Top 36 Latest Digital Marketing Updates in September 2023!

This week's digital news includes Instagram's plans to enable users to share posts with their close friends, X's experiments with improved video discovery, Meta's plans to extend keyword search functionality, and YouTube's upcoming enhancements.

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Hello digital enthusiasts!

As the digital world continues its relentless pace of evolution, marketers must remain vigilant to stay ahead of the curve. The month of September 2023 has been no exception, witnessing groundbreaking changes, trends, and updates in the sphere of digital marketing.


From algorithm tweaks by major search engines to the rise of innovative social media features, from groundbreaking analytics tools to the ever-growing realm of influencer marketing, this month was buzzing with activity.

Dive into our comprehensive roundup of the top 36 latest digital marketing updates from September 2023 and ensure you’re not missing out on any crucial insights that could propel your strategies forward. Let’s get started!

Here is our #NewThingsInDigital for this Month – September 2023.

Top 36 Digital Marketing Updates in September 2023

To keep you in the loop, the subsequent summaries provide a snapshot of the most pivotal digital marketing shifts from September 2023.

New Things in Digital 4th Week of September 2023 – Sept 25th to Oct 1st , 2023

1. Meta Announces ‘Universe of AI’ for Instagram, Facebook & WhatsApp

Mark the CEO of Meta, announced a significant upcoming update focused on integrating cutting-edge AI technology across its various applications and devices. This will encompass well-known platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, collectively catering to a vast global user base. The primary objective is to seamlessly incorporate state-of-the-art AI features into these platforms, providing users with a more personalized and streamlined experience. Through this ambitious initiative, Meta is positioned to transform the dynamics of user interactions and engagements on their preferred social media platforms.

2. X May Be Working On An Ad-Free Variant Of Its Premium Subscription Offering

It seems that both Meta and X are contemplating the introduction of subscription options devoid of ads for their respective applications. This prospective decision could be perceived as a strategic manoeuvre to provide users with added motivation to opt for their premium services. By eliminating ads, users might find it more appealing to subscribe, aiming for a smooth and uninterrupted experience. This potential move might result in increased revenue and an overall boost in user contentment. As technology firms persist in their market competition, it is imperative for them to adapt and accommodate the evolving demands and preferences of their user base.

3. Meta Is Diving Into AI And VR With Celebrity-Influenced Chatbots And Next-Gen Smart Glasses

During the Connect conference, Meta revealed a range of groundbreaking AI-driven functionalities. The standout feature was an AI chat assistance tool that will seamlessly become a part of all Meta applications. This innovative tool, inspired by ChatGPT technology, is poised to elevate the user experience and streamline communication across the Meta ecosystem. With its advanced capabilities and natural language processing, the chat assistant promises to offer users interactions that are personalized, efficient and intuitive. This recent development underscores Meta’s dedication to leveraging AI’s potential to craft advanced solutions for its user base.

4. X Plans To Add A ‘Verified Only’ Reply Feature For Posts To Promote Paid Subscriptions

X has recently revealed its intention to introduce a novel function that permits users to include a ‘verified-only’ response choice on their posts. The primary aim of this feature is to encourage meaningful and high-calibre interactions on the platform by restricting responses exclusively to verified accounts. This initiative forms a part of the platform’s broader strategy to bolster paid subscriptions and enhance the overall user experience. With the inclusion of this fresh option, users can anticipate a reduction in spam and trolling on their posts, thus fostering a more secure and authentic digital community. 

5. ChatGPT Can Now Speak In 5 Human-Like Voices

ChatGPT has achieved a big advancement. It can now use advanced tech to see, hear, and talk. This is a major step in AI, offering lots of possibilities for how people and machines interact. Along with the usual text chat, ChatGPT can now talk and understand images. Users can have voice chats with it and show it pictures to make conversations smoother and more natural. This breakthrough makes ChatGPT even more versatile and user-friendly. It’s like having a more interactive and responsive AI companion. 

