fashion digital marketing case study in india

Top 5 Best Fashion Digital Marketing Case Studies in India

As a business, you know that keeping up with the latest fashion trends is important. But what about your marketing? How current is your strategy? In this blog post, we'll take a look at some recent digital marketing case studies in the fashion industry. This will help you see what's working well and how you can apply some of these strategies to your own business. So whether you're just starting out or looking to revamp your current plan, read on for some inspiration!

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The proper use of digital marketing can increase sales, improve brand presence, and make your business more profitable. By using digital marketing, you make your products available to your target market. When done correctly, it boosts brand awareness, increases sales, and turns users into brand ambassadors. Today, we will be sharing the Best Fashion Digital Marketing Case Studies in India.

fashion marketing case study

Fashion brands need to take advantage of digital marketing because it offers much more cost-effective methods to market their brands and reaches millions of their target audience. In contrast, traditional marketing demands a lot more money and a lot of logistical support to be effective.

Many buyers today spend most of their time on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Therefore, it is essential to increase your brand’s online presence so your potential customers can find you easily.

Below are some fashion digital marketing case studies from which you can draw some inspiration and integrate some aspects into your marketing mix.

When it comes to fashion digital marketing, there are a lot of case studies that can be looked at for inspiration. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at three different cases: one from the United States, one from the United Kingdom, and one from Japan. Each of these examples offers valuable lessons that can be applied to your own fashion marketing efforts. So let’s get started!

fashion digital marketing case studies

List of Some Best Fashion Digital Marketing Case Studies in India

1. Raymond

Raymond is a fashion and fabric retailer in India. Established in 1925, Gautam Singhania founded it. The company, however, is the second-largest manufacturer of worsted fabrics worldwide and it holds over 60% of the market share in India. Its most exclusive brands are Ready-To-Wear, Parx, Park Avenue, and Notting Hill.

The firm has become a global conglomerate that creates the most delicate fabrics worldwide as well as in India. The company is one of the leading brands in the Textile and Apparel industry.

The brand equity of Raymond was further enhanced by its penetration into small towns, which ensured a higher level of value creation.

 Raymond’s Business Objective

Increasing sales in its four outlets were Raymond’s goal by encouraging shoppers to visit their stores.

Strategy Adopted

A Facebook lead campaign for Raymond’s four stores in Rajasthan and Gurugram between October 27 and November 15, 2016.

With Lead Ads, Raymond targeted its audience in Rajasthan and Gurugram to increase sales at select stores. During that time, they targeted young men nearby four stores with special offers using radius targeting. Additionally, they targeted men who were interested in the brand of a competitor.

As part of this filtering process, Raymond filtered its audience based on definitions of age and gender. The campaign is targeted at men interested in tailoring, suits, and clothing, as well as young men who recently updated their status to Married or Engaged.

Using demographics, Raymond also targeted men working or starting a new job to make sure their first day at work would be memorable.

best fashion marketing case study

SOURCE- Digital Vidya

On Raymond’s Facebook page, an ad showed a tailor taking measurements of a man gazing into the horizon. Upon clicking the call to action button, the viewer would be directed to enter their details for an appointment. The SMS appointment request was sent through their mobile phones to close the campaign.

Products Used

  • Ads
  • Lead Ads
  • Desktop newsfeed
  • Mobile News Feed
  • Core Targeting

Results attained by Raymond.

Among the stores in the target radius, Raymond measured an increase in sales of 78% and in-store traffic of 58%.

We can reach out to the right people through lead ads and radius targeting and reach our audience more effectively. The company achieved increased store traffic and sales by combining a unique proposition for consumers with intelligent digital targeting.

2. Allen Solley

Since its launch in India in 1993, Allen Solly has become a leading brand in the premium apparel segment. Of the brands in India under Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, Allen Solly is the most innovative. The brand sets the trend with its ‘Friday Dressing’ section of apparel in the changing workplace culture with vibrant colours. Casual work apparel was introduced for working women by Allen Solly and was a great success in the Indian market.

Objectives of Allen Solly

The goal is to boost engagement levels with fans and customers on Facebook and translate that to improved footfall and sales at exclusive retail stores in the city.

