How To Create YouTube Channel in 4 Simple Steps

Are you also looking for a tutorial on how to create a YouTube channel and promote your brand? Here are four simple steps with instructions on how you can have your own account. Learn how to create & set up a YouTube channel to boost your brand's popularity worldwide.

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YouTube is one of the most famous social media platforms for connecting with a target audience. It is an excellent medium to uncover your creativity and showcase your talent globally. All you need is a well-built YouTube Channel to register your presence. Want to learn how to create YouTube channel and promote your brand?

Set Up A YouTube Channel

Let’s go! Here are the steps to create a YouTube account and maximize reach. But before going ahead let’s understand the fundamentals, elements, benefits, and more.

YouTube and Its Features

YouTube is a video-sharing platform owned and managed by Google. On February 14, 2005, Steve Chen, Javed Karim, and Chad Hurley officially launched it. The platform has since become the second most visited website after YouTube is used by over 2.6 billion people every month, according to Statista 2022.

User Statistics of Youtube

Every minute users upload over 500 hours of videos on YouTube. As of 2023, YouTube has more than 51 million active channels.

Users stats on YouTube

Here are some primary features of YouTube are as follows:

  • Search and watch user-generated video content
  • Create your YouTube channel
  • Upload different kinds of videos on your channel
  • Like/share/comment on other videos
  • Subscribe/follow other channels on YouTube
  • Download and save your favorite videos 
  • Restrict access to your content using YouTube’s Privacy Policy
  • Access to the library and archives of your favorite clips
  • Create playlists to organize and group videos together
  • Post advertisement for brand promotion and marketing  

Elements of a YouTube Channel

Before you understand how to create YouTube Channel, know the essential elements that will help you generate traffic on your channel. These elements or features attract the audience to your channel. These elements are:

  • Name
  • Category 
  • Profile
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Banner Button
  • Watermark
  • Thumbnail

1. Name

YouTube Channel Name

Your channel name is the first point of interaction with your audiences. It must give a sense of what kind of content your channel contains. It is displayed on your page, and all your videos show up in YouTube’s search results. Ideally, your channel name should be something that describes the topic and must be unique yet simple. The name should be easy to remember and recall and preferably be reused to create accounts on other social media platforms. Finally, it would help if you avoided innovative capitalization (stick to the simple name), numerals, and special characters. 

2. Category

YouTube Categories

Channel category helps filter YouTube channels for relevance. It typically indicates the main objective of the channel. It helps target the right kind of audience with your content. YouTube has a plethora of categories to choose from and to bucket your channel. Some of them include, Autos & Vehicles, Music, Pets & Animals, Sports, Travel & Events, Gaming, People & Blogs, Comedy, Entertainment, News & Politics, How & Style, Education, Science & Technology, Nonprofits & Activism. 

3. Profile

YouTube Profile

The profile is where you can add your branding and bring your voice to your page. In the profile, you can add a banner, photo, background cover, etc., to make the channel reflect your own. You can edit the theme and icons and make the profile look more attractive and exciting. This change and profile updates make your YouTube channel look unique and stand-alone.   

4. Description

YouTube Description

A description is where you introduce your channel to your audience to give them a gist of what you are looking to share. The better the description, the better it will target the audience. It falls under the ‘About’ tab of your channel. Though there are templates available online, there is no substitute for describing your channel in your own words. Some things you must remember about the description are:

  • Write for the audience, not for you. Talk about what is in it for your audience. Your channel may be great but think about how it benefits your viewer.
  • Be conscious about your branding. Ensure the description aligns with your brand and what it wants to communicate to the audience.
  • Make the content both informative and exciting to read. The first 120 characters are displayed on search engines, so make sure they are helpful and precise. 
  • Optimize the content. Use popular keywords, see what your audiences are typically looking for and build relevant description content.

5. Tags

YouTube Tags

Tags are the keywords mentioned in the description that are directly or indirectly related to the context of the uploaded videos. You add the keywords in the video to help the audience find your content. Whenever a viewer searches for the tags you used in your video, the search results will automatically put your video in the suggestion and ultimately increase your views. 

