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Top 20 Health And Fitness Influencers On Instagram In India

Looking for some motivation to get in shape? Check out this list of the top 20 health and fitness influencers on Instagram in India. From healthy recipes to workout tips, these fitness influencers in India will help you get on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

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Health and fitness is a realm everybody wishes to be a part of, but only a few manage to do what it really takes to be entirely healthy and fit. In today’s time, it is crucially necessary for every one of us to be healthy and fit to led a comfortable life. 

Especially after the covid-19 epidemic, people now realize what “uncertainty” really means. Even in the Covid-19 era, a lot of people who were physically fit and healthy enough to fight the virus made it out without losing much. Health and fitness are equally important as the race we run every day to earn our imagined living and money.

Being does not simply mean eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, it is much more than what everybody or even you who is reading this knows about.

Internet, in today’s era, has brought us closer to what we couldn’t expect in the past or even what are parents could ever imagine. With the inception of these social media networking sites, people can now connect to millions of people and followers and reach out to wider audiences. 

Influencer marketing is another aspect of this era that falls under digital marketing. Influencer marketing to date comes in a variety of forms. From beauty to automobiles and from music to health and fitness, influencer marketing comes in a wide variety of backgrounds. Health and fitness industry is another prominent sector that is evolving to date abundantly.

Who are Health and Fitness Influencers?

A health and fitness influencer, as the name implies, is a personality, be it he/she, who engages in online fitness and motivates people to transform themselves into a reality that they could have never imagined. They will update daily dose of fitness tips which include the time of exercise one performs in order to avail the expected results, what and what not to eat while you are on or not on a diet, the correct way to perform a particular exercise, and other motivational tips for you to keep working on.

Furthermore, these fitness influencers frequently collaborate with reputed companies like Nike, Puma, and MuscleBlaze to promote their products and services. Many a time, these products are tried and tested by these fitness and healthy personalities and are recommended by them personally after gaining the results.

So, coming back to the topic keep this context in mind! Have you been seeking for the Top 20 Health And Fitness Influencers On Instagram In India? Do you believe these health and fitness influencers on Instagram in India will help you in your fitness regimen? That great! As in this article, we have shortlisted and discussed the top 20 health and fitness influencers on Instagram in India for your assistance. 

So Let’s go Through The Top 20 Health And Fitness Influencers In India On Instagram

1. Jeet Selal- @jeet_selal

Jeel Selal is a prominent health and fitness influencer, fitness model, and YouTuber. He is the creator of the Himalayan Stallion and Aesthetics brands, which emphasize all-natural methods for exercising, eating, and participating in sports. Jeet Selal is also a climber from Nepal and is the only person to have ascended Mount Everest 17 times. Currently, he has over 572k followers on Instagram.

2. Rohit Khatri

Fitness trainer and sports science nutritionist Rohit Khatri was born into a Jaat family in Narela, New Delhi. His YouTube channel is well-known for being India’s top fitness channel. He produces extensive video information about workouts and exercise methods on YouTube. In total, he has more than 4 million subscribers. In India, he is renowned for having the greatest muscular physique. Currently, he has over 565k followers on Instagram.

3. Vin Rana

Vin Rana(Vinya Rana) is an Indian model and TV actor, who was born on December 16, 1986. He is most known for playing Nakul in the 2013 Star Plus television series Mahabharat. Vinya has worked on a number of TV shows, including Ek Hasina Thi and Vishkanya. Kumkum Bhagya, Kundali Bhagya, and Ek Anokhi Prem Kahani. Vin has also worked in Indonesian tv programs such as Pesbukers, The New Eat Bulaga Indonesia, and more. Currently, he has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

4. Varun Verma

Varun Verma, an Indian actor and model who was born in Delhi, rose to fame after appearing in the 15th season of Roadies. He also triumphed in the 2019 Mr. India Supernation contest. It is well known that he has motivated millions of Indian youth to exercise and work out. Currently, he has over 756k followers on Instagram.

5. Anupriya Kapur

Fitness guru, writer, and businesswoman Anupriya Kapur is a resilient, healthy lady who overcame depression. She founded Imbue and is a single mother. She never stops encouraging millions of women to look after their physical and emotional health. She believes her workout routine helped her overcome her mental instability. Currently, she has over 232k followers on Instagram.

6. Preyanka Rahee

Preyanka Rahee is another lady health and fitness influencer who is out there inspiring thousands of women to take care of their bodies. She is also a GGFI Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and has many trainees under her who are indulged in transforming their bodies under her direction. She has collaborated with reputed brands like Monster Energy and Amazon. Her YouTube Channel has a lot of engagements and women’s support. Currently, he has over 316k followers on Instagram.

7. Ankita Singh 

Ankita Singh, an ex-software engineer from Bangalore who has won several women’s bodybuilding competitions, is one of the leading characters in the Indian women’s bodybuilding community. Even in the off-season, she regularly workouts, and she is well known to have the best woman trainer body of all time. In 2021, she crowned Miss India and Miss Karnataka. Currently, he has over 289k followers on Instagram.

8. Dr. Snehal

Snehal holds a diploma in nutrition and diet planning in addition to an MD in alternative medicine, specialties in counseling, REBT therapy, and BHMS. She is also qualified healthcare professional. She is a famous expert in weight loss and has helped many people shed pounds in a healthy way. She has received recognition as India’s most inspirational weight loss instructor. Currently, she has over 522k followers on Instagram.

