Top 45 Latest Digital Marketing Updates in February 2024!

Explore the top 45 digital marketing updates in February 2024 in our latest blog post. Discover the latest trends, tools, and strategies that are shaping the digital marketing landscape. From new algorithms and platforms to innovative marketing techniques, stay ahead of the curve with these essential insights. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, this roundup is your go-to resource for staying informed and competitive in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

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The digital universe is always on the move, and for us marketers, it’s a non-stop race to keep up. February 2024? Wild, as usual, with all the latest shifts, tricks, and shiny new things in digital marketing. We’re talking everything from those sneaky search engine changes to cool new social media gimmicks, not to mention the latest in analytics tools and the booming influencer marketing scene. This month was lit with updates!

So, let’s jump into our mega list of the top 45 digital marketing updates from February 2024. Make sure you’re all caught up and ready to boost your game.

digital marketing updates in february 2024

Here we go! Check out our #NewThingsInDigital for February 2024.

Top 45 Digital Marketing Updates in February 2024

To keep you in the loop, here’s a quick rundown of the key digital marketing updates for February 2024.

New Things in Digital 4th Week of February 2024 – Feb 26th to Mar 3rd, 2024

1. Threads Expands Saved Posts to all Users

After rigorous testing with a select group of users, Threads has announced the official rollout of its new “Save” post feature to all users. This highly anticipated addition allows users to tag posts within the app for easy access at a later time. Whether it’s a post that sparked your interest or one that you want to revisit for inspiration, the “Save” option provides a convenient way to keep track of important content. We are confident that this new feature will enhance the user experience and make navigating through the app even more efficient. 

2. Threads Launches API Live Test for Content Scheduling 

Threads announced their recent partnership with several third party platforms in the initial phase of live testing for their API. After months of diligent development, the team is excited to see their API in action and collaborating with other platforms. This partnership will not only benefit Threads but also provide valuable insights and feedback for further improvements. The team is confident that this collaboration will pave the way for a successful and seamless integration with these platforms. 

3. X Launches Live Test of Video in Spaces

X has recently announced the launch of their highly anticipated Spaces option. This feature allows X Premium subscribers to initiate video chats within their live streams, enhancing the interactive experience for both creators and viewers. After extensive development and testing, X is now rolling out the Spaces option to a select group of Premium subscribers for live testing. This will provide valuable feedback and ensure the smooth integration of the feature before its official release.

4. Threads Chief Proposes Auto-Archiving User Posts After 30 Days

Threads Chief has recently proposed a new policy that would automatically archive user posts after 30 days. This proposed change aims to improve the overall user experience and streamline content on the platform. By automatically archiving posts, it will not only reduce clutter and increase the relevance of current content, but also provide a more organized and efficient way for users to navigate through the site. This change also aligns with their commitment to data privacy and security, as it will help minimize the amount of personal information stored on their servers.

5. YouTube Expands Access to Its ‘Create’ Mobile Video Editing App

YouTube has recently announced that it will be expanding access to its new video editing app, “Create,” which is specifically designed for the creation of Shorts. This expansion will include users in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey. The app offers a user-friendly platform for creating and editing short videos, catering to the growing popularity of short-form content on the platform. This expansion will provide more creators with the opportunity to utilize this innovative tool and enhance their Shorts experience. 

6. Elon Musk Teases Xmail as Gmail Alternative Amid Shutdown Hoax

Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, recently made a bold statement regarding the future of email services. On his official Twitter account, Musk announced that an alternative to Google’s popular email service, Gmail, is “coming.” This news has sparked speculation and anticipation within the tech community, as Musk has a proven track record of disrupting industries with innovative solutions. While details on the new service, named Xmail, are scarce, many are eagerly awaiting its launch. With Musk’s reputation for pushing boundaries and creating efficient and user-friendly products, it is safe to say that Xmail has the potential to revolutionize the way we communicate through email.

