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Top 20 Female Fitness Influencers in India You Must Follow

India has some of the best female fitness influencers in the world. Here is a list of the top 20 female fitness influencers in India. These women are inspiring, motivating, and helping others to lead healthier lifestyles.

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We all know how important it is to maintain a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, we all live in a rat race to achieve everything and anything we dream/desire of. We all go to the extent wherein our bodies are not capable. We consistently strain our bodies and try working another hour every day. What is this contributing to? Slowly and gradually, your body will begin to age faster than your age, and once you reach the old age era of your life, your bones and joints will begin to pain and restrain you from doing the basic day-to-day activities that you did before.

But in today’s time, with the advent of social media networking sites and the inception of influencers on Instagram, maintaining a leading healthy lifestyle has become one of the famous trends. People are now following their beloved fitness influencers and are trying to follow their lifestyle and routine in order to become fit and healthy like them. Is this a good thing? Of course, YES! One of the positive benefits of having social media today is that one can easily learn and adopt techniques and tricks of anything and everything sitting anywhere in the world. Social media and social media influencers have the ability to influence people just by posting content that supports the thought of leading a healthy and fit lifestyle.

But why are these influencers wanting to influence people to live a healthy life and nutritious diet? Well, let us understand the benefits of having an overall healthy life.

Benefits of Leading a Healthy Life – 

1. Combat Illness

You can reduce your risk of developing diseases like diabetes and heart disease by eating foods that are good for your body. By taking care of your body, you reduce your chance of being sick or even getting cancer. 

2. Possess the “Feel Good” Feeling all the Time

When you make the decision to look after your health, a lot of good things start to happen. In the end, exercise improves your mood, making you feel terrific and happier than others who don’t exercise.

3. Encourages Creativity

Fortunately, research and study have shown that getting up and exercising can help us recover and stimulate creativity.

4. Future You Will Appreciate it

People who consistently practice good health live longer just by the strength of their regular routines. However, nothing changes in a day. Consider the wider picture, and you’ll see why it’s crucial that you begin right away. Your decision is yours. 

5. Improved Rest and Sleep

You’ll be able to go about your daily activities with vigor and enthusiasm if you get enough sleep each night. Maintaining a healthy level of energy throughout the day will help you sleep better at night. 

6. Encourage Others

 You’ll feel more energized, and content and the advantages will undoubtedly inspire your loved ones to alter as well. Close relatives and friends will start to notice changes in your demeanor and outlook. Here is where all the fitness and lifestyle influencers on Instagram come into the picture as well.

Now that we have understood the context in detail with the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, let us know dive into the crucial part of this article

Top 20 Female Fitness Influencers in India!

1. Natasha Noel- @natashanoel001

Natasha Noel is one of India’s top yogis as well as a dancer, influencer, and social activist. Natasha was sexually molested by a male servant when she was 7 years old, and her cousin’s brother and sister did the same. Later, her mother burned herself to death in a suicide. For Natasha, all of these events contributed to severe depression. As time went on, Noel tried a variety of methods to overcome her despair, and eventually discovered yoga and exercise to be the remedy. She now ranks among the top yoga instructors.

2. Sapna Vyas

Another fitness Instagram influencer in India is Sapna Vyas. She reduced her weight from around 86 kg to 53 kg. Sapna shed 33 kg without taking any medicines in a year. The Big Fat Indian Wedding Diet and The Weight Loss Mantra are two publications she has written. She is also the creator of The Fit India Movement. She holds workshops with the same goal and encourages thousands of people online.

3. Sudhiksha Dutta- @sudikshadatta

Sudiksha was born on August 4, 1997, in Mumbai to a middle-class Hindu family. Sudiksha Datta is well-known for being a fitness model and a social media influencer. She currently resides in Gurugram, India, having been up in Mumbai. She began her career on TikTok and quickly became well-known on other social media platforms.

4. Rashi Chowdhary

With a 5-year degree in nutrition and additional certification as a diabetic educator, Rashi Chowdhary is a renowned nutritionist and inch loss expert. She also manages the wildly popular Protein Bake Shop (PBS) locations in Mumbai and Dubai. Most Bollywood celebrities consult her for advice. She is also one of the well-known fitness influencers on Instagram in India.

5. Radhika Bose

Fitness, travel, and lifestyle blogger Radhika Bose is a well-known fitness influencer on Instagram in India. She has a sizable fan base, primarily on Instagram. She also speaks at TEDx events. She has also been highlighted in a number of prestigious publications, including the Delhi Times, Mid Day, and others. She has worked with a number of well-known companies, including Fabindia, American Eagle India, and many others.

6. Deepika Mehta

A certified Level-2 teacher from Kpjayi is Deepika Mehta. Deepika is renowned for her inspirational and motivating teaching methods. She has hosted a number of television programs, including Yoga City on NDTV Good Times and many others. She has appeared in a number of Indian periodicals, such as Vogue and India Today. Additionally, she delivered a Ted Talk at the UN Headquarters in New York City.

7. Nidhi Mohan Kamal

Nidhi is a trained instructor in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. She is a Puma Ambassador and a qualified Strength Fitness trainer with a focus on rehabilitation and resistance training. She also oversees the chain of weight loss clinics known as NidSun Wellness. She has handled requests for fat loss and body sculpting since 2007 and has a total of 14 years of work experience.

