Digital Marketing Updates in November 2022

15+ Latest Digital Marketing Updates in November 2022 – You Must Know!

Do you want to know what digital marketing updates will be popular in November 2022? Our team has you covered! We've compiled a list of the top 15+ digital marketing updates for November 2022.

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Digital Marketing is a rapidly changing landscape. New trends and technologies emerge all the time, and it is important that marketers stay abreast of the latest updates. This blog will look at the latest digital marketing updates for November 2022.

15+ Latest Digital Marketing Updates in November 2022

Digital marketing is always changing. What’s hot today may be gone tomorrow. So how can you keep up with the latest updates? Check out our list of the top 15 digital marketing updates for November 2022. From video marketing to AI to voice search, we’ve got you covered.

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▶️ Instagram plans to bring the profile song feature

Very soon, your Instagram profile will include your favourite tunes as the Profile Song. Yes, in addition to a picture, bio, contact information, and other things, you will soon be able to add a profile song as well.

▶️ Meta opens the ‘professional mode’ to all creators globally

Meta opens professional mode to all creators

After first launching its Professional Mode with selected creators in December last year, Meta is now opening up access to all creators globally, providing more options to help creators build their presence in the app. Professional Mode is similar to Pages for businesses, giving creators a separate Facebook profile entity to promote their work and build an audience.

▶️ Musk unveils a new Twitter Blue package, including verification ticks

As per Musk’s most recent tweets on his reformation of the platform, it appears that they are now planning to offer verification ticks to all users for $8 per month, in an effort to combat the class divide in the app. The Twitter blue package also includes:

  • Priority in replies, mentions and search
  • Ability to post long video and audio
  • Half as many ads
  • Paywall bypass for selected publishers

▶️ YouTube expands ‘Search Insights’ and adds super thanks push notifications

Youtube expands Search insights and adds super thanks push notification

YouTube has announced that it’s making its Search Insights feature available in more languages, providing additional research capacity for your approach, while it’s also adding new Super Thanks push notifications to help maximize supporter engagement opportunities. creators can now switch on notifications for Super Thanks purchases, which will also display the dollar amount of that purchase.

That’ll make it easier to acknowledge such in a timely manner, which could help to build better relationships with your top fans.

▶️ YouTube rolls out ‘Go live together’ option for users 

Youtube launches Go Live Together feature

YouTube has announced that it’s opening up its ‘Go Live Together’ option to more users from next week, which will provide more creative considerations for your live streams in the app. 

Go Live Together enables you to invite another YouTube user to your stream, with the video then displayed in a vertical split-screen, providing new engagement and interaction options during a YouTube live broadcast.

▶️ Whatsapp launches ‘communities update’ for group chats 

Whatsapp Launches Communities Update for Group Chats

WhatsApp launches its new ‘Communities’ update, which provides additional functionality for your group chats in the app. Now admins can bring related groups together in one place to keep conversations organized. Private. Connected 

Each WhatsApp Community will include a description of what the Community is for, as well as a menu of sub-groups within that Community that members can choose to join. That’ll enable all new ways of using the app to connect, while also facilitating new forms of discovery, providing more ways to stay in touch.

▶️ Youtube announces access to streaming services via Primetime channels 

This will enable users to sign up for different streaming subscription packages and watch shows and movies from a range of providers, including Showtime, Starz, Paramount +, and more, all directly in the app.

Youtube announces access to streaming to access via primetime channels

Once you sign up for your chosen Primetime Channels, the new content will be integrated into your YouTube experience, with dedicated displays showcasing your expanded viewing options.

Youtube Primetime Feature

▶️ Google redirects the Google business profile manager to the search interface  

Google is now redirecting some (or all) of those trying to edit their business profiles in the Google Business Profile Manager to the Google Search interface. You can still manage to get in there but on the first click, you are taken to Google Search to manage your business. Basically, if you log in to the Google Business Profile Manager and click on a listing, you are not taken into the legacy Google Business Profile Manager but instead redirected to the Google Search interface to edit your business listing there.

