Flipkart's digital marketing strategies and case study

Case Study: Flipkart’s Digital Marketing Strategies [Download PDF]

Every single touchpoint where Flipkart's clients are present is the focus of the company's leading marketing approach. Most of its spending is spent on digital channels that combine paid and organic marketing. Additionally, Flipkart's efforts are paying off due to the recent digital change that India has seen. Read the case study of Flipkart's Digital Marketing Strategies and download pdf of amazing stats. It also makes significant investments in influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements. Bollywood is extremely popular in India, and Flipkart exploits this to promote its services and brand.

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Flipkart is a leading e-commerce business that has become one of the known names in Indian households.

They have a strong hold on their marketing strategies and are an example for many marketers.

Flipkart case study will focus on its digital marketing strategies and how they have been effective in increasing its sales and customer base.

The company’s history, website, social media, SEO and other strategies will be discussed in detail.

About Flipkart 

The history of Flipkart is a fascinating one. The company was founded in 2007 by two former Amazon employees, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal.

Flipkart Co-founder- Sachin Bansal
Flipkart Co-founder- Sachin Bansal
Flipkart Co-founder- Binny Bansal
Flipkart Co-founder- Binny Bansal

The company was started with the aim of providing a better online shopping experience to Indian consumers.

The company has since then overgrown and is now one of the leading e-commerce companies in India.

Flipkart- one of the leading e-commerce companies in India.

It is an Indian private limited company with its headquarters in Bangalore and Singapore incorporation.

Before branching out into other product categories like consumer electronics, fashion, household staples, food, and lifestyle goods, the company initially concentrated on online book sales.

Flipkart: Brand Overview

Company TypePrivate, Subsidiary
Industry E-commerce
FoundersSachin Bansal
Binny Bansal
Founded2007 (15 years ago)
HeadquartersBengaluru, Karnataka, India (operational HQ)
Singapore (legal domicile)
Area servedIndia
Key PeopleKalyan Krishnamurthi (CEO)
Parent CompanyWalmart
Subsidiary CompaniesMyntra
Flipkart Health+
Flipkart Wholesale
ANS Commerce
RevenueRs. 433.57 billion (FY 2021)
Contact/ Customer Care044 4561 4700

Why Should Marketers Study Flipkart’s Digital Marketing Strategies?

Flipkart can be considered one of the leading e-commerce platforms in India.

While digital marketing is crucial for every business – it is of even more importance for eCommerce brands.

Flipkart has its A-game in almost every field of digital marketing.

Here are some things special to Flipkart that marketers can take inspiration from.

Use of VR

We are all gradually integrating virtual and augmented reality into our lives, and we have already observed the influence and application of filters by businesses on Instagram Stories.

When it comes to embracing new technologies, Flipkart is constantly prepared. By including VR in the Big Billion Sale Campaign, Flipkart found the ideal time window to capitalize on the technology.

Undoubtedly, the Big Billion Day campaign significantly contributed to Flipkart’s marketing success, and they used cutting-edge VR technology to achieve the aim far more successfully.

The promotion was started as Full Moon Day drew near because it is considered auspicious and intimately related to the Indian holiday calendar.

Filpkart digital marketing strategies for big billion day
Big Billion Sale Campaign

The audience was impressed and fascinated by this campaign because it was unlike anything they had ever seen before. It brought Flipkart 5 million views and a CTR of 2%.

Celebrity endorsements 

Flipkart is renowned for its partnerships with other businesses. Additionally, it frequently uses well-known people and celebrities for its promotion.

Every year, Flipkart continues to collaborate with various well-known public figures from around the globe.

Their most well-known endorsement campaign to date was centred around Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt and was dubbed “IndiaKaFashionCapital.”

Filpkart fashion digital marketing strategies
Celebrity endorsements -India Ka Fashion Capital

Relevant and Relatable.  

With a variety of entertaining activities, Flipkart keeps its audience interested. However, they also make sure to sprinkle in a few current trends.

For instance, numerous items have trended and became popular during this lockdown, and they went on with the trend to stay relevant and relatable. 

Flipkart’s Digital Marketing Strategies & Case Study

Flipkart’s Social Media Marketing Strategies 

Flipkart’s Instagram Marketing Strategies

Flipkart has over 3.3 million followers on its page and has posted 4,260 posts to date (as of November 2022). On average, they post up to three times every day. 