7. Google Analytics Adds new Default Google Ads Report

Google Analytics has recently made an update to its performance reporting section. It appears that a new default Google Ads report has been added, providing users with valuable insights into their advertising campaigns. This addition is a welcome change for marketers and advertisers who rely on both Google Analytics and Google Ads to track and measure their online performance. With this new report, users can easily access important data such as clicks, conversions, and cost per click, all in one convenient location.

8. Google Local Panels Design with Expandable Menus

Google has recently implemented a new feature on its desktop interface, where expandable menus and information sections are now available for local panels on the right side of the screen. This is a significant update as these features were previously only live for normal knowledge panels. With these expandable menus, users can now access more detailed information about local businesses, such as menus, reviews, and contact information, without having to leave the search results page. This will greatly enhance the user experience and make it easier for individuals to find the information they need. 

9. Google Structured Data Carousels Beta Documentation Added

Google has recently announced the release of their new structured data carousel beta documentation, also known as host carousel. This new feature aims to enhance the user experience by providing a visually appealing and organized display of search results. With the structured data carousel, websites can now showcase multiple types of content, such as articles, videos, and recipes, in a horizontal carousel format. This will not only improve the visibility and accessibility of content for users but also allow website owners to showcase their diverse range of content in a more efficient and engaging manner.

New Things in Digital 4th Week of February 2024 – Feb 19th to Feb 25th, 2024

10. Instagram Tests Live-Stream Games To Enhance Engagement

Instagram is constantly looking for ways to enhance the user experience, and their latest efforts include testing out new options to liven up live streams on the app. One of these options allows live broadcasters to choose a game to play with their viewers during the stream. This feature has the potential to create more engaging and interactive live streams, as viewers can now participate in real-time activities with the broadcaster. We look forward to seeing how this addition will enhance the live-streaming experience on the platform.

11. Threads Tests Post Drafts & Integrated Camera In-Stream

Over the past few weeks, the Threads team has been diligently testing out post drafts internally in order to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for our valued users. After thorough testing and refining, they are excited to announce that they have now launched a live test of this highly-anticipated option with selected users. In addition, they have also implemented an integrated camera function to enhance the overall user experience. To further improve their platform, they have introduced a new pathway to challenge our moderation rulings, allowing for a fair and transparent process. 

12. Meta Tests Cross-Posting Between Facebook & Threads

Meta has recently announced a new test for cross-posting between the two platforms. This feature allows selected users to share their Facebook updates directly on the Threads app, which has a similar format to Twitter. This integration aims to provide a seamless experience for users and enhance the connectivity between the two platforms. As a professional and innovative company, Meta strives to constantly improve user experience and offer new features that cater to the evolving needs of its users. 

13. YouTube Launches A New Channel Page Layout for TV

As YouTube hits a new milestone in connected TV viewing, the platform is introducing a new channel page layout specifically designed for TV. This move presents an exciting opportunity for creators to further enhance their connection with a larger audience. With more people tuning in to YouTube on their home TV sets, this new layout will provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for viewers, allowing creators to expand their reach and engage with a broader range of viewers. By optimizing the platform for TV viewing, YouTube is solidifying its position as a leading source of entertainment and information, and creators will undoubtedly benefit from this new feature in their efforts to connect with their audience.

14. YouTube Updates Video Earnings Display In Studio, Tests New Desktop UI

YouTube is constantly evolving and finding new ways to support and empower its creators. In its latest update, YouTube has revamped the revenue display feature in the YouTube Studio app. This update will provide creators with a more comprehensive and organized view of their video earnings. The new listings will showcase the top-earning videos in each category, including Shorts, VODs, and Live uploads. This will allow creators to easily track their revenue and identify which types of content are generating the most income. With this new feature, YouTube is making it easier for creators to understand and monetize their content, ultimately helping them to achieve their financial goals on the platform.

