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“The enthusiasm to keep learning is the key to keep growing”. No matter where you are in your career roadmap, a new learning will only help you upscale your progress.

Over the last five years, Digital marketing has been a strong buzz word in the Industry. With the customer experience going more ‘on the go’, Digital has turned to the ideal platform to reach millennial customers. Further, the market has widened the scope for solopreneurs and independent bloggers to work offline and create sustainable form of income.

The best part about this dynamic market is that you can take advantage of this opportunity at any stage of your career. You can be a beginner in/just out of college, a professional working in a firm or an entrepreneur in the making – you can always leverage the benefits of digital marketing.

Here is how you can leverage the benefits of a tailored Digital marketing curriculum to achieve your goals.

As a student

Being a student in college or a student who has just graduated, it is important to gain theoretical skill and practical exposure at equal levels. Learning at this level should be a steep curve and it is important to get the same across the wide areas in Digital marketing before arriving at your specialization.

You would also be expected to carry an array of certifications from your Digital marketing graduation such as Adwords, Analytics, Social media, Inbound Marketing and more on your interest. The certifications though are not mandatory, they still help you instill confidence on yourself and the company you wish to join into.

As a Professional

A Professional from a working environment can switch to Digital marketing for two reasons. To widen their scope of areas or to look for a profile switch.

Being in the Industry, Professionals already have exposure to the way businesses operate. But they need to gain exposure in the way how a Digital marketing agency operates. This involves planning, execution, reporting and analysis.

Professionals need to get a stronghold on their Digital marketing skills and need to find their area for specialization. For someone, who already possesses basic knowledge of key digital marketing areas shall straight away focus on their specialization and continue strengthening their expertise in the area.

As an Entrepreneur

With all the efforts and vision towards your dream business done right, there is something more you can do. It is fine if you do not have the time to do all the marketing efforts by yourself. Even if you had outsourced to an agency or hired a professional to get your marketing efforts on road, you still have a major role to play.

With the core vision laid on ground by you the founder, there could be none better than you to choose the right channel and messaging to the customers. While you cannot get involved completely due to the time constraint, you still have the option to understand the basics and help your team out in planning it better.

Apart from taking the basic things to yourself, you can voice out better in the strategy meetings and report analysis. With the given benefits,it is not important for a certification here but it is more about the practical knowledge gained through experiments. Look out for an opportunity where you can practice more with real time budgets and reports to get a better grip on how Digital marketing works.


Fancying a business on your own? Doing it part time and now thinking hard to scale it up? Freelancing your work and now you want to expand your horizon? Digital is the medium for you.

You can easily set up your own campaigns to advertise your business/services, establish your idea as a brand in the Online platform and ramp up faster with the right synergy in place. But, what does it take more than just the theory knowledge to do this?

You need guidance from the experts. Someone who can handhold you throughout the process, review and help you move in the right direction. You can operate with minimum budgets but the strategy and targeting has to be done right and revised periodically based on quantitative outputs.

Digital Marketing is different for everyone

From the above pointers you can understand that the Digital marketing potion should hold different ingredients for different people. Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs all of them can go for Digital marketing to find success in their respective career paths. But it is important they opt for a tailored approach and ensure the curriculum fits their career goals.

In all three cases, it is vital to have a mix of both practical and theoretical knowledge in adequate portions to make the best out of the course.

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