Family Influencers to follow on Instagram in India

Top 20 Family Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India

Looking for some Indian family influencers to follow on Instagram? Here are the top 20 Family Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India. From fashion and lifestyle to parenting and travel, these inspiring families will keep you entertained and informed. So go ahead and give them a follow!

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Instagram is a great platform to showcase your family life. We usually post pictures of our family vacations, the kids’ growth, and moments with family and good friends. You can get inspiration from these family influencers on Instagram and learn how to best showcase your family life.

Parenting and parents are people who bring us into the world, and parenting is another synonym for a lifetime commitment. Being a parent is living and providing anything and everything for/towards your children for their better future. For a lot of new parents, parenting becomes a difficult task as they are in the situation for the very time. But that doesn’t take away the love and affection they build from the very first day when the toddler is born, the baby who is a part of them, a baby they themselves have created.

Most of the parents, before having the baby in front of their eyes, face questions like – “How will I raise the baby properly”, “What if we are not enough”, “Do we have enough resources to keep the baby healthy”? Well, eventually, it all comes down to the fact that you immensely love the newly born, and you automatically exceed the boundaries of your capacity to provide what is required for your baby.

Presently, as the decades have gone by, the “Parenting” concept as a whole has undergone a transformation. Back then, in the 1800s and 1900s, parenting was a deliberate obligation passed down from generation to generation. It was the mothers and the women who had no life after getting married and having kids as they had to stay home and devote their entire life to the kid – Providing sanitation, providing food, and providing care.

But in today’s modern time, parenting and being a parent is no longer an obligation at any specific age or time. Neither is it the sole responsibility of the mother to stay home and take care of the child and the child’s upbringing. In the 2000s, parents now decide when they are ready or when they are not to devote their commitments to having a child, and women are now working and passionately following the dreams they had when they were a kid. 

Modern times have seen an increase in equal parenting. Whoever is free and can religiously devote their time to taking care of the child stays with the kid when the other one is out there busy. Moreover, the concept of the caretaker is now famously spreading everywhere around the globe. If both of the parents are working professionals and cannot devote the utmost time that is needed for the child’s upbringing, they employ a full-time caretaker who takes care of the child in the absence of their parents.

There is where the Top Family Influencers On Instagram In India come into the picture. These parents, regardless of their erratic work schedules or commitments, manage to take care of their toddlers and are influencers on Instagram in India, influencing millions of parents out there.

So, coming back to the topic, have you been seeking the Top Family Influencers On Instagram In India? That’s great! As in this article, we have shortlisted the Top 20 Family Influencers for your assistance.

So with no further wait and delay, here is the list of

Top 20 Family Influencers On Instagram In India

1. Sowmya Sathyaraj

Sathya and Sowmya have a reputation for being fun-loving pairs that can make each other laugh in any circumstance. Sathya, known on Instagram as Daddy Kedi, is known as the “King of Kadi Jokes.” They are happy to be Saanvi and Satveek’s parents. Both parents post vlogs of their daily life, travels, and how it’s like to start a family rather regularly on Instagram. Presently, they have over 524k followers on Instagram.

2. Ritu and Gaurav Taneja

Ritu is the captain of an Airbus A320 and a successful mother. Both Ritu and Gaurav have a 7 M subscriber YouTube channel named Flying Beast. They are one of the best Family Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India. A skilled pilot – Gaurav Taneja, on the other hand. He makes amusing short videos and often visits the gym. With a newborn daughter, they are one of the Internet’s happiest families. To date, Ritu has over 1.6 million followers, and Gaurav has over 3 million followers on Instagram.

3. Nisha Topwal

Nisha Topwal is a well-known public figure, a female entrepreneur, a food blogger, and a content developer. Anantya Anand, the daughter of the happy couple, has 578k Instagram followers on her own, while Nisha has 116k. On the other side, Anantya Anand(daughter) is an online celebrity and YouTuber. She received all of her popularity through her more than 13 million-subscriber YouTube channel. The young YouTuber MyMissAnand debuted her channel in 2014.

4. Prithi and Ravichandran Ashwin

Prithi Narayanan, a popular personality and the wife of renowned Indian cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin, was born on May 26, 1988. The pair have been together since they were young, and both sets of relatives are quite supportive of their union. They are a content family today. Akhira and Aadhya, their two lovely daughters, are the parents. Moreover, Prithi has over 143k followers on Instagram.

5. Lata Tokhi

Lata Tokhi is the wife of her childhood sweetheart and the mother of three lovely children. They together are cute Family Influencers to Follow on Instagram. She has a blog and a YouTube channel called “beautiful mom life” and was born in India. She regularly worked with well-known companies, and their happy family serves as an example to other women and families. The couple’s distinctive parenting approach is well recognized. Additionally, she has 205k followers on Instagram.

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6. Manasi Parekh Gohil

Manasi Parekh Gohil is an Indian singer, performer, and actress. She was born in Ahmedabad, India, on July 10, 1986. She rose to prominence after winning the singing reality competition Star Ya Rockstar on Zee TV. In 2004, she also made her acting debut in the television series “Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi”. Parthiv Gohil, her spouse, is also a singer. The couple enjoys a good life and has two children. Nowadays, she has moreover 892k followers on Instagram.

