Dos and Don'ts of Interview

20 Do’s And Don’ts of Interviews You Need To Know in 2023

A job interview might be packed with nervousness and excessive worry. But guess what, it is not rocket science to crack an interview. Hence, we understood the need for the 20 dos and don'ts of interview you need to know in 2023.

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After the Covid-19 pandemic turned into an epidemic, people all around the globe accepted the fact that we all have to go on living with this virus, but with certain safety protocols and measures.

Due to this, businesses, offices, and other operations once again began and reputed brands and companies have now started recruiting new employees and have started conducting interviews keeping in mind the dos and don’ts of interviews.

In order to crack any job interview; there are many dos and don’ts in interviews, and one has to be thorough with everything that goes around in the realm of the work environment.

You need to know the Average Salary for the role you are applying for.

Dos and Don'ts of Interview

One cannot afford to act and behave the same way he or she does at home or with friends. There is always a particular behavior and specific personality that one has to adopt and nourish.

Long gone are the days when people were given jobs according to their degrees and qualification. Moreover knowledge or experience, interviewers tend to observe your overall personality and mental approach toward things.

Even if you do not possess the required degree or experience, but you do have an adaptive and spontaneous nature, you are fit to go. 

In order to enhance and polish you for your upcoming interview, we have carefully shortlisted 20 Dos And Don’ts in interviews you need to know in detail. But before moving, let us first take a look at a few interesting facts and statistics about jobs and interviews.

“Do not be afraid to take a big step. You cannot cross a chasm in two small jumps.”

David Lloyd George

Interesting Facts And Statistics About Job Interviews

Note that the below statistics are derived from trusted sources like Statista, Databox, Ahrefs, Shopify, IMB, Indeed, Glass Door, Forbes, and CNBC.

  • Job satisfaction is at 60 percent as of 2022.
  • To evaluate soft skills, behavioral questions are used by 75 percent of recruiters. (Source: whattobecome)
  • 83 percent of recruiting managers use virtual interviews. (Source: Brazen)
  • 76 percent of recruiters reject applicants who come across as haughty.
  • Since 2011, online job interviews have grown in popularity by 49 percent
  • For the top-performing industries, the interview-to-hiring conversion rate is 13–17 percent
  • Within 24 hours of getting an invite, 84 percent of candidates arrange an interview.
  • The time between the first interview and the job offer is typically 24 business days.
  • Six times faster than phone interviews are video interviews.
  • Before receiving a job offer, there are often 2-3 interviews.
  • In the recruiting process, video interviews are utilized or have been used by 60 percent of hiring managers.
  • A face-to-face interview lasts 45 to 90 minutes.
  • By 2025, Millennials and Generation Z will account for 75 percent of the world’s workforce. (Source: Forbes)
  • The time between the initial interview and the job offer is typically 24 business days.
  • In 2022, there were 10.1 million job opportunities in the US.
  • The interview process takes up around two-thirds of the time that recruiters spend on hiring.
  • Five times more likely to hire candidates who have been referred.
  • 40 percent of interviewers don’t move a candidate past the first round of the interview due to a lack of confidence throughout the interview.
  • The lack of qualified individuals to fill unfilled positions is cited as the main issue by 63 percent of recruiters.
  • To decide whether to hire an applicant, recruiters require roughly 90 seconds.
  • Three interviews provide the best applicant, according to 51 percent of recruiters.
  • 39 percent of the applicants make a poor first impression because of their lack of smiles, poor vocal quality, or general lack of confidence.
  • The majority (91 percent) of employers, according to the most recent interview data, demand that candidates know their salaries in advance of the interview.
  • Making eye contact is important to creating a positive impression, according to 67 percent of recruiters.
  • Employers would not consider an applicant 41 percent of the time if they did not have a social media account.
  • 71 percent of companies said they won’t hire someone who doesn’t dress appropriately.
  • According to 92 percent of applicants, practicing for the mock interview is essential.
  • A startling 40 percent of applicants fabricate their resumes.
  • The average interview pass percentage should be between 30 and 50 percent
  • 9.92 percent of businesses search for candidates on social networking sites.

Are these facts and stats interesting to know? Well, yes! They are. Keeping the context and overview and mind, let us know dive into the 20 Dos And Don’ts in Interviews You Need To Know!

Let’s go!

The Dos of Interview

1. First And Foremost, BE ON TIME!

You must have definitely come across this statement before – “The first impression is the last impression“. Whenever it comes to working from the office, it is a prerequisite to be on time with other workmates.

If someone is seen being late to work too many times in a row, they are risking their image of being responsible towards work and responsibilities.

Be on Time Dos of Job Interview
Dos and Don’ts in Interview – Be on Time

In order to bring out a positive and responsible aura, it is necessary to be on time. Rather it is always better to be present at their doorstep before time as that simply suggests one is keenly interested in becoming a part of the job/army. 

