Digital Marketing Updates in January 2023

Top 27 Latest Digital Marketing Updates in January 2023 – You Must Know!

Are you interested in staying on top of the latest digital marketing updates? We're glad you found us! We have listed the top 27 digital marketing updates for January 2023 in this blog.

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Digital marketing has become the most effective way for businesses to promote themselves, with continuous updates and advancements being made every month. This blog post highlights the most significant digital marketing updates that occurred in January 2023. Our list of the top 27 digital marketing updates for the month will help you stay informed and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

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Here is our #NewThingsInDigital for this Month – January 2023.

27 Latest Digital Marketing Updates in January 2023

Are you curious about what digital marketing updates will be popular in January 2023? We’ve got you covered! Read on to learn about the top 27 digital marketing updates that are sure to take off in January 2023. Check it out now!

New Things in Digital 4th Week January 2023 – Jan 23rd to Jan 29th, 2023

▶️. Instagram Enables Users to Add an Alternative Avatar Profile Photo

Digital Marketing Trend - Alternative Avatar Profile Photo Instagram

Instagram has got on to the avatar trend after Snapchat’s Bitmoji and iPhone Memoji. The interface now allows users to display their avatars as an alternative to their profile picture. You can either keep your picture or use your metaverse avatar or keep them beith simultaneously. Instagram displays them both by flipping your avatar & picture to the user who views your profile. 

▶️. Instagram Adds A ‘Lead Form’ Option Within The Business Profile

Digital Marketing Trend - Instagram Adds A Lead Form Option Within The Business Profile

Instagram has brought in a new feature “Lead Form”, which is expected to be a great backup for business profiles. This update enables the user to add a lead form which includes a CTA (Call To Action) button. The best part of this feature is that it can be customized as per customer queries. This update has given users the opportunity to automate replies and further enhance their services.

▶️. Meta Builds Expanded Testing of Encrypted Messages on Messenger 

Digital Marketing Trend - Meta Builds Expanded Testing of Encrypted Messages

After Meta’s most functional announcement of interlinking messaging streams from Messenger, Instagram Direct & WhatsApp, Meta is now trying to further strengthen their privacy policies. They have announced end to end encryption, while this is still in testing Meta is striving hard to make a user friendly interface.

▶️. Twitter Rolls Out The Default ‘Following’ Feed Option 

Digital Marketing Trend - Twitter Rolls Out The Default Following Feed Option 

Are you seeing random tweets on your feed? then it’s probably because of Twitter’s new “Following” update. This new feature recommends new tweets that you might like on your for you page. This recommendation is based on the tweets you’ve liked or engaged in. After twitter’s side swipe option, Twitter is emboldening its suggestions page.

▶️. Youtube Launches ‘Study Hall’ Program To Earn College Credits

Digital Marketing Trend - Youtube Launches Study Hall Program To Earn College Credits

Youtube has now launched the ‘Study Hall’ program that will help students to earn college credits. With the partnership with Arizona State University, students can now have insight into the course. Study Hall is a novel strategy for obtaining college credit that vastly simplifies the college enrollment process while providing a cheap and convenient entry point.

▶️. Twitter Tests ‘Verified Views’ on Their Tweets 

Digital Marketing Trend - Twitter Tests Verified Views on Their Tweets 

Twitter is on their way to “Twitter 2.0” and Musk has announced there will a lot of trial and error. Following this Twitter is testing out a bunch of new features and one among these is “Verified Tweets”. Twitter users have been noticing these new “verified tweets” as of now it indicates the view count and nothing more.

▶️. Google Optimise Will No Longer Be Available After September

Digital Marketing Trend - Google Optimise Will No Longer Be Available

Google optimize and optimize 360 are mowing towards sunset, meaning they will not be available after September 30, 2023. Google Optimization was launched 5 years ago for a smoother experience for business profiles. Users will not be able to sign into the platform post the due date, even though they have renewed their plans. 

▶️. Content Ideas in Google Search Console Available Till March 

Digital Marketing Trend - Content Ideas in Google Search Console Available

Google has been on the run of testing new features and to the bucket adds google’s “Content Ideas”. Some of the users have spotted this new addition will the sad disclaimer that it will available until March 28, 2023. This new update will help you find recommendations based on your google search queries.

