Top 10 Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs in India

India's digital space is booming, led by innovative entrepreneurs. This list showcases the top 10 figures driving change, with insights into their achievements and impact on digital marketing.

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The field of digital marketing has advanced to the point where it is now one of the most widely discussed topics among those who wield significant influence. If you want to learn digital marketing from these entrepreneurs, here is a blog listing the top 10 digital marketing entrepreneurs in India. 

In 2023, as digital technology gets better, these entrepreneurs will have a lot more knowledge to give, and if you want to understand digital marketing from them, let us go into detail. 

There is more than one category of influential people. Before we get into that, let’s take a look at the different types of entrepreneurs in digital marketing.

Who are Entrepreneurs in Digital Marketing?

Entrepreneurs in digital marketing are recognized as leaders and authorities in their field, which is digital marketing. They provide endorsements for a wide range of products and carry out promotions for both their clients and the brands that they work with. 

They have cultivated a trustworthy and devoted social following over the course of a significant amount of time. Their audience is extremely invested in what they have to say and pays close attention to what they have to say.

There are a significant number of people in India who are influential in the field of digital marketing. First, let’s take a look at some of the most accomplished digital marketing professionals in India, and then we’ll move on to the rest of the world.

Both the field of marketing and advertising, as well as the technology itself, have advanced in recent years. The success of digital marketing cannot be denied. The demand for people skilled in digital marketing is increasing rapidly in India.

According to recent studies, India is expected to have 700 million people using the internet by the year 2020. By the year 2025, it is anticipated that these numbers will have increased by 970 million.

These facts and figures are even higher for people who access the internet via their mobile phones. In order to achieve exceptional growth, a business person needs to be able to adapt fluidly to a shifting environment as well as emerging trends and strategies.

Your business will evolve as a result of the steps you take. This will assist in the development of a brand, the establishment of an online presence, and the acquisition of additional customers.

The business world in India has historically been led by remarkable individuals who possess entrepreneurial skills, a passion for marketing, and a solid understanding of the digital world.

We would like to introduce you to some of India’s most successful entrepreneurs’ digital marketers. To tell you the truth, they do not require an introduction.

Let’s take a look at some of the innovators who are paving the way for India’s continued development as a digital nation.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs in India

Here are the top 10 digital marketing entrepreneurs in India;

1. Sorav Jain: Founder & CEO – Digital Scholar

Sorav Jain started down the road of a career in marketing when he was just 17 years old. He was responsible for significant advancements within the sector.

Sorav is a prime entrepreneur of the fact that some people are just naturally gifted with creative and unconventional ways of thinking.

His game-changing concepts for companies such as Manyavar, Chuchu TV, Bosch India, and a great many more contributed to their successful development.

He graduated from the University of Leeds with a Master of Science degree in International Marketing Management. Sorav Jain is widely regarded as one of the most successful and important digital marketers in India.

Through Digital Scholar, he has educated over one hundred thousand people, and he has aspirations of accomplishing much more in the future.

He has taught as a visiting professor at the Indian Institute of Management, the Madras Chamber of Commerce, and the PSE University, all of which are highly regarded educational establishments in India.

People are being prepared for the challenges of the digital world by him and his company, Digital Scholar, which offers hands-on learning. According to him, “Practice is the key to success in digital marketing.”

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2. Pradeep Chopra: Co-founder – Digital Vidya

Pradeep Chopra, a successful alumnus of IIT, is considered to be one of the pioneers in this field. In May of 2007, he got the ball rolling on this endeavor by joining OMLogic Consulting.

He was a co-founder of both Digital Vidya and Wizlabs Software along with his brother.

Because of his twenty years of experience in the field, he is the most qualified candidate for the list of top Digital Marketers entrepreneurs in India. 

Pradeep set his sights on becoming an entrepreneur, and he did everything in his power to make that dream come true. It is no surprise that he is a prosperous businessman because he influences and improves the lives of a great number of young people.

He has been a significant contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, and a number of other highly regarded publications.

