Education Influencers in India on Instagram

Top 16 Most Popular Education Influencers in India on Instagram

India's top 16 education influencers are revered for their unique styles. If you're looking for Instagram inspiration, look no further than this list.

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Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with millions of users worldwide. Instagram is quickly becoming a popular platform for education influencers in India.

There are many reasons why education influencers are rising in popularity on Instagram. First, Instagram is extremely visual, which makes it perfect for sharing educational content. Additionally, Instagram has a wide reach, making it easy for education influencers to connect with their audience.


Another reason education influencers are rising in popularity on Instagram is the platform’s engagement opportunities. With features like Stories and live-streaming, education influencers can easily engage with their audience and create a community of followers.

As education influencers continue to rise in popularity on Instagram, businesses need to take notice. Education influencers can be incredibly valuable partners, providing companies access to an engaged and captive audience. If your business wants to reach new audiences, consider partnering with an education influencer.

Below are the top 20 Education Influencers in India on Instagram. But even before we start with the list, let us understand education blogging & influencers in detail.

What is an Education Influencer?

An education influencer uses their social media platform to promote educational content. These influencers often post about educational topics, share resources, and provide tips and advice for students and parents. 

Additionally, many education influencers also collaborate with businesses in the education space.

Top 16 Education Influencers in India on Instagram

Now that we have a clear understanding of what an education Influencer is let’s get started with the list.

1. Arpit Chadha

Educational Influencer- Arpit Chadha

Mr Arpit Chadha serves as the vice-chairman of The Education Group, which is recognised as one of India’s most successful education groups. He thinks an ever-evolving development in educational practises is necessary for light of the recent swift and insightful revolution. This leading educational group in India has been around for 25 years, known as I.T.S.

 They offer various courses, all of which contribute to meeting the aspirations and objectives of young, talented professionals. This group is establishing new standards in higher education by concentrating on delivering high-quality education, and Mr Chadha is providing the leadership necessary to make this happen. 

Given that education is among the fundamental rights that require significant attention, one of the organisation’s primary focuses is to assist the less fortunate members of society. Mr Arpit is recognised as one of the most important figures in the Indian education field due to the many national and international conferences he has hosted and the numerous advancements in education technology he has introduced. 

You are required to follow him if you are interested in reading educational blogs or learning what you can do to serve your students better.

2. Susan Thomas

Educational Influencer- Susan Thomas

If you are new to the education sub-niche on Instagram, the following information may surprise you; however, you can get guidance from the director of one of the most prestigious colleges in India. 

On her Instagram account, Susan Thomas, the director of NIFT Bangalore, offers students the most useful advice based on real-world applications. She is an influential woman with a deep passion for both the advancement of education and women’s liberation.

3. Bunker Roy

Educational Influencer- Bunker Roy

It is unnecessary to provide an introduction for Sanjit Bunker Roy, an Indian social activist who established Barefoot College. He was chosen as one of the 100 most influential personalities in the world by Time magazine in 2010, recognising the extraordinary contribution he has made toward the education of illiterate and underprivileged poor Indians.

 In 1986, he was honoured with the Padma Shri award. Rather than attending the most prestigious college (Doon School) and college (St Stephens) in India, Roy wanted to start for the rural poor, where the whole focus would be given to teachers to the rural women to elevate them. 

This is one of the things that sets Roy apart from other people and makes him unique. Do not pass up the opportunity to learn from Bunker Roy’s one-of-a-kind perspective on education and its role in society if you want to establish yourself as one of India’s most influential educational influencers.

4. Sunil Sharma

Educational Influencer- Sunil Sharma

Every nation is represented by a highly qualified individual ready to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that those who need education have access to it. These influencers have access to a massive database containing resources that educators can use at schools, colleges, and universities.

They hold the belief that ensuring educational opportunity for all people is the most meaningful contribution that can be made to the world. According to Sunil Sharma, the chief executive officer of EasyShiksha and an educational influencer, “Together, we can make this dream a reality.”

