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Digital Marketing Course Syllabus -Topics You Should Look For In 2024

In this blog, you will find out which skills should be included in any digital marketing course anywhere in the world. Read further to know more about the digital marketing courses syllabus, the scope of digital marketing jobs, how to start a career with the learnings you get from digital marketing courses and much more

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Digital marketing is a booming career choice among youngsters nowadays. Previously, not many people were interested in opting for it as a career choice. However, after the pandemic, plenty of growth opportunities are oozing up for digital marketers. 

Unlike other sectors, this one is not struggling to make money post-pandemic. That’s because most people enjoy digital marketing work-from-home roles and make money through dropshipping, blogging, YouTube, affiliate marketing, etc.

The industry will perform even better in the coming years. For this reason, many business professionals are looking forward to incorporating digital marketing strategies and amplifying their businesses to new heights of success. 

The shift from traditional to digital marketing has opened up several opportunities for novices. As a result, new prospects are created for aspiring digital marketers and organizations. 

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

Many people have enrolled themselves to pursue digital marketing courses as different institutes offer it as a degree-based course. Digital marketing comes in under the 10 most in-demand jobs, offering a scope to earn anywhere between $83k to $119k. So, if you are also interested in building your career in this field, read this post till the end.

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We will help you know about the digital marketing course syllabus and fees so you can make an informed decision. In addition, we will talk about who must know about the digital marketing syllabus, why to choose this career, and the top career opportunities for digital marketers. 

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing is a simple process of promoting products and services through online mediums. If digital marketing campaigns are carried out strategically, a company can attract much better audiences and generate more leads. 

The diversity of digital marketing is creating interest among people. But remember that the complexity of digital marketing has also increased with time. However, it’s an evolving field where multiple business tools are used for promoting the business. 

Top 10 Digital Marketing Full Course Syllabus 

Below are ten subjects that come under the digital marketing course syllabus. Scroll down to have a look. 

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing 

As a digital marketing student, you will be taught the fundamentals of digital marketing to understand this course. The course design is prepared in a way that teaches digital marketing fundamentals to students of different backgrounds. 

Some of the main themes of fundamentals of digital marketing include the benefits of digital marketing, digital marketing platforms, and a comparison of digital and traditional marketing. In addition, the basics of marketing, statistics on digital marketing, digital marketing strategy for websites, and the latest digital marketing trends are also included. 

2. Website Design and Development 

After the fundamentals of digital marketing, next is website design and development. Through this, one can learn about creating a website and generating leads to improve the firm’s credibility. 

Every business has a website to reach and connect with the targeted audience. For this reason, learning the right way to build a WordPress website is important, which is possible through the course website development and design. 

This module covers different elements of website creation, including installing and activating plugins, adding content, incorporating design elements, and more. 

Website design and development cover important areas like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript basics, installing and customizing themes, creating categories, pages, and posts, and changing default settings.

It also includes adding a menu and wedges, installing useful plugins, content management in WordPress, SEO-specific plugins, understanding the dashboard, and WordPress installation on the server. 

3. Search Engine Optimization

While learning digital marketing, you must not miss learning about search engine optimization. It teaches how to make changes to the website. Using SEO, you can make the website appear at the top of the search engine. 

Learning search engine optimization is tricky among the available advanced digital marketing course syllabus. Still, many institutes have simplified materials for students to understand the concepts of search engine optimization easily. 

Once you understand this course, you will learn about multiple elements that help rank a website on the top of search engines. It also teaches the tricks to mastering off-page and on-page optimization, meta tags, link building, meta descriptions, and keyword research.

It also helps you understand competition analysis, content development strategy, Google search console, local SEO strategies, reports, SERP management, semantic SEO, and speed optimization.

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4.Search Engine Marketing 

Besides SEO, digital marketing also teaches you about Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It is a process of using sponsored efforts, so the company’s website ranks on the top of the search engine’s result page. 

You also get to learn about the capabilities and usage of the Google Ads platform. In addition, SEM helps you understand Google Keyword Planner, Customer Lifetime Value, search traffic, and Cost-per-click. 

Some essential topics covered in search engine marketing include Ad formats and Ad extension, introduction to paid marketing, display Ads campaigns, dynamic search campaigns, AdWords Editor Tool, MCC Account, mobile apps marketing, and PPC campaign setup. 

