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Delete LinkedIn Account: Why and How to Deactivate Permanently?

Do you have no idea about “How to delete your LinkedIn account permanently?” Don’t worry you are in the right place. This blog will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to delete your LinkedIn account permanently. Let’s get started.

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If you are not actively using your LinkedIn account, or if you feel that it no longer serves any purpose for you, then it may be a good idea to permanently delete your LinkedIn account. 

By deleting your account, you will no longer be visible or searchable on the LinkedIn platform. This can help you protect your personal information, as well as protect your professional reputation. 

Why You Should Permanently Delete Your LinkedIn Account?

Deleting your account also reduces any potential exposure to malicious activity such as spam or phishing attempts. It will also give you peace of mind, knowing that your personal information is no longer available to anyone who may misuse it.

Risks Involved in Deleting Your LinkedIn Account Permanently 

Risks involved in deleting LinkedIn account

Deleting a LinkedIn account permanently brings with it certain risks that should be fully considered before making a decision.

For starters, it will be impossible to reconnect with any contacts that have not been saved elsewhere, and all the hard work that was put into building a professional profile will be lost. 

Furthermore, people who have used their LinkedIn profile to self-promote their services or products may find themselves losing out on potential opportunities. 

It is therefore important to weigh the potential benefits of deleting a LinkedIn account against the risks before making a final decision. 

Delete LinkedIn Account [Step-by-Step Guide]

Delete LinkedIn Account

Learn how to delete your LinkedIn account permanently in this step-by-step guide. We’ll show you how to deactivate your account first, and then how to delete it for good.

Let’s dive in!!

Step 1: Login to your account 

Login to your LinkedIn account to delete your account

Step 2: Got to your profile 

Go to your profile on LinkedIn

Step 3: Click on settings and privacy 

Click settings and privacy on your profile

Step 4: Scroll down to find “Close Account”

Under the Account Preferences section, you will be able to find the Close Account option.

Step 5: Click Continue and Enter your Reason  

Once you click continue LinkedIn will ask you a bunch of reasons on why you are deleting your LinkedIn account permanently. Select the retable reason and click continue.

Step 6: Enter Your Password and click Done

Step 7: Viola! You have deleted your LinkedIn account permanently 

Your LinkedIn account is closed

LinkedIn will take a minimum of 7 days to permanently delete your account. After the account is deleted, the data associated with the account is no longer accessible. It is important to note that it may take up to 90 days for the data to be completely removed from LinkedIn’s systems.

During this time, the account may not be accessible, but the data associated with the account still may exist. LinkedIn recommends that users download any data they wish to keep prior to initiating the account deletion process.

It is also important to note that if a user has linked any other social media accounts to their LinkedIn account, they may need to unlink those accounts to ensure the account is fully deleted.

If you wish to reactivate your LinkedIn you can login with your credentials within 7 days of deletion and retrieve it.


Deleting your LinkedIn account is permanent and cannot be undone, so be sure you really want to do it before proceeding. Once you delete your account, all your data and information will be gone forever. If you just want to take a break from LinkedIn, you can deactivate your account instead, which will allow you to come back and reactivate it at any time.


1. Can a deleted LinkedIn account be recovered?

 A deleted account on LinkedIn can be recovered only within 7-14 days of deletion. You will not be able to recover an account once the timeline crosses 14 days.

2. Why you should deactivate LinkedIn?

You should deactivate your LinkedIn for taking breaks. Taking breaks from LinkedIn is beneficial for both your professional and personal well-being. It allows you to focus on yourself and your goals without being constantly reminded of the progress of others.

3. Is disabling an account the same as deactivating?

Disabling and deactivating the account is the same. People use it interchangeably to mention that the account is inactive. People will not be able to find your profile through search or access the information on your profile.

4. What does permanently delete mean?

Permanently deleting your account means erasing all the data from LinkedIn’s platform. Once you have deleted your account you will not be able to recover the account after 14 days from deletion.

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