15. WhatsApp Adds New Text Formatting Options To Improve Communications

After conducting thorough testing with a select group of users, WhatsApp has officially unveiled its new text formatting options for both Android and iOS devices. This highly anticipated feature will provide users with more control over the appearance of their messages, allowing for a more personalized and visually appealing communication experience. By offering a variety of formatting options, including bold, italics, and strikethrough, WhatsApp is demonstrating its commitment to continuously improving and enhancing the user experience. This announcement is a testament to the platform’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs and preferences of its users, and we are thrilled to see these new features being made available to the public.

16. Google Search Tests New Search Bar Design

Recently, it has been observed that Google Search is testing a new design for its search bar on mobile devices. This new design features buttons for images, videos, news, shopping, maps, and more, all displayed on a light blue background with a curved shape. This new layout is a departure from the traditional design of the search bar and may potentially offer a more user-friendly and visually appealing experience for mobile users. As a company dedicated to constantly improving and enhancing user experience, it is not surprising that Google is exploring new designs and innovations for its popular search engine. 

17. Google Local Pack Tests Restaurant Price Ranges

Google, as one of the leading search engines, has always strived to provide its users with accurate and relevant information. In the realm of restaurant listings, Google has consistently displayed the estimated cost of dining at various establishments by using one, two, or three-dollar signs next to the restaurant’s name in their local pack listings. However, in an effort to further enhance user experience, Google is currently testing the display of actual price ranges. This new feature will provide users with a more precise understanding of the cost of dining at a particular restaurant, allowing them to make more informed decisions.

18. The Google App Adds a Toggle Between Search & Gemini

The latest update of the Google Search app has brought a new feature that has been much awaited by users – the toggle to switch between Google Search and Gemini (formerly known as Google Bard). This toggle appears at the top of the app and is set to Google Search by default, with the recognizable Super G logo. However, users now have the convenience of tapping on the Gemini logo to quickly switch to the innovative search tool. This addition not only adds to the user experience but also highlights Google’s commitment to constantly improving and evolving their services for the benefit of their users.

New Things in Digital 3rd Week of February 2024 – Feb 12th to Feb 18th, 2024

19. Meta Begins Testing Fact-Check Markers on Threads

Meta recognizes the importance of maintaining a non-partisan environment on its platform. However, it also acknowledges that political discussions are bound to occur regardless. In order to ensure that accurate information is being shared, Meta has made the decision to expand its fact-checking efforts to include Threads. By providing users with verified information, Meta aims to foster a healthy and informed discourse while upholding its values of transparency and accountability. 

The Threads team strives to create a safe and inclusive environment for our users. In line with this goal, they have established a means to limit potentially divisive political discussions within our app.  They understand the importance of respectful and civil discourse and want to ensure that our platform promotes healthy conversations. As part of their efforts, they are now rolling out a live test of Trending Topics to selected users in the U.S. This feature will allow users to stay informed about current events without the risk of sparking heated debates. 

Google has recently released new insights on Valentine’s Day data. These overviews are based on search activity and provide valuable information on what is trending this year and how people plan to celebrate this romantic holiday. The data gives a glimpse into the most popular gifts, activities, and destinations that people are searching for. This information can be useful for businesses and individuals alike in planning their Valentine’s Day strategies. With a professional tone, Google’s data offers a comprehensive understanding of the current Valentine’s Day landscape, providing valuable insights for those looking to make the most of this special occasion.

22. YouTube Adds New Music Remix Options For Shorts

YouTube has recently unveiled a new feature for its Shorts section, allowing users to create music remixes. This announcement comes at a crucial time as rival platform TikTok is facing a setback with its access to tracks from Universal Music being blocked due to a payment disagreement. With this update, YouTube aims to provide its users with more creative options to express themselves through short-form videos. The addition of remix options for Shorts is a testament to YouTube’s constant efforts to enhance user experience and stay ahead of its competitors in the ever-evolving social media landscape.

