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Top 20 Most Popular Dance Influencers in India

If you are a dance enthusiast who loves to stay updated of the current trends and would like to know to know the top dance influencers in the industry then this blogs will keep you updated of the top dance influencers and will leave you inspired about their dancing styles.

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In a country where dance is considered an integral part of the culture, there are many talented and renowned dancers in India. Here’s a list of the top 20 dance and influencers you can’t miss.

Any other art form cannot replicate the healing effects of dance. Especially for those unable to dance to save our lives, there is something incredibly beautiful about watching other people dance. 

Following is a list of the top Indian Dance Instagram accounts you should follow. They have even made an appearance in Bollywood, in addition to our explore page, and on television. They are some of the most talented dancers in the country, and their styles range from hip-hop to classical.

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We have seen a growing trend of dance influencers in India in recent years. This is thanks to the rise of social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, which have made it easier for people to share their passion for dance with the world.

There are now many popular Indian dance influencers who have built up a large following online. These dancers are using their platforms to showcase their skills, inspire others to participate in dance, and promote the positive benefits of dancing.

The Dance influencers are a great source of inspiration for dancers of all levels. They provide insight into the lives of professional dancers and offer tips and advice on everything from dance moves to stage makeup.

Dance Influencers are also playing a big role in promoting dance in India. These social media stars have a huge following online and are using their platform to reach out to new dancers and inspire them to pursue their dreams.

So, if you’re looking for some dance inspiration, check out the top 20 Dance Influencers of India. You’re sure to find something that will get your creative juices flowing!

SI No.NameInstagramfollowers
1.The Dancers of India@dancersofindiastudio159K followers
2.Sadhwi Majumder@sadhwimajumder137K followers
3.Anisha Babbar@anisha.babbar33.3K followers
4.Dhanashree Verma@dhanashree95.3M followers
5.Sonali Bhaduria@sonali.bhadauria896K followers
6.Gaurav Mankoti@gaurav_o_i_d184K followers
7.Akash Thapa@vaishnavi_official_1M followers
8.Paridhi Sharma@paridhiofficial890K followers
9.Sushant Khatri@sushantkhatri1481.2M followers
10.Srish Shukla@sriiishh012156K followers
11.Awez Darbar@awez_darbar26.1M followers
12.Kings of United India (Kings United India)@kings_united_india924K followers
13.Lauren Gottlieb@laurengottlieb3.1M followers
14.Swarali Karulkar@swaradance77.5K followers
15.Sagar Bora@sagar_bora272K followers
16.BFunk@bfunk415K followers
17.Melvin Louis@melvinlouis2.2M followers
18.Himanshu Dulani@himanshu_dulani597K followers
19.Amit Patel@_amitdances26.8K followers
20.Chinmay Khedekar@thewardrobeengineer128K followers

1. The Dancers of India

Dance Influencer - Dancers of India

Follow @dancersofindia on Instagram if you want to see some of India’s most talented dancers in one place. 

This is the page to check out if you’re looking for a place like that. They play all kinds of music, from classical to hip hop.

2. Sadhwi Majumder

Dance Influencer - Sadhwi Majumder

Sadhwi Majumder is a dancer and choreographer from India who specializes in Bharatnatyam. 

Her appearances on the television dance reality show Dance India Dance, India’s Dancing Superstar, and India’s Best Dancer are some of the most well-known of her career.

 3. Anisha Babbar

Dance Influencer - Anisha Babbar

Anisha’s dancing is multifaceted due to the fact that she was brought up in an environment that featured Bollywood fusion dance. She has had training in a variety of Indian dance styles, including Bharata Natyam, modern Bollywood dance, contemporary dance, and jazz and hip hop (Indian classical art). 

She quickly rose through the ranks to become the organization’s youngest dance instructor, and today she teaches over one hundred students across the Bay Area. Her list of credits includes the halftime show for Super Bowl 50, NBC’s America’s Got Talent, the halftime show for the NBA, the inaugural ball in 2012, and performances by well-known Bollywood figures such as Shah Rukh Khan and Shaan.

4. Dhanashree Verma

Dance Influencer - Dhanashree Verma

Dhanashree Verma is a fiery heart and soul with a get-up-and-go attitude and mad Bollywood moves. She has a fair amount of fame, with 1.34 million users following her on YouTube and 385K followers on Instagram from all over the world. 

