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Best Strategies for Facebook Lead-Generation Ads for Real-Estate Brands 2024

Unlock success in real estate lead generation with our expert guide on the best Facebook strategies. Elevate your brand with proven techniques tailored for the dynamic landscape of social media advertising. Maximize ROI and cultivate valuable leads effortlessly with our comprehensive insights. Discover the keys to effective Facebook lead-generation ads for real estate brands and watch your business thrive in the digital world.

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Real estate lead generation is easy, but are the leads quality? Most marketers struggle to generate quality leads that convert.

So, what is a quality lead? It is a lead that, if nurtured, can convert. In simple terms, a person with the intent and the means to buy a home is a quality lead.

Let’s take the residential real estate business in Chennai, for instance, almost every brand is using Facebook lead-generation ads to get leads. If an audience is looking for homes in a particular area, nearly 4-5 similar ads appear on their timeline. So, the fact is that quality leads are available but who ropes them in is what matters. 

If you do certain things right, then Facebook and Instagram lead ads can be among your top lead-generation techniques. We have been performing facebook ads from its dawn and worked with 30+ Top Real-Estate Brands. We would say that the backbone while performing Facebook lead ads is having a thorough understanding of the audience.

Real estate is an intent-based service. So, the ads you create should not only grasp your audience but also induce an impetus for them to click the CTA.

You have to optimize the headline, the creative, the ad description and the ad language to match the persona of the audience.

We would like to mention some of the ad campaigns that converted the most for our real estate clients at our Digital Marketing agency, echoVME Digital. Since we have first-hand experience in the creation and performance, let’s dissect them for your understanding.

Top Facebook Lead-Generation Ads Strategies for Real-Estate

1. Tulive GK Shetty:

Lead Generation Ad Sample


Dakshin by Tulive GK Shetty is a cluster of residential apartments in Porur. The core of this lead ad is based on the price factor, the location, and the time of handover. 

Ad Media

We used a simple creative that highlighted the price and the location of the property. The colour we used for the price band was based on the brand colour. This will trigger a sense of relatability.  Also, the ad included a clear and eye-catching high-definition image of the product.

Ads Text

We added all the key elements that sell to the targeted audience in the ad text. The checklist format with the special character allows clarity of information flow from the brand to the audience.


The headline here says, “Apartments starting from 66 Lakhs @ Porur”. It clearly conveys the ad goal to the audience, i.e. Apartments, 66 Lakhs and Porur.


The CTA, ‘learn more,’ leads to the landing page, which asks users to fill out a simple form.

Takeaway 1: The key takeaway from this ad would be the crisp points that highlighted the benefits of the product.

Takeaway 2: This lead ad was done for the same client (listed above). The intent of the ad is also the same as the previous one. The only thing that we tweaked was the creative. Here, we used interior images, which proved to get more leads for us before with a particular audience.

This proves that even the best lead ads wouldn’t perform well if it is not projected to the audience in the right way. 

2. Urban Tree Infrastructure:

Lead-Generation Ad Sample


Urban Tree Apartments in Urapakkam is a group of affordable apartments. This ad focuses on pricing and location. The main selling point is the offer and its validity, which creates urgency.

Ad Media

The Colour red was chosen because it is the brand colour, to induce a brand recall among the audience. Also, using the building elevation has proven to create a sense of relatability, so we used the elevation.

Ads Text

The copy ‘Choose Urapakkam the next Koyambedu’ illuminates the location’s importance. The price difference is also shown to let the audience know the intensity of the offer.


The headline is meant to convey the theme of the ad. Here, the aim is to sell using the offer price. In the above image, you can see that we have mentioned the amount one would be saving if they avail themselves of this offer and also the offer validity. 


The CTA given here is to sign up. When you click the button would lead to a form. Potential lead has to fill out the simple form, and the customer representative will reach out to them.

Takeaway 1: Takeaway here would be the detailed information that we provided and the sense of urgency that we had created. The interval between the ad reaching the audience and the offer validity is a very limited period.

Takeaway 2: The crux of this lead ad is the same as the previous one. We tweaked the creative to match the audience’s liking, changing the colour, font styles, and ad design based on the audience’s mindset.

Note: Different types of Meta ads also leverage when comes to nurturing your audience and provoke to fill in the lead form.

3. SIS South India Shelters

Facebook Lead Generation Ad Sample


SIS Sintra has a Portugal-based elevation. This video ad focused on the Pre-launch offer. The offer was the main selling point for the ad.

Ad Media

Our meta-ads specialists analyzed the market in detail and used a video showcasing the Portugal-styled elevation, as per our target audience’s likes. The soothing music that we used added value to the viewer experience.

Ads Text

The text here clearly explains the USPs of the apartment. As mentioned earlier the use of bullet points helps readers to perceive information better.


The ad’s headline mentions a special offer, which creates curiosity. The audience tends to click the CTA button.


The CTA ‘GET QUOTE’ leads to a landing page where the audience has to fill out the form and get quotes.

Takeaway 1: Video ads are the most popular on all social platforms, and it matters how well you optimize them for Facebook.

Takeaway 2: This particular lead ad targeted the local audience, and we used the local language, Tamil, to reach them. Any lead ad that speaks in a relatable tone would be successful.

4. DAC Promoters


DAC promoters’ gated community apartment in Guindy is the 1st gated community in that area. Also, the closeness to the airport is also the USP for the apartment.

Ad Media

The grandness of the image displayed in the ad itself is one of the action-driving factors. you can just look once and ignore when the image is captivating. You would want to know what is so special about the product/service.

Ads Text

The ad text clearly explains the location, pricing and uniqueness of the apartments.


 The main goal here was to target people who wanted to buy near the airport that is why we clearly mentioned closeness to the airport.


The learn more button would lead to the landing page where the entire product would be explained in detail.

Takeaway: A captivating ad design, image, or video could be hugely beneficial when performing a lead ad. It intrigues the audience and holds their attention.

Here’s the archive section where We post the best Lead-Generation tactics and creatives we do for our Real-Estate Brands from time to time:

Final Thoughts

One important aspect that makes or breaks the real estate ad is the creativity used. It is completely audience-specific and has no particular set of guidelines.

To create the perfect Facebook lead-generation ads for your real estate audience, you would have to depend upon experimentation and ongoing refinement.

If you are willing to learn the art of lead generation, then you should join Digital Scholar’s advanced digital marketing training with AI integration, where you will learn in-depth analysis of updated marketing techniques & tools.

Some of you might have better tactics and techniques for generating quality leads; please mention them in the comments section. We would appreciate it!

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