SEM also lets you learn about shopping campaigns, remarketing campaigns, bidding strategies, AdRank, quality score optimization, etc. 

5. Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is an effective way of digital marketing that uses paid and organic marketing strategies to generate leads. Commonly, these strategies are used on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more. 

You also learn to use the demographic correctly, make relevant ad copy, produce creatives, and create social media strategies. In addition, social media marketing also teaches about cost-per-click, cost-per-impression, cost-per-view, and more. 

The helpful topics covered under social media marketing include Facebook advertising and marketing, Instagram marketing, Pinterest marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Twitter marketing, Quora marketing, YouTube marketing, and introduction to social media marketing. 

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6. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is another effective way of connecting with potential customers by sending commercial messages. The email marketing course teaches you how engaging email attracts potential customers and turns them into profitable leads. 

You can also learn the art of segmenting your database and subscriber list based on demographics, target groups, and other relevant factors. You will also learn the application of resources and email marketing software to create better emails. Lastly, you can learn the techniques for extracting data from email campaign statistics.

Some basic topics covered under email marketing include designing newsletters, building email marketing strategies, basic terminology in email marketing, and types of campaigns. In addition, you will learn about the benefits of email marketing, reports and analysis, and building subscriber lists.

7. Mobile Marketing 

With around 3.5 billion people having access to smartphones, mobile marketing has become an effective means of digital marketing. Companies use multiple techniques to reach out to potential clients through mobile marketing. 

Common strategies used for promoting products and services include MMS and SMS. In addition to phones, other devices have marketing possibilities, like tablets and wearable technology.

The essential topics covered under mobile marketing include an introduction to mobile marketing, advertising on mobile marketing, mobile rules and regulations, and mobile ads. Furthermore, it includes mobile websites, locations, and services.

8. Online Reputation Management 

Online reputation management positively influences an individual, brand, and company over the internet. The digital marketing course syllabus will introduce you to the ORM and help you understand its benefits. 

By the end of this course, you will also understand how reputation is maintained and the essential tools you need for it. Furthermore, you can also better understand ORM by learning crisis management. 

The topics covered under online reputation management include focus areas in ORM, tools for ORM, and the need for ORM. In addition, the course also includes ORM in the search engine, social media, and its strategy. 

9. Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing 

After Online Reputation Management, the next digital marketing course syllabus is about using Google affiliate marketing and AdSense to make money. You can learn the trick of writing SEO-friendly content to make more money.

Some common topics covered under this section include planning a website for AdSense, popular affiliate networks, freelancing business strategies, and implementing Ads on a website. 

In addition, success stories of online entrepreneurs, types of bidding, popular affiliate networks, tips to make money using affiliate marketing, and more. 

10. Video Marketing 

The latest advanced digital marketing course syllabus is video marketing. This course will teach you how to write a video screenplay and use it on the right platforms for better marketing. 

Video marketing also lets you understand how to plan video content to build better brand recognition. Some covered topics in this section include types of online video content, video production, and video analysis. 

What Components Are Covered Under Digital Marketing Course Syllabus? 

Digital marketing goes through frequent shifts and updates. Thus, some relevant strategies don’t seem to perform well now. For this reason, you must know about the updated digital marketing course syllabus and its fees to learn about the important attributes of work in current digital marketing. 

A good digital marketing syllabus is made using the ability to create a strong foundation and the recent updates. Through such a digital marketing syllabus, individuals can thoroughly understand the concepts and execution of digital marketing. 

Who Should Know About Digital Marketing Syllabus?

Knowing the updated digital marketing full course syllabus is important for: 

1. Business Owner 

Business owners and entrepreneurs must learn digital marketing to reach their targeted audience in the best possible way. This way, they can transform their small business into something bigger. 

Entrepreneurs can also start a business through digital marketing with little to no budget. Business owners can reach more customers online using PPC, email marketing, and similar strategies. 

So you see, knowing about the digital marketing syllabus and pursuing a certificate in it can be helpful for entrepreneurs and business owners. 