6. Banner Button

A banner is something that carries a full-fledged graphical introduction to your channel. It may include facts about your theme and channel. Some people also use it for announcements of upcoming events. YouTube here gives the option to redirect your audience directly to your other social media platforms. You can keep the links on the banner so your audience can find you on other platforms. 

7. Watermark

Plagiarism and illegal content reuse are big problems that need to be addressed as most content goes online. Apart from ensuring your content is authentic, it is also essential to make sure others do not showcase your content as their own. It is where watermarks become vital. YouTube provides the option to watermark all your videos. When you add watermarks, YouTube adds your logo to all your videos. It makes it harder for people to plagiarise your content without giving you credit. 

8. Thumbnails

YouTube Thumbnail

Users will not always play your video when appearing on their feed. Your video should look impressive from the outside and be capable of attracting the audience’s focus. You can use the alluring thumbnails to captivate the viewer’s attention. An ideal thumbnail should be good in picture quality and of the perfect size. It should carry the title or some texts that explain your content in a better way. It helps in increasing the taps and watch hours. 

youtube course how to create youtube channel

Tutorial to Create YouTube Channel in 4 Simple Steps

You can use your Google account to create a YouTube channel, which will be a solo account accessible only to you. However, if you want an account that lets many users access it, start a brand account. With a brand account, you can begin several channels on YouTube. Here are the steps to create YouTube Channel using your Google account.

Step 1: Sign in/Sign up for your Google Account

Sign in to Google to create an youtube channel

The first and foremost step to creating a YouTube account is creating a Google account or logging in if you already have one. Here are the steps;

If you do not have a Google account, you must create one first. 

To create your Google account;

  1. Go to Google Chrome
  2. Choose the Create Account option at the bottom of the page. 
  3. Fill in the required details step-wise. These details may be Name, Age, Gender, and Phone Number, and then generate a password
  4. Once the account is successfully created, you will get a confirmation mail.

If you already have an account, log in with the following steps: 

  1. Go to Google Chrome
  2. Select Sign In
  3. Type your email or phone number registered with your account. 
  4. Once your email/phone is typed, then type your password.
  5. Click Next 

Keep the account logged in and move to the next step, creating your YouTube Channel.

Step 2: Create YouTube Channel 

Click Create YouTube Channel

After logging in to your Google account, create YouTube Channel. 

  1. Go to Google Apps from your account, and find the YouTube icon. Alternatively, go to and sign in with your Google credentials.  
  1. Click on the YouTube profile icon on the right-hand corner of the page. It will display a dropdown with multiple options. 
  1. Select Settings – The Settings page will redirect you to the following list of options
  1. Under the Your Channel heading of the menu, select Create a new account. The option will send you directly to the Channel name page.
  1. On the Channel name page, type the name that you think suits you the best to your channel. 

Note: The name should be unique and relevant to the theme of your account. 

  1. Click Create

Note: You may need to verify the channel. 

  1. If verification is required, a verification code through text message will be sent to your number, or a phone call verification will be conducted for the channel. 

Step 3: Customization of the New Channel 

YouTube Channel Customization Settings

After creating your Youtube channel, start customizing it to suit your needs. 

To customize your channel, complete the following: 

  1. Click Channel Settings.
  2. It displays the Customization tab. 
  3. The Customization tab lets you customize your channel using the following three tabs – Layout, Branding, and Basic Info


This tab has all the setting options related to the appearance of your channel. It has sections such as:

  • Video Spotlight, where you can find the options for publishing 
  • Channel Trailer for non-subscriber 
  • Featured videos for returning subscribers
  • Features Section is where you can choose any ten videos from your recent to feature on the home page.

You can upload or select the video of your choice when you start uploading the videos. 


Branding Customization in YouTube

The next tab you have to customize is the Branding tab. This tab gives you the option to choose the colors, styles, and overall design for your channel. Here you have the feature of customizing your Profile, Banner, and Video Watermark. 