Flipkart Instagram followers marketing strategies

Their Instagram content is majorly for engagement (through posts and majorly reels), and has occasional posts centring around their products. The product-related posts don’t sell their products directly but are rather subtle. 

Here are a few examples of their product-related posts

Flipkart social media post strategies
Flipkart social media engagement strategy
Flipkart social media marketing strategies post

Here is one of their engagement posts that takes up most of the space on their feed

They even post contests periodically to get more engagement and increase their followers. 

Finally, they constantly post relatable, funny or trendy reels to garner more engagement. 

Flipkart's entertaining reels strategy

Flipkart’s Instagram engagement rate

Flipkart’s Instagram engagement rate is 0.04%, with an average of 1,289 likes and 52 posts as of November 2022.

Flipkart’s Instagram engagement rate

Flipkart’s Facebook Marketing Strategies 

Flipkart’s Facebook account has over 10 million followers and more than 9 million likes. 

Flipkart- Facebook followers strategy
Flipkart’s Facebook account

Flipkart has separate category-focused Facebook pages for each category, like books, fashion, games, and so on. These pages are mostly used for building engagement with their fans. Flipkart also uses Facebook as a way to acquire customers by promoting their deals and offers. 

These are the Highlights of Flipkart’s Facebook Account

  • Posts are based on the seasons, holidays, or birthdays.
  • Enquiries from customers and updates on new products.
  • Customer complaints receive an average and inconsistent response.
  • They conduct competitions and gamification.
  • They also have a separate dedicated customer assistance tab.
  • The acquisition and engagement of customers are emphasised.

Overall, Flipkart posts the same content as it does on Instagram. 

Flipkart’s Twitter Marketing Strategies

Flipkart has over 2.8 million followers on its Twitter as of November 2022. 

Flipkart's Twitter marketing
Flipkart -Twitter

These are the Highlights of Flipkart’s Twitter Handle

  • They post updates using eye-catching videos and images of new products, deals, and discounts.
  • Exclusive channel for tech news at Flipkart.
  • Running a contest centred on products or services, such as Flipkart First or AcerA1
  • On average, 2-3 products are launched or offered every day.
  • Exclusive Channel for Support from Flipkart.com.
  • Flipkart provides channel-based exclusive offers.
  • 24-hour customer service line
  • Instantaneous Connect.
  • The inquiry has a real-time response.

Flipkart’s Twitter Engagement Rate

Flipkart’s Twitter engagement rate is 0.02%, receiving an average of 407 likes and 237 retweets per tweet as of November 2022. 

Flipkart's Twitter engagement rate
Flipkart- Twitter engagement

Flipkart’s SEO strategies  

Flipkart uses a mix of organic and paid means to get more traffic to its website and increase its ranking to visible.

Here are the different SEO strategies it uses and the success it has achieved using the methods strategically.


Flipkart, no doubt, is in the front seat regarding SEO. They have an “amazing” score for all the different factors that affect the website’s ranking.

Flipkart has over 22,811,205 organic keywords, 236,950,566 of just organically monthly traffic, a domain authority of 90, and 70,895,150 backlinks

Flipkart SEO strategies traffic overview


Obtaining such huge numbers is not an easy task, which is why marketers can learn a lot from how Flipkart’s strategies and optimise its website.

Flipkart’s Traffic and Engagement Analysis

With a total visit of over 237.4 million, traffic has decreased by 17.87% in October compared to last month (Desktop).

Flipkart traffic and engagement data

These are the different ways through which Flipkart is on its best game 

  • In order to ensure that the proper audience sees their advertisement, Flipkart’s SEO approach focuses on long-tail keywords or phrases rather than single words. 
  • Flipkart looks at users’ most popular queries, picks the top ones, and turns them into URLs for web pages. To ensure that their website ranks, Flipkart uses a pretty effective method.
  • The speed of the website is a crucial component of search engine optimization. Your SEO health depends on your website’s speed. The percentage of visitors leaving your site dramatically rises for every additional 0.5 seconds it takes to load.
  • Flipkart offers a high-return affiliate program for its users to promote its products through unique referral links. It’s an amazing money-making opportunity to turn your influence into income with every purchase made through your recommendations.

In order to ensure that the proper audience sees their advertisement, Flipkart’s SEO approach focuses on long-tail keywords or phrases rather than single words. Simply said, Flipkart’s SEO methods aim to build a user-friendly and mobile-friendly website.

