Digital Marketing Strategies for Food Delivery Business

Top & Best 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Food Delivery Business

Are you interested in finding out how a food delivery business can utilize digital marketing to make it even more successful? If you're interested in learning more about digital marketing strategies for the food delivery business, take a look at this article.

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Good food makes the body and soul happy. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons why the food delivery industry is generating more than 320$ billion worldwide in 2022 alone, and the year is not yet over. The pandemic opened doors to the world of online food delivery. Hundreds of skeptics resorted to ordering food online as travel and take-outs were limited. Along with the convenience that comes with ordering food at home, it also presents a unique spread of delicacies from around the world. One can perhaps complete their journey around the world through food.

A wide range of affordable and high-end options, the customizable quality of this business, and the additional offers and discounts make it all the more appealing. But with such monumental growth comes stiff competition. How can you make sure that your business is performing to its maximum potential? With similar applications and businesses in the market, consumers are often confused. It is understandable that they select the business that pops up in their mind first. Hence, digital marketing is a key tool that ensures your food delivery business ranks higher, not just online and eventually in the minds of your consumers.

Digital marketing, in simple terms, is promoting a product or a service through digital channels like mobile phones, social media, and search engines. It is the latest practice that involves innovative measures to maximize sales and profit. It is no more a luxury but a basic necessity for businesses of all scales. 

Digital marketing ensures proper utilization of time and resources to maximize reach. People spend an increasingly high amount of time online, and hence, it only makes sense to take the marketing to them. It is flexible in terms of budget and scale and hence can be utilized by all businesses. And as a service-based business, your food delivery company must reach out to the right client base.

Millennials and working professionals, students, and content creators are some of the consumers that belong to the ideal consumer base. Digital marketing helps customize strategies to fit the needs of your business by focusing on your ideal consumer base. It helps with brand awareness in a time when if consumers are unable to recollect your business, it can result in non-recoverable losses. Digital marketing helps you to increase the visibility and reach of your brand while keeping you on your toes.

So let us discuss 10 digital marketing strategies that will help your food delivery business generate more revenue and create a lasting impression.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Food Delivery Business

These 10 digital marketing strategies will boost the reach of your food delivery business; check out the digital marketing strategies mentioned out below;

1. Invest in a Superior Mobile Application

The pandemic negatively affected several businesses, but the one business that did thrive was the food delivery business. After the pandemic, consumers worldwide began ordering food online. This resulted in a growing demand for a consumer-friendly mobile application.

An app that makes it convenient for all those involved in the food business is ideal. It improves transparency and helps with consumer engagement and purchases.

The application should meet the needs of the delivery business, restaurants, and consumers. A quick-loading application that is compatible with all devices and is aesthetically clean and simple is the goal.

Simplicity does not entail a lack of options. Simplicity in design and fonts, accompanied by variations in filters and food options, is the desired feature. And finally, flexibility in payment methods exudes convenience to your consumers. This generates more engagement with your business and hence better ranking.

The application should also include features to track and process orders quickly for cafes and restaurants tied up with your business. Tracking payments and communicating with consumers and delivery executives should be done efficiently to ensure a smooth transaction of money and food.

And finally, a version of the application designed for your business to coordinate all functions is key. Businesses like;

  • Swiggy,
  • Zomato,
  • GrubHub, and
  • Uber Eats

have optimized their mobile applications to provide superior quality service to consumers and also generate more leads.

2. A Website Fully Optimized for Convenience

Before downloading the application for your business, some consumers might prefer to do a quick online search to check ratings and reviews. They also might just prefer to order from your website. In these situations, your business must create a great first impression to convert these leads into loyal customers. A website is integral for the SEO of your business and hence immensely increases your online visibility.

A seamless website that caters to all the needs of the parties involved is necessary. A cohesive website that is created in unison with the colours and ideals of your brand is beneficial. It should include seamless access, reviews, and testimonials from customers, a separate section to track past orders and payments is a needed feature. A section that talks about your mission and brand identity is also an added advantage.

A feature that facilitates a secure login and logout action, payment tracking, and history of deliveries along with new requests is a great tool for hassle-free processing by delivery executives.

The website should also incorporate tracking systems and a visual gallery for restaurants and cafes to upload engaging content to induce more sales and process them quickly and accurately. With a plethora of options available, your consumers might likely experience confusion. This is when CTA buttons come in handy. With phrases like ORDER NOW or BUY NOW, these call-to-action buttons help in lead conversion and orders.