2. Nervousness Is Inevitable, But Confidence Is In Your Hand

As human beings, it is obvious that one will no doubt face anxiety and nervousness during or before the interview. Even if one has been through several interviews before, a little or more anxiety is normal and understood. 

In such cases, it is important to know that fact that the particular interview is not the last interview of your life, and also the fact that there are several more opportunities waiting for you ahead. At the time of the interview day, make sure to breathe in deeply and trust your capabilities.

Dos and Don’ts in Interview – Be Confident

Make utmost sure that you are not over-confident about your experiences and that you are positive about whatever you have to offer in your platter.

In many cases, moreover one’s confidence and achievements, honesty plays a significant role in recruitment. If you are seen as honest and genuine about yourself, consider you are 50% accepted by the work family.

3. Dress Up As How It Is Expected

Interviews are seen as more professional than we think they are. As stated before, your first presence(impression) will stay in the mind of your recruiter forever; nonetheless, whether you are appointed as an employee or not. 

In most of the interviews, the dress code will be surely mentioned along with the date, time, and address. Be sure to wear the same clothes as you are expected to wear. Iron your clothes to look as clean as possible. Groom yourself properly and spray a decent-smelling perfume. 

Dos and Don'ts of Interview Dress Up
Dos and Don’ts in Interview – Dress Up

Even though your interview is scheduled on time or over a zoom call, make sure you sit in a place that looks neat and tidy. Brush your hair and look fresh. Avoid any unnecessary disturbance and maintain a good internet connection.

4. Master The Art Of Learning, Unlearning, And Relearning

In today’s world filled with new technologies, modern approaches to working, and updated techniques, one has to know how quickly to learn something that he or she has been asked to learn, unlearn what’s obsolete and not useful or effective anymore, and relearn what necessary and important.

The world today belongs to people and professionals who are quick to adapt. For example, let us consider the dissemination of digital marketing and its new techniques of promoting and advertising.

Learn, Unlearn and Relearn Dos and don'ts of Job Interview
Dos and Don’ts of Interview – Learn, Unlearn, Relearn

If you see the business sector as a whole, there are brands that have already adopted new digital ways of reaching out to the world and their intended audiences. 

But, at the very same time, there are businesses that are still incorporating digital marketing and are still learning how the algorithm works. This, in return, can hamper the growth and profits profoundly. Hence it is highly crucial to relearn everything that is new to the market.

5. Prepare Your Subject Well In Advance

Whatever sector you are getting into, be it banking, IT, agriculture, or even medicine. Make sure you have done your background revision, and you have an idea about what the company is and what it has done and accomplished in the past few years.

If your interviewer knows the fact that you have studied the background of the company and you have prepared all the ‘obvious’ questions that are going to be asked, you are profoundly putting up a positive image and charisma. 

Prepare in Advance Dos and Don'ts of interview
Dos and Don’ts of Interview – Prepare in Advance

It is all about making the other person feel fascinated and important about you. It is necessary to let the recruiter know why it is beneficial for them to have you in their work environment. Be sure not to over-prepare and overstate the facts and knowledge that is not asked or which is not relevant.

6. Explain Your Accomplishments With Modestly

We all have definitely done and accomplished tasks that we are proud of. While talking regarding your previous experiences and ventures, make utmost sure you do not over-talk or take pride in what you have done before.

Modesty is the key to maintaining dignity and respect. One has to maintain their foot on the ground and not fly with whatever one has done in the past.

The past is gone, the whole reason why anybody will recruit you is that you will gain something fruitful and benefit them in the future. 

Explain Yourself modestly dos and don'ts of interview
Dos and Don’ts of Interview – Explain your Accomplishments

Your past is what you could do back then, your future is what you will prove. Speak with gentle care.

7. Be Open About Your Weaknesses

Yes, it is necessary to be open about your weaknesses. Do not simply go on Google and type “What are your weaknesses” for interviews. For that matter, don’t ever search “interview questions” on the Internet as your recruiter knows all the answers on the Internet well in advance.

Open to weakness dos of interview
Dos and Don’ts of Interview – Open to Weakness

Every recruiter is looking for genuine employees and personalities in their work environment. If you are open about your weaknesses, you are creating an image of being loyal and open about both your weakness and strength. 

Speak it out openly. By doing so, you are making it easier for the recruiter to understand yourself and how much you can handle.

8. Do Ask Your Queries and Questions.

Not every detail about the company will be mentioned on the Internet for your reference. Once the interview is coming to an end, recruiters, in most cases, will ask if you have any questions or queries to ask and know.

Be open and do not hesitate to ask whatever is on your mind. Clear all the doubts for your own clarity of mind. Create your questions into a conversation-like shape and let the recruiter talk more about the company and the company’s achievements.

