How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn and Why? [Step-By-Step Guide]

Endorsing someone on LinkedIn is a great way to show your appreciation for their skills and accomplishments. Learn how to give an endorsement, the importance of endorsements, and how they can help you grow your network. Get started today with our article!

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LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool, and one of the best ways to use it is by endorsing others in your field. Endorsing someone on LinkedIn is a way to acknowledge their skills and support them publicly. This can help build their professional reputation, increase their visibility on the platform, and potentially open up new opportunities for them. But how do you do it? And more importantly, why should you? Read on to find out. 

Endorsing someone can also help strengthen your own professional network by showcasing your connections and building positive relationships. Additionally, endorsing others can increase the likelihood that they will endorse you in return.

When it comes to endorsing someone on LinkedIn, your tone can be a persuasive tool. It’s important to ensure that your endorsements come across as sincere and genuine. Consider what qualities you most admire in the person you are endorsing and elaborate on them in your endorsement. 

Overall, endorsements are persuasive and memorable – so take some time to craft thoughtful and meaningful endorsements for those who have earned them!

Why should I endorse someone on LinkedIn?

There are many good reasons to endorse someone on LinkedIn. First and foremost, it’s a great way to show your support for someone’s professional skills and accomplishments. It also helps build relationships and networks. 

And finally, it won’t hurt to have your name associated with high-quality endorsements from respected professionals in your field. So go ahead and start endorsing away! 

Focus on expressing how much you value the person’s skills and contributions in a few sentences. Doing so will not only boost their profile but also demonstrate your own professionalism and respect for their work.

How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn [Step By Step Guide]

Here is the step-by-step guide to endorsing someone on LinkedIn

Step 1: Log in to your LinkedIn account 

Login to your LinkedIn

Step 2: Click on the search bar and type the name of the person you want to endorse 

Click the search bar and type the name

Step 3: In their profile scroll down to find the skills section

Scroll down to find skills

Step 4: Go to skill that you want to endorse and click the “Endorse” option 

Go to skills and click endorse

That’s it. That is how you endorse someone on LinkedIn. You can endorse how many skills you want for that particular person in the same manner.


By endorsing someone, you’re not only vouching for their skills and abilities, but you’re also helping to boost their visibility on the platform. And when that person eventually gets hired or promoted, guess who they’ll remember? That’s right – you! So if you want to get ahead in your career, make sure you’re spending some time each week endorsing others on LinkedIn.

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1. Do LinkedIn endorsements matter?

Yes, endorsements matter on LinkedIn as a matter of fact they are given by experienced professionals. It can bring in employment opportunities. 

2.  Can my friend endorse me on LinkedIn?

Yes, your friends can endorse you on LinkedIn but endorsements are really valued when they are given by industry experts.

3. Is a LinkedIn recommendation the same as an endorsement?

Recommendations & endorsements are two different things, in other words, endorsements are lite recommendations.

4. What does endorsing someone on LinkedIn mean?

Endorsing on LinkedIn means you are basically vouching for someone’s skills digitally. You endorse only your connections on LinkedIn.

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  1. Is there any difference if someone from a different domain or the same domain endorses me on LinkedIn..?

  2. Endorsements from the same domain on LinkedIn are generally more impactful due to their relevance and credibility in validating your professional skills. However, endorsements from colleagues in different domains within your company also enhance your profile’s credibility by showcasing your diverse professional capabilities and broad workplace recognition.

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