3. Promotional Offers to Create More Engagement

It is very important to keep your customers engaged regularly while simultaneously looking for new leads. And a cost-effective and foolproof way to achieve both is through promotional events, discounts, and offers. These are great ways to reward loyal customers and also attract the ideal consumer base.

Holding contests that require consumers to perform micro tasks like following a page or liking a post in exchange for free coupons or services is a great strategy. Happy hours, social media contests, and family, office, and holiday specials are extremely desirable offers. Providing an exclusive meal at one of your client cafes as a contest prize will help create brand awareness and is also budget-friendly. Offering discount codes to loyal customers and first-time consumers is necessary.

Zomato Pro, Swiggy Pro, Easy Diner, and Dineout offer cashback, discounts of up to 25-40%, and rewards in exchange for paying through their membership portal. This is a great marketing strategy to generate more engagement and sales. Zomato also made posts related to content that exchanged song suggestions for a free meal. A restaurant even promoted sending a pack of Corona beer along with their order to friends as a prank. This got them a lot of buzz during the pandemic and helped with their sales.

4. The More Unique Your Social Media Game is, The Better

Social media strategy for your business needs to be dynamic for you to outperform your peers in a rather overly saturated market. Engaging and relatable content presented aesthetically would be the ideal approach.

Social media marketing serves important purposes. It increases your brand awareness, keeps your consumers engaged in between their orders, and increases the transparency and visibility of your business. It is a quick and easy channel of communication and is great for generating and converting high-quality leads. And finally, it is cost-effective and produces superior results without compromising on quality.

In this age, where millennials and GenZ are your ideal clientele, creating content that appeals to this majority becomes integral to the success of any marketing campaign. Marketing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube is the right approach. Reels on behind-the-scenes ads and marketing campaigns, and videos with ambassadors on trending audio are great for engaging your audience. Posts containing engaging info on your business in the form of animation or memes are the current trend. Hosting lives and events on Instagram is a great engaging tactic.

Paid social media ads that run on different platforms are ideal for generating valuable leads that are measurable and have high conversion rates. For example, Swiggy has an orange and white theme for their social media feed, whereas Zomato has a red and white theme. Both are cohesive to their brand identity. Swiggy is capitalizing on its collaboration with Khali and generating content around that. Both food delivery businesses post relatable and meme-like style of content that attracts the ideal consumer base making their business memorable and unique.

5. Optimizing Emails and Sms as Strategic Digital Marketing Tools

Utilizing emails and SMS for marketing goods and services through brief reminders and texts is a great tactic. Email marketing and SMS marketing have great potential individually, but when combined with an effective and inclusive strategy, their strength gets doubled.

These are convenient, cost-effective, and quality ways to facilitate consumer interaction with your food delivery business. Emails are highly specific and interact with narrow pools of ideal consumers. This pool can be created by analyzing leads generated from SMS marketing.

Both these strategies are consensual and hence give the consumers a sense of ownership and decision-making power. They initiate retargeting tactics which help consumers complete their orders through custom emails and SMS. They also function as a great vessel to communicate the latest offers and deals to create a sense of scarcity and buzz, which is great for bringing in more sales. It is more personal and specific than paid ads which appear rather generic. Combining both ways of marketing helps with information and data exchange and also reaches a much wider consumer pool.

Feedback surveys, congratulatory messages, confirmation texts, tracking links, updates and reminders are the most frequently used templates in email and SMS marketing. Push notifications, CTA links, and portals can also be used as a retargeting strategy.

Swiggy has an innovative and successful email marketing campaign. It uses personal statements and promotional offers in its opening subject to get high click-through rates of 7%, which is unheard of.

6. Innovative Mobilization of Food Bloggers and Influencers

Innovation is key to making any strategy authentic. Customize digital marketing strategies to fit the needs of your business. One such creative strategy that can be tailored to your business needs is influencer marketing. It is a great way of reaching out to the ideal consumer base.

Influencer marketing involves collaborating with social media personalities who have a comparatively large following to promote your products or services. This is the latest trend in marketing due to its endless benefits.

It is beneficial to both parties involved. It is cost-effective, and resources are utilized efficiently. It also taps into the millennial and Genz mindset as these influencers know just where to strike the dong to make it resonate. It saves your team a lot of creative effort. It has a much wider reach and lead-conversion potential due to the viral nature of these collaborations.

Food bloggers are a great investment as they can influence your consumers in the right way. It is also a transparent and credible approach to marketing, which works similarly to word-of-mouth.