In addition to that, he was a speaker at the World Blogger and Social Media Summit in Malaysia as well as the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum.

3. Deepak Kanakraju: CEO and Co-founder – Learn Today

If you keep up with developments in the field of digital advertising, then you are probably already familiar with Deepak Kanakaraju’s name. Deepak Kanakraju, who is widely known as “Digital Deepak,” is considered to be one of the most prominent personalities.

Deepak is a Civil Engineer who graduated from Anna University. He has worked for a variety of companies including Practo, Instamojo, and others.

In October 2013, he launched his personal website and blog located at Because of the large number of people who follow him, it is one of the most reliable sources for information regarding his experiences.

What qualities did he exhibit that made him one of the best Digital Marketers in India? It’s almost certainly due to his passion for the field of digital advertising.

Deepak, who has spoken at TEDx events, has penned a book on the subject of entrepreneurship.

His client list includes a number of Fortune 500 companies, and in the 10 years that he has been on this great journey, he has made numerous contributions to the industry, which has helped him earn a spot on the list of Digital Marketers in India.

4. Prateek Shah: Founder – DigitalDefynd

One of the most talented marketing advisors in all of India is Prateek. He is indeed a trainer for a variety of companies including Google India and Digital Vidya.

He is responsible for the creation of campaigns on social media for a multitude of brands. In October of 2015, he initiated the process that would become DigitalDefynd.

His objective was uncomplicated. He desired to establish a forum for enthusiasts and professionals in the field of digital marketing.

What exactly is this digital defending?

It is the nerve center of online marketing, serving as a hub for connecting, supporting, and collaborating with other enthusiasts over conceptual frameworks of online marketing.

By sharing his journey to success, Prateek Shah has motivated a lot of people. Prateek Shah has come a long way since his days as a Solution Manager at ICICI to become a leading and influential marketer thanks to his dogged determination and tireless effort.

Because his webinars, workshops, and training sessions are so valuable, his name is consistently included on lists of the most influential digital marketers in India.

5. Himanshu Arora: Co-founder – The Yellow Shutter

Himanshu’s experience as a digital specialist and mentor includes more than 16 years and is truly remarkable in the industry.

He has continued to work with virtually all of the most successful companies, including Google, LinkedIn, Hyatt, and Canon among many others that are too numerous to list here.

More than two hundred training sessions have been delivered to him for companies such as Accenture, Aditya Birla, and Tata Motors.

He has a comprehensive knowledge of the ways in which users interact with various forms of virtual content. It is the foundation upon which he constructs interfaces to improve not only the user experience but also the engagement with the brand.

Himanshu is an immensely talented expert who has an in-depth knowledge of marketing. As a result, he is one of the most sought-after Digital Marketers in India. Himanshu received his MBA from the SIBM in Bengaluru.

In addition to that, he is the founder of SocialPanga, a business that offers services related to design for a variety of different brands.

6. Jitendra Vaswani: Founder – Digiexe

Jitendra Vaswani is widely regarded as India’s most accomplished digital marketer. He graduated from Rajasthan Technical University with a degree in information technology.

Jitendra’s previous position at Youthsphere Technologies was that of an SEO executive. His area of expertise was in the construction of SEO.

Because of his passion, Jitendra was able to work with reputable companies like Zopper and Fristcry. He is the creator of the program known as SchemeNinja.

It affects search engine ranking and recommendations, which helps to improve WordPress’s search engine optimization (SEO). CrayThemes, a WordPress plugin that assists WordPress beginners in the design of their ideal websites, was released by him in April of 2021.

The company owned by Jitendra, Digiexe, offers training from industry professionals in the field of marketing.

He is the creator of the most popular blogging website,, and he has conducted interviews with prominent figures such as Neil Patel. He is responsible for the education of over 10,000 working professionals and served as the Payoneer brand ambassador.

7. Anoop Mishra: CEO – Publicity Mantra

Anoop Mishra is the creator of a number of companies in India, including Visis Software India Ltd. and the Movers Federation of India. Anoop is widely recognized as a leading figure in the field of digital advertising. He earned his Executive MBA from IIM Kashipur.