  • Setting up Profile: Add the profile to your channel. Create or select a picture that you think goes the best with your channel.
    • Size: The minimum size of the image should be 98 x 98px, and the size of the file should not exceed 4MB. 
    • Format: The acceptable format of the file is JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF. However, animated GIFs are not as supportable as the profile picture.  

To set up your profile, complete the following: 

  1. In the Profile section, click Upload.
  2. Click Browse Computer. It opens the device’s file manager.
  3. Select your chosen image and click Open.
  4. After the picture is uploaded, click Publish to make the change visible.
  • Setting up Banner: The following detail to add to the Channel is the Banner. Create a Banner that carries some selected and significant information about your channel.
    • Size: The minimum size of the banner should be 2048 x 1152 px with an aspect ratio of precisely 16:9. The dimension 1235 x 338 px safe area should be kept for details. 
    • Format: The support formats for the banners are JPG, PNG, and BMP. 

To set your profile, complete the following: 

  1. In the Profile section, click Upload.
  2. Click Browse Computer.
    It opens the device’s file manager. 
  3. Select your chosen image and click Open.
  4. After the picture is uploaded, click Publish to make the change visible.

After creating the banner, complete the following: 

  • In the Banner section, click Upload.
  • Select your image from your device. 
  • Adjust and crop the image to fit in well. 
  • After it’s adjusted, click Done and then click Publish. 
  • Note: You can add more details to your banner, like links. Use the Edit Banner option under the Banner section to add the details.
  • Setting up Watermark: The last branding section is Watermark. A watermark will automatically be added to all the videos on your channel when you publish them. The aspect ratio of the Watermark is already standardized to fit in properly.
    • Size – The suggested length of the Watermark is 150 x 150 px. The maximum acceptable size of the file is 1MB. 
    • Format – YouTube has recommended uploading the file in PNG or GIF format only. The dual-colored image with no background is preferred as the best here. 

When you are ready to upload the Watermark, complete the following: 

  1. In the Watermark section, click Upload.
  2. Select the Watermark from your device. 
  3. Click Done and then click Publish.

Basic Info

Basic info in YouTube Channel Customization

The third and last tab in Customization is the Basic Info tab. As the name suggests, this is the tab where you publish basic information about your channel. It includes the editing and publishing descriptions about the channel, the channel’s name, and outside links. 

  • Channel Name: If you change your mind about the channel’s name, you can change it using this option. Click the Pencil icon, change the name, and then click Publish
  • Channel Description: To add the description to your channel, click the Pencil icon in the respective tab, and write or paste your channel description. Review it, and then click Publish. 
  • About: Lastly, write or paste your About content. Click the Pencil icon, add the information, and then click Publish to edit the content. 

Step 4: Uploading the First Video

Upload your First Video in YouTube

Uploading content is not only about uploading a video. It would be best to keep in mind things like the Title of the video, Thumbnail, Description of the video, Tags, Subtitles, Playlist, and Privacy Settings. It will help grow your channel. 

To begin uploading the first video, complete the following: 

  1. Open the channel. On the right-top of the page, click the Video icon. It will display a dropdown box with options.
  2. Click Upload Video
  3. Select the video you want to upload. It will display a new page, and the process will start. 
  4. Add all the necessary details to the video. 
  5. After adding the details, ensure that the whole video is uploaded, and click Publish.  

Top YouTube Videos Format 

After you create YouTube Channel, you can get started with creating and publishing some of the best videos for your audiences. Here are some types of YouTube videos that get the best views online.

  • How-To Videos: This format is one of the most popular ways to teach your audiences about specific things. You can create How-To YouTube videos in explainer, demo, or instructional form.
  • Vlogs Video: It is more of an original video format, where users share their experiences about using a specific product, eating at a restaurant, or visiting a tourist place. The options are endless with Vlogs.
  • Gaming Videos: Millions of users love to watch YouTubers play games on their channels. So if you are a gamer, record your gaming video and post to get good web traffic and subscribers. 
  • Educational Videos: Another popular format of YouTube videos is educational videos. Beauty, fashion, travel, history, and other enthusiasts create educational videos to help users learn about a specific topic.   
  • Unboxing Videos: These are prevalent video formats wherein YouTubers post videos about opening a new item (phone, laptop, kitchen appliance, etc.) for the first time. It is an excellent way for brands to spread the word about their new and existing products.