6. X’s New Audio And Video Calling Features Might Only Be Available To Premium Subscribers

As X broadens its offerings in audio and video calls, it recently declared that these new features will be reserved for premium subscribers. This choice has triggered a mix of emotions among users, with some excited and others disappointed about non-paying members missing out on these latest calling options. Nevertheless, X emphasizes that this step is vital to ensure premium subscribers receive the best service quality they deserve. This aligns with the company’s model, where subscription fees support and enhance its services. 

7. YouTube Introduces Subscriber Analytics for Enhanced Content Planning

YouTube, a prominent video content platform, continuously endeavours to offer creators valuable insights and tools for channel improvement. Recently, they unveiled fresh analytics enhancements aimed at providing creators with a deeper understanding of their audience. One of the most significant updates is the ability to uncover the reasons behind subscribers discontinuing their channel subscriptions. For creators, access to such information is highly beneficial, aiding them in making well-informed decisions that contribute to channel growth and success. 

8. Google-Extended: The Latest Crawler to Safeguard Against Bard or Google AI


Google has recently unveiled a new Googlebot, known as Google-Extended, which allows users to control the accessibility of their content in order to enhance Bard and Vertex AI generative APIs, as well as future Google AI products. This innovative tool enables website owners to optimize their content for AI-driven algorithms, ultimately improving their website’s search engine ranking and visibility. With Google’s continuous advancements in artificial intelligence, this new Googlebot presents a unique opportunity for businesses to stay ahead of the curve and harness the power of AI to their advantage. 


Google recently launched a new feature, shared conversations in Google Bard, about a week ago. However, it seems that during the launch, the company overlooked an important aspect – ensuring that search engines cannot index the results. This was due to the fact that the robots.txt file had nothing in it to block the indexing of As a result, Google Search, known for its tendency to index various online content, has indexed these public conversations. This incident highlights the importance of thorough testing and implementation of privacy measures in any new feature or update.

New Things in Digital 3rd Week of September 2023 – Sept 18th to Sept 24th, 2023

10. Elon Musk Intends to Implement a Slight Monthly Fee for X (Formerly Twitter) Users Soon

Elon Musk has recently put forth the idea that his social media platform X, might undergo changes in its pricing structure. This proposition aims to tackle the issues of bots, which present a substantial challenge to the platform’s user experience and overall authenticity.

Musk has suggested that requiring a modest monthly free form for all users could be a potential solution to address this problem, considering that combating bots can incur significant costs, even when they contribute only a minimal amount. This move underscores Musk’s dedication to delivering a top-notch user experience and his willingness to make tough choices to ensure that X upholds its reputation as a dependable and trustworthy platform.

11. Threads Tests Editing, Account Switching and Profile Deletion Options

The Threads app has recently introduced several new features, including Tests Editing, Account Switching, and Profile Deletion Options. These features provide users with greater control over their accounts, allowing them to customize their profiles, manage their tests, and switch between accounts seamlessly.

The Tests Editing feature enables users to modify their existing tests, making it easier to update and refine their content. The Account Switching option allows users to log in and out of multiple accounts with ease, making it simpler to manage multiple profiles. Lastly, the Profile Deletion feature enables users to permanently delete their accounts, ensuring that their personal information is completely erased from the app. 

12. Meta Reveals an Updated Facebook Logo Design and In-app Colour Palette

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has recently unveiled an updated logo design and in-app colour palette. The new logo design features a slightly altered font and a refreshed colour scheme, with a brighter shade of blue and a gradient effect added to the letter “a”. The in-app colour palette has also been updated with a focus on lighter shades and a cleaner look. The purpose of these updates is to reflect the company’s evolution and its focus on creating a more connected and immersive experience for its users. 

You can read more of Facebook’s redesign notes here.

13. Facebook is Now Permitting Users to Create Multiple Profiles

Facebook has recently unveiled a new feature that will allow users to create multiple profiles within their platform. The new multi-profile option enables users to explore different interests and share various content with different audiences effortlessly. With this innovation, users can now keep their personal and professional lives separate and engage with their different audiences in a more targeted and meaningful way. This feature is a significant leap forward for Meta, as it offers users the flexibility to present themselves differently to various groups  We anticipate that this functionality will be a game-changer. 