How Allen Solly approached the issue:

A new Allen Solly campaign called End of Season Sale was launched on Facebook.

With this campaign, they developed a “Scratch Card” Facebook application through which participants could scratch cards online for a chance to win a discount of 30%, 35%, or 40% on Allen Solly apparel.

best fashion marketing case study

SOURCE- Digital Vidya

In order to receive the discount coupons in their registered email accounts, participants had to fill out a form with their name, contact number, and email address. In order to obtain the discount offers mentioned in the coupon, campaign participants must print the coupon and present it at any Allen Solly retail store.

This social media marketing campaign application was made available for Android and iOS smartphone users, ensuring a more extensive reach to Facebook fans. Social media advertisements and other promotional activities on Facebook helped the company extend the spread of the campaign.

Allen Solly Results

  • There was a great success with the campaign. On the brand’s total investment in the campaign, it generated 2,194% revenue.
  • The campaign generated total revenue of 10 million Indian rupees
  • During the End of Season sale campaign, Facebook promotional activities accounted for     4% of total sales.

3. Bewakoof

Bewakoof, an Indian lifestyle fashion brand founded in 2012, creates distinctive, creative fashion for the trendy, contemporary Indian. The company was based on the principles of innovation, honesty, and thoughtfulness with a team of 400 members and 2 million products sold to date.

In terms of social media marketing, the main objectives were awareness, consideration, and ultimately e-commerce conversions.


The majority of Bewakoof’s customers are in the 18-34 age range. Most of these people are already active on YouTube, so the brand and its agency took advantage of the power of YouTube videos to target audiences who have previously been shopped on


Make YouTube a revenue-generating channel by using a full-funnel e-commerce marketing strategy.

Creative Idea

A YouTube Ad showcasing the trending collections was created and another showcasing the GOT collection by maintaining the brand essence.

The craze around Game of Thrones and the season finale that was to take place made it appropriate to capitalize on the trend and showcase the collection to audiences.

The colour scheme, look and feel, and theme capture the brand’s spirit by keeping things youthful, vibrant, and quirky in both videos.


The team offered products and services related to the videos’ content through YouTube TrueView Shopping Ads, contrary to standard advertisements. As a result, visitors and viewers were interested in the products.

Moreover, the brand-agency team was only billed when viewers watched the advertisement. As a result, the ad was less likely to go unnoticed.

In addition, a conscious effort was made to include the brand’s best-selling products in the videos. Videos and products were updated periodically to avoid ad fatigue.

Shopping Cards were included within those ads with the same products as those in the video. A conscious effort was made to remarket the products with a frequency cap not to bore the viewers. Clicking on the card directs viewers to the website to purchase the product.


  • 9000+ Sales through YouTube
  • 1758 View-Through Conversions
  • ROAS of 4

Shopping Cards increased return on Ad spends by four times.

During a 30-day period, the agency achieved 9000 conversions. YouTube for Shopping,

therefore, produced not only successful conversions but also boosted brand recognition.

4. Lifestyle

The Landmark Group’s the retail and hospitality conglomerate, Lifestyle, is one of India’s foremost fashion destinations. Whether in its stores or online, its mission is to offer customers a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience.


Increasing in-store traffic

Lifestyle wanted to reach a wider audience and create a sense of excitement and attraction that would attract them to 14 stores across six key markets during the holiday season and special occasions, like Valentine’s Day.


Moving from awareness to purchase

Lifestyle wanted to give its customers an integrated and seamless experience across multiple channels, allowing them to browse online before visiting its physical stores. This company employed a “full-funnel” strategy on Facebook, which meant running various campaigns with different objectives to guide potential customers from discovery to consideration to conversion.

best fashion marketing case study

SOURCE- Facebook Business

Two campaigns were run simultaneously. In the first, there was an awareness and consideration objective to drive discovery that led to purchasing intent. A conversion goal was to encourage customers to visit its premium stores across key markets in India during sales seasons, new store launches, and special events for holidays such as New Year’s Day.

The campaigns were run by the media agency Mindshare Bangalore. Mindshare Bangalore recommended the best practices for the ad creative and optimized it across different formats and placements to achieve optimal results.

