How to create an eBook in Canva

How to Create an EBook on Canva? [Free EBook maker]

This article is about how to create an ebook on canva. It is a great tool to create an ebook in a few minutes. You can use the templates provided to create your ebook.

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Want to write and publish an ebook? Canva is easy enough to make an ebook in just a few minutes.

A book can be a great way to showcase your Knowledge through writing. Making an ebook on Canva for free is incredibly simple. 

All you need to do is, Start by choosing a design for the front of the book and fill in the details. You can upload photos, customize fonts, add text, and format the cover.

Basically, You can do anything to create an ebook on Canva within just a few clicks.

Let us see how to create a brand new Ebook on Canva in an easy way!

EBook on Canva [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

Step 1: Search for A4 Document 

Open Canva and search for an A4 document in the Canva toolbar.

ebook on Canva

Step 2: Create a New Blank Page 

When you have selected the A4 document, create a new document.

Create new blank page

Step 3: Search For Ebook 

Search for the ebook on the right side of the Canva page to find a large variety of ebook-themed templates.

Search ebook

Step 4: Select your Desired Template 

Depending upon your niche, select the Ebook cover and the pages for the ebook on Canva.

Select your desired template

Step 5: Select Add Pages

If the pages are fewer, start adding pages by clicking the “ADD PAGE”. 

Select add page

Step 6: Explore the Features 

For adding up the pages, choose from a wide range of high-quality stock pictures, images, illustrations, icons, and other graphics. Experiment with various colour palettes, backgrounds, and text styles. 

Apply filters with the photo effects feature, then collaborate with others with the collaboration tool.

Explore the features

Step 7: Keep Customizing your Design

To keep people reading your ebook, you must design it better than the competition and with a lot of creativity. For this, you should experiment with various methods of customising Canva designs and bringing the best dish to the table.

How To Add Stock Images?

You can add stock images to your ebook wherever necessary by searching your proper niche keyword on the search bar.

Add stock image

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How to Add Illustrators?

Find the appropriate illustrator for creating your ebook with an interesting presentation by searching for your niche keyword and selecting visuals.

Add illustrators using graphics option

How to Add Shapes in Canva?

When you search for the required shapes, the elements will provide you with an increasing number of creative stickers.
To do so, go to Elements, search circle, and choose any design from the graphics, stickers, or photos available in the Canva templates.

shapes in Canva

How Many Pages Can Be Added in Canva?

Yes, canva has certain restrictions when creating pages for the ebook.

You can add only 100 pages per ebook.

You might be thinking, should I want to reduce my content and the context!!

You don’t need to be. We have a better solution for you.

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Step 8: Go Home

Select “Your project”, and you will notice all the designs you have done already.

Go home to make the next steps

Step 9: Make a Copy

Make a copy

Select make a copy and download the file.

Then hit download option

Now you’ll have 200 pages of ebook on Canva where you can entirely insert the text and image in each of these files.

Once the design is done, all you have to do is merge the files into one.

Step 10: Download the Ebook on Canva

1. Go to share 

Go to share option

2. Select Download

Hit the download option

3. Select PDF Format

Select PDF format

If you want to create medium-quality images to share on blogs, emails or newsletters, it is preferable to choose PDF Standard.

But if you want to print your ebook and send it in hard copy, then it is preferable to select and download the file in PDF print format.

4. Merge the PDF

Go to and select the merge option.

Merge PDF

Now choose the file you want to merge with your selected pages.

Yes, You are done with your ebook!!!!

You can happily share or create your own printed ebook and start distributing it.


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