2. Marketing Professionals 

Besides business owners, marketing professionals, business development executives, and sales managers should also know about the updated digital marketing syllabus. Understanding the principles of digital marketing can help marketing professionals to succeed in the digital marketing world.  

3. Career Switchers 

Anyone planning to switch their career to becoming a digital marketer must know about the in-demand syllabus. One can start becoming a digital marketer by knowing about the up-to-date, industry-relevant syllabus. 

4. IT Professionals 

IT Professionals must also know about digital marketing. For them, the advanced digital marketing course syllabus will help. Many individuals are interested in becoming IT professionals with digital marketing experience to work in better companies. 

5. Students 

Lastly, students must know about the digital marketing course syllabus to become better digital marketers. Students with any background can pursue digital marketing courses, but BBA and MBA degrees can be a bonus. 

Also, MBA graduates with better digital marketing degrees can become managers of PPCs, SEO executives, marketing analysts, and more. 

Why Must You Choose Digital Marketing as a Career ?

Lately, everything has been digitised, which has increased the need for digital marketing more than ever. Almost all the companies have made themselves digitally available and are focused on building a robust online presence. Therefore, the need for digital marketers has drastically increased.

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus
Why Must You Choose Digital Marketing as a Career

The digital marketing career is growing quickly, which is surely rewarding. For this reason, many people choose to become digital marketers. Here’s why you should consider becoming a digital marketer. 

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1. High Demand for Digital Marketers 

A recent survey has revealed that more than 69% of companies hire digital marketers to improve their online presence. Unfortunately, there is a gap between supply and demand because there are not enough skilled digital marketers. 

So, if you choose digital marketing as a career, then your chances of getting a better, higher-paying job will increase. 

2. Better Growth Prospects 

Unlike other professions, digital marketing will see better demand in the future. Wondering why? Compared to the offline economy, the online economy is growing 10x faster. 

Companies have now become aware of the benefits of digital marketing and how it can transform their business. Using digital marketing, companies can reach out to a wider audience and convert them into leads, which helps them grow. 

Many businesses have seen better results by working with digital marketing experts, developing content strategies, and running ad campaigns. However, growth is not possible without the help of a trained digital marketing professional. So, if you learn the essential digital marketing skills, you can work with better companies. 

3. Promote Your Existing Business or Start a New One 

When you pursue digital marketing as a career, you get to know about numerous tools to promote existing businesses. Or even better, you can start your new business using the skills you have learned while becoming a digital marketer. 

If you do not want to start a business or promote an existing one, you can offer your services as a digital marketing consultant to different businesses. If you want to become a better entrepreneur, you must learn about digital marketing. 

This way, you can eliminate the hassle of hiring a third party to target the right audience. In addition, you could measure your company’s progress. 

4. Get Better Pay

A survey has revealed that people who pursue digital marketing as a career get better pay. That’s because digital marketing is a sought-after skill, and professionals get paid more. If you have better expertise as a digital marketer, you can expect better roles in big organizations.

5. It’s an Easy Career To Start 

Digital marketing is surely an easy career to start because it’s high in demand. You can start your career by creating a portfolio and practising the essential online marketing techniques. 

Interestingly, you do not need any other degree to start your career. Not to mention, digital marketing is a unique community where you get to meet amazing people. Overall, starting a career as a digital marketer is easy and rewarding. 

6. It is Full of Variety 

Indeed, the world is quickly changing. After all, back in 2011, WhatsApp was not popular as it is today. Or people didn’t use Google Assistant back in 2015 as much as they do now. 

So, if companies want to survive in this era, they need to update themselves. They hire professional digital marketing professionals who help them adapt to these changes without any issues.

Professional digital marketers always learn new techniques so they can offer better services. In addition, this field is also full of variety.  

7. Creative and Technical Field 

You can consider digital marketing as a technical and creative field. It requires you to come up with catchy campaign headlines and check the campaign analytics. 

As it’s a vast field, professional digital marketers require unique skills to fulfill the demands perfectly. 

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus- career
How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing in 4 steps

1. Know the Basics of Digital Marketing 

The first obvious step to becoming a digital marketer is knowing the basics of digital marketing. In addition, you must also learn about different components that play a major role in digital marketing. 

Since digital marketing is a broad term, it includes multiple online marketing processes. The process smoothly takes place through numerous components. 

