10 Best Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India in 2023

Every brand has its own marketing strategy. Let's see what are the top 10 best Facebook marketing case studies in India.

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Facebook marketing allows brands to provide their products and services to a massive audience through a variety of highly targeted paid and organic advertisements. In this article, we will look at the 10 Best Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India.

Facebook entered the marketing scene in 2004, but much has changed since then. Today, the world’s largest social network can do things few could have imagined a decade ago: sell products via a chatbot, host 360-degree videos, or serve as a top news source for two-thirds of the adult population.

best facebook marketing case studies in india

Facebook has a daily active user base of 1.56 billion people. Thus, imagine the social influence you can achieve through Facebook regarding your peer effects, eCommerce business, referrals, customer relationships, reputation, brand awareness, and much more (let alone when combined with other social media platforms that you utilize).

Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India - Number of Users in Worldwide

Not only does Facebook have the most members, but it owns a significant share of our attention. The average Facebook user spends almost an hour per day on social networking sites. When most people sleep eight hours, we spend about 7% of our waking hours staring at social media websites.

Source- Oberlo

Why is Facebook Good for Marketing?

  • Has global coverage
  • Offers highly targeted paid ads
  • Makes organic reach possible
  • Allows integrations with other marketing channels

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

  • Precise targeting
  • Increased website traffic
  • Variety of ad formats
  • Customer support
  • Positive impact on SEO
Best Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India - Facebook Marketing Statistics

You can see how India’s big brands have reaped the benefits of Facebook Marketing by reading Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India mentioned below.

 It has become vital for every brand to incorporate social media marketing into their marketing strategy in today’s day and age. Not doing so will put them at a significant disadvantage compared to their competitors, irrespective of the industry’s nature. Therefore, Facebook Marketing and, more specifically, Facebook ads should be adopted to increase the brands’ visibility and awareness, eventually increasing sales and revenue.

Let us now look at them,

Top 10 Best Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India

1. Airtel India

Airtel is one of the top three mobile service providers globally and India’s largest telecommunications company. In addition to 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless services, the company offers mobile commerce, high-speed home broadband, direct-to-home television (DTH), and enterprise services, including long-distance services for carriers.


Promoting the best in postpaid

The company wanted to reassert itself as the market leader in postpaid mobile and sell more postpaid plans.


Impactful connection

The company partnered with media company GroupM to launch the “Postpaid Promise.” The new postpaid plan offered people the opportunity to carry forward unused data, save on family plans that include multiple connections, switch from prepaid to postpaid in just a few clicks, and secure their devices.

It took advantage of the opportunity to review and optimize its marketing budget allocation to continue to run successful campaigns. By using CrossMedia research from Kantar Millward Brown, it was able to measure how each of the different channels impacted brand awareness and engagement among the core target group.

A series of mobile-optimized photo ads and videos were developed to demonstrate the plan’s many features and benefits as part of the campaign. In six metropolitan areas, the ads caught the attention of males between the ages of 22 and 35 in the brand’s target audience.

Airtel India created 30- to 45-second video ads to introduce the new plan and 10-second ads to reinforce it to drive awareness and business. The longer videos appeared first and the shorter ones afterward.

Best Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India - Airtel India

Additionally, the brand used eye-catching animated GIFs linked to Airtel’s website where prospective customers could learn about and sign up for the new plan.

In India, Airtel uses to reach and frequency of buying to ensure the message gets to the right audience, often enough to be effective. A 60% average reach was achieved by airing the ads twice a week across all six states.


Promise delivered

The study showed that Facebook was the most effective, efficient, and impactful of all media channels. Furthermore, Facebook helps brands reach and engage more potential consumers than TV.

Throughout July 17 โ€“ August 31, 2017, the following results were seen:

  • Facebook’s reach is 20X more cost-effective than TV’s
  • 12X return on investment (the highest among all media platforms)
  • Facebook accounted for 41% of the increase in brand image
  • The incremental reach among light TV viewers was 2%

2. OnePlus India

A global technological company, OnePlus, aims to improve people’s lives by offering a good phone and a better way to live. With customers in 36 countries and regions, this Shenzhen-based company has its headquarters in China. Since its founding in 2013, OnePlus has released 13 different smartphone models in the market.


