Top 10 Free PDF to Text Converter Tools

Top 9 Free PDF to Text Converter Tools for SEO Experts 2024 Edition

Do you want a fast and easy way to convert PDF documents into text files? Check out this blog post to learn about the top 10 free PDF to text converter tools that are perfect for SEO experts. Find out which one is best for your needs and start optimizing your content today!

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, the power of technology continues to amaze us. One of the most remarkable advancements is converting pdf files to text effortlessly without spending a dime or cluttering our devices with additional software and the free pdf to text converter tools are life savers.

Gone are the days of purchasing or downloading specialized programs for simple file conversion. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, this once tedious task has become a breeze.

An abundance of free online SEO tools are available at our fingertips. 

These convenient tools have made it incredibly easy for users to convert their files with just a few simple steps. You need to upload your file and choose the desired format for conversion.

It’s as simple as that! 

Therefore, this article aims to acquaint you with the most effective PDF to text converter tools you may put to work for you.

Best 9 Free PDF to Text Converter Tools

1. Zamzar

Free online conversion of files is available from Zamzar.

Free online pdf to text converter is available from Zamzar.

Multiple file formats are available for converting documents, such as JPEG, CR2, CRW, HTML, DOC, ODP, TXT, PDF, CSV, DWG, GIF, and more. The software supports this functionality. 

The process is simple and requires only three steps:

  1. Select the file
  2. Choose the output format
  3. Click “Convert Now”

The conversion begins instantly, and an email with the converted file is delivered to the provided address. You can download the file after pdf to text conversion.

The conversion process may take longer than expected with this converter as per the file size.

2. Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro provides a user-friendly interface similar to Microsoft Office for reliable PDF-to-text conversion. This converter tool ensures that the layout will remain consistent by preserving the fonts and formatting of the source document to the greatest extent possible.

Nitro Pro with user-friendly interface for reliable PDF-to-text conversion

This tool has a unique feature that converts PDFs in emails and attachments to text format.  In addition, converting numerous PDFs into text format can be accomplished simultaneously with just one click. 

This enhances productivity. If you’re interested in delving deeper into the world of email marketing, there is a wealth of knowledge waiting for you to explore.

In addition to text, PDFs can be converted into different formats used by Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

The tool can do a straight conversion of PDF emails and attachments.

It also allows for processing in batches and guarantees that the fonts and formatting are consistent.

Strikes a healthy compromise between the two competing priorities of speed and quality. Windows and macOS are the platforms that are supported.

A fast PDF-to-text conversion procedure that automatically repairs issues with the document’s layout, fonts, and formatting to produce the highest quality final product.

3. HiPDF

You may make online conversions from PDF to TXT with the help of this tool that is accessible online. Every conversion can be done online through the website using this online tool, so there is no need to register or install any software on your computer to use it.

PDF files can be converted to text, and PDF files can be converted to ePub, Excel, and PowerPoint presentations, in addition to PDF files being converted back to PDF format.

HiPDF a free pdf to text converter tool online

The simplicity of use presented by this internet program is one of its primary selling points. The user must click on the conversion they want, and the system will quickly begin uploading and converting the file. 

HiPDF can function faultlessly on all devices besides the most common web browsers, such as Safari, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. After one hour of conversion using HiPDF, your documents will be deleted permanently from the server, ensuring protection against unauthorized access.

HiPDF is among the most effective PDF-to-text online converters due to its abundance of remarkable capabilities.

4. PDF to Text

The PDF to Text Converter tools is a free online tool to extract text from PDF files. It is a straightforward process that requires the user to do nothing more than open the website and then click the upload files button. 

Once the user has clicked the upload files button, they can select the PDF file that they wish to convert, and the conversion will begin as soon as they have made their selection.

PDF to Text converter tool online

The edges of using these tools in the digital marketing world are apparent. PDF documents are frequently encountered, and with the help of these converters, SEO experts can easily make them readable, manageable, and search engine-friendly. 

PDF-to-text conversion can be used to convert academic, professional, or private resumes to a format that is much more readable. This helps you stand out from the crowd by having something unique on your CV. 

You can also use these tools for offline marketing such as printing brochures, flyers and pamphlets.

5. UniPDF PDF to Text Converter

UniPDF PDF to Text Converter is a Windows tool that extracts text from PDFs or image files online while maintaining their original layout and style. The utility is quick while maintaining its high level of quality, and it also enables partial conversion (the user can convert only certain PDF pages or page ranges).

UniPDF - PDF to Text Converter Online

In addition to simultaneously allowing, you to convert many PDFs into text format, this offline program can also convert PDFs into additional designs such as Word and HTML. During text extraction from scanned PDFs, the built-in OCR technology will assist you in achieving even better levels of accuracy than before.

The tools enable the processing of items in batches. It helps in converting PDF to text in multiple languages. Conversion of a high quality that preserves the formatting. 

