Digital Marketing Updates in September 2022

Top 27 Latest Digital Marketing Updates in September 2022 – You Must Know!

Are you curious about what digital marketing updates will be popular in September 2022? We've got you covered! Read on to learn about the top 27 digital marketing updates that are sure to take off in September 2022.

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Many people believe that digital marketing is still the best adaption for businesses to use. This has been proven by the fact that there are still new digital marketing updates being developed and put into place each month. This blog will give you a report on the most important digital marketing updates in September 2022.

Trends in Digital marketing - September 2022

Let’s dive into the list of the Top 27 Latest Digital Marketing updates in September 2022!!

Top 27 Digital Marketing Updates in September 2022

Here is our #NewThingsInDigital for the Month of September 2022!

▶️ Instagram launches longer video Stories that will not be split into segments

Instagram launches longer stories option

You’ll get a notification to let you know that your videos in Stories will no longer be cut up.

The update has been tested with select users over the past year, as part of Instagram’s broader strategy to integrate video options, reflecting short-form video change and general engagement trends.

▶️ Instagram tests nudity filter to protect users from unwanted images in DMs

Using the new ‘nudity protection’ feature, Instagram can activate the nudity detection element in iOS, released late last year, which scans incoming and outgoing messages for nudes in the attached images.
Using the new ‘nudity protection’ feature, Instagram can activate the nudity detection element in iOS, released late last year, which scans incoming and outgoing messages for nudes in attached images.

▶️ Meta rolls out Facebook Reels API, which will enable Reels sharing via third-party apps

As part of Meta’s launch of the Facebook Reels API, creators and brands will be able to post Reels clips via third-party apps and social media management tools. It will complement Meta’s Instagram Reels API, which was launched on June 4

▶️ Meta adds new tools to support emerging creators

Now, Creator Pages can recommend that their fans follow another creator, via direct notifications, through its new Creator Endorsement feature. A new Rising Creator alert is also being tested by Meta to help people discover new voices.

Facebook is also testing new options for sharing exclusive posts with top fans and subscribers.

▶️ YouTube Starts Beta Testing Super Thanks in Shorts

Super Thanks messages can now be purchased in Shorts clips posted by creators who already have Super Thanks enabled.

In certain markets, Super Thanks is available to YouTube Partner Program creators.
YPP requires creators to have over 1,000 subscribers and over 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months.

▶️ YouTube launches ‘Creator Music’, a platform to facilitate music licensing deals

Creator Music provides creators with access to a variety of tracks, some of which are ‘free’, while others require licensing fees.

The two usage options are as follows:

  • Buy a license – Pay an upfront fee to use music and earn the same revenue share that applies to your content without music.
  • Revenue share – Share video revenue with the track’s artist and associated music rightsholders.

Consequently, it won’t be ‘free’ as such, but it will allow you to collaborate on music promotion and improve your videos.

▶️ YouTube rolls out a new monetization program for shorts creators

“Starting in early 2023, Shorts-focused creators can apply to the YouTube Partner Program by meeting a threshold of 1,000 subscribers and 10 million Shorts views over 90 days. These new partners will enjoy all the benefits our program offers, including the various ways to make money like ads on long-form and Fan Funding” says YouTube.

▶️ The International Targeting Tool for Google Search Console is no longer available

The targeting report has been deprecated. You can continue to use hreflang tags on your pages and Google will continue to support them. Google, however, ceased to support the ability to target search results to specific countries using Search Console country targeting.

▶️ Microsoft Bing experiments with new video length filter in search results

You can choose between short videos, medium videos, or long videos based on video length. 

Microsoft Bing Experiments with new video length filter

▶️ Instagram Develops a New Media Kit Option to Increase Engagement

Kreators can write a bio, showcase their best posts, and highlight past collaborations. Additionally, your IG presence would be packaged as a promotional channel by adding key analytics and audience statistics.

Instagram’s efforts to win over more creators from its competitors might be aided by this interesting consideration, which could be very valuable to aspiring stars.

▶️ Meta Rolls Out “Community Chats” on Messenger to Boost Declining Engagement

Within Messenger, users will be able to create a Facebook Group, start chats and audio channels, and invite others to join their new group through Community Chats, which is currently in testing with a limited number of users.

