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Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Tips for Doctors in India 2024 – Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing tips for doctors? You might be confused reading the title and might wonder as to why doctors need digital marketing. Well, we have come to an era where even doctors need to apply digital marketing strategies for their clinics or hospitals.

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Initially, only a few doctors and hospitals used the internet or digital marketing strategies to increase awareness. Due to the pandemic, all of them had to go digital as that was the only place where doctors and patients could interact with each other.


If you are a doctor and are looking for digital marketing tips, then this is the blog that you need to read and bookmark. Digital marketing will help you increase your client base and will help in making loyal patients. It will assist in spreading the word regarding your services or practice, and it is an essential tool that you have to use at this point.

Now, let’s get to know what are the digital marketing tips for doctors;

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips for Doctors In 2024

Here are the list of top 10 most recommended digital marketing tips for Doctors in India, that you must follow to achieve more success in your professional life, create a stronger customer base, and become one of the Best Doctors in India;

1. Have a Clean Website


Having a clean website is one of the first most digital marketing tips for doctors. If you do not have a website for yourself, the clinic, or the hospital, then create a website. Ensure that the website is easy to navigate and professional. From booking appointments to reading the terms and conditions or a blog, all the actions that a patient wants to make on the website should be handy and easy to use. Let the information be clean and clear so that they do not get confused. 

Have a Clean Website

Also, add all the information related to the services provided to the patients on the website. If multiple doctors are working in a clinic or a hospital, mention their names, specialization, a brief introduction about them, and a picture.  Mention the exact address, phone numbers, and timings of the place so that the patients will know at what times to visit and will also find the location easily.

While designing the website, ensure that the layout is accurate while accessing from mobiles as well. Most of the traffic for websites comes from mobile devices. If the website is not accessible properly or the layout is not proper on mobiles, then you might lose out on potential patients. The website speed also should be good. Overall, make the website easy, interactive, and mobile-friendly. 

2. SEO is The Key

SEO is key digital marketing strategies doctors

This digital marketing tip should not be ignored. Have a strong SEO strategy. Ensure that your website comes on the first page of search results. For this to take place, you need an effective strategy like adding blogs, having social media presence and etc.

Suppose you are a doctor working in a hospital. Do personal branding along with the hospitals’ names. Many patients tend to search for the doctors’ names even before deciding on the hospital. They go to the hospital depending on the doctor. When people know you, and where you work, they will start coming in.

Digital Marketing Tips for Doctors: Local SEO
Personal Branding

It is important for your website to have a local SEO. An effective and strong local SEO is needed. Make sure that you have a Google my business page. Ensure that you have all the information filled in from name to address. This is because when someone is in desperate need to find a doctor in the area, they live in or in the surrounding area, they turn to the internet.

Digital Marketing Tips for Doctors: Local SEO Doctor Result
Local SEO

Their close friends or family might suggest a doctor or hospital, but most of the time, they simply whip out their phone and go to Google. That’s where doctors’ SEO comes in. You have to ensure that your name appears when people in your area search for doctors. Also, note that regardless of the field you are specialised in, build an online presence so that potential and existing patients can know about your presence.

3. Have a Blog on Your Website

To get organic traffic and a ranking on the search engine results page, include a blogs section on your website. Write or upload blogs on a regular basis. This will increase the number of patients as well. Make content that people will want to read and share. Write content related that will help the ones reading and which is helpful. 

Digital Marketing Tips for Doctors: Have a Blog in your Website
Source: Apollo Clinic
Digital Marketing Tips for Doctors: Have a Blog in your Website with quality content
Source: Apollo Clinic

You can write about the recent updates in the medical field, information regarding new or rising diseases and vaccines, or tips to maintain better health. If you are writing regarding diseases, ensure that the tone of the content does not scare or create panic among the readers.

4. Ask a Review

This is also one of the most recommended digital marketing tips for Doctors in India. Ask for a review from your client/customer is nothing wrong. Reviews play a crucial role in bringing more patients to your clinic or hospital. When potential customers see a five-star rating or positive reviews on the search results page under your name, then they most likely consider paying a visit. Ask or encourage your patients to give reviews on google. 

