is tailor-made for content owners and webmasters, empowering them to protect their intellectual property.

  • Robust Plagiarism Detection:

Count on Copyscape’s robust detection capabilities, ensuring accurate identification of plagiarized content.

  • Email Alerts:

Stay informed even when offline, as Copyscape sends email alerts to notify you of potential plagiarism.

Copyscape’s comprehensive features make it the ideal choice for efficiently detecting and managing plagiarism. Pricing is based on the word length you need to check, and the good news is that it offers affordability without breaking the bank.

Give it a try and experience the reliability and convenience it offers.

4. Unicheck

Introducing Unicheck, a dedicated plagiarism-checking tool trusted by over 1,000 academic institutions worldwide. While it is precious for teachers, lawyers, and students, professionals such as bloggers and marketers can benefit significantly from its features.

Unicheck is an intuitively designed AI-based tool that focuses solely on plagiarism detection. Beyond identifying copied content, it also detects digital duplicity and raises flags for suspicious text formatting, ensuring the authenticity of your work.

Additionally, Unicheck offers features to analyze the author’s performance. It provides comprehensive statistics and analytics, examining stylistic and linguistic components to enhance your writing. Although Unicheck is a paid tool, it offers a free trial to explore its capabilities.

Key Features of Unicheck:

  • Wide File Format Support:

Unicheck supports 99% of file formats, allowing easy and convenient bulk uploads.

  • Detailed Reports:

Receive comprehensive reports that help you revise potential plagiarism and improve the quality of your content.

  • Google Add-On:

Access the convenience of on-the-go similarity checks with Unicheck’s Google add-on.

  • Seamless Integration:

Unicheck easily integrates with all major Learning Management Systems (LMSs), streamlining your workflow.

  • Real-time Internet and Library Search:

Experience real-time searching across the Internet and your library, ensuring thorough plagiarism detection.

  • Secure Similarity Links:

The similarity links provided by Unicheck are free from viruses, phishing, and other security threats, ensuring a safe and reliable experience.

Discover the power of Unicheck in maintaining the integrity of your work. Please take advantage of its extensive features and enjoy peace of mind with every plagiarism check.

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5. ProWritingAid

Discover ProWritingAid, a comprehensive tool that combines grammar and plagiarism checking, similar to Grammarly. With its exceptional accuracy and power, ProWritingAid is an ideal choice for professional editors.

Not only is ProWritingAid highly effective, but it is also user-friendly. It compares your content against an extensive database of over a billion web pages and published works, ensuring thorough plagiarism detection. You can run the plagiarism report through the online editing tool or the Microsoft Word Add-In, providing a seamless experience.

Explore the standout features of ProWritingAid:

  • Percentage-Based Similarity:

ProWritingAid displays the similarity percentage between your text and other published works, helping you assess potential plagiarism effectively.

  • Citation and Quotation Suggestions:

Whenever necessary, ProWritingAid offers suggestions for proper citation or quotation marks, ensuring accurate referencing.

  • Paraphrasing Assistance:

ProWritingAid provides suggestions for paraphrasing, helping you maintain the originality of your content while ensuring it meets the required standards.

  • Data Security:

ProWritingAid prioritizes user privacy and never resells your text to any other vendor or source, ensuring the confidentiality of your work.

Experience the power of ProWritingAid to elevate your editing process. With plans starting from Free to Premium – Rs.550.00, you can unlock this tool’s full potential and confidently enhance your content.

6. SmallSEOTool

Discover Smallseotool plagiarism detector, a valuable checker within an extensive collection of tools on their website. It offers a range of free tools, with the plagiarism remover specifically designed to cater to the needs of content writers and freelancers, ensuring plagiarism-free work for improved SEO ranking.

It has gained recognition as a top contender among online free plagiarism checkers and is a convenient research tool.

Key features of Small SEO Tool include:

  • Flexible Input Options:

Easily paste your text into the provided text box or upload documents in various formats such as .tex, .txt, and .doc. You can even upload files directly from Google Drive or Dropbox.

  • Extensive Scanning:

The free tool allows the scanning of up to 1,000 words per search. It also enables plagiarism checks by entering a webpage URL. Notably, Small SEO Tools goes the extra mile by offering the ability to exclude specific URLs from the search, a feature often charged by other providers.