The pioneer of Dhanashree Verma Company is an established dancer among famous celebrities such as Sargun Mehta, Guru Randhawa, and Harrdy Sandhu, in addition to being a physician (crazy, right?). When she dances in front of you, her energy will rub off on you, and you won’t be able to keep control of yourself as a result. Therefore, before you go check her out, make sure not to forget to put on your dancing shoes.

5. Sonali Bhaduria

Dance Influencer - Sonali Bhaduria

Sonali Bhadauria was a regular kid from a regular family who aspired to pursue a career in engineering, just like the dreams of all Indian parents for their children. However, she was only able to ignore her beckoning for so long before she gave in. Dance is not only her passion but also her release from the pressures and stresses of the outside world. 

It’s a way for her to de-stress from the pressures of the outside world while at the same time being of service to her audience. Three years after she uploaded her first video to YouTube, her channel LiveToDance With Sonali has garnered 235 million views across all her videos, leading to an accumulation of 1.7 million subscribers.

6. Gaurav Mankoti

Dance Influencer - Gaurav Mankoti

In college, Gaurav began his dance career, and it was in the first season of Dance Plus that he first gained widespread recognition. 

In addition, he attended the Germany Urban Dance Camp, where he received training in hip-hop, urban, and contemporary dance.

7. Akash Thapa

Dance Influencer - Akash Thapa

He is a Nepalese dancer who was born in Dehradun and is currently 17 years old. In 2017, he competed in Super Dancer 2 and made it to the finals. 

He has performed in a number of shows since the age of three and is also known by the stage name Naughty Thapa.

8. Paridhi Sharma

Dance Influencer - Paridhi Sharma

The incredibly talented actress from Jodha-Akbar posted a video on Instagram demonstrating her dance moves. 

Not only does she impress us with her acting, but also with other aspects of her personality.

9. Sushant Khatri

Dance Influencer - Sushant Khatri

What you see before you is the result of a gifted dancer from Nepal who moved to India with enormous talent and b-boying moves. He is an inspirational musician who most likely fills his stomach with lyrics and satisfies his appetite with his inexplicable passion for hip-hop.

Before becoming a finalist in the famous dance television show Dance Plus 2 and now a popular choreographer working for Indian cinema, Khatri had his fair share of struggles. He is now a lyrical hip-hopper. A saint who actually dances can transport you to a place of tranquility and peace, where you will most likely remain. His performances leave a euphoric aftertaste in one’s mouth.

10. Srish Shukla

Dance Influencer - Srish Shukla

TikTok was where Srish Shukla first began her career. On the other hand, after it was taken away from her, she started posting her videos on Instagram reels. 

The number of people who follow her on social media has grown noticeably over the past two years. Because of this, her Instagram account is considered to be among the most noteworthy in the field of Indian dance.

11. Awez Darbar

Dance Influencer - Awez Darbar

It is implied that Awez’s videos and photos on Instagram do not have any filters applied to them because he is a member of the NOFILTR.GROUP. On Instagram, he is followed by more than 4.4 million people.

In addition to this, he makes it a habit to post fragments of the same story over the course of several days. The Kidnapping and Love Your Country are two of his most famous works that have been published.

12. Kings of United India (Kings United India)

Dance Influencer - Kings of United India

A group of dancers from Vasai, Mumbai, who were considered long shots before, not only qualified for the World Hip Hop Championship in 2015 and also brought home the bronze medal. Since that time, they have only been aware of their height. They made the country proud in the dancing community all over the world, from helping to inspire the screenplay for Remo D’Souza’s ABCD-2 to claiming the first position in NBC’s World of Dance season 3 in 2019. Both of these accomplishments occurred in 2019. 

Kings United India is a dance group from India that competed in and won India’s Got Talent in 2013. They also were a formidable opponent in the popular dance-based reality show Dance Plus. Their mentor is Suresh Mukund, and they have 896 thousand subscribers on YouTube. It is highly recommended that you look to these individuals for ideas regarding major hip-hop moves, crazy stunts, and mind-boggling theatrics. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to check the official Kings United India website.

13.  Lauren Gottlieb

Dance Influencer -  Lauren Gottlieb

It is possible that Lauren is one of the most well-known dancers in India. Her incredible talent has won us over on shows ranging from ABCD to Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. 

Her Instagram page is like a form of therapy for people who are obsessed with the Dance television show.

14. Swarali Karulkar

Dance Influencer -  Swarali Karulkar

She got her start in the dance world so that she could fulfill her mother’s dream of becoming a famous dancer. She started dancing when she was young, and eventually, her mother encouraged her to continue doing so. After making an appearance on the dance reality show “Dance India Dance,” Swarali quickly rose to prominence (DID). 