He has been instrumental in assisting a number of businesses in successfully implementing digital marketing. Even further, he is affiliated with the website, which offers assistance to new businesses in the dynamic and cutthroat marketplace.

Anoop is a man who is dedicated to helping others, and over the course of his journey, he has provided assistance to more than one thousand companies.

His areas of expertise include strategic public relations, online reputation management, and authority placement. Anoop was given the honor of being named one of the Top 10 Digital Marketers in India by WizSky.

8. Kunal Choudhary: Founder – Delhi School Of Internet Marketing

Kunal Choudhary holds a marketing master’s degree from the prestigious Amity University, is in charge of DSIM’s marketing department.

His company was the first one in India to offer training in digital marketing. Because DSIM is the most comprehensive program of its kind, Kunal is regarded as one of the most accomplished digital marketers in India.

Kunal has worked in the field of marketing for more than nine years, and his areas of particular expertise include Lead Generation, Affiliate Marketing, and Online Marketing. 

On his list of clients are well-known companies such as Snapdeal, Myntra, Flipkart, and Jabong. But in 2020, Digital Vidya completed the acquisition of DSIM, and now Kunal Choudhary is getting ready to launch his new e-commerce business.

More than 25,000 professionals have had their lives improved as a result of DSIM.

9. Ananthanarayanan: Founder & CEO – Techdivine Creative Services

Your accomplishments are so great that you could write a book about Ananthanarayanan V. This man has a brief list of accomplishments, ranging from being a well-known speaker to having a career in training. 

Ananthanarayanan is a globally recognized coach, visiting faculty member, one of the most highly regarded Digital Marketers in India, and a digital ROI strategic thinker for several of the world’s most successful corporate brands.

He provides his services to Fortune 500 companies and prestigious academic institutions located all over the world.

He has already won the Peter Drucker Challenge award. In addition, he has won the CMO ASIA award four times, and he is responsible for customer sales that totaled $80 million.

He is a personality who makes a significant contribution to Harvard Business Reviews and has been recognized for their work by the World Marketing Congress and CMO Global.

He has been working in this field for more than 18 years, giving him a wealth of experience. The interview with Ananthanarayanan V was conducted by BBC Business.

In addition to that, his blogs were highlighted in The Entrepreneur, E-commerce Nation, and a great deal of other publications.

10. Mridul Kabra

“Make your passion your career, not your retirement!” This adage serves as Mridul Kabra’s guiding philosophy. After completing his education in architecture, he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of working in the digital marketing industry in India.

The only thing that can stop Mridul is himself. He is among the youngest speakers in many international and national organizations, including IITs and IIMs, where he has given presentations.

This Malaviya Technology Institute graduate’s passion for mathematics and statistics were key factors in his decision to pursue coaching rather than financial gain.

Mridul is a trainer with a lot of passion, and he has spoken at TEDx. The successes accomplished by Mridul Kabra were praised by the Rajasthan Patrika.

Mridul is a well-known figure in the field of digital marketing, and he is an expert in the following areas:  Search Engine Optimization, Running Your Own Blog, Engaging in Affiliate Marketing, Web Data Analysis, and The Production of Content and Marketing. 


The field of digital marketing can be characterized as a very dynamic one. In order to be a trailblazer in this industry, you need to stay abreast of the most recent fashions, happenings, and developments that have occurred as recently as possible.

In this blog post, I will do my best to introduce you to some of the best digital marketers available. These individuals are prepared to make the nation into a technologically advanced and contemporary market for the upcoming generation.

You are welcome to make contact with these seasoned professionals to receive no-cost advice. Yes, they do offer free guidance to people who are eager to learn and enthusiastic about the subject.

Please let us know if you want to add some more names to this list of top 10 digital marketing entrepreneurs in India. In addition, we are very interested in learning about them and the successful paths that they have taken in their careers. Please leave their names and accomplishments in the comment section below!

We sincerely hope that reading this list of the most influential people in digital marketing, in India was enjoyable for you. 

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