  • Objective Percentage Gauges:

The plagiarism remover provides percentage gauges that objectively indicate the presence of plagiarized content, providing clear insights.

  • User-Friendly Results:

Results are presented in a list-based, sentence-wise format, highlighting unique and plagiarized sentences in a colour-coded manner similar to word cloud generators, making it easy to identify related concepts.

  • Document View Comparison:

Access the Document View feature for a comprehensive analysis, allowing a side-by-side comparison between your work and matched results.

  • Automatic Rewriting:

Small SEO Tools include a built-in automatic rewriting feature, enabling convenient and instant alterations of plagiarized content with a single click.

  • Mobile App Availability:

Small SEO Tools offers a dedicated Plagiarism Checker app for iOS and Android devices for added convenience.

While Small SEO Tools offers a range of features, it’s important to note that its plagiarism detection capabilities may have limitations, detecting only a portion of plagiarized content.

Explore the versatility of the Small SEO Tool plagiarism remover and leverage its features to ensure the originality and quality of your work.

7. Plagiarisma

Discover Plagiarisma, an ideal duplicate content checker tool for teachers and students. Plagiarisma proves to be a valuable tool for students and academicians, ensuring content is free from plagiarism.

Notably, one unique feature of this software is its support for many document formats. Furthermore, there is no word limit per search, providing added flexibility.

Explore the standout features of Plagiarisma:

  • Wide Document Format Support: 

Plagiarisma supports various document formats, including TXT, RTF, MS Word, PPTX, XLS, PDF, EPUB, FB2, and ODT, accommodating a range of file types.

  • Multiple Platform Availability: 

Plagiarisma can be accessed on platforms like Moodle, Google Play, and Blackberry, providing convenience and accessibility across different devices.

  • Extensive Language Support: 

With support for over 190+ languages, Plagiarisma caters to international students from non-English speaking countries, making it an inclusive tool for a diverse user base.

Plagiarisma is among the best free plagiarism-checking tools for content writers, students and educational institutions. Its standout feature lies in its support for various document formats, allowing users to check different file types.

Additionally, the tool’s extensive language support makes it particularly beneficial for international students seeking to avoid plagiarism.

Discover the capabilities of plagiarisma and utilize its features to ensure originality and maintain academic integrity.

8. Whitesmoke

WhiteSmoke, a comprehensive tool that goes beyond plagiarism checking to help you create unique and high-quality write-ups. Alongside its plagiarism checker, WhiteSmoke offers a range of features, including grammar checking, translation capabilities, video tutorials, document and email templates, and more.

WhiteSmoke ensures your content’s originality by uncovering texts that match other published works. Its accuracy and reliability stem from scanning millions of websites to detect plagiarism. Moreover, it is designed for fast processing, providing quick and efficient results.

Pricing for the WhiteSmoke Web plan starts at $5/per month, the premium plan of $6.66/ month, and the business plan of $11.50/month, offering affordability and value for its users.

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Key Features of WhiteSmoke:

  • Seamless Integration:

WhiteSmoke can be easily integrated with Microsoft Word and Outlook, enhancing your writing experience within familiar platforms.

  • Online Text Comparison:

With WhiteSmoke, you can compare your text to other texts online, comprehensively assessing your content’s uniqueness.

  • Video Icon Translator:

The video icon in WhiteSmoke serves as a full-text translator for over 50 languages, breaking down language barriers and expanding your writing capabilities.

  • Online Icon Compatibility:

WhiteSmoke’s online icon is compatible with Windows and all major browsers, ensuring accessibility and ease of use across different systems.

Experience the power of WhiteSmoke in creating outstanding write-ups. Its features will help you craft unique content while ensuring accuracy and reliability.

9. Quetext

Quetext is a powerful plagiarism detector-free tool that detects plagiarized content across web pages, academic sources, and news. Quetext is an advanced plagiarism-checking tool suitable for students, teachers, bloggers, and website owners. It employs advanced DeepSearch methodology, utilizing intelligent algorithms to perform contextual analysis and analyze word placement.