“The experience seamlessly blends Messenger and Facebook Groups to allow people to connect when, where and how they want. Admins can now start a conversation about a topic and get in-the-moment responses instead of waiting for people to comment on a post. And, rather than navigating multiple topics in a single Messenger group chat, the person who creates the Community Chat can organize chats into categories so group members can easily find what’s most interesting to them.”

▶️ Meta Advances a Full Messaging Integration Program to Activate End-to-End Encryption

Instagram chat encryption is now available in a new pop-up alert for some users. As a result of the expansion, encryption will be available across all its messaging platforms, paving the way for full integration, where you can view and interact with your WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger chats across each platform.

▶️ Twitter Releases a New Business and Professional Strategy Guide

Getting your Twitter strategy on track is easier with Twitter’s new guide for businesses and professionals, which includes a ton of key pointers, stats, and tips.

Twitter Releases a New Business and Professional Strategy Guide - Digital Marketing Trends in September

This guide explains why brands should use Twitter, as well as what types of engagement the app sees.

It is also worth mentioning that Twitter has advised against hashtags if you’re trying to drive clicks on a link, as they can distract from the main message. In addition, Twitter has included a basic overview of how to measure tweet success.

▶️ LinkedIn Adds New Sales Analytics Tools to Improve Messaging Interactions with “Focused Inbox

You will now be able to view two separate InMail tabs – ‘Focused’ and ‘Other’ – in LinkedIn’s Focused Inbox. The ‘Other’ category could just as easily be labelled ‘Spam’, and it will be interesting to see where LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMails fall in this process. Some of those are junk too, but if brands pay LinkedIn to promote them, I don’t think they’ll move those to ‘You Can Ignore These Messages’.

▶️ A New Vertical Video Conversion Feature and Customizable Video Ad Templates are Now Available on YouTube

Displays will be tailored to each individual’s engagement with content, creating an organic, streamlined experience.

“The machine learning model detects important elements in the landscape ad – such as faces, key objects, logos, text and motion – and breaks the video into distinct “scenes.” This ensures that important elements show up properly – centred, for example – in the reformatted video.”

Marketers could then align their campaigns with usage trends and, in particular, YouTube Shorts, which has seen a big surge in popularity.

▶️ YouTube Tests Personalised Content for New Channels to Boost Viewer Engagement

A separate tab on YouTube’s channel page will be created for ‘Videos’‘Shorts’, and ‘Live’ uploads. By tapping through to your page from Shorts, for example, users would be routed to a Shorts-specific page that would better align with their viewing habits.

YouTube Tests Personalised Content for New Channels to Boost Viewer Engagement - Digital Marketing Trends in September

In the era of Shorts, it makes sense for the app to provide more ways for users to consume Shorts content specifically, similar to TikTok’s experience, where you scroll through a constant stream of Shorts.

▶️ Google Promotes Google Lens in the Mobile Search Results

There is a promotion box in the middle of Google’s search results page that says “search what you see, camera search” and features a dog.

Google Lens is an incredible tool, and I’d like to thank Google for bringing it to the public’s attention.

▶️ Google Rolls out the Health & Safety and Sustainability Information for Hotels in the Knowledge Panel

It was previously added to the hotel landing pages in the Google Hotel search results in 2020, but now it can show directly in Google Search results.

“Now, when you search for a place to stay on and view a specific property, you may see a tip when additional health and safety precautions, like enhanced cleaning, are being taken. Tap on the ‘About’ tab to see the full list”, says Google.

As part of its efforts to enhance health and safety information in the results, Google is working with hotels and vacation rental providers as well as industry associations.

If you’re a hotel owner, verify your business with Google My Business, and add health and safety attributes to your Business Profile to let your guests know how you keep them safe.

▶️ Meta Rolls Out a New eCommerce Store, ‘JioMart’, on WhatsApp in India

JioMart E-commerce store on Whatsapp - Meta's new update

Meta is putting its $6 billion Reliance Jio investment to work by developing ‘JioMart,’ an eCommerce integration for WhatsApp that will enable Indian WhatsApp users to browse and buy right from the app.

