Digital Marketing Updates in June 2023

Top 36 Latest Digital Marketing Updates in June 2023

Welcome to our round-up of the top 36 digital marketing updates for June 2023. This blog post is designed to keep you informed of the latest trends and news in this dynamic field. Let's delve in!

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As we approach the midpoint of 2023, the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, keeping marketers on their toes. With ever-changing algorithms, new platforms, and innovative strategies, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve to ensure business success.

Welcome to our monthly roundup, where we will dive into the top latest digital marketing updates in June 2023. This comprehensive guide aims to keep you informed about the latest trends, changes, and insights in the digital marketing world.

From SEO shifts to social media advancements, read on to ensure your strategies remain effective and your digital marketing game stays strong.

Here is our #NewThingsInDigital for this Month – June 2023.

Top 36 Digital Marketing Updates in June 2023

To help you keep track of the latest developments, the below points present a review of the most crucial digital marketing updates in June 2023.

New Things in Digital 1st Week of June 2023 – June 26th to July 2nd, 2023

1. Instagram Enables Multiple Collaborations on Posts & Reels 

The Collaborate feature, which Instagram recently added, is a huge improvement to the platform because it lets users collaborate with other users to create content. Instagram collabs can be a great asset for influencers and brands alike because they offer a distinctive means of reaching a larger audience and showcasing their goods or services. Users can interact with one another and collaborate to generate content using this feature, which may enhance engagement, brand exposure, and social media growth. This function allows brands to work with influencers and present their goods and services in a more interesting and enticing manner.

2. Meta Unveils Quest Subscription Service, Enriching VR Experiences

Quest+ is a new subscription service for virtual reality (VR) experiences that has been introduced by Meta. Access to a range of premium VR experiences, including games, apps, and other activities, will be provided through the service. Subscribers to Quest+ may anticipate regular updates with fresh material as well as savings on particular purchases. With the release of Quest+, Meta is attempting to increase its market share in VR and give users a more immersive and interesting experience. The Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets are compatible with the service, which costs $7.99 per month.

3. Meta’s Threads App Emerges in Select App Stores as a Twitter Alternative

There are reports that the company Meta is testing a new bulletin board programme named “Threads” that is similar to Twitter. The fact that the app has apparently emerged in the Google Play Store in some areas suggests that the developer is now testing the app’s features and user interface. While information about the app is currently scant, it is anticipated to concentrate on sharing and discussing issues with a group of people who share the same interests. The creation of Threads may provide users with a new method to interact and connect with other users on the network as Meta looks to broaden its capabilities outside its primary social media platform.

4. Twitter Enforces Usage Limits Across the Board to Counteract Data Scraping

To fight data scrapers, Twitter has imposed use restrictions for all users. This action aims to protect user privacy and stop unlawful access to Twitter’s data. The number of tweets and user profiles that can be visited in a given amount of time will be limited by the use limits. This will make it more difficult for data scrapers to gather significant volumes of data from Twitter covertly. While genuine users who rely on Twitter’s data for study or analysis may be impacted in some way, this is an essential measure to safeguard Twitter users’ privacy and uphold the platform’s integrity.

5. LinkedIn Reveals Fresh Insights into Recent Algorithmic Enhancements

LinkedIn just revealed fresh information on its most recent algorithm changes. The new algorithm is made to give users meaningful interactions and dialogues with content priority. Interest relevance, engagement probability, and creator credibility are the three main criteria that LinkedIn has stated as being considered by the algorithm for determining the ranking of content. The user’s interest in the content is referred to as interest relevance, the chance of the user engaging with the content is measured by engagement probability, and the skill and reputation of the creator are assessed by creator credibility.

6. Twitter CEO Plans Full-Screen, Sound-On Ad Offerings in Scrollable Video Feed

The new CEO of Twitter, Linda Yaccarino has underlined her main areas of emphasis for reviving the potential for the dominant social media platform. She stressed in a recent statement the value of boosting user experience, placing safety and security first, and promoting sustainable growth. In order to battle false information and improve the user experience overall, Yaccarino also emphasised the necessity for more investment in cutting-edge technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Yaccarino, who has a wealth of media business experience, gives Twitter’s executive team a new outlook and renewed focus.

7. URL Inspection Tool Now Added To Google’s Rich Testing Tools

The Google Rich Results test has recently undergone a change, and it now explicitly mentions that the test is being conducted using the Google URL Inspection tool. This modification most likely took place when Google updated its list of crawlers in May to include the new Google-InspectionTool user agent. Users will benefit from this update as it will make it clearer to them where the test is coming from and what programme is being used to execute it. Users should stay informed of these changes in order to optimise their content for the best search results possible as Google continues to improve its algorithms and tools.

