Do Social Signals Impact Google Ranking: An SEO Perspective.

No website can stand without a strong backbone. And that backbone is technical SEO. 

                                                                                                   – Neil Patel

Google is where we turn to for anything that we want. Google has become that well-wisher we seek assistance from. Given that it is expected that businesses and entrepreneurs are willing to establish an online presence for themselves.  

Carrying out an online business requires certain entities. The primary one being the content that you want to effectively deliver to the targeted audience. The important secondary thing is trying your best to make your content reach the targeted audience through SEO. 

SEO has become the primary need for doing any business online or even giving the traditional business an online presence. With the availability of fast speed internet, there is no scarcity in the availability of content that different websites offer. Along with it is the search engine optimization that works it’s best to target the niche audience driving traffic to the website.

How does SEO work? 

Let us put it forward as simple and straightforward as possible. SEO tries to understand the Google algorithm and search engine behaviour and drives traffic to websites. 

During the 1990 and the early 2000s, submitting the address and URL of the website to webmasters was sufficient enough to make the website link crawl to the top. 

Later in 1997, SEO was initially mentioned and was put into use. Search engine optimization more or less revolves around using the keywords in the content which would be the high-density keywords that the targeted audience would use to search for information on the content they want. They all work on image search, video search and generalized searches.

SEO helps a great deal in making many business websites rank at the top of a search. 

But, Is using a google keyword ranking high is all that is necessary to make websites rank at the top? 

Then, anyone could simply pitch in a few keywords to improve the visibility for their page. 

There are many factors like backlinks, signal rank brain, well-coded website, social signals and much more. 

Social media impact on SEO

Social signals are one of the most prominent and talked-about concepts with regard to google ranking in recent times.  Social signals merely boil out from social media. 

Social media has become a hub of information and a platform for many businesses. More than using social media for communication and enlarging the social circle, social media platforms are slowly turning into a hub of businesses.

 And in that way, people are becoming more aware of brands and businesses. Social media has become an effectual space for businesses to reach a wider audience with a minimal amount of effort and energy compared to the other ways of digital marketing. 

Not long before, social media alone can become the sole runner for doing a business. Already many small scale businesses are largely dependent on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook to carry out marketing and even pitching their products to their clients. 

Many businesses are using social media effectively to build up and sustain their business. 

Influencer marketing is one of the most known ways of marketing a business on social media sites. 

But what if I told you that, businesses could simply make use of social media engagement to increase their visibility and drive more traffic. 

Yes, that’s right. Social media engagement can have an impact on Google ranking, and social media impact on SEO exists. 

So, to directly answer the question of Do social signals really impact google ranking?

Yes, social media impact on SEO and social signal’s impact on Google ranking does exist to a certain extent, and there are researches to prove it. 

So what exactly are social signals?

Social signals are the metrics of the engagement on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, medium and much more. 

Social signals are social engagement like the likes, shares, views, votes, saving the post and much more. 

Search engine optimized content does increase the visibility and work on the google ranking.

But if that was the sole reason for businesses and influencers could simply optimize their website to increase page visibility. 

And businesses are making a smart way out by increasing their concentration on their social media pages. 

So how exactly do social signals impact google ranking? 

1. Social signal and google ranking are positively correlated and are bidirectional

Social signals largely depend on the engagement of social media posts and profiles. 

In research conducted by CogntiveSeo, It was found that there was a positive correlation between social media engagement and google ranking. 

The cross-comparison was run between three thousand posts or content and thirty-four thousand keywords that have a good google ranking position between one to ten. 

Let us look at a few notable findings derived out of the research. 

  • A Google+ business page ranking went up by 14.63% after the site received 100+ google followers. 
  • Another notable site received three google votes, and their ranking went up by 9.44%
  • With just 70 Facebook shares and 50 Facebook likes, the ranking went high by 6.9% 
  • It is to be noted that with just 50 tweets, a website’s rank went up 2.88% more. 

The research also mentioned that the correlation between social signals and social engagement on google ranking was positively prevalent. But that couldn’t be stated as causation in itself. 

A correlation is generally bidirectional and if social signals increase the google ranking or generally website with higher google ranking has more engagement is not known clearly. 

Although social signals do not work directly on Google ranking, they boost up the factors of Google ranking. 

2. Integration of social signals as ranking signals 

The ranking of the search engine result pages (SERP) can go up and affect the Google ranking with the help of social signals, and how does that actually happen?

Social signals are basically a pretext and notification of the fact that people are noticing the brand and products and there’s a talk involved around it. The social signals are calculated as ranking signals by the search engines, which makes the SERP ranking go up. 

3. Did you know that the traffic of the website also has a positive impact on google ranking? 

The notable reason for the impact of social signals on Google ranking could be using social sharing plugins that are linked in websites and link-up of websites on social media sites.  

Providing a link to social media accounts on websites and linking up blog posts through a swipe up option in stories is something we are quite familiar with Facebook and Instagram

Clubbing up links in quora and Reddit posts are another way of increasing the visibility and driving traffic. 

Through linking website content on social media through this way, the content visibility is more, and it is also easier for the followers to share the content with others. There is an easier and higher traffic generation to the website by affiliating the blog through social media. 

Website traffic is found to improve search engine optimization and plays a role in affecting the google ranking. 

So, to be precise, affiliating the website content to the social media paves the way in driving the traffic to the website and the higher the traffic, the higher the Google ranking. 

Thus, not directly but indirectly, social signals have an impact on google ranking. 

4.Generation of Inbound links 

Hyperlinks work wonders here. When someone links up content from your website to another site or shares it, inbound links are created.

Inbound links and backlinks are undeniably a good factor in improving SEO and google ranking. 

Social sharing and social signals help in generating inbound links and increasing the Google ranking. 

5. Bing uses social signals as a ranking tool

To those of you who don’t know Bing, it is another platform like google in which almost 24% of the internet searches are carried out. Bing has openly accepted to have used social signals like shares and likes in determining the websites ranking to some extent. 

Likewise, social signals are also shown to play a role in google ranking as well but in an indirect way. The more the content gets shared, the higher the ranking. 

6. Click baits and Dwell time 

Placing click baits are undoubtedly the guilty pleasures of doing an online business. Using click bait with catchy titles on social media platforms can lead to visitor’s traffic, and from there, dwelling time on the content can be calculated. 

Dwell times is nothing but the user’s average time spent on the website. Dwell times does have a significant impact on SEO and ranking of the page

Dwell time is one of the most critical ranking factors that google ranking takes into account. 

The higher the dwell time, the higher the ranking and vice versa. 

How can you increase the social signals to your business? 

1.Build a strong follower base and work towards increasing the engagement in your profile.

2.Encourage your followers to indulge in social sharing and to share your content.

3.Link up your social media and business website and make use of the social plugins. 

4.Post as per the follower’s activity time. Most of the social media sites have an insight of their follower’s activity time, make use of that and increase the visibility of your content among the followers. 

5. Instead of focusing on just one social media platform, try to provide content on multiple platforms and improve social signals. It would be advantageous to have one or two central social media platforms with significant focus and have numerous other platforms with minimal focus. 

6.Place click baits and increase the quality of the content to increase the dwell time. 

Social media platforms are a more manageable, and unpaid way of increasing the reach of the business among the varied class of prospective clients. Social signals from social media platforms are undeniably the easiest and effective way for boosting the google ranking of the website.

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