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Top 6 Digital Marketing Campaign Examples – Agencies Can Learn From!

Are you from a digital marketing agency and looking for the best digital marketing campaign examples? If yes you're in the right place check out this blog. We have covered the top 6 best campaigns from the top brands.

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Marketing has always been a challenging process, and the Digital Marketing campaign examples on the Internet and there give us that extra push to always do better. The Internet has been a driving force in this challenging process as digital marketing has been available since the early nineties.

Some ideas get engagement, and some get the brand a lot of organic leads, but some ideas just stay in the consumer’s mind. They shape the brand and give them a recall value. These viral ideas are what make a successful campaign that other agencies benchmark and something that they strive to achieve.

The Internet has been a powerful tool for marketers to use to create a successful campaign. In this blog, I will take you through a few successful Digital Marketing campaigns and examples of companies that have created ideas that changed the way creativity works.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Campaign Examples of 2023

Let’s Look Into Top Digital Marketing Examples That Agencies Can Learn From

1. #Shot On iPhone by Apple

This smart campaign started as a marketing strategy and slowly turned into an Internet rage. It was originally started as a campaign to market iPhone 6 and its amazing camera quality. It is now an evergreen campaign and one of the most well-known brand hashtags


The major objective of the campaign was:

  • To market the newly improved and impressive camera of the iPhone 6
  • To leverage UGC in their campaign and encourage people to post their best shots on the new phone.
  • Increase the sales of the new phone.


  • To begin with, they marketed photos from 77 users from 73 cities.
  • iPhone 6 users were asked to post their best pictures online with the hashtag #ShotOnIPhone
  • The best ones were used for promotions and marketing both online and offline


  • To date, there are more than 22 million posts on Instagram alone.
  • 10,000 billboards were made all across the world with these entries to promote the iPhone.
  • The campaign continued for subsequent iPhone launches as well.
  • The campaign continued to be a popular meme at the same time effectively conveyed the quality of Apple cameras.

2. #Share The Load By Ariel

#ShareTheLoad campaign by Ariel is the best Digital Marketing campaign example where the brand not only gets a lot of engagement on their end but also gets a lot of user-generated content and an audience connection.

Ariel, as a brand, believed in women’s empowerment and wanted to create a campaign revolving around that ideology. So, they introduced #ShareTheLoad not just as a campaign but as a movement in itself.


Share the load meant sharing the load of the household that a woman/mother/wife carries on her own. Ariel asked women to be the changemakers in their homes and urge their husbands and raise their sons to be able to share the load. The campaign focused on the inequality prevailing in the society in terms of household work.

The major objective of the campaign was:

  • Create a buzz around the campaign and bring the issue to light by targeting the masses.
  • Use product placement and market the product while delivering the message.


They had a 360-degree digital marketing training approach by making use of all the marketing channels and platforms. Their plan included:

  • Collaboration with Parenting and Mommy Bloggers to write about the issue.
  • Pushed a common hashtag, #ShareTheLoad across all the platforms.
  • Tied up with auto-rickshaws in Maharashtra to spread the message to a large number of local audiences.
  • Had well-crafted TVCs that were also pushed on social media as ads.
  • Encouraged users and customers to make posts and videos on the issue and use the common hashtag.


  • The engagement rate increased by 5X.
  • Ariel ranked among Bran Equity’s top 10 trusted brands for the 1st time.
  • Close to 17,000 UGCs on Instagram.
  • More than 200 channels on YouTube participated in creating a voice for the same.
  • And most importantly, their ethical goal was met, and men today are sharing the load more than ever.

3. #IqooRaid Nights by Iqoo

This is a campaign that I followed very closely and was impressed by the numbers at the end of it. Iqoo is a phone manufacturing company that is a subsidiary of Vivo. It launched its first smartphone in India in February 2020 and had a few more models released in May 2021. And to create a buzz about the same, Iqoo had a totally different approach.

Lockdown saw a rise in Live Streams on YouTube, and the number of people following these streams was also quite high. Popular streamers had a practice of ‘Raiding’ where they opened a Live stream of other small streamers on their streams and encouraged their audience to follow them


While other streamers saw an opportunity in it, Iqoo saw a campaign idea.


  • They partnered with some of the biggest YouTube streamers in India, Tanmay Bhatt, Samay Raina, and Gamerfleet, to host #IqooRaidNights.
  • These 3 streamers would raid people every Friday for a month, and the best ones were awarded Iqoo phones and cash prizes. After the month, a Finale was hosted with all the winners, and a final winner was crowned.
  • To participate, the audience was asked to use the common hashtag #IqooRaidNights.
  • There were also user questions between the streams that the audience could answer on Twitter with the same hashtag.
  • The phone and its features were advertised every few minutes during the stream.


  • There were more than 11,000 videos and over 22000 YouTube channels participating in the contest and talking about the phone.
  • The hosts alone gained views over 10 million, and the number goes much higher when we consider the 11,000 videos that participated.
  • Thousands of people participated in the Twitter contest where the questions were about the features of the phone, thus getting thousands of people to talk about the USPs of the phone.
  • This, in turn, created a buzz on Instagram and had the best possible start for the sales of the phone in the market.