Using WhatsApp, people in India can browse through JioMart’s entire grocery catalogue. Shoppers can add items to their cart and pay for them directly from the WhatsApp chat without leaving the conversation. Persons who have never purchased online before can do so with the help of JioMart’s chatbots.

▶️ Instagram Adds New Tools to Improve Content Recommendation

With Instagram’s new Explore feature, you can mark multiple posts as ‘Not Interested’ to streamline your algorithmic Instagram experience. It should enable you to delete a bunch of trash instantly, demonstrating to Instagram that you’re not interested in the topics you selected.

Also, Instagram is testing the ability for users to opt out of seeing suggested posts with certain words, phrases, or emojis in the caption.

Group invite links feature added to Messenger for group chats

The new feature will allow administrators to share group chat links, which will be beneficial to parents and study groups as we enter the new school year. As Messenger explains: “This highly desired feature will allow users to connect with family, friends, and communities more easily, eliminating the need to search for and add group members individually. With group chat invite links, only the admin can turn the link on or off, and they can ‘approve’ new members.”

▶️ Twitter Begins a Live Test of the ‘Pin Reply’ Option

Some Twitter customers are now being notified about the new Pin Reply feature when they log in. This is the same notification that app researcher Jane Manchun Wong discovered in Twitter’s backend code in early February, suggesting that a full launch may be around the corner. Tweet reply pinning will let users highlight a specific reply to their tweet using the three dots menu on a response. You’ll then be able to keep that reply at the top of the thread to maximize its exposure.

▶️ A Live Test of the Tweet Editing Option is Now Enabled in the App

All users will be able to see tweet edit histories by clicking on the pencil icon in edited tweets, which will include a notice at the bottom stating that the tweet has been edited. Because of potential misuse, many people are already sounding the alarm about the potential damage that could be caused by edited tweets, edit history will be available for all to view. “For this experiment, Tweets may be edited a few times in the 30 minutes following publication. An icon, timestamp, and label will appear on the edited Tweet to inform readers that it has been altered. Tapping the label will take visitors to the Tweet’s Edit History, which includes previous editions of the original message.”

▶️ LinkedIn Launches Test of in-app Post Scheduling Option

A new scheduling function is being developed for the LinkedIn post composer, and a clock icon will be added to the bottom right of the screen. This may be a beneficial feature, although you can already schedule LinkedIn posts in most third-party social media management apps. A post that is natively scheduled might look better when it goes live than one that is scheduled externally, particularly in terms of setting. Most scheduling tools now have preview features to assist with this, but integrated tools are more accurate and provide more post types and features.

▶️ Twitter Expands Access to the Private Sharing Feature ‘Circles’ to All Users

According to Twitter, the overwhelmingly positive response to its new enclosed group tweeting feature, which was first made available to some users in May, has prompted them to provide it to all Android, iOS, and web users. Before you post to Twitter, you will see an option to share your post with either your full followers list or your Circle group. You can add or remove members of your Circle at any time, and it can include up to 150 people. You may make any changes you like to your Circle without notifying anyone. A green indicator will alert Circle members that their tweets are only visible to those inside the group.

▶️ Google Tests the ‘Browse Place’ Search Feature With Swipeable Cards

To provide users with a more engaging search experience, Google is experimenting with showing place cards that you can swipe through and then click on. In other words, it’s kind of like a new local pack grid view for restaurants.

▶️ Google Tests an eCommerce Search Feature – ‘Explore Brands’ for Several Brands

Explore brands - Goggle's new feature for E- Commerce

Google is experimenting with a search function that includes product photos as well as ones without them. The explore products feature displays prominent brands from across the internet, as stated in the tag.

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These are the top digital marketing updates for the month of September 2022. We hope you enjoyed our article about the updates in digital marketing for September 2022! As the world of marketing evolves, it’s essential to keep up with the latest changes. We wish you the best of luck in your marketing efforts and hope you can keep up! If you have any questions about this topic or in case we miss out on anything, let us know by commenting below.

Digital marketing trends - Conclusion

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