7. Avantika And Durjoy

We all know who Avantika Mohan is. She is a well-known traveler and fashion icon. She monitors and updates all of her tours and excursions, and it is reported that she has traveled to close to 78 countries to date. She is wed to renowned Indian best-selling author Durjoy Datta. The couple is one of the happiest couples on the Internet to date, and people comment on them as “Couple Goals.” Furthermore, she has over 327k followers on Instagram.

8. Isha Manju

Isha Manju is a blogger, traveler, and family influencer on Instagram. Isha Manju is passionate and forward-thinking about being a mother to her children. Isha Manju has participated in a lot of influencer marketing projects. Taanish, the son of her spouse and Isha, is adored. In the end, the couple establishes a joyful marriage. Also, she has 203k followers on Instagram.

9. Farah

Farah is another Indian family Influencers on Instagram. She is not just a devoted mother but also a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty influencer. She is located in Mumbai and works as a PR and digital marketer. It is well known that she routinely conducts interviews and has been highlighted in reputable journals. Additionally, she worked with companies like Nivea, VLCC, and others. They have a nice family and a loving husband. To add, she has 118k followers on Instagram.

10. Deepali Soam

Delhi-based mom blogger and food and lifestyle influencer Deepali Soam is the mother of two lovely children. She is well-known for having been featured in Hindustan Times, Times of India, and Social Samosa. She is also an effective instructor of chemistry. They have a happy family that they share with their children. Deepali has over 135k followers on Instagram.

11. Nisha Oswal

Nisha Oswal is another successful family influencer on Instagram. More than that, their family proudly shares her achievement as being among the top 5 influencers in 2021. She is an ex-founder of Outlook consultancy, and soon after this, she started her journey as an influencer. She also focuses on lifestyle and beauty influence and, to date, she has influenced thousands of families and mothers in India. Nisha, maintains over 117k followers on Instagram.

12. Harpreeth Suri

Harpreeth Suri, popularly known as MomWearsPrada, is an influencer in the fields of motherhood, lifestyle, beauty, travel, and families. She is the most popular Indian mom blogger on Google and a Mentor Femina Mrs. India. She also received the title of Top Changemaker in India. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she also went under the name CovidMomBlogger. Additionally, she was named ET’s 2021 Inspiring Woman. Today, Harpreeth Suri has over 113k followers on Instagram.

13. Pujarini

Pujarini is a famous travel, food, lifestyle, and family influencers on Instagram from Tamil Nadu. She is also India’s top mom influencer. It is well known that She enjoys visiting unusual locations and has visited 21 different countries. She completes the picture of a content family with her spouse. Pujarini, has 191k followers on Instagram.

14. Pooja

Pooja is an amazing Indian digital creator, YouTuber, traveler, fashion aficionado, and family influencer. She was named one of India’s top 10 moms on social media (North). More than 897K people follow her on Facebook, which is a stunning following base. She and her husband are eager to give their daughter anything she wants. Currently, Pooja manages over 144k followers on Instagram.

15. Anandita Agarwal

Mumbai is where Anandita Agarwal was born in 1993. Her schooling was finished in Mumbai. She discovered her interest in social media and influencing soon after receiving her degree, and today she is one of India’s top family influencers. She is a devoted mother of two sons who hopes to motivate millions of Indian families. Anandita maintains over 119k followers on Instagram.

16. Saru Mukherjee Sharma

Another well-known Indian mother and family influencer is Saru Mukherjee Sharma. She happily told her kid Rudraksha about her nursing experience. She thinks that being a parent involves not just good nourishment but also emotional balance and steadiness. Her well-wisher is her hubby. She also has 113k followers on Instagram which is impressive.

17. Yogita Aggarwal

Another full-time blogger and family influencer are Yogita Aggarwal. She is an avid blogger and runs the sites LetUsPublish and DreamTechie. She loves her family dearly and is a devoted mother. The finest family belongs to her spouse Mohit and their daughter Druvika. Yogita also has 87.5k followers on Instagram.

18. Shivangi Goel

Shivangi Goel, blogger and family influencers on Instagram commonly known as “My two little feet”, is located in India. She holds certifications as a Pilates trainer and a yoga instructor. She has the view that life should always come first, no matter what. Shivangi Goel also has 143k followers on Instagram.

19. Ishna Batra

Ishna Batra is another full-time mother, family influencer, fitness freak, and blogger. Ishna Batra is well known to be a ‘mom blogger’. She is also a fashion enthusiast and a mother of two beautiful children. She has been inspiring thousands of families and mothers across India. Today, Ishna has over 101k followers on Instagram.

20. Yuvika Abrol

Another family-focused Instagram influencer is Yuvika Abrol. She first managed her wedding planning business effectively for five years, and today she is better known as Mom Comedian. She has appeared on national television. Furthermore, Yuvika has over 109k followers on Instagram.


So here are your Top 20 Family Influencers On Instagram In India! We hope this article was satisfactory to you and your requirements.

As stated before, It all boils down to how much you love your newborn when you become a parent, and you instinctively go above and beyond what you can reasonably offer for them.

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What are your views on the above-stated Top 20 Family Influencers On Instagram In India? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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