Diwali Celebration Came Early at Digital Scholar

November 13, 2019

Digital Scholars celebrated Diwali with roof-shattering fun on 20th October. The theme of the day was ‘Sparkle & Dazzle’, and the agenda was- Talent shows + mind-boggling fun + exciting activities. 

Here’s a sneak peek into the craziest day at Digital Scholar. 

The invite
said, ‘Sparkle & Dazzle’. All our Digital Scholars came dapper, dressed in
themed outfits. Digital Scholars have been divided into teams since their
orientation section—each team is an agency. They work together; they practise
together and grow together. For two of the competitions, the agencies went up
against each other.

This is where the craziness started-
Contest 1- Best-dressed team
Co-ordinated/themed outfits. On the day of the celebration, each agency styled according to a theme, and it was a blast. Where there are people who are shimmering all the way, there has to be a ‘best-dressed’ competition. Only this time it was the best-dressed team. The team who won the competition was treated to a makeover sesh at wink salon! Each one of them received a wink salon coupon for 1000rs.
Winners: Digital odyssey
Reason: ‘The shade of fire’- they showcased the colours of Diwali- red, yellow, grey, orange.

Contest 2- Adzap
Rule- Crazy-creative and original. 
This was also an agency competition. Adzap is a great way to get the creative juices
together—a team-builder in disguise. The product that they would be dissecting
was given to them on the 18th, i.e. two days before the competition. The teams
put on their thinking caps and left us all in awe with their out-of-the-box
thinking. The team that won was awarded exciting prizes.
Product: Magic Toothpaste 
Winners: Ping The tagline they came up with- Ping makes your teeth bling!
Winning –  elements- Proper props, excellent use of the stage, well-rehearsed and complete  team involvement. 
500/- cash prize for each member in the team

Contest 3- Talent show
Rule- Have fun.
All our fabulous Digital Scholars brought all the talent in the world, along with a lot
of fun. The pre-registered contestants danced, sang, performed and gave their
Winners: Disha Jain and Rushal Singh
Talent: Freestyle dancing
Prize: 500/- each

Round one ended with our Digital Scholars breaking the dance floor! Here’s awaiting round two…

Photo gallery of the day

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