Digital Marketing Tips for Doctors: Ask a Review

Reviews on Google

You can even add it to your website and other social media platforms as testimonials. People always read reviews or testimonials before they try something new. This positive feedback can have a significant impact on your practice. Ask your patients to share their experience with the doctor, clinic, the hospital they received, and even the ambiance of the place.  

Digital Marketing Tips for Doctors: Testimonial
Source: Dr. Finy’s Clinic


5. Have Social Media Profiles

Since social media platforms are the most used by all age groups, creating a profile and uploading on these platforms on a daily basis will be very beneficial. The major advantages of social media for doctors are that they can keep in touch with their clients and reach out to new people interested in seeing them.

Doctors can easily enhance postings on social media to gain more exposure, which will give these targeted marketing efforts even more value. Through marketing initiatives, doctors’ social media marketing techniques can help boost a doctor’s online visibility.

Furthermore, using social media in medical practice allows doctors to easily exchange vital ideas, and industry knowledge and even provide medical advice. When compared to other forms of marketing, social media marketing is also a very cost-effective strategy. For example, on Instagram, you can make reels regarding how to keep your skin healthy, or if you are a dentist, the reel can be regarding the benefits of brushing twice a day. 

6. Participate in Listing Sites

Once you have listed your service on Google my business page, start enlisting on other pages such as JustDial, Sulekha, Practo, Medline Plus, and many more. It will be helpful as many people visit these pages to learn about the available hospitals, doctors, or clinics. 

Digital Marketing Tips for Doctors: Listing Sites

Source: Sulekha

7. Invest in Pay Per Click

Digital Marketing Tips for Doctors - Pay Per Click

Pay per click ads should not be ignored. PPC will increase your awareness. PPC is a cost-effective method because when you buy PPC ads, you pay a tiny fee each time a patient clicks on your ad. PPC will help you target those searching for services related to yours. It allows you to show adverts solely to people who are searching for the terms you’ve chosen. It helps focus on the right people. The only thing to keep in mind while performing this is to use the terminology and search keywords that your patients will use while looking for information.

8. Don’t Ignore Email Marketing

Sending emails to patients and potential patients is always helpful. It is an old technique but still an effective one. When patients discover newsletters, answering their concerns and questions that they have been looking for will make them want to read more newsletters. Send content that will be useful to the patients. You can even send personalized newsletters. In this way, they will get information that concerns them the most. Ensure that your email marketing strategy is strong and effective as the mails can go into the spam section. Email marketing will increase the volume of patients.

Digital Marketing Tips for Doctors: Emails
Source: Constant Contact

9. Create Informative Videos

Create and upload videos on Youtube, Facebook, or your website. Video content is one of the most shared and enjoyed types of content. Make videos where you are in it or with a colleague discussing valuable information regarding the medical field. Promote your practices and talk about the procedures you do and how you do them. You can even shoot Q&A videos where you answer the questions asked by your viewers or patients. 

Digital Marketing Tips for Doctors: Create a Videos - Youtube

Question and Answer with Doctor

You can do this by posting on your social media accounts, asking your followers to ask questions, or sharing their concerns so that you can clear them. It will make your relationship with your patients or followers stronger and better. 

10. Try Social Media Ads

You might have witnessed this strategy. You’ve probably seen advertisements on social media or on web pages for something you’ve already looked at or purchased. You can implement the remarketing strategy for your service as well. Retargeting is a type of online advertising that follows visitors after they’ve visited your website. This method can increase your awareness and patients. 

As a doctor, do not ignore digital marketing. Implement digital marketing strategies so that you can bring more awareness to your clinic or hospital. At this point in time, making use of the internet space for your business or practice is essential as everyone is online. These are a few digital marketing tips for doctors that you can include in your strategies to make them more effective.


So yeah! These were the top 10 recommended digital marketing tips for Doctors in India. Join an online digital marketing course today to learn all the aspects of digital marketing from the experts.

Let me know in the comment section which digital marketing tips for doctors you’re going to implement from today!

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