Top 20 Popular Fitness & Gym Influencers in India

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Would you say that health and fitness are your top priorities? This blog is for you to learn about the top popular gym influencers in India who have inspired people to work out and be consistent in their journey.

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Because health and fitness are such hot topics in today’s culture, it seems as though everyone and their neighbour is hitting the gym in an effort to improve their appearance. However, some people who are interested in training are influencers whose primary concern is the health of people all over the world; this is why they have chosen to become health and fitness influencers.

We compiled this list after noticing an increase in the number of active fitness & gym influencers flaunting their fitness regimes with zeal, as well as by extending a warm welcome to these Indians concerned about their health.

This list of the top 20 fitness & gym influencers in India was compiled based on a number of important criteria, including their experience and frequency of posting, the quality of the content, social media tracking, blog traffic, and blog governance.

Check Out The Top 20 Fitness & Gym Influencers In India

1. Vinayak Dougall

The three founders of the blog Fitnut, Vinayak Dougall, Kabir Uppal, and Rakaysh Chowdhary, wanted to make nutrition and fitness more readily available to the general public. 

This group of individuals passionate about fitness and qualified fitness professionals have come together to make the topic of preventative healthcare more accessible to the Indian audience. Their blog features well-researched articles on topics such as health and fitness, including nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness, as well as full workout videos and instructional guides.

2. Payal Bansal

Payal has a Master of Arts in English, but she has chosen to be a full-time homemaker and blogger because writing is her true calling. This modern lifestyle and health blog is called Trendsnhealth. 

It covers topics ranging from health awareness to relationships, poetry to customer reviews, home treatment methods to curative measures for wellness issues, and much more.

3. Aarja Bedi

You will find that Aarja Bed, one of the most popular female fitness trainers on Instagram, is an invaluable resource for you through your health and fitness journey. 

There is a wide range of possible questions, and some of them have the potential to be discouraging. For instance, you may be unsure why you cannot lose weight or observe the gains you have made. You’ll get the answers to your questions if you ask Aarja, who is located right here.

4. Sujala Roy

Have you been trying to look forward to beginning yoga but are completely clueless about how to get started? 

If this sounds like something that interests you, then you should follow Sujala, a yoga influencer on Instagram who focuses on developing strength, flexibility, and endurance. Sujala will enlighten you on every aspect of yoga that extends far beyond simple stretching.

5. Sapna Vyas

Sapna Vyas is a specialist in weight management, a specialist in healthy eating, a specialist in health coaching, and a specialist in changing behaviours, all of which have been certified by the American Exercise Council (ACE).

 It should not come as a surprise that Sapna has surfaced as a highly acclaimed sports fanatic, given that her father was a very well Indian politician. He did lead the family welfare and health department. In addition to having an account on Instagram, Sapna also has its own YouTube channel. This channel provides its devoted followers with endless information regarding diet, exercise, and general health.

6. Natasha Noel

Natasha Noel is among those trainers who will teach you that your body is a temple while at the same time spreading positive vibes and the right kind of inspiration in a most beautiful way.

 It appears that he is making every effort to accomplish what needs to be done, and we couldn’t be more supportive of his efforts. The combination of his superior core strength and flexibility is certain to get you into trouble. However, he will ensure that you end the negative energies surrounding you and that you begin to develop by engaging in physical activity daily.

7. Srushti Shah

Srushti Shah is a fitness influencer on Instagram and a YouTuber specialising in callisthenics. She also performs these exercises. 

This type of exercise uses only one’s body weight and emphasises developing one’s strength and muscle mass. Therefore, if that is one of the forms of exercise you are interested in trying and you want to feel like the badass woman you are, then you should follow Srushit Shah’s content.

8. Pearl Joe Monterio

Prepare to meet our next mother, a fitness trainer, on Instagram. She also has a child. We are all aware that pregnancy can put a lot of strain on a woman’s body. 

Still, this fact must not discourage women from maintaining a healthy weight, lifting weights, or engaging in strenuous physical activity. Even mothers can make progress toward their fitness goals if they have the assistance of a qualified fitness instructor.

9. Sahil Khan

 Fitness India is a facility owned by this well-known name in the fitness industry. He is not only a fantastic content generator, but he also has a very appealing personality. 

Furthermore, he has received the Dadasaheb Phalke Award. The most well-known of his fitness brands is My fitness Peanut Butter, which has the honour of becoming India’s first peanut butter company to be approved by the US FDA. 

