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30 Facebook Stats & Facts Every Marketer Should Know in 2024

There are lots of Facebook statistics and facts which people are not aware of as a Facebook marketers. Here in the below are the top 30 cool Facebook statistics and facts every facebook marketer should know.

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Why are Facebook stats important, you might wonder. Well, there is a reason for it. Facebook is where almost everyone is present. It is one such platform that spreads the word immediately. It paves the way for businesses of all scales to reach their customers, and no business would not want to make use of this forum.


Since it is such an important place, marketers need to make the most out of it. This blog will help you understand a few Facebook stats that every marketer should know and will help you speed up your planning process.

Top 30 Facebook Stats & Facts You Must Know in 2024

Here are the top 30 most facebook stats and facts every Facebook marketer would like to know;

1. Facebook

This platform is the world’s third most visited site. Imagine the reach it has across the globe. 

2. Language

 More than 1.1 billion FB users speak English.

3. Facebook Family services

These services include Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. Around 3.3 billion people use these services. Ensure that you add these services to your Facebook page and vice versa so that you can attract more followers.

4. Daily and Monthly Active Users

Having active users on a platform helps in reaching more audiences as they will engage with the content. 

Source: Facebook IQ
Source: Facebook IQ

5. Average Time Spent

eMarketer conducted a study, and the results showcased that Americans of age 18 and above spent an average time of 33 minutes per day on the platform.

6. Geographical Location

When you are marketing on Facebook, know which country you should target and know if your target audience’s location is based in uses Facebook. Knowing this stat lets you know if you should market on this platform or use other means. India has 340 million users.

Source: Statista

As you can see from the above image, India has the most users, followed by the U.S. Marketers should keep in mind that Facebook is their leading platform for marketing their company.

7. Rise of audience in the U.S.

By 2026, in the U.S the number of FB users is expected to increase up to 324.76 million. This is vital information as marketers can start tapping on this location from an earlier stage. 

Source: Statista

8. Age and Gender

This is one of the most essential Facebook stats that you have to check as a marketer. When you are laying out a marketing plan, it is necessary to know the location of your target audience. Meaning where your target audience is primarily present and how much of your target audience is available on the platform. It helps in understanding what type of marketing content should be planned according to the forum.  According to the statistics, 18.8% of males in the age group of 25-34 use Facebook in 2021.

Source: Statista

9. Device

While creating content, it is essential to know from which device your target audience is logging in. Once you know the stats, you can create content that will apply to the device. 

Source: Statista
Source: Statista

10. FB usage by Americans

As a marketer, if you are targeting users in America, know that 70% of adults in that region use FB daily. 

Source: Pew Research

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11. Post timings

When content is created, knowing when to post is a crucial factor. When you post when most of the users are active on the platform, there will be more reach. The timings might vary from region to region, but these Facebook stats are essential, and you need to be up to date with them.

Source: Sproutsocial

These timings are according to the US Central Time, 

  • The worst day – was Saturday.
  • Best days – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • Best timings to post on best days – 9 am – 1 pm. 

Each industry has its own best timings and here are a few – 

Health care – 

  • Worst day – Sunday
  • Best days – Tuesday
  • Best times – 11 am from Monday to Friday

Media – 

  • Worst day – Saturday 
  • Best days – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 
  • Best Times – 6-9 am on Tuesday, 7 am on Friday 

The above timings have been taken from research conducted by Sprout Social. As a marketer, it is important to know these stats. It will vary from industry, but you can perform your own analysis and see which timing suits the best for your enterprise. 

12. Sharing of Posts 

Posts are the key to gaining attention. An average page shares up to 1.55 posts per day. There is a breakdown among those posts as well – 

  • 55.6% – Pictures
  • 18.5%  – Links
  • 22.2% – Videos
  • 3.6% –  Status updates

As mentioned in the above Facebook stats regarding the timings, posting content per day according to them will enhance your reach.

13. Facebook stories 

Creating content for stories and posts or videos is different, and content on stories travels faster than any other form. According to stats, 500 million people view or use FB stories daily, and creating engaging content will help marketers. 

Source: Teach crunch

14. Facebook messenger

Marketers who want to communicate with their customers need to be active and have message formats ready as 1.3 billion people use Facebook messenger. Having your messenger active will help you communicate faster with your potential customers.

