Dabur's Digital Marketing Strategies

Case Study on Dabur’s Digital Marketing Strategies

Dabur, a leading domestic FMCG company, is attempting to capitalise on the "digital revolution" by pursuing an aggressive e-commerce and digital marketing strategy to reach the millennial generation, who are predicted to become important consumers in the future. Aside from Holi, Diwali, and other significant holidays, the brand's social media account covers all fleeting moments.

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Dabur has successfully become one of the most advanced and forward companies to shift to digital. In fact, Dabur has allotted 70% of their ad spends towards digital alone – that’s a huge deal!

Dabur was conditioned to use traditional media for 30–40 years before realizing that digital is a fantastic fit for transforming the Dabur brand for the modern Indian woman.

Dabur communicates to all 80 million women who use the internet, thus it made perfect sense to adopt digital quickly.

Marketers have a lot to learn from Dabur and the way they have adjusted to digital. In this blog, we have analysed their strategies and 

About Dabur

Dabur was founded by a visionary and innovator—Dr. S.K. Burman.

Dr Burman started Dabur with a mission to cure ordinary people who cannot afford medicines.

Today, Dabur has cured millions of people to become one of the leading FMCG companies.

Dabur India has gained its trust by selling quality products for 133 years and has become the world’s largest ayurvedic and natural health care company. 

Dabur’s product line

Dabur has 175+ products across industries, placing focus on FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).

Dabur's Digital Marketing Strategies - all products
Dabur products

Their products can be categorized into the following 

  • Haircare
  • Oral care 
  • Healthcare
  • Homecare
  • Skincare, and 
  • Foods

The FMCG division of Dabur has five major brands, each with its own identity.

  • Dabur- the industry’s leader in natural healthcare goods
  • Vatika a luxury personal care line
  • Hajmola-the greatest digestive aid
  • Real – a line of fruit juices and beverages)
  • Fem -a line of skincare products.

Why Should Marketers Study Dabur’s Digital Marketing Strategies?

Dabur is one of the largest consumer goods companies in India, with a history dating back to 1884. The company has a strong presence in the Ayurvedic and natural products categories, and its brands are among the most trusted in the country. Dabur’s digital marketing strategies are helping it to build on this strong base and to connect with consumers in new and innovative ways. 

The company’s focus on digital channels is helping it to reach a wider audience, including young consumers who are increasingly spending more time online.

Dabur’s digital marketing campaigns are also helping it to build deeper relationships with its customers, by providing them with relevant and engaging content that they can connect with. The company has also been able to use digital channels to create a more personalised and differentiated customer experience.

Marketers can get inspired by the way Dabur has handled its digital marketing strategies and implement the same for their brands.

What are Dabur’s Digital Marketing Strategies? 

Dabur has made attempts to seep into all forms of digital and reach its audience through multiple platforms. Let’s start by discussing in detail how they have used the different social media platforms to generate interaction and visibility.

Dabur’s Social Media Marketing Strategies

Dabur has multiple social media accounts, one for all its products (daburindialtd) and then many others for specific products. Dabur Amla, Dabur Vatika Hair Care, Dabur Health juices, Dabur Gulabri, and many more. For this study, we will look only at the account covering all the products—daburindialtd.

So, let’s get started! 

Dabur’s Instagram Marketing Strategeies

Dabur’s Instagram account, (@daburindialtd) has 21.9K followers and around 1.7K posts as of June 2022. 

Dabur digital marketing strategies

One thing that can be noticed at first sight is how they have adopted their CSR initiative in their bio. This is a great example of how a marketer can also promote their CSR campaigns through social media. 

Moving on to the pattern of posts that can be seen on Dabur’s Instagram account. Since this account doesn’t cater to a specific product but is for the overall brand, its posts vaguely promote different products. 

For instance, here is a post for Hajmola,Odomos ,and Real. 

Product promotion posts

Evidently, they do not focus on one product—it is a mix of all their products. Apart from product promotions, they also post interactive content to encourage their audience to comment and post for special days to stay relevant. 

A carousel to trigger engagement  

Special days’ posts promoting different brands of Dabur

Dabur’s Instagram engagement rate is 0.29% and receives an average of 51 likes and 1 comment on their posts.

dabur-instagram engagement rate

Dabur’s Influencer Marketing Strategies

Dabur collaborated with influencers to give momentum to their campaigns and get people talking about them. This is evident in their campaigns across all products.