Keeping things fresh

OnePlus wanted to create a fun and creative way to introduce the OnePlus 7T series and the OnePlus TV to raise awareness and engagement.


Gamifying the user experience

As part of its mission to offer continuously innovative products, OnePlus used Facebook playable ads to create buzz before launching its 7T series and OnePlus TV in India.

OnePlus saw an opportunity to reach out to its target market of gaming enthusiasts aged 18-35 by implementing the engaging “try-before-you-buy” concept. Video games are increasingly played on smartphones, which is why OnePlus aimed to promote the features that make their OnePlus TV, and OnePlus 7T series games friendly.

To conceptualize the storyline behind the playable ads, the brand partnered with the production house Ronin Labs in India. Through an interactive element of the ads, customers were encouraged to learn more about the new products by clicking on a call-to-action button at the end of the experience. Compared to its competitors, the brand also generated awareness and engagement before its products were even available by winning its customers in an unconventional, creative, and attractive manner.

Best Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India - Oneplus India

The company conducted a brand lift study during the campaign to measure the effectiveness of the playable ads and what could be improved for future campaigns.


Scoring high

Customer feedback and business results were both positive due to the playable ads.

OnePlus scored these results between September 17 and 26, 2019-

  • Brand awareness increased by 3.9 points over the previous campaign
  • 4.7-point lift in Facebook Ad recall
Best Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India - Oneplus India Reach over Facebook Ads
Source – Facebook Business

3. KFC India

Founded in 1946, KFC is an American chain of fast-food restaurants specializing in fried chicken, operating in over 135 countries worldwide. Originated more than 75 years ago, by Colonel Harland Sanders, KFC is now owned by Yum! Brands.


Increase in-store visits and sales

To increase sales and the number of customers visiting its stores, KFC India was looking to increase traffic to its stores all over the country. Also, the company sought to establish itself as a value-for-money brand among consumers.


Mobile-optimized visuals and videos

KFC India announced a variety of sales offers and discounts through two Facebook campaigns. There was a recurring Wednesday Offer campaign that ran across television and social media on Wednesdays. A targeted campaign, called Big Bucket, ran from August 9 to 18, 2019, taking advantage of the Independence Day holiday weekend in India. It heavily discounted KFC’s Big Bucket meal and aimed to earn more sales during the holiday weekend with heavy store traffic.

Using mobile-friendly video ads featuring fried chicken and the price, the restaurant brand teamed up with Creative Agency Blink Digital to expand the campaigns.

Additionally, KFC promoted the offers through link advertisements.

Best Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India - KFC Facebook Ads

The ads also targeted people more likely to visit a KFC store as the campaign objective. Both KFC campaigns used location-based targeting to target people within two miles of a store.

A lookalike audience was also created based on previous customers who visited KFC’s stores. KFC also retargeted ads to users who engaged with its Facebook page in the prior six months and tested for different interests, such as entertainment and shopping, to find the most effective one.


Sharp targeting

  • A total of 57,000 store visits (as a result of the Wednesday Offer and Big Bucket campaigns)
  • Both the campaigns by KFC India reached more than 120 million people
  • 89% increase in return on ad spend (compared to last year)
  • 37% increase in return on Big Bucket Spending
  • 20% increase in purchases of Big Bucket during the campaign period.
Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India KFC Facebook Ads
Source-Facebook Business

4. Garnier India

Garnier is constantly innovating to make products that are better for hair. These products combine high-quality formulations and ingredients that are active, natural, and sourced from nature. Consumers in India who want grey coverage and superior color results preferred Garnier Color Naturals over traditional products. The first Garnier oil-enriched cream hair color ever in a sachet was Garnier Black Naturals.


Measuring sales impact

Garnier wanted to know the effect of all its advertising channels on sales and measure their cost-efficiency. With Nielsen’s marketing mix modeling methodology, Garnier was particularly interested in learning more about the use of Facebook’s family of apps and determining how to increase its marketing effectiveness.


Using marketing mix modeling

In partnership with Nielsen, the global research and data analytics company, Garnier conducted a study of marketing mix modeling using multivariate regression models for its statistical analysis. With this method, both paid ads and non-paid media are analyzed to pinpoint the sources of sales and which channels produce the greatest return on investment.

