How to Make a GIF in Canva

How to Make a GIF in Canva? [Step by Step Guide To Create Gif in Canva]

This is the end of this article about how to make a GIF in Canva. Now you can make your own GIFs in Canva and start selling them.

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Do you know those adorable little looping images that populate your Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, and Instagram feed? 

Those images are called GIFs, and the easiest way to make a GIF in Canva is to follow these simple instructions. 

Creating a GIF in Canva is really easy, and it is perfect for when you want to add a little humour to your social media posts.

Create GIF in canva

Steps to Create GIF in Canva

Step 1: Choose The Template

Select the template you want, it can be anything like social media, presentation or app intro.

Choose the template you want to create gif

Step 2: Add Your Image/Elements 

You can add your own image or select any graphical illustration from the elements.

Add image or elements on the template you have chosen

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Step 3: Add Text to The Image 

Add any text to explain what this gif is about as a reference.

Add texts to the template

Step 4: Select Animate

Select the animate option

Step 5: Select Any of the listed Animation 

Here is the list of effects available in the animation. You can do many trials and find the best one which works for your GIF in Canva.

Select the animation you want to have on your design

Step 6: Click on the Share to Download 

Click share to download the design

Step 7: Select the File Type

You are about to select the file type among PDF, JPG, MP4 and GIF. 

Select the file type to download

Step 8: Select the GIF Option and Download 

Select the gif option to download

Step 9: Your Animated GIF Output

Your final output - GIF


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