In an interview, Dabur’s CEO, Mohit Malhotra, revealed that they spent a large share of their digital marketing spending on influencer marketing. 

Here is an example of Dabur’s successful Instagram marketing campaign. 

For this campaign, the micro and macro-influencers hired were requested to create an integrated or specialised film discussing the product and how they utilise it.

The campaign’s focus was on family and individual wellbeing and how Dabur products are a staple in every Indian home. It was important that the material appear natural and enjoyable, so influencers were given creative freedom to develop their own original content ideas.

Dabur’s Facebook Marketing Strategies

Dabur’s facebook marketing strategies generally involve four main factors – targeting, product campaigns, brand campaigns, and contests. 

Targeting: Dabur’s Facebook page targeted women in the age group of 25-35 years. It targeted women of a similar interest group as the brand and this allowed the brand to reach its target customers.

Product campaigns: Dabur used its products in its Facebook campaigns. 

Brand campaigns: Dabur used its brand name in all of its Facebook campaigns. This helped the brand to build its identity in the minds of its customers.

Contests: Dabur used contests to create interest in their new product line among the target segment. The strategy helped Dabur to create a niche for its products in the market and also helped them to generate leads.

This strategy was particularly effective in building interest and awareness among young adults, who are the target market for the new product line. By offering contests and prizes, Dabur was able to generate excitement and interest in its products, which led to increased sales.

Dabur’s YouTube Marketing Strategies 

Dabur’s adoption of an ad sequencing strategy showed that long-form storytelling on YouTube can be embraced, rather than feared. When used correctly, this type of strategy can help create a stable communication structure for a brand, reach and engage their desired audience, and increase conversions. 

Dabur’s SEO Strategies


In February 2011, Dabur launched its first online shopping portal for its beauty products range, targeting women of above 25 years of age in urban areas. The website helped consumers to know, understand, buy, and gift the exclusive Dabur Uveda range of skincare products.

This is how their website is performing currently. (Source: Ubersuggest

Dabur- Traffic Overview

Their website numbers are all ranked above great and display regular traffic to their website. 


The e-Commerce marketing strategies adopted by Dabur are designed to increase online sales and build brand awareness. These strategies include online advertising, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. By employing these strategies, Dabur has been able to improve its online visibility and attract more customers to its website.

In the Indian market, these e-commerce businesses have proven to be efficient and effective. As part of its digital strategy, Dabur promotes its products on a number of e-commerce sites and specifically targets millennials who are interested in fitness.

Dabur’s Most-loved Digital Marketing Strategies

1. Dab-Vite

Dabur launched a new product called ‘Dab-Vite’, a water purifier, which is specifically targeted to women. It adopts the concept of ‘women as influencers to promote their new items. Women who consider their usage and opinion of a product before purchasing it, are called ‘influencers’. 

Dabur, therefore, plans to invite these influencers to the launch event and pay them a ‘commission’ which would amount to Rs. 10,000 for 1,000 participants. The influencers are then asked to post about their experiences on social media. Dabur will also give rewards to the influencers who generate the most buzz about their product.

2. Shuddhata sabke liye!

Dabur Honey from the Dabur India Ltd. house launched a groundbreaking media campaign called “Shuddhata Sabke Liye” in honour of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. To promote the ideas of inclusion, empowerment, and equal opportunity for all, Dabur has released a film.

3. Brave and Beautiful! 

With their “Brave and Beautiful” campaign, Dabur, one of India’s most iconic and long-standing brands, embraced extended format digital advertising. The outcome? They established a new level of audience engagement. 

They used YouTube as a vital tool for producing video that has stronger connections with larger audiences and as a platform for sharing personal tales. They made use of digital platforms for long-form storytelling to alter brand perception. They also created an interactive resource portal called to encourage audience participation and interaction.


As you can see, Dabur has established a presence online to promote its goods and name. Want to develop such effective plans as well? Enrol in the online digital marketing course offered by Digital Scholar to learn how to create effective digital marketing strategies for your business. People who want to learn everything there is to know about digital marketing and how to use it for their own business should enroll in this course. To find out more about them, go to

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Which Dabur advertising campaign is your favourite? Post your comments in the space provided below.

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