Top 20 Most Popular Female Travel Bloggers in India

Is travel your greatest adventure? Well, we all meticulously plan for months for that one trip or destination to avoid missing out on the exuberance. If you're a female travel enthusiast curious about travel stories of female travel bloggers this blog is the one for you to know about it all.

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A few women in India have given up their 9-to-5 careers to pursue their love of travel. Despite India’s conservative nature, women have added a new dimension to their personalities by diversifying into new ventures. 

Today’s world is one that is of women, created by women, and shaped for the benefit of women. Women can be found in virtually every field, from medicine and business to travel and adventure. You will never be able to convince them otherwise because they are always excited about fresh experiences, new roads to travel, and new beginnings.

Those days are long gone when women were expected to conform to the roles that have traditionally been assigned to them. Women in today’s society are undeniably bold and excel at subverting all kinds of outdated gender roles and expectations. They have certainly demonstrated their worth, whether on the boxing ring, the cricket field, or on the set of a movie!

If you scroll through your Instagram feed, you will surely come across plenty of brave women who have taken the world by storm, climbing mountains or rafting down rivers. 

Let’s give a big shout-out to these lovely ladies who have been travelling their hearts out and inspiring millions of people around them, celebrating women! This article will introduce you to some remarkable female travel bloggers from India who are making significant contributions to India’s tourism industry and providing us with major goals.

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Here are a few exceptional females who have defied all preconceptions about travelling alone and have chronicled their experiences in their travel blogs and social media sites.

The growing number of FemaleTravel Bloggers In India is a sign that many Indian women are now ready to take the plunge into solo travel. These women are fun, fearless, and, most importantly, inspiring!

There’s no shortage of travel bloggers out there. But when it comes to female travel bloggers, there are a few standouts who always seem ahead of the pack, whether it comes to sharing new destinations, offering advice, or simply inspiring wanderlust in all of us. 

If you’re looking for some new travel inspiration or want to add a few more great travel blogs to your reading list, check out this list of our favourite female travel enthusiasts.

Check out the adventurous journey of the top 20 female travel bloggers in India

1. Shivya Nath

Female travel blogger in India- Shivya Nath

Shivya is a prominent face in the tourism sector and comes under the leading female travel blogger. Therefore, she does not require an introduction. She left her secure and well-paying corporate career at 23 to go on an international adventure. She has been homeless for almost seven years and has been travelling for 5 of those years. In her blog, she writes about the adventures she had while travelling.

The female travel blogger has inspired others worldwide to follow their dreams and pursue their passions by travelling the world alone with only a backpack. Her travels have taken her across regions of Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the region of the Caucasus, Latin America, and the Indian subcontinent.

This traveller concerned about the environment emphasises living in harmony with animals and the natural world. She has been featured on WWF, NatGeo, BBC, and other media outlets, including The Shooting Star and her Instagram username, is ‘shivya’. In addition, she is the author of the book ‘Shooting Star’ with the same name, which has been a bestseller.

Shivya is a travel enthusiasts who enjoys going to off-the-beaten-path destinations and discovering new corners of the world. When she travels, she enjoys taking it easy so that she may get a better feel for the local culture, interact with the people who live there, and make the most of her time there. Whenever spotted in Europe, she is almost always by herself and prefers to visit lesser-known towns and countries.

When planning your next trip, take this responsible traveller’s advice on how to have an eco-friendly adventure by following in their footsteps. Her unique perspectives on people she met on her travels will brighten your day.

2. Tanya Khanijow

Tanya is a young female travel blogger who has been shattering preconceived notions at every turn. She has a massive 684 thousand subscribers on her channel and 257 thousand followers on Instagram.

Her movies of solo travel on her YouTube channel are an incredible source of motivation. The thrill seeker will show you some of the most incredible spots in India and other countries. She is a daring solo traveller who leaves no stone unturned.

By simply sitting in the cosiness of your own house and watching her vlogs, you may quickly and easily be taken to a stunning spot somewhere else in the world.

Tanya Khanijow has travelled the world and seen many amazing destinations, including those in America, Africa, India, Bhutan, and many others. Keep up with her blogs to learn everything there is to know about your vacation spot.

3. Neelima Vallangi

Neelima Vallangi is a true inspiration to aspiring explorers and travel bloggers because she is not only an incredible photographer but also travels the world by herself. 

Visit her Instagram profile when you’re having a particularly trying day, and while you’re there, look through her feed to find some uplifting photographs of breathtaking natural settings. Neelima is an avid hiker and explorer, and the majestic Himalayas are where you are most likely to come upon her.

In 2008, she embarked on her trek across the world. Her trip to Ladakh with her family was where she got her first taste of India’s wide cultural and geographical variety. 