14. Meta Introduces Animated Avatar Stickers Within WhatsApp

WhatsApp has recently announced the addition of animated avatar stickers in the popular messaging app. This new feature allows users to express themselves more creatively by using personalized animated avatars. Meta’s focus on integrating its digital avatars into various platforms is a strategic move to enhance the user experience and offer more engaging communication tools. The company has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the digital world. 

15. WhatsApp Launches New Feature “Flows”

In a recent blog post, WhatsApp announced the launch of Flows, a new feature that will provide businesses with the ability to offer enhanced experiences to their customers. With Flows, users can quickly choose their train seats, order a meal, or book an appointment without ever leaving their chat. This new feature will enable businesses to provide rich menus and customizable forms that cater to different needs and preferences. By leveraging Flows, businesses can offer a more streamlined and efficient experience to their customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

16. YouTube Introduces New Creator Tools, Including Generative AI Options

YouTube recently announced its latest updates at the “Made On” showcase event, where the platform showcased its newest projects to an array of creators and industry representatives. This event is a part of YouTube’s ongoing effort to provide more opportunities for creators to improve their content and reach their target audience. The updates featured at the event included new features and tools designed to enhance the overall user experience, such as improved analytics, updated monetization options, and better video editing capabilities. 

17. Google Search Can Now Verify Answers From the Bard

Google Bard, Google’s AI-powered tool designed to assist with writing poetry, now has deeper integration with Google Search. This new feature allows users to double-check the responses provided by Google Bard by using Google Search. When a user inputs a query into Google Bard, the tool will generate a response in the form of a poem. With the new integration, Google will compare the response generated by Google Bard with similar content found on the internet and notify the user if there are any discrepancies. This innovative integration provides users with a more accurate and reliable response to their queries, improving the overall user experience.

18. Bing Search Displays Recent Bing Chat Topics

Bing Search has recently introduced a new feature that displays a section titled “recent chat topics” for some users who have recently utilized Bing Chat. This area is added at the top of the search results page and showcases a Bing icon along with the query in a bubble. This new addition aims to enhance the user experience by providing them with relevant and recent chat topics, thereby making the search process more efficient and effective. Bing Search’s focus on improving user engagement is evident through this innovative feature, which has already been well-received by users.

New Things in Digital 2nd Week of September 2023 – Sept 11th to Sept 17th, 2023

19. Instagram Experiments Hidden Like Activity Option

Instagram has unveiled an upcoming feature aimed at enhancing user privacy by enabling individuals to conceal their liking activity from other users. This addition is particularly valuable to users who prioritize online discretion, as it grants them the choice to decide whether they wish to share their likes with others. This marks a notable advancement in affording users greater authority over their social media encounters. We eagerly anticipate the implementation of this novel feature and the effects it will have on the platform.

20. X Introduces ID Verification for Premium Users

X Introduces ID Verification for Premium Users

After a thorough period of testing spanning several months, X has now released its latest ID verification functionality exclusively for X Premium subscribers. This feature enables subscribers to establish their identity via an official government-issued identification document, leading to the inclusion of an extra marker on their X profile. The primary goal of this fresh addition is to bolster the general safety and security of the platform and its user base by guaranteeing the accuracy and authenticity of all profiles.

21. Instagram Expands Reels Gifts to More Regions for Creators

Instagram has recently expanded its virtual gifting capability to Reels creators across various regions, following its initial rollout in the United States earlier this year. The social media giant has introduced a dedicated button within the application that empowers users to send monetary contributions to their preferred Reels creators.

This novel addition offers a potential income stream for creators, thereby motivating them to craft more captivating content. With the surge in abbreviated video content, this fresh attribute is poised to inspire a greater number of creators to employ Reels and connect with their followers in a more significant manner.