2. Start Your Website 

After knowing the basics of digital marketing. It will help you to practice the skills that you have learned. Using the concepts in the real world is a quick and effective way of getting an idea of your digital marketing understanding. 

More than theory, digital marketing is practical and highly measurable. Knowing the theory behind SEO might be tricky, but applying its techniques in practice is easy. If you have a strong digital marketing understanding, you can put SEO to use. 

3. Become an SEO Expert

If you are not good at SEO, your digital marketing career might end soon. That’s why it’s important to become an SEO expert. When you become an SEO expert, you learn to create interesting websites from scratch. 

You can apply the same concepts to Facebook paid campaigns and Google ads. 

4. Get Google Ads Certification 

As a digital marketer, you would also have to use Google Ads for promoting services, brands, or products. You can develop the necessary skills by getting Google Adwords. 

What Are There Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing?

Anyone can enter the digital marketing world because it is a broad sector. Whether you have a creative or technical background, you can find something interesting in digital marketing. 

Below are some popular career opportunities that you can choose as a digital marketer:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that, on average, Google receives 60,000 searches per day? Everyone uses Google to get answers. Professional digital marketers can use SEO to ensure that your website ranks at the top for relevant searches so more and more people can know about it. 

SEO helps in getting more traffic, which can be converted to leads. Better SEO results from different factors, including keyword optimization, website loading speed, and more. If you become an SEO manager, your roles and responsibilities would include understanding why the website has poor SEO and fixing it. 

Remember that it will take some time to have a better ranking on the search engine result page after fixing the SEO. Once the SEO improves, it will strengthen the brand and generate more leads. 

2. Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing has become one of the finest ways of promoting any product, service, or brand. People are always active on social media platforms, which makes those platforms a gold mine for digital marketers. 

For instance, around 2 billion people use Facebook every month. So, if one of your products gets promoted on Facebook, there is a better chance of a huge audience knowing about it. 

Using social media, digital marketers can reach numerous people in no time. They can easily communicate the brand message and create a better brand following. Digital marketers have to regularly perform different tasks to maintain a good presence on social media sites. 

3. Content Marketing 

Content marketing is another career option that is widely popular among audiences. Content marketing helps effectively promote the brand and establish trust in the audience and new visitors. 

All the content available online is a result of effective content marketing. In addition, high-quality content also helps the brand to solve real-life problems. A good digital marketer is responsible for creating and promoting in the best possible way. 

In addition, they must also identify the right platform where the content would perform well so it can get more views. Content marketing is mainly used for B2B business models to understand the brand’s requirements. 

4. Email Marketing 

Another better digital marketing career choice is email marketing, which companies use for inbound and outbound marketing. Email marketing is considered one of the finest marketing techniques to reach customers. 

Here the professionals create ads on emails. They also create email newsletters so followers can turn into potential customers. It’s the responsibility of an email marketer to increase the number of people who sign-ups for a newsletter. It can be done by creating compelling newsletters that are engaging and informative. 

Many digital marketers prefer email marketing to generate more leads. For this reason, professionals always make themselves aware of email marketing by understanding its basics. 

5. Paid Media Specialist

If you pursue a career as a digital marketer, you can become a paid media specialist. You will be responsible for bringing more traffic to the company’s website. You can generate more traffic by promoting the brand on social media platforms. The interesting part is that you can use analytics and creativity to create better content for generating traffic. 

Identifying the best platform to promote your brand is not an easy task. You will be required to do detailed research so the created ads reach the target audience. Paid media is a flourishing digital marketing career because it is highly in demand. 

6. Web Developer

You can become a web developer who will be expected to develop a smooth web. For this reason, you need to keep yourself updated with different coding languages and relevant skills. 

Skilled web developers properly develop websites, so the graphics, navigation, and content offer a better user experience. They also have a strong knowledge of graphic design, HTML coding, and computer software, which helps them achieve better business goals. 


Digital marketing is a promising career opportunity. Almost anyone can pursue it regardless of their background. More importantly, digital marketing is one of the few career opportunities in demand. That means there are plenty of job opportunities in this field. 

Are you interested in entering the digital marketing world? Go through the digital marketing course syllabus and enroll yourself in the best institute! 

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