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A Digital Scholar's Student review on the digital marketing course. Let's have look at why she choose digital marketing as her career, how she got to know abut Digital Scholar, and how was her digital marketing journey at Digital Scholar.

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How do I begin this Digital Scholar review? Well, you may not believe it if I call this a lifetime opportunity, but it is!

Writing has always been my biggest passion. I started it as a hobby as a teenager; I used to write love quotes and love letters to my classmates and seniors in Telugu – Rs. 5 for each. I never knew that I would take it up as my profession one day. Then it happened. I started my writing career 13 years ago, as a content writer. I have been earning decently through freelance services. But there was that “something is missing” feeling all the time.

Why Digital Marketing?


I was a blogger too, back in the early 2000s, on Yahoo! 360. There was not much competition – thanks to limited bloggers and a huge following. Unfortunately, I lost my blog as Yahoo! shut down their services, and I didn’t take blogging back up. I really wanted to get back to blogging again. But I was afraid of the competition.

My biggest questions were which niche to choose, and how to manage my blog’s SEO.  To top it all, I was busy with my kids and occupied with an 8-hour work-from-home lifestyle. As my kids started going to school, I wanted to pursue SEO. I researched the web and realized SEO alone wouldn’t help me in today’s high competition.

Meanwhile, my best friend suggested that pursuing digital marketing from an expert would help me get back on track. 2 years ago, I started following Digital Deepak’s and Sorav Jain’s videos and blogs. I joined all the top Digital Marketing Forums.

Things were fine online, but the problem is I didn’t have anybody to clear my doubts right then and there. Google couldn’t help me with specific queries. I used to start with something and stop in the middle as there was no mentor to help me solve the issue. This cycle continued for a while.


I tweeted this on 5th September 2019, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day when I had no mentor. Today, I’ve got one. Feeling blessed!

Now you would be thinking about how I landed at Digital Scholar Institute for learning digital marketing, right?


Keep reading to know everything about my digital marketing Journey at Digital Scholar.

How Did I Get to Know About Digital Scholar?

1 year ago I moved to Chennai from Vizag. Back then, I didn’t know that Sorav too was from Chennai. From his name, I judged, he must be somewhere from Mumbai or Rajasthan.

Deepak Kanakaraju (another industry expert) announced classroom training in Bangalore and weekend classes. I contacted him, showing my interest to join the course. I was ready to travel from Chennai to Bangalore every weekend. I even went to Bangalore and attended the demo. I am not sure why but the course didn’t materialize.

I was very upset. As I started searching on Google for Best Digital Marketing Course in Chennai, I got to know about Digital Scholar. I just cannot express how happy I was when I looked at Sorav’s name there.


Digital Scholar is the Indias First Agency Based Learning Institute. Where you can learn digital marketing on Individuals bases as well as in agency style with the Industry expert trainers.

My Actual Journey at Digital Scholar

I attended the demo session, which was amazingly planned. I got answers to all my questions about Digital Marketing. I registered for the course just after the demo. They offered free books for on-the-spot registrants; two of Sorav Jain’s best sellers – 101 Content Marketing Tips on Social Media and Become A Brand.  Wonderful books. I’m done with the first one; and am halfway through Become A Brand, and I am loving it. It’s a must-read for all digital marketing enthusiasts.


“Become A Brand” by Sorav Jain – One of the Best Books I’ve Read! You must also try out if your interest in digital marketing or want to build your brand on ant of the digital platforms.

Let’s get back to the Digital Scholar review. I was eagerly waiting for the classes to start. As I reached Digital Scholar for the orientation, I was expecting a serious and typical classroom environment. To my surprise, things were way different there. The classroom was beautifully decorated as if we were attending a birthday party – full of balloons and décor. Sorav and other tutors welcomed us all with great applause.

It started with Sorav’s introduction, followed by Digital Scholar’s pledge (goosebumps whenever we recite it before starting every session!), an insight on digital marketing, a brief introduction to the course schedule and examinations, and some dance moves. We were divided into agencies, 5 to 6 persons per agency. We had to give a name and tagline to our agencies. Finally, we were given a case study to crack.