22. Instagram Introduces Reels Tab, Following Filter

The recent subtle refresh of Reels has brought it closer in resemblance to TikTok, the well-known social media platform. This refresh encompasses the option to prolong video duration to 60 seconds, simplifying the process for creators to display their content and interact with their audience. Additionally, Reels now incorporates fresh editing capabilities, such as the capacity to incorporate captions and subtitles into videos. These attributes mirror TikTok’s renowned editing tools, simplifying the video creation process for users on Reels. 

23. Meta Extends Horizon Worlds Access to Mobile Devices and Home PCs

After a fruitful initial beta assessment of its social VR venture, Horizon Worlds, Meta has unveiled intentions to broaden the availability of its platform. The firm has declared that an increased number of individuals will now gain the opportunity to partake in virtual reality involvement via their mobile devices and desktop personal computers. This declaration follows a prosperous beta evaluation of Horizon Worlds on mobile gadgets in the prior month, which featured a specific subset of users. Meta intends to embrace a more expansive user base into the World encounter with a new cooperative shooting game. 

24. WhatsApp Expands Availability of Topic-Based Channels in Additional Region

WhatsApp has broadened the availability of its recent group chat feature to additional regions. After its initial introduction in Colombia and Singapore during June, WhatsApp Channels is now accessible in 150 global markets. This fresh attribute empowers enterprises to engage with their clientele in a more streamlined and individualized manner, simplifying the process for customers to contact companies and obtain assistance. Given the increasing preference for messaging applications for customer support, WhatsApp’s extension of its Channels characteristic represents a noteworthy advancement in enhancing business-customer communication on a worldwide scale.

25. Google Introduces Streamlined Reinstatement Process for Business Profiles

Google has revealed its intention to bring the US an equivalent of the European Business Profile reinstatement procedure in the upcoming weeks. This procedure empowers businesses to contest the removal of their Business Profile on Google Maps. The European version of the reinstatement process has garnered favour and demonstrated its effectiveness in affording businesses a straightforward and unambiguous mechanism to tackle profile-related issues. We are eager to observe the beneficial influence this will exert on businesses throughout the nation.

26. Google Simplifies Business Profile Reinstatement Process

Google has recently made an announcement regarding the incorporation of two fresh reports into their Google Search Console. These reports will encompass topics related to visibility problems and alterations within the Google Merchant Center. The initial report will illustrate instances where products cease to appear on the Shopping tab due to various complications. The second report will exhibit shifts in clicks and product rankings on Google Search. This advancement will furnish online vendors with improved insights into their product exposure on Google.

27. Google Eliminates How To Rich Results

Google has recently revealed its intention to discontinue the How-To rich results as part of its initiative to streamline and simplify search result pages. This decision was prompted by user input, which indicated that the How-To rich results were causing clutter on search pages, thereby complicating the process of finding desired information. Although the How-To rich results have proven beneficial to numerous users, Google is of the opinion that removing this feature will ultimately enhance the user experience and facilitate easier access to information.

New Things in Digital 1st Week of September 2023 – Sept 4th to Sept 10th, 2023

28. Instagram may soon enable users to share ‘posts with their close friends 

Instagram is constantly adapting and advancing its platform to meet user demands. A recent development in the works involves enabling users to share their posts with a select and exclusive group of individuals beyond their existing close friends list. Previously, the sole option for users to disseminate their stories was restricted to their close friends. By introducing this upcoming feature, Instagram aims to cater to user preferences for a more personalized means of content sharing. 

29. X Experiments Enhancing Video Live-Stream Discovery

X has announced its latest experiments with improved discovery for live streams. The new feature aims to enhance the user experience by making it easier for viewers to discover and access live streams. The platform plans to test various algorithms that analyze user behaviour and preferences to provide personalized recommendations for live streams. Moreover, X intends to leverage its vast database of user data to develop a more accurate understanding of viewer preferences and interests. This will help content creators and video publishers reach a wider audience and enhance engagement. 