She was one of the remaining contestants in Season 4 of the show. When it comes to dancing, she is a complete master of the art. Swarali is a talented dancer who is skilled in a variety of dance styles, including jazz, modern, folk, Bollywood, and hip-hop. During the auditions, she blew away the panel of judges with her dance skills, and as a result, she was placed in the top 15. Master Mudassar has never failed to express his satisfaction at having her as a member of his squad.

15. Sagar Bora

Dance Influencer -  Sagar Bora

In the night sky, there is a star known as Sagar Bora that shines more brilliantly than any of the others. Both he and our dancer Sagar Bora seem to be members of the hip-hop dance crew known as “13.13,” which is widely considered to be the most accomplished hip-hop dance crew in India at present. 

The “Indian Hip Hop Dance Championship 2k13” was his competition, and he came away with the gold medal. Our dancer Sagar Bora has also made a name for himself on Indian television through his participation in Dance Plus season 1, which debuted on Star Plus in 2015 and is considered one of the most famous and well-liked dance reality shows.

16. BFunk

Dance Influencer -  BFunk

Or Bhangra Funk is the creation of two dancers named Chaya Kumar and Shivani Bhagwan, who both have great talent. They took the happy risk of combining bhangra and B-wood, the two dance forms that provide the most stimulation, and now they are a successful business that teaches their signature dance moves and spreads joy all over the world. These ladies have partnered with notable individuals such as Shah Rukh Khan, Dlijit Dosanjh, and others. 

Their combined subscriber count on YouTube is 1.44 million. Their massive fan base is obsessed with this innovative dancing style, and there is no doubt that you will adore them as well. The BFunk website is also up and running, so you can learn all of their crazy routines right there on the internet.

17. Melvin Louis

Dance Influencer -  Melvin Louis

Melvin, who is based in Mumbai, is a dancer who is known for his distinctive style. He had a career in banking before he decided to pursue dance and choreography full-time. 

With over 1.2 million people subscribed to his YouTube channel, he is widely considered one of India’s most talented and well-known choreographers.

18. Himanshu Dulani

Dance Influencer -  Himanshu Dulani

With his swagger and urban hip hop dance moves, a young boy from Mumbai who has 222 thousand subscribers on YouTube is winning over the hearts of people everywhere. Dulani is a real feeling for all dance lovers because of his special bond with beats and details. He is known for his work. 

Approximately 4.4 million people have watched Himanshu Dulani’s most famous video on YouTube, which is a cover of Jazzy-song B’s “Dil Luteya.” You will watch him because of his incredible dance moves, but you will stay to watch that dancer’s swagger wrapped around the brilliant choreography. Don’t whine if you end up watching him dance and admire it the whole day.

19. Amit Patel

Dance Influencer -  Amit Patel

Amit is an accomplished dancer, as well as a choreographer and instructor. He calls his unconventional approach to the dance world “Indian Contemporary.” 

In addition to this, he is well-known for his unconventional heels, also known as “Bollywood Heels,” which challenge the norms of dance’s sexual identity.

20. Chinmay Khedekar

Dance Influencer -  Chinmay Khedekar

Chinmay Khedekar is an actor, dancer, choreographer, and content producer based in Mumbai. She is also a choreographer. By profession, he works as a Wardrobe Engineer.

After finishing his degree in software engineering, he decided to pursue his true calling. On Instagram, he has amassed a sizeable number of followers.


The dance scene in India is growing rapidly, with more and more people getting involved in it. This is largely thanks to the rise of social media, which has allowed dancers and choreographers to reach a wider audience than ever before.

Dance influencers have played a big role in sharing their passion for dance with the world and inspiring others to get involved.

There are many different types of dancers in India, from traditional styles to contemporary Bollywood routines. Their blogs, social media channels, and even YouTube videos have helped spread the word about various dance forms and styles and encouraged people to take up dancing as a hobby or profession. Here is a list of other dancers influencers who leave us in awe with their dancing styles.

Whatever your taste, there is sure to be a style of dance that you will enjoy. We hope our list of top 20 Indian dance influencers has inspired you to get involved in the scene and explore all that they have to offer!

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This concludes our rundown of the top Instagram accounts devoted to Indian dance; be sure to follow your favorites! Likewise, If you would like to get a hang of top fashion influencers in India, here’s the link, you have to know.

Do you think that we overlooked someone important? Tell us in the comments how it went!

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