Top 10 Free Favicon Generator Tools for Website SEO

Top 10 Free Favicon Generator Tools for Website SEO in 2024

Are you looking to create a Favicon for your website? With the help of free favicon generator tools, you can easily make a unique logo to give your website a distinct look. Make a lasting impression with a favicon that truly reflects your website! Learn how to create one with our top 10 favicon generator tools. Get the full scoop on customizing and installing an icon for a favicon by reading our article.

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Your branding approach is essential while developing your website if you want to turn visitors into consumers. There should be all the details included. This calls for the creation of favicon icons, which you may build with the use of free favicon generator tools.

Favicons are tiny graphic icons that appear in the browser window’s tab next to a website’s title.

You should include multiple sizes in a favicon ICO file, which can also be used as desktop program icons. A PNG file can typically be used as a favicon icon.

Favicons are necessary since people frequently use tabs to browse numerous websites at once to find information. For a more appealing user experience, favicons assist consumers in quickly identifying content and the brand. By utilizing your content in this way, the addition of a favicon can greatly enhance your ability to differentiate yourself from competitors. Grab more insights and tips on content writing.

So, in addition to more information on how to make and install favicon icons, here are 10 free favicon generator online resources.

Guidelines for a Favicon Icon File:

Learning more about favicon icons, including their needs and recommended practices, is the first step in creating them.

The word “favicon” is a combination of “favourite icon.” These were icons that, like icons do now, appeared beside the title of a website at the top of a browser.

The only difference is that they were initially shown when a user added a website to their “favourites” folder. This folder is referred to as your bookmarks in modern browsers.

A particular size is required for a favicon icon. Otherwise, devices and browsers won’t be able to use them.

The Necessary Sizes for Favicon Icon Are As Follows:

  • For browsers, 16×16 pixels
  • For desktop taskbars, 32×32 pixels
  • The favicon size for desktop apps is 96×96 pixels.
  • For iOS and Android devices, 180×180 pixels

Remember that you might select between 16×16 px and 32×32 px. One of those image sizes should be adequate if branding is not a significant concern.

Try Out The Below Favicon Key-Points:

It’s a good idea to adhere to the following best practices while creating a favicon icon:

  • To make them easier to view in small sizes, they should be uncomplicated and not excessively styled.
  • Decide on a colour palette by choosing one or two hues. There should be no more than three colours at most.
  • Either 8-bit or 24-bit colours should be used for favicon icons.
  • There shouldn’t be a lot of lines or letters in the favicon icon design.
  • While transparent backgrounds are possible, it’s crucial to remember that Apple devices do not support them.
  • The favicon icons you use should match your logo and branding scheme. As personal branding plays a dynamic role in the attraction of customers.

Now that you have a clear understanding of what makes a good favicon icon, let’s review the best favicon generator tools you can use for your website SEO.

List Of Top 10 Free Favicon Generator Tools for Website

Here are various free favicon generators you may use to make your own, more straightforward favicon icons or to upload an image and have it suitably sized and converted to an ICO image file.

They aren’t listed in any particular order because they are all excellent options for quickly creating a favicon icon. Any of these online tools let you create a favicon, which you can download and use for free.


With this free tool, you may make favicon icons from text, an image, or an emoji.

When using the text-based option, you can pick the font family, size, colour, and shape of the text, as well as the backdrop colour and shape. The Favicon generator uses Google typefaces, which offers more than 800 typefaces.

Instead of resizing the image yourself, you can upload the file and let the favicon generator do it for you. Alternatively, you can select an emoji favicon icon from many choices.

The created Favicon will function across all platforms and browsers.


Using this free favicon generator, you may submit an image file and select between the conventional 16×16 px size for web browsers and a larger one appropriate for Android, Microsoft, and iOS.

You can leave the image as it is instead of cropping it to a square. Just be aware that whether you leave this option checked or unchecked could affect how your Favicon turns out.

The best course of action is to ensure that your image is already relatively close to being square.

3. Real Favicon Generator

One of the few on the list, this favicon generator allows you to see how your favicon icon will appear in a browser simulator so you can see how it will appear after being resized and converted.

Additionally, you may get sizes for all platforms, technologies, and browsers. However, this favicon generator offers the choice of an image for favicon icon conversion. 

Along with Favicon, one can create a local schema markup that will help you to stand out in search engine results. The Local Schema is a structured Markup code that can be used to markup business information on a website. This helps search engines show your business information at the top of the search results.

4. Favicon. cc

You can either upload an image to this free favicon maker to generate a favicon or draw your favicon icon using the mouse.

You may select the colours you want to use with a colour picker and change the favicon icon’s transparency.

The option to make animated favicon icons is also available. Additionally, opportunities exist for setting the animation on a loop altering, and deleting frames.

When it is complete, you can view your Favicon in preview mode on the Favicon generator.


You can submit a picture and select the desired size using our straightforward free favicon generator. Although it is relatively simple, it is an excellent choice to create a favicon icon quickly without fiddling with settings and features.

You may create retina favicons for Apple Touch devices with this generator. Although some extra labour is involved, all the directions are provided on their website.

6. Favicomatic

Favic-o-Matic produces ICO and PNG (transparent) favicons.

Use this free favicon maker to create a custom image and download an ICO file in 16×16 or 32×32 pixels or multiple sizes for compatibility with all devices.

Additional advanced settings include other compatibility options and the ability to change the background colour.

7. Ionos Favicon Generator

You can create a favicon with the Ionos Favicon Generator by drawing one, entering initials, or uploading an image.

The result is a favicon that is compatible with all devices and browsers. Additionally, there is a beautiful preview area where you can immediately see your Favicon.

8. Dynamic Drive – Favicon Editor

Another simple and user-friendly application for creating favicons is Dynamic Drive. Files in the JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP formats can be uploaded. For GIF and PNG files, you can also apply a transparent backdrop.

Additionally, users can choose to create 48×28 XP icons and 32×32 desktop icons.

The favicon editor is the most excellent companion to Dynamic Drive.

9. Logaster

You can create a favicon by entering your company name and selecting the “Create a logo” button on Logaster. After that, it makes several logo templates to pick from and modify as necessary. To download your logo, you must first register with them.

Additionally, Logaster offers a variety of premium packages that allow you more options when building your Favicon.

10. Genfavicon

This free favicon generator is unique because it allows you to crop an image before uploading it to be used as a favicon.

A preview pane also checks how your new favicon icon will appear in a user’s browser in real time.

 You can choose from five sizes: 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, and 128×128 pixels. 

How to Install an Icon for a Favicon:

You can install the favicon icon you created using one of the free favicon generators so it will appear on your website.

It automatically installs a Favicon icon in WordPress. 

  • Any image that is at least 512 pixels wide may be used.
  • Log into your self-hosted WordPress site and select Appearance > Customize from the admin dashboard to have it installed immediately.
  • Once the Customizer has loaded, click “Site Identity” in the menu on the left. 
  • Then select Select Image under the Site Icon.
  • WordPress has an automatic favicon icon generator.
  • Select Files from the Upload Files tab in the pop-over box. Select a desired image from your computer.
  • Click Select, then click Crop Image to edit the image if necessary. Alternatively, you can click Skip Cropping and leave the impression as-is.
  • After that, click the Publish button in the Customizer to save your changes.


As you can see, creating a Favicon on your own doesn’t require any special abilities. Understanding the concept and substance that your icon will represent is crucial.

Thanks also to the free favicon generator tools that can assist you in producing an eye-catching icon. Browse the list of internet resources to choose the most unique Favicon for you!

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