He is the owner of several other fitness brands as well. Hunk Aqua, a company that deals in sparkling and mineral water, is another well-known brand in India. His business practices are open and cutting edge, and he places the utmost importance on influencer marketing. You can easily see that thousands of famous people are readily endorsing his business by visiting any of his firm accounts. This proves that he is an expert at the tactic.

10. Payal Banka

Payal Banka is a skilled writer and public speaker and holds a Registered Dietician certification and an MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management. Before Payal began her blog, she had previously contributed to several publications, including Lifemojo, Bangalore Mirror, Times of India, and Indian Express, with articles that focused on various aspects of health.

11. Ravi Prakash Shah

Ravi Prakash Shah, a resident of Assam who is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science, launched his blog to connect with the younger generation by providing a definitive solution to the primary need of people and conveying a message that reads, “Stay Fit to Look good”! This young fitness blogger has a passion for fashion and general fitness, and he uses his blog to write about topics such as bodybuilding, general fitness, health, and fashion and style.

12. Swetha

Have you been looking for a female fitness trainer to work one-on-one with you? If this is the case, Sweaty Swetha can assist you. Her life story, along with her professional trajectory, is awe-inspiring. 

She has assisted many people passionate about fitness in achieving their fitness goals. Who knows, maybe you’re up next.

13. Anjali Shah

Anjali Shah is a food writer, a health coach who is board certified, and the owner of The Picky Eater, a blog that focuses on healthy eating and lifestyle choices. She started her blog in 2001 because she strongly desired to transform healthy food into something tasty while maintaining its nutritional value. 

She had a strong passion for food that was both nutritious and delicious. In her blog, she not only offers suggestions for leading a healthy lifestyle but also advises on parenting and other wellness-related topics.

14. Gaurav Taneja

In the world of YouTube and other digital networks, Gaurav Taneja is a well-known face with the highest possible physical health and fitness level. Gaurav has several nicknames, including “the flying animal,” “the trained enthusiast,” and “a pilot by profession.”

 Even though he is extremely busy with the work he is most passionate about, he still makes time for his followers to start posting humorous or fitness-related content on various social media sites. Gaurav’s Instagram account is the place to go if you have long been searching for someone to assist you in maintaining your fitness and provide dependable training tips.

15. Rahul Yadav

You can get exclusive guidance on your health and fitness goals from You can also get hands-on training and advice for shedding pounds while simultaneously packing on muscle. 

Rahul Yadav has spent more than ten years of his professional life in the medical field. He motivated people to reduce their body fat, increase muscle mass, and lead healthier lives. Keep up with the most recent information on health by checking out Fitnessanytime. Club.

16. Pavitra Vij

During the lockdown, several individuals sought solace in physical activity, and Pavitra, regarded as one of the most influential females on Instagram, is among those individuals. She is proof that one can start their journey to a healthier lifestyle at home, trying to make the most of whatever resources they have available.

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17. Namrata Purohit

Namrata is a celebrity trainer and has many firsts to her name, including being the only “The Pole Studio” Certified Pole Fitness Instructor in India, the one and only Certified “Boogie Bounce” Master Instructor in India, a licenced Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) instructor, and a certified Barre Instructor. She has 312 thousand followers on Instagram. 

In addition, she competed in several jumping and equestrian competitions, and she did play squash at the national and international levels. In addition, she played football at the state level. Whew! Simply contemplating it causes us to feel out of breath.

Namrata is passionate about promoting physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle, and she is working toward this goal by opening studios in several cities across India. People reading her book are inspired to get off their couches and take the first step toward a healthier lifestyle. If you scroll through the Instagram feed of this fitness influencer, you will become familiar with a variety of novel forms of physical activity and training.

Check out the many posts on social media of celebrities who train with her to get the inspiration and drive you to require. There’s Varun Dhawan, Nimrat Kaur, Malaika Arora Khan, and more.

We admire Namrata’s ability to make working out a lot of fun. The post that featured Jahnvi Kapoor in the gym received 103 thousand views and had an engagement rate of almost 33 per cent. We may think about giving up our couches to go to the gym.

Namrata is also very good at dancing, another form of physical activity. Did we mention that, in addition, she holds a scuba diving certification? It was important for Namrata to learn it to implement it in her training. Any motion can serve as a source of inspiration for her.