▶️. Yandex Leaked Data Reveals 1922 Search Ranking Factors 

Digital Marketing Trend - Yandex Leaked Data Reveals 1922 Search Ranking Factors 

Yandex’s data leaked has made SEO work all night. SEO experts have figured Yandex’s algorithms and 1992 Search Ranking factors which makes it easier for businesses and websites for cracking the ranking game. Yandex has to buckle up and bring new algorithm updates to keep the pace and genuine factor.

New Things in Digital 3rd Week January 2023 – Jan 16th to Jan 22nd, 2023

▶️. Instagram Adds New ‘Quiet Mode’ Notifier to Profile Status 

Digital Marketing Trend - Instagram Adds New Quiet Mode Notifier to Profile Status 

Instagram recently announced the launch of their new Quiet mode feature in an effort to foster a more positive online environment. This new feature allows users to customize their Instagram experience by allowing them to control what type of content they see. This “Quiet Mode” feature will mute all notifications and notifies other users of your profile status.

▶️. Meta Collaborates with Shutterstock for AI Creation

Digital Marketing Trend - Meta Collaborates with Shutterstock for AI Creation

Meta has recently announced a new deal with Shutterstock, one of the world’s leading digital content providers. This strategic partnership will enable Meta to leverage Shutterstock’s extensive library of visual and audio content to power its AI tools. This will enable Meta to access millions of images and sounds to train and improve its AI capabilities, thus providing users with more accurate and reliable results.

▶️. Meta Launches Data Privacy & Targeting Controls in the Platform

Digital Marketing Trend - Meta Launches Data Privacy & Targeting Controls in the Platform

Meta has announced a major update to its Accounts Center tool, making it easier than ever to manage your privacy settings across Facebook, Messenger and Instagram in one place. Users can now easily view, update, and delete their data across all three platforms, in one convenient location. With this update, Meta is giving users the power to control their data and simplify managing their privacy settings.

▶️. Musk Adds a Payment Option for Twitter Blue 

Digital Marketing Trend - Musk Adds a Payment Option for Twitter Blue

Twitter has recently unveiled annual payment tiers for its verification scheme, allowing users to lock in a paid-for checkmark for a year. This is an improvement on their current system, which requires users to pay for the verification badge on an ongoing basis. Ultimately, this update is a positive step from Twitter, offering users more control and stability when it comes to verifying their accounts.

▶️. Twitter Rolls Out a New update on Community Notes

Digital Marketing Trend - Twitter Rolls Out a New update on Community Notes

Twitter has rolled out another update for Community Notes, enabling users to see community-contributed contextual pointers when they view quote tweets within the app. This new feature presents an exciting opportunity for users to get additional context and understanding about the tweets shared in their timelines. All in all, this new update is expected to be an exciting development for Twitter users.

▶️. LinkedIn Removes ‘Curious’ Reactions on Posts

Digital Marketing Trend - LinkedIn Removes ‘Curious’ Reactions on Posts

The ‘curious’ emoji reaction on LinkedIn has gone missing, leaving users without a reaction choice when they feel they cannot express approval or disagreement. The disappearance of the ‘curious’ reaction has been met with dismay by some LinkedIn users. It is unclear why the ‘curious’ reaction has been removed, but it might be a glitch or a technical accident.

▶️. Youtube Adds a New Location Tagging Element in the Shorts

Digital Marketing Trend - Youtube Adds a New Location Tagging Element in the Shorts

YouTube’s new ‘Location’ feature will allow users to easily add location information to their Shorts clips, making it easier to target their content to more specific audiences. This new feature will be beneficial to creators and viewers alike, as it gives them more control over the content they consume. It is sure to be a welcome addition to the platform.

▶️. Google Tests the ‘Order Online’ Button at the Snippet 

Digital Marketing Trend - Google Tests the Order Online Button at the Snippet 

Google is testing the “order online” button, moving it from the bottom of the search result snippet to the top. This new feature is intended to make the process of ordering goods and services more convenient for consumers, who will no longer have to scroll through the search results in order to find the “order online” button. 

▶️. Google Posts Insights is No Longer Working

Digital Marketing Trend - Google Posts Insights is No Longer Working

Google Posts Insights is no longer functioning, as noted in the Google Business Profiles API documentation. This tool allowed businesses to gain insights into how their posts were impacting their followers and customers. Unfortunately, this service has been discontinued, resulting in the inability to measure the effectiveness of posts.