Digital Scholar Welcome Kit – Digital Agency Rules, Digital Scholar Pledge, Student ID, and a lot more!

Sorry, I think I am taking too much time (Can’t help it. Over excitement, you can see!). Now let me give you a quick summary of what I have learned so far (70% of sessions finished so far)…

As a Digital Scholar, I learned

How to choose my niche – I took years to decide which one to choose as I could write on any topic being a Content Writer for a long time. These guys helped me decide on my niche in just 20 minutes, and I am so connected with my niche right now.

  • Polishing social media profiles
  • How to set up hosting for free
  • Creating and setting up WordPress to make it a fully functional website
  • How to choose blog post titles
  • Creating compelling content
  • Composing and publishing blog posts
  • How to promote blog/website
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Keyword researching
  • Integrating and understanding Google Analytics

Started at zero. This is how my blogs are working!

  • Landing page – for business
  • Chatbot integration
  • Local SEO
  • Google Search Console
  • Using videos for branding
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) – Google Ads and more
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing) – Content ideas, engagement, and more
  • Facebook Messenger Marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Instagram marketing – branding
  • Linkedin networking – as an individual and as a business
  • Quora – for personal branding

Quora activity – an individual task by Digital Scholar

  • Twitter – profile polishing and marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Creating Business Manager, adding ad accounts in Business Manager
  • How to boost post
  • Creating different types of campaigns
  • Editing campaigns
  • Facebook Pixel
  • FB content guidelines
  • FB ads – targeting
  • Engagement and lead generation campaigns with full practical sessions

Our classroom – learning through activities, discussions, motivation, competition, real-time tasks, fun, and more.

As an individual, I learned

 The first thing I learned as a Digital Scholar is – Yes, I am awesome!

  • Self-motivation
  • Learning is a never-ending process
  • Consistency
  • Punctuality
  • Confidence
  • Learning is not just theory (a lot of practical sessions and tasks ahead. Be prepared for it. Full of fun though!)
  • Healthy competition
  • Public speaking – It has always been a nightmare for me. Now, I feel comfortable. I even started with video content posting on my Instagram. I am planning to move to YouTube soon. All the credit goes to Sorav.

A screenshot from one of my first videos

  • Scheduling tasks
  • Improvement is an ongoing process. Improve more, a little more, and a little more.
  • We all are skilled at something but need the right mentor to introduce our best to the world.
  • A real mentor helps you break all the industry myths, and shares the secrets of his success. Yes, Sorav falls into this category. He pretty much shares every detail of his branding and marketing strategies.
  • We were even spoon-fed on how to respond to messages, comments, and trolls.

As an agency, we

  • How to work as a team
  • How to handle challenges in a team

Instagram Activity – Team Task

  • Learned how to discover brand persona and audience persona
  • Cracked case studies
  • Cracked competitor’s metrics
  • Worked on real-time projects
  • Had site visits to the given business places

During a site visit to the client’s place for a team task

  • Learned branding through different social media platforms
  • Learned how to use Google Ads to get traffic to landing pages and websites

Contest – Adzap. Agency Task

  • Learned Facebook Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Learned how to convert leads to potential users

Yet to learn

  • Email marketing
  • Understanding agency culture, management, and leadership (Excited about this)

A Digital Scholar review would be incomplete without a special shoutout to its staff.

The Gems of Digital Scholar – Trainers

Sorav Jain – He is the biggest asset of the institute. He took more sessions than expected. The best thing about him is when another trainer is taking the class, if he is around, he tunes in and shares insights and tips on the ongoing topic once the actual class is completed. A lot of knowledge-sharing happens at this time. It’s a great privilege for all of us, the Digital Scholars, to get trained by one of India’s top digital marketing experts. Thank you Sorav!

