Digital Scholar Guest Lecture by Abhishek D Shah

Digital Scholar’s Very First Guest Lecture by Abhishek D Shah

Here is an out brief about digital scholar's first-ever guest lecture by Abhishek D Shah. Let's see what kind of insights he shared with the digital scholar's students.

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A High Dose of Positivity and a Mountain of Insights!

We are so excited to share about the first guest lecture of Digital Scholar by one of the most creative advertisers in the digital marketing industry, Abhishek D Shah.

The session was titled “Discover the Creative Brand in You.” Held on – 20th October; between – 2 pm to 5 pm  Attended by – 80 amazing Digital Scholars.

Discover The Creative Brand in You - Abhishek d Shah
Guest Lecture by Abhishek D Shah

Abhishek is a leading marketer, an investor, an actor, and an evangelist for animal welfare. He is the brains behind bepositive24, electronic media, press, an outdoor and corporate film advertising agency that has worked with top brands in the city such as Sathyam Cinemas, Larsen and Turbo, Influence, Vijay Shanthi builders, style one, diva, Fomra among others. He is a true legend in the field of Advertising and a very close ally of our founder, Sorav Jain.

Here’s a run-down of the events; 

Session 1:

The Icebreaker –

The icebreaker that he had planned came as a pleasant surprise as the entire bunch of 80 attendees were asked to connect with each other within 25 minutes or so literally. The twist here was that they were asked to connect on different Social media platforms.

Check out this video

Session 2:

Importance of brand guidelines –

An exciting activity to illustrate the importance of brand elements. He showed the group a slide that had the logos of nearly 200 brands. After a minute, the attendees were asked to recall the brands that were shown and the elements that they found to be captivating.

Session 3:

Know who you are, to become a brand –

This part of the lecture was to emphasize two things- who you are; who you want to be as a brand. The group was asked to start writing with the words ‘I am’ and continue for 25 minutes.

Session 4:

Keywords and their role in branding –

This was a pair activity. Individuals were asked to describe themselves and their pair in 5 words. Then they had to exchange the description to know how accurate they were about the other person. This activity established that it is important for a brand to associate with a few simple keywords to position itself among the audience.

Session 5:

Form a brand’s story –

This was a group activity. Students were asked to form groups of 6, and each of them was told to draw something and pass it on to the next person. The sheet with the drawings was then used to come up with a perfect brand story. This activity iterated the fact that branding is all about sharing the right stories with your audiences.


The short:

Build values are to be defined once and only once. The defined values are to be maintained by the brand forever! Even if the brand decides to widen its branches, the brand values alone should be adopted throughout.

The students at Digital Scholar especially appreciated the insider insights that Abishek offered and are eagerly anticipating the next lecture.


All-in-all it was a power-packed and interactive session.

Thanks, Abishek D Shah for the enthusiastic day and de-coding personal branding!

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