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Digital marketing tools are every online agency’s bread and butter. Without them, nothing would get done at all. Over the years, these tools have come to be known by a trendy name: SaaS (Software as a Service). From startups to multinational companies, everyone wants to empower themselves with the latest tech in the business. 

The vast majority of the online tools out there aren’t free, though. At best, they’re freemium. So why do digital marketers bother investing in these tools? The answer is simple: Digital marketing tools help you build an online presence for digital success. In some cases, digital tools can do the work of an entire team of people within a matter of milliseconds. Talk about cost-cutting! 

Digital Marketing Tools: An Overview

Just like the field itself, digital marketing tools come in all types and purposes. Based on every avenue of digital marketing, the options available have also evolved accordingly to fit the competitive scenario. Today, if you want to be a step ahead of your competitors, you need help from digital marketing tools, whether you’re a startup or an MNC. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of must-have tools that make your road map to digital success a whole lot easier. In this article, we’ll be covering the principal avenues of digital marketing, such as

– SEO And Content Marketing

– Social Media Management & Creativity

– Lead Generation And Business Development

– Graphic Design and Creativity

The twelve tools we’ll list out here could be just the game changers you’re looking for, whether you’re a digital freelancer or an entrepreneur. Pay close attention, because some of these tools have been making waves in the field of late! Let’s get into the specifics of each option with an in-depth analysis of their features, pros and cons.

First, we’ll take a look at Social Media Management digital marketing tools in 2021.

Social Media Marketing Tools For 2021

1. Hootsuite:

It’s impossible to have a conversation about quality SMM without mentioning Hootsuite. This software tool makes managing multiple social media accounts a breeze, thanks to its interface. It’s also preferred for its easy setup and access. 


– Extensive social media platform integration

– Analytics facilities for real-time social media monitoring

– Seamless post and page promotion options

– Post scheduling across platforms and social platform security

– Workflow moderation and adjustment on the go


– Free: 3 SM Accounts, 30 posts a month

– Professional: $29/mo, 10 accounts 

– Team: $129/mo, 20 profiles + custom analytics

– Business account: $599/mo + Premium apps


– Unparalleled social media integration

– Great for startups and enterprises alike

– Excellent third party support


– Pricing model is slightly unbalanced

– Only basic functionality present

– User experience is strictly passable

Rating: 8/10

2. Sprout Social:

Sprout Social has risen through the ranks as a hot favourite among the digital marketing tools in 2021. From seamless workflow creation to easy scheduling and management, Sprout Social boasts an impressive arsenal of features.


– Optimum social listening tools and facilities

– Smart all-in-one inbox for easy management

– Functional automation capabilities

– Workflow optimisation and team collaboration

– Trend analysis and analytics


– Free 30-day trial on all plans (no credit card)

– Standard: $99/month/user (5 Social profiles + inbox)

– Professional: $149/month/user (10 profiles) + workflow

– Advanced: $249/month/user (10 profiles) + chatbots + custom tracking

– No free plans


– Excellent UI/UX

– Prime functionality with ample tools

– Free trial across all plans

– Makes social media management user-friendly


– Slightly pricey

– Insights can be overwhelming

– Pricing model geared more towards larger teams

Rating: 8.5/10

3. MeetEdgar:

MeetEdgar is a top-dollar pick in a new breed of digital marketing tools. This new-age social media tool looks to optimise the process of content creation for social media. It’s purely centred around content and doesn’t do much for management itself. However, what it does offer is spectacular.


– Active suggestions for content updating

– Scheduling features for easy coordination

– Analytic tools (A/B testing, etc.)

– Streamlined content designation for ease of access

– AI-based content management

– Ample automation facilities


  • Basic: $19/month (3 accounts)
  • Advanced: $49/month (25 accounts, full access)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


– Great for social media content strategy

– Easy setup and subsequent management

– Good accountability and transparency


– No support for GMB, Pinterest or YouTube

– No features for listening or active reporting

– No free trial on plans

Verdict: 7.5/10

SEO & Content Marketing Tools For 2021

1. SEMRush

SEO analysts the world over know the power of SEMRush as a digital marketing tool. It combines all the pain points of SEO and content marketing into one neat tool. It’s renowned for its ease of use and powerful toolbox.


– Metric-rich dashboard

– Domain overview facilities

– Link building analysis

– Traffic analytics and overview

– Content optimisation


– Pro: $99.95/mo (free trial available

– Guru: $199.95/mo (free trial available)

– Business: $399.95/mo (no free trial)

– Enterprise (entry by application only)

– Annual plans get 16% off


– Dual-purpose content marketing and SEO functionality

– Great for monitoring backlinks on a deeper level

– Smart analysis of web traffic

– Proactive suggestions for content optimisation


– Even the basic plan is pricey

– No mobile-friendly interface

– Slightly steep learning curve

Rating: 8.5/10

2. Ahrefs

Nowadays, Ahrefs is a must-have in every SEO analyst’s toolkit. It’s an absolute gamechanger in terms of creating an online presence for marketing success, through backlink building and traffic analysis. 