These are some of Flipkart’s recent ads targeting different categories & relevant audiences.

Flipkart's paid search strategies

Google Ads are a tool used by e-commerce platforms to draw traffic to their site by showing up in other platforms’ search results.

Getting your Google ad text is essential, with Amazon providing neck-to-neck competition.

In order to remarket to customers who add items to their carts or just wish lists, Flipkart employs third-party platforms to run adverts and advertise on other websites.

The top publishers sending traffic to flipkart.com.

Currently, there are 180 publishers referring visitors. That’s the result of a proper advertising strategy.

Flipkart paid traffic frommultiple source

Flipkart uses the Pixels to retarget users who have clicked on one of its Google ads across various social media platforms.

Flipkart’s Target Audience and Remarketing Strategy

Any marketing and advertising method known as “remarketing” involves reconnecting with potential customers who have already visited a retailer’s website.

Remarketing already existed before the invention of the Internet, but its application has moved from offline to online, where it is much more advantageous and inbound.

In most cases, people who visit internet portals do not finish their purchases.

Remarketing involves showing these potential customers advertisements that encourage them to buy across several digital channels.

Flipkart’s audience is 66.98% male and 33.02% female. The largest age group of visitors are 25-34 years old.

Flipkart audience demographics

A sizable portion of Flipkart’s consumer base browses the products and checks the product details. However, not every product that customers view ends up being purchased.

Even hours after first viewing some products, shoppers frequently return to them. When shoppers leave items in the shopping basket, it shows a strong intent to purchase.

According to a survey, 30 of 100 online shoppers add items to their shopping carts.

That is 30% of customers who are considering making a purchase. That is a substantial sum. However, just 3% of these customers ultimately purchase the product.

About 27% of these customers simply stop using the merchandise. Remarketing is used to reach this audience with advertisements.

Flipkart’s Top Digital Marketing Campaigns

Flipkart has repeatedly rolled out digital marketing strategies that have impressed us all. Let’s discuss a few of their strategies that impressed us the most. 

1. #LeadLikeHer

Flipkart launched a campaign to stand by what it believes – Fashion should be affordable and accessible to all.

The 10-week campaign features ads on Television, YouTube and social media platforms to reach a wider audience of all age groups.

Through this campaign, Flipkart establishes itself as a brand for everyone and the perfect destination for all with a love of fashion. 

This campaign was an extension of their previous campaign that went by the name ‘Be trendy, always.’

A distinctive factor of their recent campaign is how they have featured kids in their advertisements. 

2. #IndiaKaFashionCapital 

One of its most recent campaigns, #IndiaKaFashionCapital, features Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, assuring their customers that Flipkart is the best place for shopping.

Over the years, Flipkart has served customers with best-in-class services thanks to its deep understanding of their needs. They promise their customers to offer a fashionable lifestyle that is easily accessible and value-driven. 

3. #BigBillionDays

The #BigBillionDays is one of the most successful campaigns introduced by Flipkart.

During the Big Billion Days sale, Flipkart received over 666 million visits, with over 52% of those coming from Tier III and higher locations.

The Filpkart #BigBillionDay ad in 2014

The Filpkart #BigBillionDay ad in 2021

The Filpkart #BigBillionDay ad in 2022

Amazing 110 orders were placed each second on the platform.

Flipkart saw 1.5 times as many sellers engage in transactions as it did the previous year, and over 35% of sellers experienced 3 times as much growth in sales.


As you can see, Flipkart has a website to advertise its products and brand. Want to create similarly successful plans?

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Q. What are the key elements of an effective ecommerce marketing strategy?

Ecommerce marketing strategy is a collection of steps for creating and carrying out an online selling plan. The strategy searches for and attracts clients who fit a specified demographic and persuades them to make purchases. It has a psychological and demographic focus.

Q. What are the strategies used by Flipkart?

Flipkart uses multiple channels for its marketing campaign, its major traffic comes from targeting its competitors & retargeting. Flipkart does not miss any special moment & comes with special offers & sales to attract a new set of audience.

Q. What are the top 7 most effective e-commerce strategies?

The top 7 e-commerce strategies that are the most effective way to drive conversions include offering free shipping, offering a return policy, advertising, creating landing pages, retargeting, customer support, secure checkout process.

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