New Things in Digital 1st Week January 2023 – Jan 2nd to Jan 8th, 2023

▶️. Instagram Plans to Roll Out The Scheduling Post Feature

Digital Marketing Trend - Instagram Rolls Out The Scheduling Post Feature

Instagram has recently implemented a new feature that allows users to schedule posts within the app itself. This new level of convenience allows users to plan ahead and set a specific date and time for when their posts should be published. As a result, users can now plan and prepare their posts with greater efficiency and accuracy.

▶️. Meta is Fined $ 414 Million, & Forced to Restructure Current Ad Systems

Digital Marketing Trend - Meta is  Forced to Restructure Current Ad Systems

The European Court of Justice recently ruled that the use of personal data for personalised ads requires consent from each individual user. Twitter now faces the challenge of obtaining direct legal consent from each of its users in order to show them personalised ads. Failing to do so could result in further fines, in accordance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Hence, it is essential that Meta works quickly to ensure that all its users know the required data protection steps and that they have given their consent to receive personalised ads. 

▶️. Twitter Plans to Launch Advanced Search Filters on Their Platform

Digital Marketing Trend - Twitter Advanced Search Filters

Twitter is set to release new and improved search filters. This advanced search filter will provide users with a wide range of filters and options, allowing them to enhance their Twitter search. This new filter will offer a more intricate search experience. It will also allow users to easily find the most relevant results, narrowing down their search parameters to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

▶️. Twitter Rolls Out Virtual Gifting Options With A Range of Stickers in Tweets 

Digital Marketing Trend - Twitter Rolls Out Virtual Gifting Options

Twitter is looking to open up a new avenue of monetisation with the introduction of its virtual gifting-type option. This initiative would provide users with the ability to purchase digital stickers that they could then give to other users as a reward for good tweets. This could be a great way to inspire positive engagement, as users could be rewarded with these digital gifts for their contributions to the platform. 

▶️. Musk Develops A New Bookmark Display for Quick Access & Tagging 

Digital Marketing Trend - Musk Develops A New Bookmark Display

Twitter bookmarks allow users to indicate their interest in a particular tweet without liking it. This is an incredibly useful tool for Twitter users, especially when it comes to keeping track of certain tweets, they may want to revisit later. With this feature, users can now quickly access relevant tweets they’ve come across previously without having to scroll through their entire timeline. This is a great way to stay on top of the conversations that matter to users.

▶️. Youtube Experiments with Suggested Hashtags for Their Shorts 

Digital Marketing Trend - Youtube Suggested Hashtags for Their Shorts 

YouTube is taking an exciting step to help creators reach their goals. The platform is now suggesting relevant hashtags to add to Shorts during uploading. This helps creators tag their content accurately and ensure it reaches the right audiences. Hashtags are incredibly important for content discovery, and YouTube’s new feature ensures that Shorts reach the right people. This encourages more viewers to find and watch Shorts and helps creators reach large audiences. 

▶️. WhatsApp Adds Proxy Support for the Users for Adequate Protection

Digital Marketing Trend - WhatsApp Adds Proxy Support

WhatsApp has recently made a move to combat government-mandated communication disruptions. In order to keep people connected, they have added proxy support for WhatsApp users. This enables users to choose a proxy server to remain connected, even if their local network is unavailable. By utilizing a proxy server, users have an additional layer of security, allowing them to stay connected in the event of a disruption. 

Digital Marketing Trend - Microsoft Bing Tests Zoomable Site Links

Microsoft Bing is once again pushing the boundaries of innovation with the test of a new interactive site link interface, allowing users to zoom while simply hovering the mouse cursor. This new feature is designed to make the search experience more engaging and efficient for users. The site links are making it easy to access detailed information without having to click through multiple pages. Overall, this new interface from Bing is sure to improve the search process for users, allowing them to easily access information.

▶️. Google Search Full Coverage Label Available On Desktop

Digital Marketing Trend - Google Search Full Coverage Label Available On Desktop

Since 2019, Google has had a “full coverage” label on news stories that appear in mobile search results. This feature aims to provide users with a comprehensive look at any given story, as opposed to just the headline or the first few lines of text. Google has designed this to ensure that the most up-to-date information is available to readers, as well as any diverse perspectives on the same topic. This cool feature is now available on desktop view.

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These are the top digital marketing updates for the month of January 2023. We hope you enjoyed our article about the updates in digital marketing for January 2023! As the world of marketing evolves, it’s essential to keep up with the latest changes. We wish you the best of luck in your marketing efforts and hope you can keep up! If you have questions about this topic or if we miss out on anything, let us know by commenting below.

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