Awareness and consideration

The company created an eye-catching carousel of video and photo ads to capture the audiences’ attention and display Lifestyle’s wide range of products.

Moving towards conversion

Lifestyle contacted customers who were enthusiastic about the brand as part of its conversion campaign. Custom Audiences were created and connected with people who had engaged with the awareness ads.

After running videos and photos in carousel format, Lifestyle offered directions to the nearest store within a five-kilometre radius via location-targeted ads.

best fashion digital marketing case study

SOURCE- Facebook Business


Higher sales at stores

Lifestyle’s comprehensive approach increased in-store visits and brand awareness. During the period between October 20, 2018, and February 15, 2019:

  • Costs per visit were 2X lower
  • After seeing the campaign, 153,707 additional people visited a retail store.
fashion digital marketing case studies in india

5. Vero Modda

The fashion brand Vero Moda, known for its contemporary pieces and a quest to push fashion to new heights with every collection, took its second edition of Vero Moda Marquee on a digital journey. Kangana Ranaut designed and conceptualized this limited-edition capsule collection that is an amalgamation of her style and comfort.

The collection consisted of five distinctly different themes, using a broad colour palette, heavy embroidery and embellishments, and yet being incredibly wearable.

fashion digital marketing case studies


By launching their e-commerce website, Vero Moda sought to drive sales and reach out to a larger audience. The launch was planned so that it created an instant buzz on social media and gave its audience a sneak peek into the collection and real-time updates from the launch.


Instagram and Snapchat platforms were used to create a prelaunch buzz with stop-motion videos, animated GIFs, and real-time audience coverage. To create some excitement around the collection, the brand used the words’ Coming Soon’ as their primary mode of communication.

Using slow-motion, stop-motion, and other creative graphics, WATConsult created 15-seconder teaser videos. There was a great deal of excitement expressed by the audience due to the collection and celebrity presented.

Vero Moda created a countdown on Snapchat starting five days before the launch and posting different creative imagery and videos until the launch. Using Twitter and Instagram, Kangana Ranaut interacted with fans of the brand and gave them styling advice just before the launch started.

A 24-hour roadblock was implemented on Yahoo! the day of the launch to ensure maximum traffic back to the website. The masthead featured video integration, as well as campaign looks. Specifically designed looks and ensembles were created for the online audience. On Facebook, fashion inspirations were recreated from the runway.

Direct links to the e-commerce website were included in each update, directing users to specific products on the website. The website added a banner with a ‘Shop Now’ button in the marquee section as each collection was launched. Utilizing features like Facebook carousels and GIFs, the group was made more versatile. In addition, they were able to greatly expand their reach by collaborating with renowned bloggers and influencers. The brand was further amplified, and sales were driven by ad units executed on Google, Affinity, and InMobile.

Launched the brand’s first-ever DVC and contests such as #QueenOfStyle, interactive videos like the Rapid Fire, and elaborated in-store lookbook videos.


This capsule collection by Kangana Ranaut saw more than 1 lac unique visitors contributing to 15% of its overall sales. Within less than six hours of the launch, the brand received over 1 lac views on the DVC, more than 5000 followers on Instagram, and over 1500 interactions on Twitter.

Vero Moda Marquee product shots were shot exclusively for Instagram from October to December, leading to a massive rise in followers. The collection’s creative use of imagery helped Vero Moda reach 1 lac Instagram followers and drive sales in December.

The campaign reached over 4 lac accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with an engagement rate of 22%, making Vero Moda Marquee by Kangana Ranaut one of the most successful campaigns of 2015.


Digital Marketing is one of the most essential tools to market your product or service globally. It has become the most preferred way for marketers to reach out to the customer. It is the fastest flexible, and most cost-effective medium to connect with the customers. One can communicate with customers in any part of the world. The fashion industry is highly competitive, and it is essential to make your presence felt in the global market. There are many fashion digital marketing case studies in India that are helping some brands to make their presence felt in the market.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog around Best Fashion Digital Marketing Case Studies in India. It’s vital to stay updated on the latest trends and developments in this industry, which is constantly shifting and changing. If You Want to improve your knowledge in Digital Marketing for your fashion brand, Join Digital Scholar’s online digital marketing course.

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