8. Apoorva Jayarajan

The well-known Instagram star Apoorva Jayarajan was born on January 13, 1990, in India. Apoorva holds certifications in Hatha yoga, power yoga, and mat pilates at the 3 levels. The main topics covered in Apoorva’s sessions are learning how to move through asanas, the value of breathing exercises and meditation, balance and stability, strength and mobility, and spinal health. Her classes provide both group and private lessons.

9. Neha Ranglani

Neha Ranglani is a plant-based nutrition coach, blogger, writer, dietician, and integrative nutritionist from India. Reviews and recommendations indicate that she is among the top nutritionists in India. She has given health and weight-related advice to several people.

10. Dr. Snehal

Snehal is a licensed healthcare practitioner who has specialties in counseling, REBT therapy, and BHMS in addition to an MD in alternative medicine and a diploma in nutrition and diet planning. Dr. Snehal Adsule received the Golden Glory Awards 2021 Presented by Brands Impact’s Most Inspiring Weight Loss Coach of the Year honor. Additionally, in February 2021, she was named Woman Entrepreneur of the Year.

11. Namrata Purohit

Namrata holds certifications in teaching Pilates on the reformer, chair, ladder barrel, and Cadillac. She is also the only Certified “Boogie Bounce” Master Instructor, Certified Pole Fitness Instructor, Licensed EMS Instructor, and Certified Barre Instructor in India.

12. Jillian Pransky

Author of Deep Listening: A Healing Practice to Calm Your Body, Clear Your Mind and Open Your Heart, international presenter, mindfulness instructor, and licensed yoga therapist is Jillian Pransky, E-RYT 500. She has been highlighted as a yoga specialist by Prevention magazine. For YogaWorks, she oversees the Restorative Therapeutic Yoga teacher training program. Check her book for more.

13. Sucheta Pal

Pal is a Master Trainer, Optimum Nutrition Athlete, and International Zumba Education Specialist. She has represented India and Zumba in numerous international fitness conferences, including AFAA Japan Conference, IFEX Indonesia, and FIBO Germany. She is now known as the Global Ambassador and Business Advisor for India. she is one of the most inspiring women in India.

14. Kanchi Shah

Originally from Mumbai’s Bhiwandi, Kanchi Shah is another fitness influencer on Instagram in India. She is renowned for her amazing street dancing. She took part in “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE,” and she became well-known. Now she works with Insta-Id as a choreographer. Additionally, she emphasizes diet and lifestyle in order to impact all of her Instagram followers.

15. Pooja Makhija

A famous clinical dietician and nutritionist are the very well-known Pooja Makhija. After graduating from Mumbai’s Maneckji Cooper Education Trust School, she immediately began to pursue her aspirations. She published books on topics that interested her and hosted her own TV program, The Pooja Makhija Show, on the Food channel. She has also inspired many Bollywood stars with her diet regime.

16. Padmavati Iyengar

Fitness model Padmavati Iyengar is well-known on Instagram for her workout advice. For more than 10,000 participants, Padmavati has experience leading nearly 200 workshops across the nation. One of India’s leading Zumba experts is Padmavati. She is another top inspiring woman in all over India who aims to fuel women’s confidence and promote Zumba.

17. Shonali Sabherwal

Shonali is the first Macrobiotic nutritionist, chef, and instructor to graduate from the Kushi Institute in the United States and work in India. Shonali is committed to ‘Gut’ healing and holds the idea of ‘One Peaceful World’ dear. She currently works online in more than 35 nations. She is considered one of the top ten nutritionists and wellness authorities in the nation.

18. Meenal Shah

Indian model and dancer Meenal Shah is well-known for appearing in Marathi and Hindi television reality programs. Meenal was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, on April 18, 1992. She received her education at IES New English School, Bandra East, in the Marathi medium. 2014 marked Meenal Shah’s first year in the modeling industry. She originally gained notoriety when she joined Prince Narula’s team on the reality television program MTV Roadies Rising.

19. Harman Sidhu

A well-known postpartum fitness influencer is Harman Sidhu. She is a mother to a daughter who is 4 years old. She has demonstrated that women are capable of achieving anything. Many of the ladies around her were encouraged by her postpartum physical change. Harman exhorts women to accept who they are. To date, she has over 320k followers on her Instagram account, and she is also considered one of the best fitness influencers on Instagram in India.

20. Pooja Sharma

Pooja Sharma, a former fitness queen known as  Miss South India and Miss Bengaluru, is a well-known fitness coach and mentor. She made her television debut in 2019 on the popular MTV show “MTV Roadies.” She has motivated many men and women to get out of bed and exercise. She also emphasizes the need to consume the right foods and the quantity of protein needed. She frequently posts brief Instagram videos where she discusses how to live a healthy life and maintain a healthy body. She currently has 271k+ Instagram followers.

In Conclusion,

So here it is, Top 20 Female Fitness Influencers in India are listed in this article above. 

As stated above, We’re all in a race these days to realize our dreams and fulfill our desires. We all push ourselves beyond what our bodies are capable of. We strive to work an hour more each day while continually putting our bodies through stress. 

To what extent is this contributing? When you approach the old age stage of your life, your bones and joints will start to hurt and will prevent you from performing the simple daily activities that you used to. Slowly and gradually, your body will start to age quicker than your age.

Hence, get inspired by these above-mentioned fitness influencers on Instagram and transform your life.

Are you aware of any more fitness influencers on Instagram? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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