Her first trip to the Himalayas sparked a lifelong fascination with the mountains. Neelima cannot resist an exciting new experience, whether mountain climbing, hiking, or something else that takes her to the Himalayas.

She is leading by an example of keeping fear aside, and is an inspiring female travel blogger and traveller out there.

She has pursued a snow leopard in Ladakh, scuba diver in one of the world’s most pristine coral reefs, hiked for an entire month in Turkey, discovered the vast steppes of Mongolia by truck for weeks, and spent a significant amount of time in the snowfields and slopes of the Himalayas. Her adventures have taken her worldwide, including Ladakh, Turkey, Mongolia, and the Himalayas.

4. Rutavi Mehta

A backpacking journey fundamentally altered Rutavi’s life through Europe. She previously spent seven years working in the hotel industry, and now she spends her time exploring the world.

Her website, ‘Photokatha‘, and her Instagram account, ‘rutaagayire‘, feature photographs and written accounts of her travels.

5. Ankita Kumar

Ankita was born and raised in a tiny town in Odisha, but after moving to Bangalore to complete her education, she developed a passion for exploring new places. 

Her travels have taken her to several continents, and she chronicles her adventures on her blog, Monkey Inc. The name she uses on Instagram is a monkey. Inc.

6. Forum Shah

The nerve centre of one’s abilities Blogger Forum Shah writes about travel and lifestyle topics. She serves as a wonderful example for all the younger women looking for opportunities to travel on their own.

If you plan to travel to Goa or Gokarna on your own, you should watch her vlogs covering those places. Plan your first trip to the beach with the help of an experienced traveller like her. The founder of Tait Blends is the embodiment of harmony and equilibrium.

7. Parnashree Devi Balachandran

On her travel blog, which she calls “My Travel Diary,” Parnashree chronicles her thrilling experiences. She is a curious traveller who has visited more than 14 states and ten countries worldwide.

 In addition to that, she has been a guest on the show “Nano Drive with MTV.” On Instagram, you can find her under the username parnashree19.

8. Arti Shah

Arti is a spiritually enlightening and motivational traveller, and she often travels with her father, who serves as a model for her. Her writings have been published in various journals, and she has been honoured with numerous awards. 

Visit her travel blog, [My Yatra Diary] (http://www.myyatradiary.com), to read about her adventures.

9. Archana Singh

Travel writer and speaker Archana Singh have received numerous accolades for her work. Because of her exceptional ability to tell stories and take photographs, her travel blog has gained a significant following worldwide. Archana’s social feed is a testament to her travel experiences, and she is unquestionably one of the female travel blogger you need to follow on Instagram.

Since she was a young child, she has been travelling because her family has a history in the military, and she has lived in hostels. However, Archana’s trip to Europe in 2012 was the trip that fundamentally shifted her perspective on travelling by herself. When she went on that trip, she was a nervous wreck, but ever since, she hasn’t given the experience another thought.

10. Kritika Goel

This young woman has been shattering the high ceiling with her travel vlogs to destinations such as Goa, Varanasi, Gangtok, Koh Phi Phi (Thailand), Dubai, and so on. She has 102 thousand followers on Instagram, and her family of 300 thousand subscribers on Youtube is growing. Her devotees consist of young women who are interested in travelling by themselves.

You can think of any location; the girl was probably there at some point. Her vlogs about solo travel are almost like little guides to the destination. You would probably have a lot of fun watching the detailed vlogs and looking at the posts on Instagram.

11. Ankita Sinha

Since Ankita was the recipient of the GCC Best Travel Writer award in 2014, she must be included on this list. Her travel writing has been published in various journals and magazines across India and the world. 

On her blog, “Anki on the move,” you can find stories of her travels from more than 18 different countries. In addition to that, you can follow her on ankionthemove.

12. Seema Gurnani

Seema Gurnani is one of the world’s most well-known female travel blogger and food bloggers, and her name is the first that comes to people’s minds when the topic is brought up. 

This award-winning star, which is only 24 years old, decided to leave her secure job and embark on a path that would be filled with thrills and excitement when she began her journey of ‘Panda Reviewz’ in Vijayawada. This young entrepreneur attributes her success to her enthusiasm for discovering new places, sounds, and flavours.

Travelling to the location of your choice rather than waiting for the perfect opportunity to present itself is a better way to spend your time. If you wish to travel, you must pack your bags, get out of the house, and explore everything the world offers. This will help you create experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. A recommendation made by Seema.

13. Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi decided to give up her successful career in the media so that she could travel, and she has now visited more than 25 countries and is yet an influencing female travel blogger, in addition to being a well-known author, she maintains a travel blog under the name Travel with 

Lakshmi, in which she discusses her experiences travelling. You can find her on Instagram as ‘lakshmisharath‘. You can follow her there.

