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Digital marketing has opened up a wide range of opportunities for many people. Women have been actively engaging in taking up job roles in various fields. The next-gen field that has been pumping out the juices of creativity is the digital marketing sector. 

It has bestowed upon a lot of space and scope for women. Women are making use of the same to build upon their career profiles successfully. 76% of women internet users use social media. Thus, women are inturned generally accustomed to using digital platforms and can make use of them the same. Digital marketing career options are readily sought after and pursued by women because of the below-mentioned amenities it offers. 

Digital Marketing For Women

1. Flexibility 

The job profile offers high flexibility and gives a space to work from anywhere literally. 

The mere nature of the work is such that you can carry it out from anywhere anytime with just a good internet connection. Thus more women are willing to take up a career in digital marketing as it offers great independence in terms of workplace and time.  

2. High Vacancy 

There is a plethora of opportunities opening up, and digital marketing has incredible growth potential. As of 2020 alone, it was expected that there were 20 lakh job openings in digital marketing. There are multiple openings that anyone can use to grab a place in the digital marketing sector. 

3. Future Scope 

There is numerous subfield within the digital marketing sector that are opening up. The thing with digital marketing is it is a new field and is evolving rapidly, hence there is a scope for new job profiles to open up in the expected future. 

4. Diverse Field

Digital marketing is a diverse field and has numerous subdomains within itself. These diversified fields of digital marketing give a lot of scope for unleashing creativity within oneself and is a good fit for those who are looking forward to working in creative industries. 

5. No basic qualification 

The basic thing you need to have is the skills in the field of digital marketing that you’re planning to pursue. No basic qualification like a degree or anything is required to get a job in digital marketing. 

Nevertheless, digital marketing is an evolving space where there is a varied scope to look out for spaces and develop a new arena for yourself.  

Content Creation

Content is everywhere and is always in demand. Content creation through video blogging, a writing blog, social media influencing and much more gives a highly competitive and creative space for women entrepreneurs

Be it a writing blog, video blog, or anything; content consumption is the key. Spaces with value-added content reach out to people in an enormous way. Picking a preferable niche and providing content on it consistently can create a space which will fetch a good amount of revenue. 

Copywriters, graphic designers, video bloggers, video editors, and content writers are in colossal demand to put forth valuable content. 

Revenue induced from advertisements in blogs, youtube and many other media like social media influencing is a great and innovative source of income. 

Online course content is also a great source of revenue generation through teaching courses online. Content creation in the form of educational context is the most important given that online education prevails amongst us.

E-commerce Businesses

Many small scale businesses that are spurring up are generally making use of the digital marketing sector to get hold of the market in the field. 

Businesses like clothing, baking, skin, cosmetology and much more 

From Karadhasians to the popular Indian brand Suta, almost all women entrepreneurs who use social media did end up creating a strong impression of their blog among their audience and customers. With social media as a powerful tool, marketing has become easy within the fingertips of entrepreneurs. 

A robust e-commerce website to go with a social media presence gives authenticity and validation to the business. It also gives a much easier way to track orders and carry out delivery and payment transactions. 

Just a pure knowledge of knowing new things in digital and social media can help entrepreneurs update their ways of carrying out their e-commerce business and keep them along with the trend. 

Mainstream Digital Marketing 

There are a plethora of domains within digital marketing which can be perfect for women to try their hands at work. Getting a hands-on experience in any of the below can be put to use for marketing of their own business firms. Gaining expertise in the below can also help me work independently in terms of freelancing for marketing for firms.  

Search Engine Optimization 

SEO is induced to make the websites rank better and to drive traffic to the websites. 

Pay per click Ads 

Ads are the core of digital marketing. Running ads and pay per click specialization, which is associated with the first-tier engines can be learnt. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is sending out commercial emails to a group of subscribers. This is to keep hold of the leads and to generate more. 

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is the key to a robust online reach nowadays. Social media sites are used to help create an instant connect with the audience and customers. 

Content Writing 

Content creators develop intriguing content based on SEO and develop a maximum outreach for the website by driving traffic.

Client Service Execution 

In this job profile, ideas are pitched to the clients, thereby understanding their requirements to execute marketing campaigns for clients. 

The above is just a gist of opportunities offered in digital marketing jobs. There are a huge scope and a wide range of space to work in Digital marketing for women. 

With changes happening in every sector, it is to be noted that digital marketing is evolving at a phase of 40% every year. It is the fastest evolving of all the sectors and it is expected that digital marketing will go a long way for many decades.  

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