Digital Marketing Updates in August 2022

Top 9 Latest Digital Marketing Updates in August 2022

As August comes to an end, so does an eventful month with many interesting digital marketing updates. Digital space saw a lot of new things this month, from Twitter to Facebook's reel-like short videos to Instagram's warning about harmful content in the app

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Are you here to learn or know about the latest trends happening in the digital marketing industry? Then you’re in the right place! Here we have listed the top 9 latest digital marketing updates in August. Keep reading!

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List of Top 9 Latest Digital Marketing Updates for the Month of August 2022. Check out!

Top 9 Latest Digital Marketing Updates [August 2022]

Here are our #NewThingsInDigital for the Month of August 2022;

1. Instagram Experiments with a New Optional Switch for its Full-screen Feed Display

The new option will be available via the Instagram logo dropdown menu along with the option to sort by ‘Followers’ or ‘Favorites’.

According to Adam Mosseri, they want their app to better align with what users want to see, not just in terms of content, which is sorted by algorithm, but also in terms of the format.

In order, to make Instagram a more compelling experience, Instagram is building an algorithm that learns more from user behaviour.

2. Instagram Updates Its Teen Safety Features to Limit Exposure to Harmful Content in the App

Instagram Updates Its Teen Safety Features to Limit Exposure to Harmful Content in the App

Users under the age of 16 are now put into Instagram’s most restrictive exposure category by default unless they manually change the settings.

Teens already using Instagram will also be prompted to choose the ‘Less’ setting, and Instagram is launching a new ‘settings check-up’ to encourage them to update their privacy settings.

Twitter Tests Updated Link Buttons & Shopping Tools for Professional Accounts

Twitter has added another new profile spotlight option, with a customizable ‘Link’ display, which lets you choose between various CTAs for a prominent profile button.

Within your Pro profile spotlights, you’ll also find a new ‘Shop’ option.

In addition, Twitter is developing a new product management platform to help you build your in-app product showcase.

4. YouTube Adds New Creative Tools for Community Posts & Increased Audience Behaviour Insights

YouTube Adds New Creative Tools for Community Posts & Increased Audience Behaviour Insights

In good news for YouTube creators, YouTube is expanding access to its ‘Other Videos Your Audience Watched’ feature.

It provides insight into your audience’s viewing habits by listing the videos they watched along with your content over the past seven days.

Furthermore, YouTube will add filtering by content type – Shorts, VOD, or Live – to this feature.

YouTube is also testing some new features for community posts, such as text filters and stickers.

5. Meta is Establishing a New Customer Support Division to Handle Facebook User Inquiries

Facebook users have good news, with Meta announcing it is creating a new customer service department, which will provide direct advice and assistance to help them resolve account issues and concerns more quickly.

Having dedicated customer service has been a much-requested feature, with many users frustrated at not being able to contact anyone about key concerns, such as suspensions, content removals, and ads.

6. Twitter is Testing a ‘Tweet Titles’ Display Format for Tweeted Links

To drive more clicks, Tweet Tiles will facilitate new visual formats for tweeted links, including larger images, variable fonts, and prominent CTAs.

By using these updated link-preview displays, you will be able to stand out in the fast-moving tweet feed, helping you drive better performance.

7. LinkedIn Rolls Out an Option to Pin Comments in Reply Chains to Boost Engagement

LinkedIn Rolls Out an Option to Pin Comments in Reply Chains to Boost Engagement

A LinkedIn post reply can now be pinned, highlighting the best responses and encouraging more engagement.

It may be a good way to follow up on a related conversation or to acknowledge a thoughtful or creative response to your post.

8. Google Business Profiles Tests Out Adding Captions On Business Photos

A new experiment by Google has enabled business owners with the option to add captions and descriptions to the photos they add to their business profiles.

9. Google Rolls Out Content Guidelines For Education Q&A Structured Data Docs

A brand-new section for content guidelines has been added to Google’s Education Q&A structured data documentation. Three higher-level content guidelines have been added to Google’s structured data guidelines.

“We created these Education Q&A content guidelines to ensure our users have access to relevant learning resources,” Google said. According to Google, if they find content that violates these guidelines, they will respond appropriately, which may include taking manual action and not showing your content in the Google education Q&A rich result.”

Structured data from Education Q&A can help students easily find your flashcard pages. You need to add quiz-structured data to your flashcard pages in order to accomplish this. Structured data makes your content eligible to appear in the Education Q&A carousel in Google Search results, Google Assistant, and Google Lens results, Google said.

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So these were the top 9 latest digital marketing updates for the month of August 2022. That’s it for today! I hope you got to know about the latest digital marketing updates/trends and also got to learn about New Things In Digital. Did we miss out on any significant updates? Let us know by commenting below.

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