The sweet and modest Namrata interacts with almost twenty per cent of the people who follow her on Instagram and responds to the expressions of gratitude that her fans send her by thanking them in turn. A partnership between her and a fitness brand would, without a doubt, be the ideal pairing.

18. Vaishnavi Boora

Your perspective on fitness and nutrition can shift significantly with the help of a fitness coach and a nutritionist. Therefore, you should stick with Vaishnavi and absorb all the information she can provide. She is sincere when she says she can help people accomplish their fitness goals by providing individualised training and diet plans.

19. Neha Khincha

Neha is a lawyer and a Chartered Accountant by trade, but she has never let either of those careers get in the way of pursuing her true passion: fitness. This Instagram fitness influencer has amassed over 11 thousand followers, and their account is packed with training and exercise routines designed to assist others in becoming fitter and healthier.

Her posts detail each exercise routine, including the order in which the exercises are performed, the required number of repetitions and sets for each exercise, and a link to a video demonstrating how to perform the exercises described in the post. The viewers will find this to be incredibly helpful as well as informative.

Yoga, weightlifting, parkour, and acro yoga are just some of the activities that Neha incorporates into her workout routines. She performs her work in various locations, including her house, the gym, the garden, and even the beach. It all depends on how you feel and the gym you enjoy most. She has even provided a few exercise demonstrations that can be performed at home.

Neha has worked with some of the best in the fitness industry, including @coach.fatboy, @bhuwan.g, and @beatmaster.delson. Top-ranked and The New Indian Express, based in Chennai, have written about her. She recently led a workshop on acro yoga in Bangalore, receiving significant interest from participants.

With over 38,000 views, Neha’s “sock workout at home” video was by far her most popular piece of original content. Neha, a fitness influencer with just an engagement rate of approximately 4%, has collaborated with several companies, including India Hemp & Co., Yummy, and Genetic Nutrition (ER – 9.56%), among many others. We feel that Neha would be an excellent representative of a fitness clothing brand.

20. Kunal Rajput

The more than 24 thousand individuals who follow Kunal on Instagram consider him to be one of the most notable fitness influencers of recent times, and they have made a note of him. In addition to being a licenced trainer with the Nike Training Club, he founded the Mumbai organisation The Movement.

According to Kunal, who firmly believes that “When You Put Your Mind To It, Then Can Accomplish Anything,” one must constantly push themselves to attain their goals. His mother made him participate in a range of sports to build muscle and become stronger to control his asthma better. As a result of his eventual passion for it, he decided to start a career in the health and fitness sector.

Kunal posts videos of his workouts in which he identifies each exercise and details the sets and repetitions he does for it. He also stresses the need to maintain excellent mental health. Keep an eye out for posts that emphasise the value of taking regular breaks from exercise and stretching and cooling down afterwards.

Have any of us ever stopped wondering why desserts and sweets like chocolate are the first things we go for when feeling down? Even while eating chocolate makes us joyful, we shouldn’t disregard the reality that doing so can harm our health. Everyone takes a moment to consider Kunal’s response on this subject.

The definition of calories and the number of calories needed each day to maintain daily function have both been presented by Kunal. Due to the epidemic, physical training facilities like studios and gyms had to close, so he established Unlock as a virtual training facility. 

This specific Instagram fitness influencer is mindful of his audience’s needs and keeps a rate of interaction with them at around 4%. With over 7,000 visits and an engagement rate of around 30%, The Mountain Climbers with a twist appear to have been his most well-liked piece of content. In addition to being a personal trainer, Kunal also writes and hosts a fitness podcast and the book “Fitness Simplified.”


Fitness and Gym influencers in India are becoming increasingly popular. They are a great source of information and inspiration for people who are looking to get fit and stay healthy. There are many different types of fitness influencers, so there is sure to be one that fits your interests and needs.

With so many different voices out there, it can be hard to know who to trust. However, if you take the time to find a  fitness influencer that you connect with, you will be sure to get the most out of their content.

If you too are looking to make a healthy change in your life, be sure to check out some of the great gym gym fitness & gym influencers in India. You won’t regret it!

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You can benefit from the above-listed 20 influencers if you want to stay abreast of the latest developments in the cultural landscape. Mention your favourite, whose focus is on the latest trends in the fitness industry from the ones presented here. 

Leave a comment and let us know!

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