▶️ Google tests new site name & Favicon design on desktop results

Google is already testing the new site name and favicon design change they launched just a couple of weeks ago on the desktop results. This brings the favicon and site name to the desktop search results as Google did for the mobile search results.

▶️ Instagram enables you to add music to still image posts

Add music to the Instagram image posts

It is now possible to upload music to still image posts on Instagram, providing another method of incorporating music into the Instagram experience.

▶️ Meta cuts 11k positions due to worsening economic crisis

Now, Meta has confirmed that it’s cutting 11k roles or 13% of its workforce – to cut costs as a result of changing industry conditions, and the broader economic downturn around the world.

For Meta, Zuckerberg says that it’s refining its focus down to three key areas where it sees potential for significant growth:

“AI discovery engine, our ads and business platforms, and our long-term vision for the metaverse.”

▶️ Twitter pauses new $8 checkmark offering

New $8 checkmark offering in Twitter

Twitter has now paused the new $8 Twitter Blue offering, in order to re-assess the process. Twitter also decided to go ahead with its new, extra gray tick for ‘official’ profiles that Twitter thinks need some sort of indicator that they are the actual, legit profile of this specific entity.

▶️ LinkedIn announces new educational partnership with GitHub

The new LinkedIn Learning with GitHub Codespaces integration will enable developers to get real workplace-like practice to boost their coding skills.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“Now, you can learn and practice in real-world environments at any stage in your software development career – from beginner to advanced – in the most popular programming languages on LinkedIn Learning. So whether you’re learning SQL or advancing your Python coding skills, a developer can get straight from learning to writing code.”

▶️ YouTube expands smart replies and comments translations to more users

Smart replies and comments translation feature in YouTube

A new feature has been announced by YouTube, which allows users to translate comments and that could enable new types of interactions, with more viewers from around the world. 

YouTube is also expanding “Smart Replies” which provides comment suggestions when replying to viewers in-stream.

▶️ YouTube announces a holiday shopping showcase for users 

With the lead-up to the holiday season, YouTube will introduce a series of shopping streams, as well as other in-app shopping activities, hosted by some of the most popular creators in the app.

As per YouTube:

“With the holiday season quickly approaching, more and more people are looking for a one-stop shop for their gifting. That’s why we’re excited to make the holidays easier than ever with From YouTube to You, a series of videos, live streams and Shorts featuring your favourite creators, their curated gift recommendations, and exclusive product drops and deals to help get your shopping wrapped.”

▶️ Musk cuts thousands of contract staff over the weekend

Musk cut half of Twitter’s employees last week. According to reports, many of these contractors were not told that their contracts would be cancelled, they found out after finding that their access to Twitter’s systems had been shut off. The impacts that these latest cuts will have isn’t clear, but it seems as though Twitter’s moderation, and even day-to-day upkeep, could start to deteriorate as a result.

▶️ Bing tests AI chat feature at the top of Search Results  

Microsoft is testing the AI chatbot feature at the top of the Bing Search results. 

▶️ Google Search moves lyrics results to the right side

Google is soon going to move the lyric details from the main middle section of the Google Search results to the right side panel. Well, for most queries, but not all.

If you search for the song name, the lyrics will be placed on the right side. 

▶️ Pinterest outlines recent algorithm improvements boosting Pin engagement

Recently, Pinterest has observed an increase in engagement and usage, with the platform publishing a new technical overview of how it’s improved its recommendation algorithms to maximize engagement – and specifically, how more recent, adaptive usage data has helped it boost engagement activity.

Because Pinterest is showing each user more relevant recommendations, based on their most recent activity, that creates a new flywheel of improvement in its Pin recommendations.

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The following are the top digital marketing updates for November 2022. Thanks for reading our article about the digital marketing updates for November 2022! Hope you enjoyed our article on November 2022’s digital marketing updates!

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