23. Youtube Updates Mobile Uploads, Gift Memberships & Tagging

With the new version of YouTube Studio on mobile, creators can now directly upload their content without having to switch between different apps. This update will not only save time and effort for creators but also improve the overall management process. The app also offers a range of new features such as analytics, real-time updates, and the ability to respond to comments. This shows YouTube’s dedication to constantly improving the user experience for creators. We are excited to see how this update will enhance the creativity and productivity of our valued YouTube community.

24. Google SGE Now Works In Mobile Safari

When Google initially introduced SGE, the Search Generative Experience, it was limited to functioning solely on Chrome or the Google Search App for those with Gmail accounts that had opted into the search labs experiment. However, with advancements in technology and user demand, Google has made significant strides in expanding the accessibility of SGE. Now, users can access SGE even while using mobile Safari, the native browser on Apple’s iPhone. This development demonstrates Google’s commitment to providing a seamless and inclusive experience for its users. 

25. Google SGE Tests Removing Side Carousels

There has been speculation that Google is testing the removal of the side carousel in the Search Generative Experience (SGE) interface. This side carousel typically displays card answers on the right side of the desktop SGE results. However, it appears that Google is experimenting with not showing these cards in the side panel. This potential change has sparked interest and raised questions among users and industry professionals. It is important to note that this is only a test and there is no confirmation that this change will be implemented permanently.

26. Google Ads Places Keyword Lists With Clickable Stars

Upon accessing his Google Ads advertiser console, the user immediately noticed the addition of clickable stars next to the keyword list. These stars serve as a convenient feature that allows the user to easily highlight and unhighlight specific keywords with just a simple click. This proves to be a valuable tool for the user in organizing and managing their keyword list. With the ability to quickly identify and pinpoint important keywords, the user can make more informed decisions and optimize their campaigns accordingly.

27. Google Releases Gemini 1.5 With 1M Context Window

Google’s recent announcement of Gemini 1.5 has sent shockwaves through the tech industry. This upgraded version of their flagship language model promises significant improvements and advancements. With Google’s dedicated focus on natural language processing, Gemini 1.5 boasts a more sophisticated and accurate model, enabling it to generate more human-like text. This development has the potential to revolutionize various industries, such as customer service, content creation, and translation. The implications of this bombshell are immense, and it will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the way we interact with technology. 

New Things in Digital 2nd Week of February 2024 – Feb 5th to Feb 11th, 2024

28. Threads Plans To Deprioritize Political Discussion Through A New Recommendations Approach

In a recent statement, the chief of Instagram has revealed plans to enhance the platform’s systems in order to reduce the recommendation of political content. This decision comes in response to the growing demand from users who are tired of being constantly exposed to divisive political discussions. The move not only aims to provide a more pleasant experience for users, but also to limit the spread of potentially harmful and polarizing information. By ramping up their systems, both Instagram and its companion app, Threads, are taking proactive measures to ensure that political debates do not overshadow the original purpose of the platform. 

29. Meta Shares Insights Into How The Threads Feed Algorithms Work

Meta recently shared valuable insights into the inner workings of their threads feed algorithms. These algorithms are responsible for curating the content that appears on users’ news feeds, making them a crucial aspect of the overall user experience. Through transparency and open communication, Meta hopes to provide a better understanding of how these algorithms function and how they impact the content that users consume. This information not only benefits users but also content creators and businesses who use the platform for marketing purposes. 

30. Threads Is Testing A New Option To Save Posts

Threads has exciting news for its users. The app has officially announced that it is now testing the ability to save posts, a highly requested feature update. This new capability will bring Threads in line with other popular apps and provide users with a more streamlined and convenient experience. This update will allow users to easily save and access their favourite posts for future reference, making it easier to stay organized and engaged with the platform. 