Mr Sharma is remarkably well-versed in the EdTech industry of the country, and he has been making a difference in the field with his online platform, which is known as EasyShiksha. EasyShiksha has developed into an educational forum that is nationally acclaimed even though it is relatively new in the industry. 

Since acquiring a degree is not the end of one’s education, EasyShiksha not only assists you in becoming educated in the field that most interests you by providing online courses that result in a certification but also directs you in the direction of a career that is appropriate for your abilities.

5. Sachin Ravi & Raghav Chakravarty

Educational Influencer- Sachin Ravi & Raghav Chakravarty

This two education thought leaders from India established Walnut Knowledge Solutions to equip children with skills that will serve them throughout their lives by drawing on the transformative potential of questions, stories, and interactive activities. 

Over the past five years, the Walnut group has engaged with many student and parent communities online, working with more than 80,000 children across the country across more than 80 schools. Their flagship product is QShala, a platform for Learning based on students’ natural curiosity. 

Its goal is to encourage students to develop a holistic learning mindset by providing them with modern technology that makes learning simple and efficient. When he asked them about the concept of being an education influencer, he said: “An influencer is someone who uses the leverage they have in the form of experience or a thorough knowledge in any domain to impact the industry or domain in some way positively.”

To provide the best possible services to children, Walnut Knowledge Solutions uses the knowledge that its staff members have gained over their careers in education. They are always willing to work with the most important people in the industry to establish mutually beneficial partnerships that will be of use to the students in various ways. 

When asked what the thing he desires to change about the existing educational system is, he responded that he would like to replace the mark-based evaluation with diverse learning outcomes. This was in response to the question of what is the one thought he wants to change about the present education system.

6. Roman Saini

Educational Influencer- Roman Saini

This education influencer of India requires no intro; he is quite popular at the age of 30 for his remarkable contribution towards enabling the trainees with an AI-based education application called Unacademy. 

This app is called Unacademy. It is well known that Roman left his position as an I.A.S. officer in the civil service to pursue his vision. He passed the NEET when he was 16 and began his professional life as a junior doctor. When he was 22 years old, he passed the UPSC and began his career as an I.A.S. officer in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. 

Throughout his career, he has witnessed the flawed education system that exists in the nation and is only accessible to wealthy individuals. After that, he realised that he needed to think of something to make education accessible and within the students’ financial means. 

After that, he resigned from his position in the civil service and established Unacademy, a school that provides a wide variety of classes to students studying for various certifications. His main objective was to find cutting-edge information that would assist students in overcoming any challenges they faced. 

After that, he realised that he needed to think of something to make education accessible and within the students’ financial means. 

7. Himesh Madaan

Educational Influencer- Himesh Madaan

Himesh Madaan is widely recognised as one of the most influential individuals in India’s education field. He is best known for the self-help content he has created specifically for the young people of India. 

This educator and entrepreneur, who is based in Noida and is 34 years old, starts his journey working in the corporate world as a life-skills coach. During that time, he witnessed a juvenile commit suicide and left a note that read, “Maa Mujhe Maaf Karna,” which shocked him. Then, Mande realised the significance of youth training programmes in helping young people overcome the difficulties they face. 

Himesh used YouTube to establish a connection with the younger generation because he was aware that this platform brought together the members of his target audience on account of its status as the most popular platform for video content. His YouTube and Instagram accounts have massive followings: nearly 6.5 million subscribers and 161,000 followers, respectively. 

Users have thousands of reasons to follow the above education influencer from India, including the fact that you want to create content for your blog based on education.

8. Aman Dhatarwa

Educational Influencer- Aman Dhatarwa

Aman Dhattarwal is known for securing the highest possible salary after completing his B.Tech. Degree, in addition to becoming one of the most sensational faces among Indian influencers in the field of education. Aman’s goal is to establish an education infrastructure accessible to low-income families. He never avoids taking a stance on issues involving students. His enormously valuable content motivates the millions of young people who follow him.