Ask your queries - Dos and don'ts of Interview
Dos and Don’ts in Interview – Ask your queries

It is not only the company that will be benefited from your contributions but also you as an employee. Learn how working in the company will add respect to your resume.

Furthermore, attempting to learn more about the company and asking questions will also prove that you are equally interested in working with them.

9. Make Sure You Have An Updated/Authentic Resume And Portfolio.

In recent times, it has been seen that candidates have not been updating their portfolios and resumes at the time of the interview. Moreover, candidates have been seen faking their experiences and achievements.

Again, remember the fact that the recruiter has the eye to catch what is not authentic. Make sure to update your resume and portfolio on a timely basis. Do enter what you have done in the past and make sure you have all the knowledge about whatever is mentioned in your resume.

Dos of interview Updated Resume
Dos and Don’ts in Interview – Updated Resume

10. Smile, Smile, And Smile!

Trust us on this, a vibrant and positive smile can take over anybody’s attention and perspective about you and your whole personality. As Mother Teresa said – We all shall never know all the good that a smile can do. 

Everybody wants a happy and peaceful environment at work. Everybody wants everybody to smile. The ability to maintain a smile also suggests that one can easily handle hardships and can accomplish tasks stress-free.

Smile, Smile, Smile Dos of job interview
Dos and Don’ts in Interview – Smile, Smile, and Smile!

Now that we have understood the Dos, let us now take our attention to the don’ts of job interviews.

The Don’ts of Interviews

1. Primarily, DONT BE LATE!

This is in contrast to the very first point on this list. On the day of the interview, do not be late at all. Always remember the fact that your recruiter will be somebody who will be highly alert about your tiniest move and will observe you in and out. 

Make utmost sure that you are leaving from home beforehand and reaching as early as possible. In case of any sudden emergencies, do not simply leave a text message, give a direct call to the HR or any other subordinate regarding the emergency and apologize heartily.

Don't be Late - Dos and Don'ts of Interview
Dos and Don’ts in Interview – Don’t be Late

It is always advised not to be late at the time of an interview because being on time shows the person is irresponsible and unaccountable. Even if the interview is to be taken place over the zoom call, be sure you connect to the link 10-12 minutes before.

2. Don’t Over-Talk Or Over Explain

Interviews are meant to be precise and concise. Most of the things are going around in an interview are rather self-understood than explained. While you are sitting in front of your recruiter, do not over-speak or over-emphasize a conversation or topic too long.

Dos and donts of interview Don't Overtalk
Dos and Don’ts in Interview – Don’t Overtalk or Over Explain

Over-talking and over-explaining can be seen as a sign of overconfidence and can result in creating an image of a narcissist. Be sure that you are on point and explain only when it is asked to. Your resume is everything that will say about yourself. The resume has crucial details your recruiter wants to know.

Be concise with your replies, and make sure you are not wasting the recruiter’s time and energy.

3. Don’t Look Clumsy Or Tired

In order to crack any interview, one must profoundly look enthusiastic and energetic. Do not wear pale-colored attire, and avoid looking too stylish. 

There is always a basic code – of – conduct to be followed whenever it comes to dressing for an interview. Try to dress formally as much as possible. Do not try to look modern or change the code of conduct voluntarily. Research the company’s profile and take a look at its staff and employees. Understand their attire and dress up accordingly.

Don't be clumsy or tired - Dos and Don'ts of Interview
Dos and Don’ts in Interview – Don’t be Clumsy or Tired

4. Don’t Talk About Your Personal Life

Yes, kindly avoid talking about what has happened in your personal life in the past or what’s going on in the present. It is crucial to understand the fact the recruiter is not a friend who can listen and hear all our stories and struggles.

Dos and Don'ts of Interview Personal life
Dos and Don’ts in Interview – Personal Life

While sitting with your recruiter, don’t mention your personal whereabouts and details until specifically asked. It is necessary for you as a person to create a little curiosity and eagerness in your recruiter’s mind. If you speak more than what is asked, you might start boring your recruiter already.

Be calm, understand why your recruiter would ask the particular question, and respond accordingly.

5. Don’t Make Use Of Gadget And Devices

An interview is a meeting thoroughly organized to understand the person seeking of the job position. If one is getting distracted by smartphones and tablets, he or she is simply looking unprofessional.

While the interview is taking place, sit straight with your back up and maintain a confident posture. Try not to lose eye contact. Do not just keep staring at the recruiter but make them know that you have a stable presence of mind. 

Dont use gadgets - Dos and donts of interview
Dos and Don’ts in Interview – Don’t use Gadgets

Most people today are profoundly distracted by just a notification noise. Decades after decades, the attention span of humans has been decreasing even when compared to a goldfish. Keep your gadgets on silent, even if there is a long pause in the conversation, do not get your phone out of your pocket to have a look. Be present and be mindful.