8. Google Explores Larger Product Images in Search Snippets Testing

With a new test that features larger product photos for particular search results snippets, Google is working to improve its search results page. By giving the search results additional visual context, this new feature seeks to improve the user experience overall, especially for individuals who conduct their business online. Users can more readily recognise and compare products when larger product photos are displayed. This most recent test is one of many that Google has conducted to test and refine new features that enhance the search experience. This new test is yet another illustration of Google’s dedication to giving its consumers the greatest search experience possible.

9. Bing Search Answer Panel Introduces Interactive Reaction Emojis

With its most recent addition, which lets users use emojis to communicate with certain of the right bar answer panels, Bing Search is continuing to advance its search engine capabilities. This function improves user interaction and gives users a more engaging search experience. Users can use emojis to respond to some of the responses presented, for example, while searching for Barack Obama and viewing the sidebar. Users can communicate their feelings and thoughts in a straightforward yet powerful way thanks to this functionality. Bing’s dedication to providing users with the best search experience possible is demonstrated by its ongoing push for innovation and enhancement in its search engine capabilities.

New Things in Digital 3rd Week of June 2023 – June 18th to June 25th, 2023

10. Meta Launches New ‘Community Forum on Generative AI’

In order to enable conversations on the guiding principles and constraints of artificial intelligence (AI) research, Meta has announced the opening of its community forums. This action coincides with growing worries about the ethical ramifications of AI, such as bias and potential abuse. The forums will offer a stage for professionals and stakeholders to exchange viewpoints and have a productive discussion on this important issue. These forums are viewed by Meta as a crucial first step in advancing openness, accountability, and responsibility in the development of AI.

11. Twitter Rolls Out 25K Character Tweets 

Twitter recently disclosed that it had once again increased the character limit for Twitter Blue subscribers. Twitter’s character limit for tweets has now been raised to 25,000 from the initial 10,000 characters allowed in April. Users of Blue will undoubtedly benefit from this change because it will give them more freedom to incorporate more information in their posts. It’s important to keep in mind that only Twitter Blue subscribers—who pay a monthly subscription for extra features—have access to this function.

12. Twitter Explores Search Functionality for Following List

Twitter has revealed that they are testing a brand-new tool that would let users look through the people they are following. Users should find it simpler to find and interact with the information they are most interested in thanks to this new feature. Users will be able to find specific accounts and topics without having to navigate through their full list by using the ability to search their following list. By enabling users to personalise their feed with the content that is most pertinent to them, this innovation will also provide users more control over their experience on Twitter.

13. Twitter Addresses Concerns: Reassuring Regulators and Ad Partners Amidst Controversy

Elon Musk has once again found himself at the center of controversy, this time for tweets he made regarding his own company’s stock. Despite previous warnings from regulatory groups about his social media use, Musk continues to skirt controversy with his tweets. In response, Twitter has taken steps to reassure both regulatory groups and advertisers that they are working to address the issue. The platform has implemented a feature that prompts users to reconsider potentially harmful tweets before they are sent, and has also stated that they will be more proactive in enforcing their policies.

14. LinkedIn Tests Generative AI Posts: Exploring Content Creation

A live test of LinkedIn’s generative AI postings has begun. With the aid of this new feature, users can create posts that are more interesting for their audience. The AI system examines the user’s current material and makes fresh recommendations for how to deliver the data in a more engaging way. For professionals who struggle to develop captivating content that connects with their audience, this could be a game-changer. Users can now produce high-quality content more quickly and easily while still increasing their online presence and driving interaction thanks to this new functionality.

15. YouTube Trials New Feature: Create Shorts Replies to Comments on Others’ Videos

Recently, YouTube stated that it will be testing a new feature that would let Shorts producers make videos in reaction to comments made on other people’s channels. The purpose of this function is to increase engagement and interaction among platform users. Shorts producers can now answer to comments in a more interesting and dynamic way with this new feature, which may promote community involvement and improve user experience.

16. YouTube Updates Impersonation Policy to Combat Content Re-Use

In an effort to counteract the growing repurposing of creator content, YouTube has changed its policy on impersonation. The video-sharing website has updated its policies to forbid utilising a creator’s likeness for misleading purposes, such as impersonating them or using their likeness to falsely support a good or service. This action follows the reporting of numerous instances of impersonation on the platform, which confused and harmed both creators and their audiences. YouTube seeks to provide a secure and dependable environment for its users while defending intellectual property and creators’ rights by putting more stringent procedures in place to prevent impersonation.