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain – A Real Mentor

  • Other Trainers – All the trainers are well-versed and thoroughly trained. My all-time favorite is Karthik. Maybe because, SEO has been my dream subject and he taught it in a step-by-step, easy-to-remember, and easy-to-follow way. They teach you from the basics of the topic to the expert level (even a layman will connect to the topic from the beginning), bring in some activities and case studies to help you understand the concept, and offer help on how to use it in your niche, give you loads of homework, and evaluate your tasks.
  • Thank you, Ashutosh, Rishi, Charu, Ruchi, Ashini, and Thanveer for your valuable training in the respective topics. You guys rock – I love the way you responded to our doubts and technical queries even after you were done with your sessions. You all will be remembered, forever!
  • Thank you Samhitha, the course co-ordinator; you have been responding so promptly to all our needs and queries. At times, we ate your head, so sorry about that!

Special thanks to Nikhil Pradeep too, who took the demo class. You told me that you would be taking the last session of the course; eagerly waiting to see you in the classroom.


Digital Scholars – The Family

Other Highlights

Digital Scholar does a lot more things which no other institute does.

Placement at Digital Scholar

  • We students had a photo shoot to have the pictures uploaded to our social media profiles
  • Weekly zoom calls – for clearing doubts from the last session
  • We have got a lot of paper handouts from each and every session that I am sure no other institute is giving.
  • Job placement assistance – interview training, mock interview, and campus placements

Placement Support – Interview Time

Events at Digital Scholar

  • WhatsApp group for reminders, information sharing, and updates from Digital Scholar
  • Separate WhatsApp group for job placement assistance
  • Time-to-time evaluations
  • Fun-filled tasks and contests
  • Surprise gifts
  • Celebrations

Diwali Special at Digital Scholar

  • Guest Lecture by Abhishek Shah, on “Discover The Creative Brand in You”. It was full of fun and knowledge. The session helped all of us to discover our true self-potential. Thank you Digital Scholar for taking the effort to arrange such a brilliant guest lecture!

Guest Lecture by Abishek Shah

My Final Words

I am already following 50% of what I learned in the class. Feeling great and satisfied with the results I am finding on my social media, blog, and campaigns. Yet to implement more; time constraints. Being in my late 30s, busy with two kids and an 8-hour workday, house chores, and other responsibilities, if I am able to pursue this course to do something big in my life, you can do it much more better, I’m sure. 🙂

Digital Scholar’s digital marketing course in Chennai is starting its next batch from 26th May, 2024. You can grab the course at the earliest on the offer price if you are interested in learning digital marketing or building your brand.

There is already a lot of traffic coming to my blog. You can find my blog at I am getting a high number of enquiries through the chatbot installed there. Started a new and fresh Instagram profile recently, dedicated to my blog, there is huge engagement going on there too. My personal Insta profile is @mrs_persistent_. Facebook and Linkedin as well are going great. Yet to start with my Twitter. I am sure it will work more brilliantly for my niche!

Overall, what I can say is, that there are many online courses available for free, but no mentorship. There are many digital marketing institutes too, but either the curricula are not up to the mark or there are no real-time projects. Most importantly they are all digital marketers, not industry experts or influencers.

From my heart, I can say I have learned 5 times worth the money I spent on this course. If you want to learn digital marketing, choose any institute; but if you want to master it and be industry-ready, choose Digital Scholar. I am sure you would say the same to others too once you start pursuing the course here.

That wraps up my Digital Scholar review!


If it was just writing, should have done it long back. But now, I did everything including booking the domain and hosting it, installing WordPress and the necessary plugins, working on keywords and SEO, creating blog posts and publishing them, bringing in traffic, integrating chatbots, and marketing across Google and all social media channels, and converting the leads into potential clients. I have started earning too through consulting services. All thanks to Digital Scholar!

Thanks for Reading…. I am a Digital Scholar, and I am awesome!

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Digital Scholar is a premier agency-styled digital marketing institute in India. Which offers an online digital marketing course and a free digital marketing course worldwide to elevate their digital skills and become industry experts. Digital Scholar is headed by Sorav Jain and co-founder Rishi Jain, who are pioneers in the field of digital marketing. Digital Scholar’s blogs touch upon numerous aspects of digital marketing and help you get intensive ideas of different domains of digital marketing.

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