  • Handy for competitor research
  • Extensive paid search features
  • Seamless tracking of backlink profiles
  • Ample content optimisation facility 


  • Lite: $99/mo ($7 trial for seven days)(5 projects)
  • Standard: $179/mo ($7 trial) (10 projects)
  • Advanced: $399/mo (no trial) (25 projects)
  • Agency: $999/mo (no trial) (100 projects)


  • Unparalleled backlink index on a global scale
  • Easy to get the hang of and get full use
  • Prompt customer support
  • Complete SEO package from ranking to content updating


  • Very expensive, especially for new entrants
  • Prone to information overload at times
  • UI is set in stone

Rating: 9/10

3. SEO Spider

SEO Spider is a digital marketing tool that has been around for quite a while now. Its claim to fame is the unique crawling tracker features it offers and the metadata analysis facilities in store. 


– Streamlined sitemap visualisation

– Extensive crawl search facility

– Duplicate content analysis and removal

– URL crawlability


– Free Plan (just the basics)

– Premium Plan ($195 per year)(Full Functionality)

– Discount available for bulk plans


– Excellent for extensive metadata

– Can sync to platforms like Google Analytics

– Analytic-friendly approach

– An entirely free plan


– Basic plan is lacking in certain core features

– No cloud support

– UI can be clunky at times

Rating: 8/10

Lead Generation & Email Marketing Digital Marketing Tools

1. Unbounce:

In terms of managing landing pages and generating leads, Unbounce has been making waves in recent times. Through its unique offerings such as lead conversion and performance tracking, it’s poised to be among the top software options in its bracket.


  • Competent landing page builder
  • Extensive account management options
  • Secure interface and operations
  • Trigger facilities for process streamlining
  • Optimization features from start to finish


  • Launch: $72/mo (1 domain)
  • Optimize: $108/mo (3 domains)
  • Accelerate: $180/mo (7 domains)
  • Scale: $270/mo (15 domains)
  • 14-day free trial on all plans


  • Concise landing page creation with testing features
  • Consistent security measures in place
  • A variety of templates to pick from
  • No coding skills required


  • Minimal tutorial for the interface
  • Intermittent customer support
  • Slightly pricey
  • Only works well for landing pages

Rating: 8.5/10

2. ClickFunnels:

This tool works wonders for those looking to build an online presence for marketing success. It has made a formidable reputation in building effective sales funnels that can churn out consistent leads for your brand. 


– Streamlined drag-and-drop funnel creation

– Facilitated upselling/down selling options

– Ample automation facilities

– Ready template support

– Useful funnels for both novices and experts


Basic: $97/mo (20 funnels, 100 LPs)

Suite: $297/mo (Unlimited funnels and LPs)


  • Can create compelling funnels in seconds
  • Excellent marketing features
  • Good support on testing options
  • Automation is significant and a timesaver.


  • The basic plan is highly restrictive.
  • Customer support is unreliable.
  • Plans are costly

Rating: 9/10

3. Kirim email

Kirim email new player is redefining the email marketing sector, becoming an excellent digital marketing tool in 2021. It’s currently the only email marketing tool with authentic email validation and cleaning. 


– Excellent deliverability

Unlimited emails

– Email validation

– Direct lead synchronisation


– 10000 Contacts for 3 Years – $99

– 20000 Contacts for 3 Years – $199

– $40000 Contacts for 3 Years – $399

30-day money-back guarantee on all plans


– User-friendly interface

– Prompt customer support

– Consistent deliverability

– Flexible pricing plans


– Only works for emailers

Rating: 9.5/10

Graphic Design Digital Marketing Tools

1. Canva

Canva is a lifesaver for non-graphic designers as a digital marketing tool. It lets you design professional-looking creatives with ease. 


  • Easy template-based design
  • Multifaceted design styles for versatility
  • Branding element incorporation
  • Extensive Publishing features


  • Free: Basic drag-and-drop functionality
  • Pro: $12.95/mo, full access
  • Enterprise: $30/mo, collaboration features


  • Excellent for non-designers
  • Value-for-money free plan
  • Extensive platform support
  • Regular updates


  • Lacklustre mobile optimisation
  • No resizing options on the basic plan
  • Relies on template design

Rating: 9/10

2. Piktochart

Infographics are a major game-changer when it comes to establishing an online presence for digital success. Piktochart gets the job done through streamlined processes and ease of access.


– Versatile design styles and options

– Extensive chart and graphic creation

– High-quality download facilities

– Support for a vast range of file formats


– Free: (5 visuals, standard quality images)

– Pro: $29/mo (Unlimited visuals, hi-res images)

– Team: $99/mo (Collaboration features)


– Streamlined infographic creation in segments

– Easy content sharing

– Extensive template library

– Seamless collaboration and custom template creation


– Free plan is heavily restrictive

– No support for HTML5 grade creatives

Rating: 8.5/10

3. Magisto

This video editor software makes for a powerful addition to any digital marketer’s arsenal in 2021. With the power of AI, Magisto delivers on all fronts as a top-class video editor.


– Streamlined video editing within minutes

– Integration with Vimeo, iStock and Google

– Sharing features onboard

– Versatile and accessible UI


– Premium: $9.99/mo (Basic features only)

– Professional: $19.99/mo 

– Business: $69.99/mo

– iStock library available on Professional and Business


– Multi-platform efficiency

– User-friendly

– No compromise on video quality

– Excellent library support


– Plans are slightly pricey

– Importing videos can be a hassle at times

– Only useful for dedicated video channels

Rating: 8.5/10


The list of digital marketing tools in 2021 is vast. With the twelve tools listed above, you should be poised to soar high as a digital marketer, no matter your niche. Discover these tools today and make the most of the endless potential of digital marketing!

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