15. News on Facebook

This is an important Facebook stats. 36% of users access or get news from FB. If you post content regarding new products, services, offers, or collaborations, it has a news angle then FB can be the place where you announce it.

16. Music on Facebook

If you want to tell the world about your music or songs and want to spread the word to people between the age of 35-54, then FB is the place. 45% of people who discover new music are from the age group of 35-54. 

17. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups will help in spreading the word. There are millions of Facebook groups present, and 1.8 billion people make use of FB groups. Marketers can use these groups to get in contact with potential customers, and they can even create their own to communicate and interact with their followers.

Source: newsfeed.org

18. Time spent on posts 

An average time of 1.7 seconds is spent by a user on particular content. This hints that the content that you are posting or the ads should be attractive and engaging as they have very little time to grab the attention of users. Make the content visually aesthetic and pleasing.

19. Facebook Likes and Comments

Gaining likes can help in gaining more followers and potential customers. An average FB user likes up to 12 posts per month and makes up to 5 comments. Enhancing your content and making it more interactive will encourage more engagement with the users, increasing shares. 

20. Engagement Rate for Posts

There is a target you have to set for yourself as a marketer. The average engagement rate for FB posts is 0.18%, and make compelling posts to increase your engagement rate. The engagement rate reduces as the page audience increases. Pages with more than 100,00 followers notice an engagement rate of 0.10%, and pages with less than 10,000 followers have an engagement rate of 0.52%.

21. Advertising Audience 

Facebook has many users and advertisers make the most use of it. At present, FB has an advertising audience of 2.14 billion. As a marketer, produce content and use this platform to your advantage as the audience will increase with each year.

22. Ad Revenue from Canada and the U.S

Knowing where your target customers are is very important. But, if your enterprise sells products that can introduce or have international shipping, then the U.S and Canada are the places that you can target. 47% of FB’s ad revenue is generated from these places. Not only physical products, digital services that do not have geographical location as a factor can make use of these places. 

23. Ad Price

As a marketer, the price of an Ad can be a trouble at times. FB has made the prices nominal, and that means you can make the most out of FB ads.

Average CPC


Average CPM

Source: Revealbot

24. Ad clicks

When you look at this Facebook stat, you might think that it is not that great, but getting a certain number of clicks for your ad shows that people viewing your ad and engaging with it. An average FB user clicks on 12 ads a month, and women click on 12 ads, whereas men click on 10. A marketer should note that not all FB ads need clicks, and people noticing your ad means a lot and creates more traffic.

25. Remarketing 

You do not want to lose customers, and you want to keep reminding them about your brand. This Facebook stats states that 96.3% of users have or use one other social media site. As a marketer, it is essential to keep in mind the possibility of remarketing. Use Facebook Pixel. It is a tool that places cookies to track users as they engage with your page or business. It works both off and on FB as well as Instagram.


26. Local Business Page

FB is the platform for local businesses. According to Facebook stats,  ⅔ of users check a local business place at least once a week. You can make lasting relationships with the community you target and enhance your communication while being on Facebook.

27. Facebook Live

Covid has made people want to interact and join workshops more than usual. Facebook live viewership has seen an increase of 50%. Users like to attend live sessions and be part of an event. As a marketer, use live sessions and engage with your audience. You can even team up or collaborate with influencers or celebs to bring in more audience.

Source: Hootsuite

28. Facebook watch 

This is a tool that is gaining loads of hype. The Facebook watch is a video-on-demand service. It lets users watch premium content. Creators can upload their videos on this tab. It also has original programs. A popular show is the Red Table Talk. 1.25 billion users visit this tab. In the above Facebook stats, you have read how essential Facebook groups are, so try creating content on Facebook watch as it makes people talk and discuss in Facebook groups

29. Video content 

100 million hours of video content is watched on Facebook each day. This means that video content is in demand. 

30. Vertical Video Format

As mentioned above, video content is in demand. In video content, vertical videos are more watched and enjoyed. As a marketer, ensure that the video content on your page is in this format so that users watch the entire video or feel interested in it.

Source: Social Insider


Facebook stats keep changing each other and according to trends. As a marketer, it is essential to keep up with the statistics. These stats will help a lot in creating content, knowing when and where to post, and planning future marketing campaigns. According to the stats, you can see that the audience and growth are only increasing. Use Facebook to the fullest for connecting with your audience and create a position for yourself in the market.

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