The team analyzed data from 2015 to 2018 to determine which media channelsโ€”TV, radio, print, out-of-home, cinema, Facebook, and other digital platformsโ€”had the most significant impact on sales.

It examined historical data on sales, marketing activities, and other external and seasonal factors. Using this methodology, Garnier attributed sales for its Color Naturals and Black Naturals brands to different platforms.

A carousel format of Facebook photo and video ads, as well as Instagram Stories, was used by Garnier to target Indian females aged 25-40. Garnier examined past Facebook campaigns to understand the impact of frequency on its sales performance and found that it saw the best return on investment when it delivered ads 2โ€“4 times per week.

Best Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India - Garnier India

As a result of this measurement solution, Garnier determined that Facebook was the most effective medium for Garnier Color Naturals and Garnier Black Naturals. Garnier will significantly benefit from these insights in planning its future media campaigns.


Leading the way

  • 7.4X return on investment on Facebook for Garnier Color Naturals indexed to TV 
  • 1.9X return on investment on Facebook for Garnier Color Naturals indexed to other digital channels 
  • 6.9X return on investment on Facebook for Garnier Black Naturals indexed to TV 
  • 1.5X return on investment on Facebook for Garnier Black Naturals indexed to other digital channels 
  • 80% higher return on investment on Facebook itself, when planned frequency increased to 2โ€“4 times per week from less than 2 per week 

5. Vivo India

A technology company formed in 2009, Vivo manufactures intelligent phones and offers software and online services. Besides its research and development centers in Shenzhen and Nanjing, China, it operates in 100 countries, including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.


Driving awareness and engagement

A new launch strategy was needed for Vivo’s V19 smartphone due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. To drive awareness of the new product, the company wanted to pivot to an online event that would provide a rich, immersive experience.


Mobile-optimized visuals

Vivo wanted its new smartphone launch to be as engaging as an offline shopping experience by enabling customers to remotely experience the device’s new features and explore its improved camera. The team decided to incorporate augmented reality to make the launch even more dynamic. Vivo developed creativity in conjunction with Facebook’s augmented reality studio, Spark AR.

As part of the online launch campaign, Vivo ran Augmented Reality ads and video ads on Facebook and Instagram Stories. An advertisement included a call to action where people could experience a virtual “unboxing” of the V19 phone and its accompanying products.

Best Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India - Vivo Mobiles

The Augmented Reality ads were reposted on the personal accounts of Vivo’s community of technology and lifestyle content creators. As part of the contest, people were encouraged to use #vivo19outofthebox when posting about the V19, with the winner taking home a Vivo V19.

People in India between the ages of 18-35 interested in technology, photography, and selfies were targeted for the campaign.


Impressing millions

  • An increase of 9.5 points in advertising recall
  • and a 3X increase in click-through rate compared with previous campaigns
Best Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India - Vivo Mobile Ads Engagement
Source-Facebook Business

6. Horlicks India

GSK Consumer Healthcare strives to make people feel better and live longer by inspiring them with innovative products, a global leader in science-led healthcare. Many of the world’s best-known brands and products are created and offered by the company, including Horlicks.


Measuring sales impact

Its goal was to measure the effectiveness of all its advertising channels and their cost-efficiency. A large part of the group’s goal was to gain insight into its digital media.


Using a custom measurement solution

The company commissioned a global study on the brand Horlicks, one of GSK’s most popular in India. As part of its marketing mix modeling study, GSK Consumer Healthcare collaborated with Nielsen, a global research and analytics organization, to determine which sales channels provide the highest return on investment. This was done by using multivariate regression models, which explain where sales originate.

Nielsen measured the impact of a variety of factors on sales, including past marketing data, ad spends, and sales, as well as factors like the relative strength of the economy at different times and pricing changes.

With Nielsen’s Custom Mix Modeling software, Facebook and other digital channels were measured more granularly. It relies on collecting and analyzing weekly sales numbers provided by retailers via a panel of retailers. For this project, the team collected sales data over eight months from the top eight Indian cities.