31. YouTube expands youth safety measures for Safer Internet Day

In honour of Safer Internet Day, YouTube has announced a series of expanded measures to promote the safety and well-being of its young users. Among these updates are improvements to the in-stream “Take a Break” prompts, which remind viewers to take breaks from excessive screen time. Additionally, YouTube will be implementing stricter content restrictions for potentially harmful topics, further ensuring the protection of its young audience. Furthermore, the platform has partnered with adolescent health experts to create a comprehensive report on digital well-being, providing valuable insights and resources for parents and educators. These efforts demonstrate YouTube’s commitment to creating a safe and positive online environment for all users.

32. YouTube Announces New Programming for Black History Month

YouTube has recently revealed their plans for Black History Month, which includes a lineup of programming that will highlight the contributions of Black creators on the platform. This initiative aims to recognize and celebrate the diverse voices and perspectives of these individuals, and the significant impact they have had on the YouTube community. From inspiring stories to thought-provoking discussions, the new slate of programming will showcase the richness and diversity of Black culture. This is a commendable step by YouTube towards promoting inclusivity and representation, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on both creators and viewers.

33. YouTube Tests Alternate Colour Feeds For Premium Users

YouTube is constantly striving to enhance the user experience and improve the functionality of its platform. In its latest effort, the popular video-sharing website is testing a new way to sort videos. This new feature is based on the predominant colour of the thumbnail image, providing users with a more visually appealing way to browse and discover content. By utilizing advanced technology, YouTube is able to analyze the colours present in the thumbnail and categorize them accordingly. This innovative approach not only adds a new dimension to browsing videos.

34. Meta Outlines New Approaches To Generative AI Transparency

Meta is taking proactive steps to establish new rules surrounding the disclosure of AI usage in its apps. This initiative not only places greater responsibility on users to declare their use of AI in content creation, but also aims to implement innovative systems that can detect the utilization of AI through technical means. By doing so, Meta is committed to ensuring transparency and accountability in the use of AI technology within its apps. This move reflects Meta’s dedication to upholding ethical standards and promoting responsible use of AI, ultimately creating a safer and more trustworthy environment for its users.

35. Google Tests Blue-Shaded Search Bar Headers

Google Search is constantly evolving and testing new features to improve user experience. One recent development includes testing various shades of blue for its search header, with the addition of a sticky version. This means that the header will remain at the top of the page as users scroll down the search results, providing easy access to key features. This feature has the potential to enhance navigation and streamline the search process for users. By constantly experimenting and implementing new ideas, Google is providing a seamless and efficient search experience for its users.

36. Bard Is Now Gemini, Rolling Out A Mobile App And Gemini Advanced With Ultra 1

Bard has recently undergone a rebranding and is now known as Gemini. As part of their new identity, they have rolled out a new mobile app and Gemini Advanced, along with Ultra 1, their latest cutting-edge technology. Gemini Advanced offers advanced features and capabilities, providing healthcare providers with a comprehensive solution for their medical needs. With the addition of Ultra 1, Gemini has solidified its position as an innovative and forward-thinking company, dedicated to improving the healthcare industry.

New Things in Digital 1st Week of February 2024 – Jan 29th to Feb 4th, 2024

37. Instagram Tests New Option To Preview Feed Post Placement Before Publishing

Instagram is constantly evolving and finding new ways to improve user experience. One of their latest features being tested is the option to preview how feed posts will look on a user’s profile grid before publishing. This allows individuals to carefully curate their feed and ensure that each post fits into their desired aesthetic. This feature not only benefits personal users, but also businesses and influencers who rely on maintaining a cohesive brand image on their Instagram profiles. By providing this option, Instagram is catering to the growing demand for visually appealing content and allowing users to have more control over their online presence.

38. Threads Rises To 130m Users, Seeing Steady Growth

According to recent insights shared by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it is evident that Threads is experiencing significant growth. Not only has the platform expanded in terms of its user base, but engagement levels have also seen a notable surge. This is a testament to the platform’s increasing popularity and effectiveness in fostering meaningful connections amongst its users. As Meta continues to prioritize the development of innovative social media platforms, it is clear that Threads is a key player in its portfolio. With Zuckerberg at the helm, the future looks promising for Threads and its users.