9. Asmita Arora

Asmita Arora is a well-known personality on social media, particularly on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She currently works as a well-known TikTok star, fitness enthusiast, and social media influencer. Before TikTok was outlawed in India, she had 12 million likes and almost 1.5 million followers for her workout and fitness advice. Currently, she has over 462k followers on Instagram.

10. Amardeep Phogat

Amardeep Phogat, who was born on March 4, 1997, is a successful bodybuilder, actor, and model connected to the Haryana music industry,  he began his modeling career, and Vogue Magazine has published articles about him. He was a featured performer in Barbie Maan’s hit Punjabi song “Suit,” which has received over 15 million views online. Currently, he has over 221k followers on Instagram.

11. Deepali Ogale

With her appearance in the third season of MTV Love School, Deepali Ogale, another health and fitness influencer who got her start in sports and fitness, has inspired a lot of young ladies. Additionally, she also holds the title of Miss Maharashtra 2022. Even now, many girls still aspire to be just like her and are following in her footsteps.

12. Arun Sharma

Another influential person in the field of health and fitness is Arun Sharma, a nutritionist, strength and conditioning specialist, and K11 Certified fitness trainer. Boys of all ages are having a field day looking through his Instagram profile. He holds the view that consistency is essential to getting the desired outcomes. Currently, he has over 232k followers on Instagram.

13. Junaid Kaliwala

Junaid Kaliwala is a bodybuilder, fitness model, athlete, and trainer. He goes by the name Mr. O. He began his profession in 2009 and has since become a highly effective gym instructor. In 2015, the Indian publication “Men’s health” named him the “greatest fitness coach”. Currently, he has over 317k followers on Instagram.

14. Sejal Jain

Sejal Jain works as a professional fashionista and physiotherapist. She is renowned to be a multi-tasker who balances her career in physiotherapy with her influence on fashion and fitness (Instagram). She has been actively practicing physiotherapy for more than ten years. She is one of the most prominent and successful bloggers ever. Currently, she has over 335k followers on Instagram.

15. Sagar Mogha

Sagar Mogha, a Delhi native who works as both an online fitness teacher and an Instagram fitness model, is one of the most popular Instagram influencers. He is a certified nutritionist. The youngest kid to win Mr. India in 2019 is him. He has his own fitness center and oversees the training of hundreds of people. Currently, he has over 198k followers on Instagram

16. Dr.Biglee Murali- @bigleemurali

Biglee Murali has facilitated more than 100 transformations and is a bodybuilder, fitness and wellness coach, public speaker, and author. After graduating, Biglee ended up working for a corporate IT company, but his love for bodybuilding and fitness prevented him from pursuing any other career path. He is a reputable coach that you can depend on. He consistently talks about diet and fitness tips on his Instagram profile. His accomplishments include winning Mr. Anna University in 2006 and Mr. Kanchi in 2008, Mr. Tamilnadu in 2008 through 2010, Mr. South India in 2013, and Mr. Kanchi in 2006. Currently, he has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

17. Sheena Roy

Sheena Roy is a Goa-born Indian fitness instructor, digital content creator, TikTok celebrity, fashion and lifestyle influencer, and certified coach who now calls Pune home. She started her adventure in January 2016, made the decision to join a gym, and is currently working with well-known companies like Tinder, Nike, and Starbucks. Currently, she has over 100k followers on Instagram.

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18. Diksha Chabbra

Diksha Chhabra, a trainer from Delhi was Mrs. Earth in 2017 and finished second in Mrs. India. She had depression herself and now runs her own fitness business. She is of the opinion that a healthy diet, regular exercise, and self-love may resolve any mental problems. She has been more successful than other women in the league up to this point. She also is the author of E-books that specialize and talks about fitness and health overall. Currently, she has over 261k followers on Instagram. 

19. Alesia Raut

Alesia Raut is a Russian model who also works as a fashion choreographer and fitness model and is now based in India. She participated in the fourth season of the TV reality series Fear Factor – Khatron Ke Khiladi. On STAR One, she hosted a travel program. Alesia has also appeared in a number of item songs, including “Meri Beri Ber” and others. She also has an agency owner and director. Currently, She has over 99k followers on Instagram.

20. Pooja Sharma

Former Miss South India Fitness and Miss Bengaluru Fitness Queen –  Pooja Sharma is a well-known fitness coach and guide. In 2019, she made her broadcast debut on MTV’s well-known program “MTV Roadies.” Numerous men and women have been inspired by her to get out of bed and exercise. She also stresses the need of eating the correct foods and how much protein is required. She constantly uploads short reels on Instagram where she talks about tips and tricks to maintain a healthy body and life. Currently, she has over 271k followers on Instagram. 

In conclusion

Here are the top 20 health and fitness influencers on Instagram in India who will help you gain your expected healthy life.

As stated above, Every one of us must be healthy and active in order to live comfortably in the modern world. Being healthy is much more than just consuming fruits, veggies, and whole grains, as is commonly believed. Therefore, the influences stated above will be of great use to you.

Are you aware of another health and fitness influencer on Instagram in India? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Have a healthy life!

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