17. Squarespace to Acquire Google Domains

Leading website builder Squarespace recently revealed that it had purchased all of Google Domains’ assets, including the transfer of over 10 million domains. This tactical move is anticipated to improve Squarespace’s current portfolio and give its clients more thorough and dependable domain services. The deal is expected to close by the third quarter of 2023, and Squarespace has stated that it is committed to making the transition smooth for all stakeholders. With this acquisition, Squarespace hopes to further establish its position as a dominant force in the website development sector and provide its clients with a more efficient and unified user experience.

18. Bing Search Explores Animated Larger Favicons in the Testing Phase

Recently, Bing Search began experimenting with larger animated favicons in an effort to enhance the user’s overall search experience. The new function enables larger and more observable favicons to appear next to search results. It is presently being tested on a small subset of users. These moving favicons offer a more dynamic and interesting search experience. Bing anticipates that the feature, which is still in testing, will enhance how users interact with search results in the long run and increase platform engagement.

New Things in Digital 2nd Week of June 2023 – June 12th to June 18th, 2023

19. Instagram Extends Broadcast Channels to All Creators and Pilots New Channel Options

In a recent announcement, Instagram announced that all users with active Creator accounts will now have access to the new DM engagement option, which is part of the company’s expansion of its broadcast channels. With this update, users will have more opportunities to interact with their followers and establish genuine bonds with them. With this Instagram gives creators the chance to engage with their audience more personally by enabling users to broadcast directly through their DMs.

20. Meta Expands Instagram API: Introduces Creator Accounts and User Tagging in Reels

Meta has recently announced that it is expanding the options available via the Instagram API. This move is aimed at enabling third-party platforms to offer more advanced posting functionality, which will ultimately enhance the user experience on Instagram. With this expansion, third-party apps can now access features such as Reels, Live, and Stories. This will allow users to create and share more engaging content across multiple platforms, and will also offer businesses and influencers more flexibility in terms of how they manage their social media presence.

21. Meta Empowers Creators with New Tools: Facebook Reels Templates, Analytics, Ad Tools

Meta has recently launched a new suite of tools aimed at content creators. The package comes with a variety of features, including templates for Facebook Reels, analytics, and advertising tools. With the new templates, creators can produce eye-catching content in no time, while analytics tools provide detailed insights into the performance of their content, enabling them to refine their strategies for greater impact. The ad tools, on the other hand, will assist content producers in making money from their work and expanding their audience.

22. Meta Unveils ‘Voicebox’: Speech-to-Text Translation Tool

Meta’s latest innovation, the ‘Voicebox’ AI system, is set to revolutionize the way we consume written content. By converting text into audio, users will have a seamless and practical way to obtain information thanks to this state-of-the-art technology. Users have a variety of voices and styles to pick from, so they may personalise their listening experience to their tastes. Meta continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, and the ‘Voicebox’ AI system is just one example of their dedication to creating a more connected world.

23. Twitter Launches ‘Highlights’ Tab Exclusive to Twitter Blue Subscribers

Twitter has recently launched a new feature for its Twitter Blue subscribers that allows them to highlight their best tweets through a dedicated feed. Those that subscribe to Twitter Blue will only have access to the new tweet highlights page, which allows them to highlight their most interesting and influential tweets. With the tweet highlights tab, Twitter Blue subscribers can curate content that represents their voice, expertise, and personality, enhancing their social media presence and engagement. 

24. Twitter Aims to Stop Brands From Trendjacking Via Replies on Tweets 

According to reports, Twitter is considering taking action to stop brands from trendjacking on its platform. In an effort to preserve the integrity of trending conversations, the social media platform is taking into consideration a modification that would forbid brands from replying to popular tweets with promotional content. This action is consistent with Twitter’s continuous initiatives to fight spam and false information on its platform and guarantee a great user experience.

25. Twitter Explores Job Posts in New ‘Twitter Recruiting’ Experiment

Twitter has announced the testing of a new feature, Twitter Recruiting, which will allow companies to post job openings directly on the platform. Companies can reach a larger pool of potential applicants without the expense of high-priced recruiting firms or job boards by utilising the network’s enormous user base and targeting features. To test the service, Twitter has already teamed up with a few businesses, including Starbucks and Hootsuite. This action is Twitter’s most recent effort to branch out beyond its core social media platforms and enter the employment sector.

26. Google Unveils AI-Powered Ad Options and Virtual Try-On Tools for Clothing

New AI-powered advertising alternatives and virtual try-on solutions for apparel businesses were recently introduced by Google. The virtual try-on tools enable customers to see how apparel fits them before making a purchase, while the new ad alternatives leverage machine learning to make adverts more targeted and relevant to specific consumers. These resources are part of Google’s ongoing initiatives to enhance the online shopping experience and assist merchants in more efficiently reaching their target markets.

