Digital Scholar’s First Placement Day!

Yay! We are happy to announce the successful completion of the first placement drive that was held at Digital Scholar, on the 15th of November. Three new companies, in search of digital marketing professionals, participated in the drive.

Company 1: Fisto sports

Fisto Sports is an online sports magazine that serves a noble cause; it spots, features, and endorses talented athletes from all over India. There are on the spotlight for their pioneering efforts in gathering and managing digital sports content that is specific to schools and colleges.

Company 2: M-Tutor

M-Tutor is an online learning app that has an employee base of 300 science and technology enthusiasts. The company showed great growth potential for digital marketing hires.

Company 3: Big F Day

 Big F day is a popular and fast-growing event management company. It is a fun-filled place to work with a quirky group of employees and a lot of creativity.

16 enthusiastic Scholars came forward to attend their first round of interview as a digital marketer.
Before starting the placements, students went through the four-step process to become industry-ready.

  1. Mock interviews were conducted to familiarise the students with the interview pattern. Set of mock interview questions were given to the students to crack.
  2. Resume preparation was the next step in the process of getting the Scholars industry-ready. We assisted the students in creating a strategic video resume that is up to international standards. The same video resume was then converted into a ppt that was also presented by the students.
  3. Students were also taught how to generate brand audit reports and successful client pitching strategies.
  4. We also helped the students crack the most important certifications that the recruiters were looking for.

The Scholars were introduced to the companies and the job descriptions way before so that they had enough time to analyse and prepare for it. The day started with a bang-on orientation by Sorav Jain! He shared his insights on a different approach to situations that might arise during the interview. The first round of interview was conducted after the intro session by the companies.

We received great reviews from all three companies who loved our Scholars. It was a proud day for all of us at Digital Scholar. This drive was a perfect start to our placement program; there’s a lot more of it to come!


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