4. #Live There by Airbnb

Airbnb is known to be associated with everything travel, and this campaign was the perfect example of leveraging their user’s experience with the brand and creating compelling stories around it.

The idea of the campaign lies in encouraging their customers to not just travel to their favourite destination but to live life there like the locals. This creates a whole new dimension of travelling and makes travelling even more interesting.



  • The brand asked the users to post their travel experience with their campaign hashtag #LiveThere. The best ones were shared, and the winners got a chance to travel with Bollywood celebrities like Radhika Apte and many others.
  • They collaborated with MTV to reach out to the masses.
  • They had travel bloggers talk about the campaign and had influencers on Instagram to create a buzz about the campaign.


  • The campaign reached a lot of travellers and was a big hit in India, the UK, Germany, and Australia.
  • This increased their engagement and view rate by 30%.
  • There were 40,000+ posts on various social media channels by the customers, which also meant there was a significant increase in the number of people booking AirBNB for their travels.

5. #Share A Coke by Coke

After a successful campaign in many other countries, the #ShareACoke campaign set its foot in India by taking relationships as a factor. Coca-Cola has been a household name in the country for the last few decades, and their aim was to get in new customers but to create a connection with their brand.



  • Apart from a common Hashtag #ShareACoke, they had taglines in Hindi to connect with the local audience.
  • They had a mini-survey among people of age 18-29 to understand which relationship was valued the most. The most popular ones were mentioned on the labels of the Coke Cans. The labels were in about 12 languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, etc.
  • The labels included: Grandad, Grandma, Daddy, Mom, Son, Sis, Bro, Boss, BFF, and Bae in English and other regional languages.
  • They partnered with celebrities like Diljit Dosanjh to push the campaign to the masses.


From Posts to stories to memes, there were more than 640K UGC pieces. It created a trend of gifting a Coke with the right label to their friends and family members.

There was a significant increase in demand for labelled cans.

6. #New Chanel 5 by Chanel

If you know even a little about the fashion world, you would’ve heard of the premium luxury fashion brand Chanel. To promote their new product No. 5 L’Eau perfume, Chanel went for an Influencer marketing approach which helped them reach the right set target audience and promote their product.



  • They invited some of the world’s top beauty and fashion bloggers to the South of France for a retreat
  • They gave them a tour of their production facilities
  • The influencers were allowed to explore the facility and the flower fields
  • They were educated about how the fragrances were extracted and made from those flowers
  • They were asked to record, document, and talk about their experience on their platforms with the hashtag #NewChanel5 and #ChanelGrasse


  • There was a lot of paid and unpaid chatter for the hashtag #NewChanel5. This included content from both influencers and UGCs.
  • There were more than 6200 posts uploaded with over 9,00,000 likes in the first month itself!
  • The posts by the brand and the influencers reached more than 9 million people.


Success Digital Marketing Campaign examples like these are an inspiration to go out of the box and play to your strengths. Each brand has its own story to tell and a different relationship with its audience. It is only when you offer something of value to your customer that you get the desired engagement and leads.

So, what story are you telling today? And which other successful campaign stood out of the crowd, in your opinion? Let me know below.


1. What is a digital marketing campaign?

A Digital Marketing campaign is a set of posts, stories, videos, and other ideas that are executed by the brand across all the channels where consumers can engage and involve themselves. These are done by the brand with a goal to increase their Social Media followers, gain leads, increase their customer base or position themselves in the market.

2. How do you write a digital marketing campaign?

There is no formula to create a Digital Marketing campaign. Every brand is unique in its niche, and their approach should be different and should take into account their products/services, their audience, and their competitors.

The best way to approach this is:

  • Benchmark the best players in the market.
  • Be up to date with the latest updates in your niche.
  • Focus on providing value or entertainment to your audience.
  • Have a clear action plan.

3. What are the 3 ingredients of a digital marketing campaign?

The 3 main ingredients that go into crafting a Digital Marketing campaign are:

  • The right Social Media channel
  • The Digital Marketing goal (leads, followers, engagement, reach)
  • Quality of the posts/videos/stories.

4. What is a successful digital marketing campaign?

A successful Digital Marketing campaign is one that has met all its Digital Marketing goals and has exceeded them. Successful campaigns have a way to stay in the audience’s minds years after they have been broadcast.

5. What are the benefits of a digital marketing campaign?

A Digital Marketing campaign helps both the brand and the audience.

In the case of brands, a campaign helps them meet their Digital Marketing goals. It helps them make a noise about their brand and create a buzz on various platforms. Agencies talk about their campaign and make reports about it, and this helps them stay relevant long after the campaign is over.

For the followers, different campaigns can get them different things. They might get a chance to win prizes or cash prizes, or if the brand shares their content, they can get engagement and views. In most cases, each campaign comes with value addition or with an entertainment factor.

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