14. Mridula Dwivedi

Mridula has been travelling for over 18 years, and in 2016 she decided to leave her job as a professor to travel full time. 

She has visited more than 26 countries, and you can read about her adventures on her blog, titled Travel tales from India and Abroad, and on her Instagram account, as ‘mridulablog’. She has written down her incredible travel stories and is a truly inspiring female travel blogger whose blogs allow her stories to speak for themselves.

15. Priyanka Chandola

The Desi female Travel blogger has attracted 18.2 thousand followers on Instagram and 266 thousand subscribers on YouTube. She maintains an amazing Instagram feed, and if you watch any of her videos on YouTube, you will feel as if you have travelled to the location in question. 

Jibhi, one of the most revered locations in all of Himachal Pradesh, has been featured on Desi Girl. You won’t be able to resist falling in love with travelling after seeing her iconic poses and photographs of herself amidst various landscapes.

16. Ami Bhat

Ami, a restless ball of energy, is one of India’s most prominent female travel blogger. She has travelled extensively throughout her life. She is a travel blogger by recreation, in addition to being an avid photographer. 

Ami cannot resist the allure of historical sites, beautiful beaches, and towering mountains.

17. Prachi & Himadri Garg

Two sisters named Prachi and Himadri Garg have spent the past eight years travelling across parts of India that are relatively untouched by tourists. The two women are among India’s most well-known travel bloggers, and they write under the name ‘Ghoomophirosisters’

Gujarat Tourism Board recently recognised them for their contributions to the industry and MP Tourism for being their “best friend on Social Media” in the travel awards for 2016.

In February of 2007, there was a prediction that the temperature in Delhi would drop below zero, prompting them to start preparing for a trip to Shimla. This was their first solo backpacking trip as ghoomophirosisters, and they decided to go on an unplanned trip without preparing ahead of time. Since that time, there has been no going back on their decisions.

18. Ambika Dutt

This nutritionist will be travelling for the next few weeks. You are going to be very impressed by the way that she stays in shape. The excellent travel vlogs and still images from the destinations are mixed in with content relating to fitness and lifestyle.

She was the first person to establish a shape tutor. Her whole life serves as a model for others to follow. Her travels to Leh and Ladakh, as well as the beaches, will inspire awe in you.

She is the perfect example of someone who manages to strike the right balance between travelling and working, as evidenced by the 521 thousand followers she has and the positive reviews her clients have left on her profile.

19. Agniswar and Amrita 

Agniswar and Amrita, two travellers from Kolkata, have a passion for adventure travel and are always looking for new, thrilling experiences and places to visit. While Amrita is a risk taker, Agni has always preferred to play it safe. 

They have experienced everything from the hailstorms of the Himalayas to scuba diving 12 metres below sea level, freezing during a trek along the Chadar River, and even getting stuck in the middle of a riot in Jammu together. They are one of the most influential female travel bloggers in India because they share the exciting and entertaining experiences they have had on their fantastic blog.

They had been bitten by the wanderlust bug a long time ago. Goa was the location of their very first vacation together, which took place in 2011. They were interested in seeing the strange parts of the world, and Goa appeared to be the best place to do so. Another followed one journey, and it was during their journey to Amarnath that they discovered the traveller within them.

Their preferred travel destination is the Northeastern region of India. They were most drawn to the region due to its varied cultures and traditions and wild and unexplored landscapes, which they adored.

20. Indrani Ghose

It’s safe to say that Indrani is not your typical female traveller. She was once an employee of the Indian Air Force and had the ambition to travel worldwide. Today, she is an adventurous and fearless traveller. 

She has visited over 21 countries and more than 250 cities up to this point, ranging from Singapore to Portugal and Jaisalmer to Guwahati. She has taken her family on numerous trips that have taken them all over Europe and Southeast Asia. Additionally, she is well-known for being one of India’s most successful travel bloggers.

It includes every site on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They have planned their road trips through various countries to coincide with the Unesco sites located in those countries. Their most recent significant trip was a 3,155-kilometer drive through Spain and Portugal. During just this one trip, she visited 23 different locations.


Many female travel bloggers in India share their interesting stories and experiences with the world. They provide a different perspective on travel and often offer helpful tips and advice for others who are looking to explore India. These bloggers inspire other women to travel, showing that it is possible to have amazing adventures while maintaining a sense of safety and security.

Travelling solo can be a rewarding and liberating experience, and these women are proof that it is possible to have an amazing time while doing so. If you want to share your travel Vlog, check out these inspiring YouTube Influencers for content ideas and to keep your subscribers engaged.

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We hope this article inspired you to plan your next solo adventure!

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