27. Google Search Sources Reviews & Photos from Business Profiles

Google Search Generative Experience is an innovative feature that provides consumers with easy access to reviews and photos from business profiles. Users may quickly search for pertinent information about companies and products with this tool, which enables them to make wise purchasing decisions. The reviews and photos available through this feature are generated from verified sources, ensuring that users receive accurate and trustworthy information. For small businesses that depend on client feedback and reviews to draw in new clients, this function will be beneficial.

New Things in Digital 1st Week of June 2023 – June 5th to June 11th, 2023

28. Instagram Trials Enhanced Ai Chatbot Experience In DMs

Recently, Instagram revealed that it is now developing a new AI chatbot interface in its direct messaging. The AI chatbot is intended to detect words and phrases and respond to user enquiries in a useful manner. Due to its planned simplification of the current process and provision of a more effective and efficient means of communication, this new breakthrough is predicted to completely transform how customers connect with businesses on Instagram. This AI chatbot is also anticipated to cut the workload of businesses.

29. Meta Verified Is Now Available In India

Instagram’s Meta Verified service for badges of verification has been made available in India. Instagram users can use this function to request a “blue tick” that confirms the legitimacy of their account. The verification badge can be utilised by businesses, public figures, and celebrities alike in order to assist users achieve a greater reputation on the site. Users must submit their identification credentials to Instagram along with a statement outlining their necessity for the verification in order to receive the badge. Users can anticipate a response to their application within 30 days of submission for a charge of Rs 699.

30. Twitter Extends Tweet Editing Timeframe To One Hour

Twitter Blue, its premium subscription service, just saw an enlargement of the Tweet Edit window. As contrast to the prior 30-minute limit, service subscribers can now edit their tweets for up to one hour. With this update, users now have more time to make the necessary edits to their tweets without worrying that they’ll be made permanent. Users of Twitter are likely to embrace the change, especially those who routinely use the social media site for marketing or business.

31. Linkedin Rolls Out DMs For Company Pages

LinkedIn is always looking for ways to make the user experience better. The company’s most recent project focuses on expanding its messaging features to enable more professional connections and conversations. The intention is to improve the app’s InMails feature and make it better at encouraging fruitful talks between professionals. The suggested changes are anticipated to provide more targeted and personalised messaging options, including the capability to give messages from significant contacts higher priority.

32. Whatsapp Unveils Broadcast Channels To Boost DM Engagement

WhatsApp has introduced broadcast channels to capitalise on the growing engagement of direct communications between businesses and customers. Businesses may now send messages to several customers at once thanks to this new functionality, which makes it simpler for them to interact with their audience. The broadcast channels of WhatsApp, which have an estimated 2 billion users worldwide, give businesses another avenue to interact directly with their clients, potentially boosting brand loyalty and boosting sales.

33. Youtube Welcomes Shorts To Join Cross-Promotion Program

#ShortsFriends is a brand-new programme that YouTube has launched to support creators on its Shorts platform. Via reciprocal sharing within the app, the service allows content creators to share and promote one another’s work. Shorts creators can benefit the entire Shorts ecosystem by endorsing each other’s material to gain more views and followers. With the launch of this new initiative, YouTube demonstrates its dedication to fostering and encouraging innovation on its platform and building a more active and vibrant community of artists.

34. Twitter To Share Ad Revenue With Creators For Reply Ads

Elon Musk recently disclosed that Twitter will eventually distribute earnings to authors who use the service to produce replies with adverts. For content producers that depend on social media platforms to attract a larger audience and monetize their work, this decision is considered a huge boost. With this feature, Twitter hopes to encourage content producers to create interesting materials that will keep viewers on the site for longer. In the long run, this decision is probably advantageous for both Twitter and its inventors, even though the specifics of the revenue sharing scheme are not yet known.

35. Google Introduces Perspectives Filter In Mobile Search Results

Google recently revealed that its new perspectives filter would soon be available in mobile search results. Prior to becoming live, this feature underwent extensive testing after receiving its initial preview at Google I/O. With the new perspectives filter, users should be able to access a wider range of search results. Google will be able to recognise and present a larger variety of viewpoints on any given issue by utilising machine learning, enabling users to explore other points of view and develop a more sophisticated understanding of the topic at hand.

36. Google Business Profiles Showcase Long Form Videos

Recent updates to the Google Business Profile listings in the Google mobile search results now feature 30-second or longer videos for certain of those listings. This new feature provides an enhanced user experience by allowing businesses to showcase their products, services, and unique value propositions with engaging video content. Also, it gives a substantial chance for companies to stand out in a congested market and draw in additional clients. This offers businesses a fantastic opportunity to capitalise on the newest developments in digital marketing.

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