It gives you the ability to restore individual pages or ranges of pages. However, the free version comes with some restrictions. The converter program is compatible only with Windows.

Standalone, high-quality PDF-to-Text conversion with the possibility to convert in batches and acquire original, editable text. This is the best solution.

6. Free Online OCR

The free online OCR program can convert PDF documents and photos up to 15 megabytes. After uploading the file to the OCR, the conversion will begin within a brief period of time.

Online OCR is a free pdf to text converter tool

Users are also given the ability to choose the language in which their document files are saved. The recognition output is plain text, meaning any formatting included in the original document is lost during the conversion process. 

However, it does support multicolumn texts. In addition, it can convert scanned photos and PDF documents into Word and text files.

7. PDF to TXT

The PDF-to-text conversion functionality that this utility offers is handy. It provides a fast method for extracting text from PDF files. 

Additionally, it is compatible with any PDF quality. It provides an instant conversion, so you do not have to spend much time converting your PDF file. Because the output file is sent back to the user’s Internet browser after using this tool, the user does not need to provide any personally identifiable 


One-click is required to convert Adobe Acrobat PDF files into text using the free online PDF-to-text converter.

8. Google Docs

Google Docs and Google Drive work seamlessly together to convert PDF files to text online for free. The software has a built-in OCR capability to extract text from PDFs and picture files.

Unbelievably, this PDF converter preserves the text and any graphics in the original PDF file. Once you have converted the PDF file to Microsoft Word format, you can use Google Docs to save and download it as a text file.

In addition, the OCR is implemented mechanically, depending on the PDF file that serves as the source. The tool contains an in-built OCR scanner and supports scanned documents and PDFs based on images.                                 

It is available for free on various platforms and is capable of preserving text and photos. However, you cannot convert PDF files into text in batches. 

9. SimpleOCR

SimpleOCR is a PDF-to-text converter that is of very high quality and supports two different conversion techniques. 

The Machine Print mode is one of them, and it enables you to convert scanned or native PDFs into text. Convert handwritten PDFs into plain text with Handwriting mode for sharing or reuse.

Built-in optical character recognition (OCR) software does exactly what its name suggests: it helps make text recognition possible, particularly on scanned PDFs. To make matters even more convenient, you can produce PDFs from hardcopy documents and convert them into text format rather than retyping the information.

A highly effective OCR tool, that comes equipped with a document scanner. The tool has many customizable settings and options and is free with no restrictions. One can save the text as either a Word document or a plain text file, including its editor as part of its design. 

However, it only works with Windows to produce rich plain text output from scanned PDFs quickly, accurately, and efficiently using optical character recognition (OCR).

Frequently Asked Questions For PDF to Text Converter Tools

Q. What are the advantages of using PDF to Text Converter Tools?

A. PDF-to-text converter tools allow you to quickly and easily convert PDF documents into editable text files. These tools make it easy to extract content from PDFs, which can be beneficial for SEO purposes or for creating content with different formatting than what’s available in the PDF.

Q. What types of files can I convert with PDF to Text Converter Tools?

A. Most PDF-to-text converter tools are capable of converting a variety of document formats, including Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, image files, and more. 

Q. Will the formatting be preserved when using a PDF to Text Converter Tool? 

A. No, most PDF-to-text converter tools only recognize plain text. Any formatting in the original document will be lost during the conversion process.

Q. Can I convert scanned documents with PDF to Text Converter Tools?

A. Yes, many PDF-to-text converter tools are capable of converting scanned documents into editable text files. This can be helpful for extracting data from documents that are not available in digital formats. 

Q. Are there any limitations to using PDF Text Converter Tools?

A. While most PDF-to-text converter tools are free, some may have limits on the number of files that can be converted at once or a limit on the size of files that can be uploaded.

Q. Are there any security risks associated with using PDF Text Converter Tools?

A. Generally, no. Most PDF-to-text converter tools are secure and do not store your data after the conversion is complete. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check the privacy policy of the tool you’re using before uploading sensitive files.


The most effective PDF-to-text converter is undeniably a helpful tool that eliminates the need for tedious retyping or copy-pasting text data from native or scanned PDFs.

You have the ability to extract content and store it in a separate text file with only the click of a button. This text may then be repurposed or shared in its current form.

This article has provided you with a list of the best PDF-to-text conversion tools that ensure smooth sailing despite how laborious it can be to look for a solution that will meet all of your needs.

Having stated that, select the PDF to Text conversion tool that best suits your needs, and significantly improves the efficiency of your operation.

If you too are planning to learn about digital marketing or are already an SEO expert, using these powerful tools can help you demonstrate your proficiency in a wide range of digital marketing tasks.

To make this simpler we have Digital Scholar which provides you with various digital marketing courses and helps you understand the concept with practical assignments and projects.

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