Benefits of Having a YouTube Channel

Having a YouTube Channel comes with various benefits. There are several opportunities a YouTuber enjoys on YouTube, such as: 

Showcase your talent easily

Your talent can spread like wildfire when done right using YouTube, making it easier to showcase your talent to a larger audience quickly.  

Interact conveniently with audiences

YouTube videos have little to no borders meaning it is a stage to interact with audiences worldwide. It is, therefore, more convenient than traditional methods of promoting an idea. 

Expand business and network

YouTube is a great avenue to expand your business and network. Product and service videos, how-to videos, and problem-solving videos are great opportunities to get followers and share information about your business and brand.  

Revenue earnings

By creating a YouTube channel and gaining popularity, you can make money online. There are many methods, such as the YouTube partner program, influencer marketing, fan funding, and so on, that can help you monetize your video content. 

Be your best

YouTube channel pushes you to be creative and get outside your comfort zone to impress your audiences. It motivates you to do better with every video and be your best. 

Connect and engage with audiences

It is a great platform to connect with your audiences and interact. Many users make personal connections with other YouTubers and build communities for like-minded people. It helps YouTubers share knowledge and help others in different scenarios.  

Ways to Make Money on YouTube Channel

Making money on YouTube used to be as simple as uploading excellent video content, driving views, and earning advertising revenue from the channel. Today, content creators have multiple ways to monetize their content after creating a YouTube channel. Here are some options:

YouTube Partner Program

Users can create YouTube channel and be part of the YouTube Partner Program after having 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of accumulated watch time within a year. YPP will then place ads in different formats on the user’s channel, and the revenue is shared. 


In digital marketing, sponsorship plays a huge role. In this model, otherwise known as influencer marketing, a company pays a content creator to promote their brand on their YouTube channel. So, when you create a YouTube channel, you can make money by contacting brands and promoting their products or services. 


it is a relatively new model of making money on YouTube. If you have a great fan following on your channel, you can ask followers to join a membership plan by paying a yearly or monthly amount. In exchange, you can give them access to special content, live chats, badges, etc. 

Other ways of making money on YouTube include making merchandise sales, subscription businesses, YouTube Premium revenues, etc. So, it does make sense to create a YouTube channel and begin your journey as a content creator.  


There is a tremendous increase in demand for videos, and hence more and more businesses and brands are including video content in their digital marketing strategy. It is no more home to funny cat and dog videos, and it is a serious marketing platform. Apart from engaging your audience in a visually appealing format, you can provide valuable information to them and promote yourself.

Youtube Mastery Course by Sorav Jain

It may sound overwhelming to create YouTube Channel, but things become attractive and easy with experience. If you are looking to master the art of YouTube, you must join the YouTube Mastery Course by Sorav Jain. With YouTube Mastery Course, you will be able to successfully launch your YouTube channel, optimize the videos, avoid mistakes, and monetize the video content. Go ahead and start your YouTube journey now!

Happy Vlogging!


1. How much does YouTube pay for Shorts in India?

YouTubers will be able to earn 45% of advertising revenue after the recent update. Monetization of Youtube shorts will be open from February 1, 2023.  

2. How do YouTube beginners get paid?

YouTube as a platform does pay beginners unless they have 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months. Yet beginners can earn through brand collaborations and channel memberships.

3. How do I pick a YouTube channel name?

Picking your YouTube channel’s name can be overwhelming. Pick something that goes with the content you are uploading and keep the name short and unique.

4. How many videos can I upload to YouTube per day? 

There is no such limit on the count of video uploads on Youtube. Users have claimed that they were able to upload more than 100 videos per day without any interruption.

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