By checking and grading the content, Quetext provides users with valuable insights into the extent of plagiarized material. It offers a free basic version with essential features, a premium version for $8.25 per month, and an enterprise plan for $7.50 per month, providing additional functionalities for enhanced plagiarism detection.

Explore the standout features of Quetext:

  • Industry-Leading Privacy:

Quetext prioritizes industry-leading privacy measures, ensuring the confidentiality and security of users’ data.

  • Fast Deep Search Technology:

Quetext leverages its fast DeepSearch technology, enabling efficient and thorough plagiarism detection.

  • Color Grade Feedback:

Users receive colour-grade feedback, making it easy to identify and understand the severity of any plagiarized content.

  • Interactive Snippet Text Viewer:

Quetext offers an interactive snippet text viewer, allowing users to explore the detected similarities in a convenient and user-friendly manner.

Quetext is an affordable plagiarism checker suitable for students, teachers, and website owners seeking to identify and address plagiarized content. Its advanced features and comprehensive analysis make it a valuable tool for ensuring the integrity and originality of written work.

10. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is a reliable and sophisticated automated free online plagiarism checker you can depend on. This advanced tool delivers accurate, quick, and computerized results, making it a top choice for plagiarism detection.

Copyleaks utilizes highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms to identify direct plagiarism, paraphrased content, and nearly identical texts. It conducts extensive searches across the Internet and various databases to find matching content, ensuring comprehensive plagiarism detection.

Copyleaks offers two plans: one tailored for academia and education and another for business and enterprise needs. Pricing for these plans starts from $8.33 per month for 1200 credits, $18.32 per month for 3000 credits, $33.32 per month for 6000 credits, and $154.16 per month for 30,000 credits, and for 300,000 + credits it’s a custom plan. Book a demo today!

Key Features of Copyleaks:

  • Multilingual Support:

Copyleaks supports over 100 languages, catering to diverse users worldwide.

  • Advanced AI and Machine Learning Technology:

Powered by advanced AI and Machine Learning technology, Copyleaks delivers accurate and reliable plagiarism detection.

  • Comprehensive Reporting:

The tool provides a detailed report including similarity matches, copied sources, original text, statistics, etc. The report is presented in an easy-to-understand format, enabling users to interpret the results effectively.

  • Extensive Source Coverage:

Copyleaks scans billions of online sources, licensed private databases, and previously submitted content on its platform, ensuring thorough plagiarism checks.

  • Seamless Integration:

Copyleaks seamlessly integrates with popular platforms such as Google Docs, MS Word, Moodle, and Learning Management Systems (LMSs), enhancing the user experience and workflow efficiency.

Experience the power of Copyleaks in combating plagiarism. Its robust features and cutting-edge technology provide reliable and comprehensive plagiarism detection for various industries and educational institutions.


Now that you have seen the 10 best free plagiarism checker tools, you can select the one that best fits your needs and start optimizing content confidently.

These tools help meet the highest standards of quality and originality. With their assistance, you can create unique, error-free content that ranks well on search engine results pages (SERPs). So get these fantastic tools on board and take your content optimization to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is using a plagiarism checker tool important?

A: Utilizing a plagiarism checker tool is crucial to ensure the uniqueness and quality of your content. It helps detect potential plagiarism issues before publication, thereby avoiding legal complications and protecting your online reputation.

Q: What are the typical features of a plagiarism checker tool?

A: The features of plagiarism checker tools may vary, but generally, you can expect an easy-to-use interface, a comprehensive report with highlighted matches, extensive source coverage for comparison, and multilingual support.

Q: How do plagiarism checker tools work?

A: Plagiarism remover tools function by scanning the content you input and comparing it to existing sources on the Internet. They generate reports highlighting any potential issues or similarities found, enabling you to address them before publishing your work.

Q: What are some best practices when using a plagiarism checker tool?

A: When using a plagiarism detector-free tool, verifying the reliability and accuracy of the comparison sources is advisable. Examine highlighted matches carefully to determine if any necessary revisions are required before publication. Additionally, always adhere to copyright laws when referencing or using content from other sources.

Q: What is the price range for plagiarism checker tools?

A: The price range of plagiarism checker tools can vary depending on the required features. While free versions are available with basic functionalities, more advanced tools may offer additional features or higher usage limits for a fee.

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