Aman Dhattarwal is a Delhi resident who received his computer science education from NSIT. In his first year of studying engineering, he began developing instructional materials. Until he began devoting all of his time to his YouTube channel, he was involved in several different businesses. Apni Kaksha, a company that provides instruction on a wide variety of technical skills, was also founded by him.

As a keynote speaker, Aman has been invited to give presentations at all of India’s most prestigious educational institutions. In addition, he conducts interviews with other notable authorities in the field of education to inspire students in their chosen professions. Because of his extraordinary life journey and ongoing involvement with young people, he is one of a kind and sets himself apart from others.

9. Alakh Pandey

Educational Influencer-Alakh Pandey

The majority of people know him as the Physics Wallah. On YouTube, he is well-known for the distinctive manner in which he explains the fundamentals of Physics and various other scientific topics.

 Because of his straightforward approach to education, Alakh Pandey Sir is revered by many pupils who form an extensive student network. When he was in the process of building his dreams, he turned down offers totalling seventy-five crore and remained true to his values by continuing to provide financial coaching.

When Alakh Pandey was studying for his engineering exams, he observed the prevalence of coaching mafias and the inability of students from middle-class families to afford the most prestigious coaching institutes. This is where his journey began. Because he had learned everything independently, he could start his school and charge significantly less than other teachers.

Pandey Sir was aware of the meteoric rise in the popularity of YouTube in India. After three years of extraordinary efforts, he finally achieved his goal of reaching the greatest number of ambitious students. He had tried every digital strategy available. It is well known that Alakh Pandey offers courses that are not only efficient but also affordable to anyone.

10. Sagar Dodeja

Educational Influencer - Sagar Dodeja

A name that is frequently mentioned in the same breath as those of other influential people in the field of education is Sagar Dodeja. In addition to his success as an entrepreneur, Mr Dodeja is well-known for his ability to pass some of India’s most difficult examinations.

Sagar received his Bachelor of Technology degree in civil engineering from N.I.T. Raipur. He achieved a perfect score on the GATE exam, allowing him to qualify for seats at I.I.T. Bombay, the institution where he later discovered a passion for teaching. Sagar began his preparation for the Indian Engineering Services exam (I.E.S.). As a result, he not only passed the UPSC examination on his first try but also passed a few other exams along the way.

Because of his passion for instructing, he decided to work as a teacher full-time while he was between postings. After observing rapid advancement in the teaching career he had been pursuing, he decided to continue teaching online and gave up his position in Engineering Services. On his YouTube channel, which goes by the name “Civil Beings,” Sagar posts informative and instructive videos that positively impact the careers of millions of students worldwide.

11. Pratish Nair 

Educational Influencer - Pratish Nair 

The people who teach us significantly impact our lives and the world we will inherit. If someone were to teach us something new, even something simple, we would consider that person to be our educator. A good teacher can make learning both enjoyable and beneficial for their students.

Because teaching is an art form in its own right and calls for creative thinking, educators deserve the same respect as artists. It is not an easy task to communicate information to others in a way that the audience, such as students, will grasp. Mr Pratish Nair is an example of this influential educator we came across.

In 2016, Mr Pratish Nair and some of his close friends established the Prahlad Kakar School of Branding and Entrepreneurship with the specific intention of revolutionising education as they previously understood it. The vision expanded, and in 2019, they formed a partnership with NMIMS, which resulted in the establishment of the School of Branding and Advertising.

12. Rachit Agrawal

Educational Influencer - Rachit Agrawal

As a direct result of the sudden spread of the unusual Coronavirus, the educational sector is experiencing a shift in its operational dynamics. Because this disease has made traditional learning methods, such as studying in groups or in a classroom setting, more difficult, the education industry has been directed to adopt digital platforms to make Learning possible for students.

Students are provided with a learning experience that is streamlined and stress-free, thanks to the implementation of a variety of cutting-edge learning modules and procedures. Not only students but also teachers are adapting to the digital transformation that the industry is going through. This is something that is happening across the board. Because of this crisis, the groundwork has been laid for a learning system that will significantly impact the future.