39. Meta Develops Its Fediverse Connection Options For Threads

Meta has recently announced its commitment to making Threads interoperable with the Fediverse. The Fediverse is a network of interconnected servers that allows for decentralized control of social interactions, removing the reliance on a single entity. This move by Meta demonstrates a shift towards a more open and inclusive approach to social media, giving users the freedom to connect and communicate across various platforms. This interoperability will not only provide users with more options and flexibility but it also promotes a more diverse digital ecosystem. 

40. Threads Sees Increased Download Momentum In December Amid EU Launch

In December, the popular social media platform Threads experienced a significant increase in downloads, coinciding with its launch in the European Union. The platform, which allows users to create and share visually appealing content, saw a surge in user activity and engagement, solidifying its position as a rising star in the digital landscape. With its sleek interface and focus on user-generated content, Threads has quickly gained traction among younger demographics, particularly in the fashion and lifestyle industries. Its expansion into the EU market marks a major milestone in the company’s growth and has garnered positive reviews from both users and industry experts.

41. YouTube Now Has 100M Premium And Music Subscribers

YouTube, the world’s leading video-sharing platform, has reached a significant milestone today by surpassing 100 million subscribers for its premium and music services. This achievement comes after 8 years since the launch of YouTube Premium and Music, showcasing the platform’s immense growth and popularity among users worldwide. With this remarkable feat, YouTube has solidified its position as a dominant player in the streaming industry, providing unparalleled entertainment and music content to its vast audience. 

42. YouTube Adds Playlist Analytics, New Insights To Assist In Content Planning

YouTube recently announced exciting new updates for content creators with the release of improved analytics for Playlists and various tweaks and updates in YouTube Studio. These new features aim to provide creators with more comprehensive and insightful data to better understand their audience and optimize their content. With the new analytics for Playlists, creators can now dive deeper into the performance of their curated collections, allowing them to make informed decisions on how to improve and promote their content. Additionally, the smaller tweaks and updates in YouTube Studio will assist creators in efficiently managing their YouTube content, making it easier to navigate and organize their videos. 

43. Google Rolls Out Image Creation Within The Bard Chatbot, With Updated Visual Generation Models

Google has recently announced the rollout of a new feature within its Bard chatbot – the ability to create images. This new feature is powered by updated visual generation models, providing users with the ability to generate images based on their text inputs. This marks a significant advancement in the capabilities of Google’s chatbot technology, as it now combines both textual and visual elements to enhance the user experience. With this new feature, users can now easily create and share images that accurately represent their ideas and messages. 

44. Google Search Tests Shopping Menu For Home, Orders, Settings & More

Google search has become increasingly focused on e-commerce and shopping-related content. This shift in emphasis is evident in the search engine’s latest feature – a specialized menu designed specifically for shopping. This menu appears in the search results for shopping-related queries and offers users a streamlined way to access relevant shopping features. With just a click, users can now access a variety of shopping options and compare prices, reviews, and more. 

45. Google Business Profiles: Add Products With A Barcode Scanner

Google Business Profiles has recently added a new feature that allows businesses to showcase their products on Google Search and Maps in a more seamless and efficient manner. With the use of a barcode scanner, businesses can now easily add products to their business profiles and merchant centers section. This feature not only saves time and effort for businesses, but also provides a convenient way for customers to view in-store products before visiting the physical location. As an added bonus, Google offers a free barcode scanner to businesses upon request. 

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Wrapping up our recap of February 2024’s major updates, it’s clear that digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape. The 45 updates highlight the necessity for marketers to be flexible, innovative, and always learning. With the introduction of new algorithms, platforms, and tools, staying up-to-date is crucial, not just a choice.

As we move ahead, use these insights to shape your digital strategies and be ready to adapt to the industry’s shifts. In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, change is the only constant.

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