6. Do Not Stress Upon The Salary

This must be a self-understood point. Whenever the interview is taking place, do not get the salary topic out. As an employee, you are paid considering your experience and how better you can perform for the company.

During the interview, be totally into the conversation going on between you and the recruiter. Talk about your experience and wisdom honestly, and do not be overwhelmed by your own past. While talking, make sure you explain your worth so that the recruiters feel you should be compensated more than your previous job.

Dont stress on salary - Dos and don'ts of interview
Dos and Don’ts in Interview – Don’t Stress on Salary

Even if they ask you about your expectation, do not quote very higher than your previous salary, as per your experience and the job position you are applying for, ask for what is fair for you and what will be fair to your contributions to the company.

7. Don’t Try To Be Funny Or Sarcastic

Do not crack jokes or laugh out loud during or after an interview. It’s a formal meeting that is supposed to take place and end professionally.

If the recruiter is humorous, it is okay to have a couple of small laughs in order to acknowledge the humor going on at the specific moment. Be open about yourself and answer only what is asked for. Anything that is extra during an interview is seen as negative.

Dos and Don’ts in Interview – Don’t be Funny or Sarcastic

8. Don’t Chew Gum Or Eat

The interview is meant to tell about all you really are as a person and as an employee. Do not chew gum or eat anything while the interview is taking place.

As stated before, you are interviewed so that the recruiter knows how better you can fit in the organization, hence creating a robust image and personality at the very first will be highly beneficial.

9. Don’t Rule The Conversation

Interviews are basically for recruiters. The recruiters are the king of the conversation, do not try to take that away from them.

As somebody who wants to become an employee in the company, be gentle with your replies and responses and let the recruiter lead the conversation. Be mindful of what they are expecting you to answer, and listen to their questions carefully. Let them start the conversation and let them end. 

10. Don’t Assume Or Foresee

An interview is a meeting of honesty and clarity. As an interview candidate, do not predict or assume what your recruiter is going to ask or what your recruiter is thinking.

Any act of smartness and overconfidence (as stated before) is lethal for your job opportunity. Sitting right in front of your recruiter, go with a smooth flow, and follow the topics and questions raised by your recruiters.

Dos and Don’ts in Interview – Don’t Assume

Quick Breif on the Dos and Don’ts of Interview

Interview DosInterview Don’ts
Do research the company and the role before the interview.Don’t be late for the interview.
Do dress professionally for the interview.Don’t dress inappropriately for the interview.
Do arrive early for the interview to allow for unexpected events.Don’t be negative about your current or previous employers.
Do make eye contact and smile during the interview.Don’t interrupt the interviewer when they’re speaking.
Do answer questions honestly and succinctly.Don’t lie during the interview.
Do ask questions about the company and the role.Don’t be overly aggressive in asking for a higher salary or benefits.
Do express your enthusiasm for the role and the company.Don’t seem disinterested in the position or the company.
Do prepare for common interview questions and practice your answers.Don’t be afraid to take a moment to think before answering a question.

Some Interview Questions and Answers for Different Job Positions

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Even if it is a walk-in interview or a zoom call, don’t take the interview lightly. The interview is your best chance to grab the opportunity. Be transparent and clear about yourself and your experiences.

As stated before, The days of hiring someone based on their educational background and qualifications are long gone. In addition to expertise or experience, interviewers also focus on your general demeanor and way of thinking. If you are adaptable and spontaneous, even if you lack the necessary education or experience, you can still have the job of your dreams.

We hope this article has been beneficial for you. What job are you applying for? Do let us know in the comments section below.

All the very best!

Frequently Asked Questions on Dos and Don’ts of Interview

Q1. What are the do’s and don’ts of interviews?

Ans. First impressions are everything.
The best way to make a good impression is to be prepared.
It’s best to arrive early for an interview.
Just be yourself!

Q2. What are the golden rules of the interview?

Ans. Research the company and the interviewer. That way you know what they do and you’ll have something interesting to talk about.
It’s not about showing off but making a connection. The best way to do that is to just be yourself.
It’s better to show your personality rather than try to be too professional.

Q3. What is the best way to impress your interviewer?

Ans. Be punctual. Be prepared (read the job description, do online research on the company, and dress professionally). Show your enthusiasm for the position and the company. Ask questions to show that you are genuinely interested in the position and company.

Q4. What are 3 interview tips?

Ans. Practice with a friend interviewing you. Come up with good questions to ask the interviewer. Dress professionally (think about your company’s business culture).

Q5. What are 4 things you should do during an interview?

Ans. Show up early and shake hands.
Remember your manners.
Have a good reason why you want to work at that company.
Dress up.

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