Lifestyle influencers, viral content creators, chefs, food-based influencers, nutrition experts, and influencers with a majority of millennial and GenZ followers would be your dream collaboration. Mukbang-style videos, ASMR content, delivery challenges, various challenges, and other exciting content can be generated through this. Content can be posted as videos or a series of picture posts on different social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Collaborations can be initiated in exchange for monetary compensation, free services, or any other form of agreed-upon barter. Zomato Originals was an innovative concept that Zomato introduced. It involved influencers from different walks of life creating original content for them. Collaborations involved well-known influencers like the team from ScoopWhoop and their brand manager Sahiba Bali. This created a lot of traction for them and even generated new leads and sales.

7. Paid Commercials and Celebrity Endorsements

Paid ads and commercials are some of the most prominent digital marketing tools in current times. They are measurable, flexible, and can be customized to your business specifically. They promote brand awareness which facilitates better traffic. They have high ROI and hence are very plausible for the growth of your business.

Social media ads and ads displayed online in the form of PPC are the most common. It involves paying a digital service provider a sum of money every time their promotional ad of your business gets engagement through clicks.

A celebrity endorsing your brand reflects credibility and also engages your consumers in the right way. It is great for appealing to a rather new client pool by tapping into their fan following. It also makes room for creativity in concept development which will establish your brand identity and value and also promotes brand awareness.

Swiggy, being endorsed by Khali and its collaboration with Hotstar, is an example of successful partnership. Zomato’s rather controversial commercial with Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif individually did manage to stir the pot. And Dunzo’s campaign with Sunny Deol is also a great example.

8. Search Engine Marketing – Optimizing SEO

With competition on the rise, it becomes crucial to distinguish yourself from your competitors. The best way to execute this task is by increasing your visibility online. Your official websites and social media pages can be fully optimized with the latest tools and software to maximize your reach. This is search engine optimization or SEO. It helps rank your business higher which generates more organic traffic for your business. This is a flexible, transparent, and credible form of digital marketing.

As per the needs and budget for your campaign, SEO audits can be outsourced or executed by in-house web developers. Appropriate tools and software can be utilized in free or paid versions to carry out the tasks. 

Optimizing keywords in your website and social media and creating and posting original authentic content is mandatory for good engagement. The content should be organized in a user-friendly manner to make it easy to access as well as understand. Create an engaging social media presence by incorporating dynamic and trending tactics. And finally, a URL that is simple and well developed along with updated and accurate backlinks will help rocket your online visibility to reach more consumers.

9. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most cost-effective and powerful digital marketing tools. It involves creating original, engaging content in the form of blogs or articles that reflect your brand value and helps improve your brand awareness.

Generating authentic content for your delivery business is beneficial for consumer engagement. It helps in generating high-conversion leads and also successfully converting them. It improves credibility and helps with brand awareness. It also facilitates the transformation of your business into an authority online which is immensely beneficial for your brand reputation.

You can choose to either hire freelance content writers or create an in-house team which is the more convenient approach. Opinion pieces, food recipes, candid stories, and fictional articles are the ideal content needed to up your SEO game.

Coke’s ‘share a coke campaign, McDonald’s ‘question time’ strategy, and Buffer’s open blog tactic are great examples of the benefit of content marketing for your business.

10. Creating a Memorable Experience for Your Customers

Since a food delivery business relies heavily on customer satisfaction, you need to invest time and resources into creating a memorable delivery experience for them. Apart from a seamless website and app, investing in cohesive merchandise for your personal delivery and goodies for your customers is a great idea.

Serving great quality food on time is very important. Simple gestures like thank you notes or surprise coupons, discounts, and offers will please your loyal customers and generate fresh leads. Treating every single customer with respect and valuing their time and money is integral to your brand reputation. And finally, personalizing recommendations that are specifically curated for them is a great last touch.

Starbucks is reinventing itself with eco-friendly options in its menu and packaging and personalizing that for its customers. Taco bell maximizing its drive-through experience and Swiggy utilizing AI to provide custom filters (for food, language, and UI) to those with specific requirements are great examples of improving their customer service.


Consumers crave innovation and originality in their foods. Although you may serve them their typical idli sambar or dal chawal, innovation in their quality, delivery, and customer service is expected. Consumers are looking for a convenient yet beneficial mode of ordering food online.

Since the economy is booming, it only makes sense to invest in marketing your delivery business the right way to capitalize on the growing consumer base.

Digital marketing strategies are far more effective than traditional ones and are in high demand. The above-mentioned strategies are dynamic and highly customizable and can be tailored to fit your business model like a glove. Hence, stop marketing your business through traditional billboards and TV ads and start reaching out to your consumers digitally.

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