Through these measurement solutions, the healthcare company was able to identify the relative impact of different marketing channels on sales. The brand also gained insights into improving its Facebook campaigns, which are used to inform future media and creative planning


Robust measurement

  • 29% higher return on investment from Facebook ads compared to TV
  • 48% overall higher return on investment from Facebook ads compared to other digital channels (including video)
  • 50% higher return on investment from Facebook video ads compared to photo ads.

7. Tata Housing โ€“ #LeaveYourBagsBehind

Tata Housing is known for its high-quality designs and finishes in residential properties. It was the first time a property developer in India had sold homes exclusively through Facebook without involving any other media. Mittal Housing also worked with Facebook on a similar project, and their marketing strategy was pioneering in the real estate industry.

Videos were created to show the essence of life in beautiful Goa to potential customers. Besides directing viewers to the property page, the video also provided information about the property. This kind of innovative marketing drew customers to Goa and encouraged them to buy a home there.

A 4-day window was established for potential buyers to buy a home, during which a sense of urgency was created. A lot of people participated in this campaign, and it was a huge success.

Additionally, Tata Housing launches an innovative model for online home buying in India, inspiring other companies to use Facebook to reach consumers, generate leads, and drive sales via social media.

Best Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India - Tata Housing Ads Engagement
Source – Revechat

Last but not least, their campaign has some major highlights.

  • Over 14,000 Facebook leads  
  • at a cost that is almost 60% lower than prior campaigns
  • Ten-fold return on advertising
  • Sold 250 houses

8. Raymond India

The Facebook marketing case study of Raymond is among the most popular. The clothing brand revamped its strategies to increase sales, specifically in four of its stores. To achieve this, they encouraged their customers to visit Raymond’s physical stores in a significant way.

The Raymond company ran a digital marketing campaign on Facebook in 2016 that lasted three weeks. Four of its stores generated astonishing results in increasing customer traffic. Additionally, thanks to the social media campaign, in-sales stores increased by 78%, and approximately 58% more footfall was recorded at the store.

Best Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India - Raymond Ads Engagement
Source – Social Samosa

Do you know how they did it?

A 72-hour rush tailored service is being offered by Raymond stores in Gurgaon specifically. A call-to-action statement in the advertisement encouraged customers to register with their details to avail of the service.

9. Veet India

In 2016, Veet launched its “Girls on the Go” campaign across digital media and television. They were, however, quite impressed by the digital media results, whereby the company saw its annual sales grow by 22%. Despite the positive results, the brand decided to run a second engagement to achieve even better results.

Veet specifically wanted to know how effective its Facebook ads are at increasing in-store sales. In addition, it was able to determine the number of people reached and the frequency of a positive return on investment. After four weeks of its Facebook advertising campaign, Veet India saw its in-store sales rise by 11%.

How did they do it?

Veet India released its Facebook ad featuring two girls at the beach. Young ladies are seen relaxing on a clearwater beachside as their legs are raised in the air and their beach hats visible.

Best Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India - Veet India
Source – Social Samosa

While the ad does not contain any text or tagline, it indirectly implies Veet products may have been responsible for girls’ lean legs.

10. Vodafone India

Vodafone discovered that Facebook delivered a higher incremental reach than TV for its SuperNet 4G campaign through a Millward Brown Cross Media study. It wanted to measure Facebook’s total reach, effectiveness, and cost-efficiency against other media channels.

During the campaign, from March 14 through April 3, Vodafone worked with Maxus and the Facebook team. Short, fun videos featuring a young Indian boy and the brand’s pug were released as part of the campaign. To reach specific audiences that TV cannot reach effectively, Vodafone used Lookalike Audiences to target people with similar profiles to its current subscribers.

Best Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India - Vodafone Ad
Source – Revechat

As a result, the brand association increased by 23 percent and incremental reach by 3.5 percent over TV.


Formulating the right Facebook advertising strategy is essential to reach as many people as possible on the platform. Additionally, Facebook ads can play a role in your overall digital marketing efforts by generating awareness for your brand, attracting leads, and sometimes even converting users into customers.

Are you using Facebook ads? If you have not, you can draw some inspiration from these Facebook Marketing Case Studies in India.

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