Does Digital Marketing Certification Matter Nowadays?


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“An investment in Digital Marketing knowledge today will pay you the best interest tomorrow.”

                                                                                                       -Sorav Jain

Digital marketing is one booming field which is opening up a plethora of job opportunities and is also providing an easy space for the brand, irrespective of their nature to market themselves. 

There are numerous online digital marketing courses with digital marketing certification available, and many more are yet to pop up because of the demand this field has. 

The amusing thing about digital marketing is that you don’t need to have a degree to practise as a digital marketer. 

It is your skills that will speak volumes. With that being said, the most important question that we need to address is Does digital marketing certification matter nowadays? 

For that, you need to take into account a few things which we will be discussing in this blog. Take time to read it. 

Here’s the List Which Shows Why Digital Digital Marketing Certification Matter Nowadays?

High scope 

Did you know that the Digital marketing industry is worth $68 billion in India? Yes, India has taken over the US and bags the place of the second-largest country in the world in terms of digital usage. 

India’s digital marketing industry is rapidly growing at a rate of 33.5%. 

As of 2020, more than 20 lakhs job profiles are open in India in the digital marketing sector. 

It is evident that there is a high demand for digital marketing in the country. 

Whether you’re pursuing a digital marketing certificate program online or in-person at an institute, gathering digital marketing skills with renowned marketers can enable you to better understand the digital marketing sector. 

There are many job profiles in digital marketing like social media executive, digital marketing strategist, SEO experts, content writer, client service executive, media planer business development executive, and much more.  

Good knowledge in any of the above subfields can help you get ahead of the competitive edge and lay the foundation for a successful digital marketing career. 

Free stuff online?

The one obvious question many would have is there is a wide range of resources available to learn digital marketing online for free, why should I pay for a digital marketing certificate?

Although you can use many online resources for upgrading your digital marketing skills, there is one adversity you will face in implementing digital marketing. It is the mere nature of the internet to have too much information on anything you ask for. 

It is also to be noted that the internet does have a lot of filth. The fact that anyone can make any content online makes us consume a lot of unwanted information. 

In the case of acquiring a digital marketing certification, you will undergo rigorous digital marketing training where you will be provided with concise and to the point content.

This will help you to gather the right information from fundamentals to advanced concepts in digital marketing. 

Climbing ladders in career 

There are various domains within the digital marketing sector like client servicing, brand ideation, advertising, social media, content writing, search engine optimization, CRM management, and much more. 

Once you get into digital marketing, you can slowly try your hands on different subfields and create a strong place for yourself in the field. You can add these certificates to your resume as they add value to your profile. 

Career shift can happen at any age, and shifting job profiles is not an unusual thing nowadays like how it frowned upon a few years back. Many are willing to shift their focus into digital marketing as they find it more compatible with them.

Also, digital marketing is applicable in all domains and will complement the already existing job profiles, and it is an added advantage nevertheless. 

Building a strong brand

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a budding professional in digital marketing, doing a digital marketing certification can provide you with skills that you can put to use to build a strong personal brand for yourself and your firm. 

Be it any business; an online presence is a much-needed one nowadays. If you’re an entrepreneur getting a digital marketing certificate to enable you to get an idea on how to extend your brand’s identity online and build a strong reputation among your audience 

Less investment 

People spend lakhs on getting a degree and end up getting a job that pays them a minimal salary in comparison to the amount they spent on getting the degree. 

Pursuing digital marketing certificates has altered this way. Getting a digital marketing certificate is not a costly affair like getting a professional degree, but still pays you equal to getting into a professional job. 

This nature of the digital marketing field attracts many who are willing to make a career shift from their highly monotonous job. 


Digital marketing certification does matter nowadays, but what matters more is the skills you acquire. A digital marketing certificate without experiential learning and skills is not of any use. 

Earning a digital marketing certificate adds value irrespective of the domain you work at. Updating your skills from time to time and being aware of the upgrading in digital marketing can add great value to your career. 

If you are looking forward to extending your digital marketing skills, Digital Scholar can help you lay a strong foundation. You will be trained under the guidance of Sorav Jain, one of the top ten digital marketers in India. 

Students at Digital Scholars are trained by Google certified professional trainers who have great expertise and industry experience. 

Students will be presented with live projects and get hands-on experience in various domains of digital marketing to get a good exposure in digital marketing.

Are you looking for a career in digital marketing? Then try enrolling in our digital marketing course with digital marketing certification to climb the ladder of success in your digital marketing career.
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