Similarly, Rachit Agrawal, Co-founder of AdmitKard, assists students by using an online platform that removes all of the difficulties associated with the traditional admissions process. AdmitKard is a service that gives students the assistance they need to apply to courses or institutions located in other countries.

AdmitKard is a Socio-Tech platform that assists students throughout their educational journey, from admission to migration.

13. C.S. Ankit Tiwari

Educational Influencer - C.S. Ankit Tiwari

A proverb from Hindu mythology that has been around for a long time and is considered to be of epic proportions asks, “When My Teacher is standing with The God, whom shall I greet first?” Without a shadow of a doubt, it will be the Teacher; after all, he was the one who initially made me aware of the significance of God!’

This bonding has kept its gravity throughout the ages without even being tainted a tad due to the changing tides of time. Such has been the timeless beauty of the student-teacher relationship in our times that this bonding has maintained its gravity for ages.

Regarding online education, education influencers have recently emerged as the new “it” thing. They have devoured various methods for delivering education in a significantly less complicated way than traditional methods.

C.S. Ankit Tiwari, Co-Founder of, is an example of this type of Influencer. As far as his professional journey is concerned, he began his career with Satin Creditcare Network Limited, which corresponds to the fact that he qualifies as Company Secretary. His most recent company was Satya MicroCapital Limited, where he was a compliance officer and a company secretary.

The fact that I come from a relatively small town with few education opportunities was a source of motivation for me. In the early stages of his professional life, he encountered many of the same challenges that many other students do today, and he desired to build a resource that could assist these students. The inspiration for “Lecture Dekho” came from his own experiences as a student and from all the challenges he encountered during his time in school.

LectureDekho is an education technology company that focuses on schooling. One of the most important things about them is that they are the country’s most reasonably priced education technology company. Through their mobile app, which can be downloaded from the Play Store and is known as LectureDekho- Inspires Learning, they offer students access to high-quality content at prices that are among the most competitive in the industry.

As an educational company, they use technology as their primary tool for instructing and communicating with thousands of student customers. “Sometimes, it makes him wonder how much he has changed in the past 20 years. Regarding social media, Mr Tiwari said, “He will indeed love to say that it’s like those added chocolate chips on a chocolate cake, without which none of us could survive.”

14. Hiral Sejpal

Educational Influencer - Hiral Sejpal

Hiral is the person who can provide you with all the answers to your questions about what to do after school. 

She not only discusses the many different career paths that students can pursue, but she also discusses how one goes about getting into the college of one’s choice.

15. Piyush

Have you ever entertained the idea of pursuing a degree and working in one of the life science fields? If this is the case, Piyush is available to provide you with all of the information that you require at this time. His varied content covers every facet of education in this field, including the countries you can study, the cost of living, and various other topics.

These educators on Instagram are working professionals, teachers, and students living in an alien world while attempting to assist other Indians in achieving their goals of having a future in the nation of their choice. Instagram provides users with the ability to gain access to all of the information that they require. You need to follow these people who have a lot of influence in the education world on Instagram, and they will help you out.

16. Palak

Getting accepted to a school in another country is not the only challenge of studying there. You have successfully overcome the very first obstacle at this point. 

Moving on means taking on the responsibilities of living independently, such as finding a part-time job and sending money back to your family. If you follow Palak, you will learn not only about the process of gaining entry to the prestigious college but also about how to proceed after you have been accepted.


Education influencers in India are growing in number and influence. They are important in promoting education and awareness about various educational topics. 

Many have a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram. Education influencers in India are having a positive impact on the country’s education system, a big shout to the technological advancements millions of students get the required information on time not having to look elsewhere. They are bringing about awareness and knowledge about various educational topics. 

If you would like to stay updated on all the latest technology updates check out the blog to get all the tech knowledge.

They are also motivating and inspiring people to pursue their educational goals. These influencers play an important role in promoting education in India.

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