30. Threads Broadens Keyword Search Availability to Additional Regions

Threads Broadens Keyword Search Availability to Additional Regions

Meta has disclosed plans to extend keyword search functionality within its Threads messaging app. Initially launched in Australia and New Zealand, Meta is poised to introduce this feature in Argentina, India, Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S. in the coming days. This enhancement streamlines content and conversation discovery, as users can now effortlessly search for specific topics using keywords. Additionally, the incorporation of Spanish language support aims to make the app more inclusive and accessible to a wider audience.

31. UK Government Removes Barrier to Meta’s Full Messaging Encryption Plan

The recent action taken by the U.K. Government to eliminate a contentious provision from its proposed Online Safety Bill has paved the way for Meta to progress with its comprehensive message encryption strategy. The exclusion of the clause associated with scrutinizing individuals’ messages for unlawful content has been the subject of extensive debate and critique, primarily revolving around apprehensions concerning privacy and freedom of expression. With this impediment now removed, Meta can advance its encryption initiative, assuring users of the security and confidentiality of their communications. 

32. YouTube Unveils Enhanced Ad Placement Controls and Tests Fresh Ad Formats for CTV

YouTube has recently unveiled upcoming enhancements for creators, featuring expanded ad control options and fresh display formats for CTV ads, to be rolled out later this year. These changes aim to align more seamlessly with the larger screen viewing experience. Creators will gain increased control over ad placements in their videos, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable viewing experience for their audience. Additionally, the new CTV ad display formats will enhance immersion for viewers, simplifying advertisers’ efforts to reach their target audience. 

33. YouTube Expands into Mobile Gaming with ‘Playables’

YouTube is reportedly expanding into the gaming industry with its experimental “Playables” feature. This new feature, currently in testing on the YouTube app, enables users to play simple games directly within the video-streaming service. YouTube’s move aims to engage its user base with immersive gaming content and leverage in-stream ads for monetization.

The Playables feature has the potential to attract a wide audience, including both gamers and non-gamers, while providing content creators with a fresh avenue for diversification. YouTube’s commitment to enhancing user engagement and expanding its gaming presence is evident in this initiative.

34. OpenAI Boosts Competitive Edge with ChatGPT Integration into Canva

OpenAI has recently partnered with Canva, a popular graphic design platform, to enhance its AI capabilities. OpenAI has integrated its chatbot, ChatGPT, into Canva’s platform to bolster its capacity for generating sophisticated designs and visual content. This integration allows ChatGPT to tap into Canva’s extensive library of design resources and templates, enabling the creation of more intricate designs. OpenAI’s strategic collaboration with Canva aims to maintain a competitive edge and solidify its position in the AI industry. With this partnership, OpenAI is well-prepared to deliver advanced AI solutions to its clients and partners.

35. Bing Search Tests Explore Collections Overlay

Microsoft’s Bing Search has introduced “Explore Collections,” an innovative overlay feature designed to enhance user search experiences. This functionality streamlines the process of efficiently exploring products by displaying them in an overlay format. It is poised to showcase a diverse range of products, likely sourced from Bing Shopping results, offering users a rich array of options. “Explore Collections” marks a significant addition to the Bing Search platform, providing a more intuitive and interactive means for users to engage in product discovery. 

36. Google SGE Removes Local Results (5 Local Pack)

Upon Google’s launch of its Search Generative Experience, it introduced an AI-driven answer feature incorporating local results from Google Business Profiles in a five-pack layout. However, Google has recently removed the local pack, leaving the reasons behind this decision unclear.

This underscores the ever-changing nature of the search engine landscape, necessitating vigilance to maintain business visibility and competitiveness. Businesses reliant on local search traffic should explore other strategies, including optimizing their Google Business Profile and employing various local SEO tactics, to enhance their visibility.

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As we wrap up our dive into the pivotal updates from September 2023, it’s evident that the digital marketing landscape remains in a constant state of flux. These 36 key updates underscore the importance of adaptability, foresight, and continuous learning for marketers worldwide. Whether it’s new algorithmic shifts, emerging platforms, or innovative tools and techniques, staying informed is no longer optional—it’s imperative.

As we move forward, let these insights guide your digital strategies, and always be prepared to pivot with the times. Remember, in the dynamic world of digital marketing, the only constant is change.

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