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8 Copywriting Tips to Boost your Conversion Rates

Learn the best ways to improve your website's conversion rates through effective copywriting. These tips will help you produce more persuasive and compelling content that will drive results.

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You’re about to run your first email campaign, but the copy you’re writing feels hokey???

You try changing the subject line or changing the call-to-action, but nothing makes it work???

The feeling is almost paralysing. 

You’re about to embark on a marketing strategy that, if successful, should result in dozens, if not hundreds, of new customers.

How could a simple piece of copy be the cause of all this worry?

That’s why we are here to write an intuitive article on 8 copywriting tips to boost your conversion rates.

According to an email from ShortStack, 80% of the customer decides to open an email only when the subject line looks catchy.

And if you don’t test your subject line, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to increase your email’s open rate. 

TheDependsOnYou report also estimates that 72-78% of email recipients move or delete an email without reading it, so there’s a lower chance that your email will be read if you don’t test.

If this matches your past history and consumer psychology, check out our online digital marketing course to learn how to become a copywriting master and raise your conversion rate in no time by increasing your open rate.

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Now let’s get started with the 8 copywriting tips to boost your conversion rate.

8 Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rates

1. Shorten your Sentences

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In today’s fast information age, slow copy overloads the reader. Shorter sentences in information emails increase the number of words read by up to 40%.

According to research from YesInsights, shorter sentences can increase conversion rates by 25% in emails. However, there are plenty of marketers who swear by long copy.

The average email word count is 1,400 words. We spoke with copywriters and conversion rate experts to find out once and for all: is shorter copy better?

Obviously, the shorter copy is better to make our customers read what we wrote!

2. Reduce Common Phrases

Usage or frequency of certain words in your copy, such as ‘buy’, ‘get’, ‘free’, or ‘limited’, typically hurts sales. 

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Reducing their presence and frequency in your copy will improve conversions and make your document more persuasive and appealing to the audience.

Copywriting is the art of writing your sales copy, or “web copy”, for short. Why is it so important? Your prospective buyers have so many options in front of them. You have to make it easy for them to choose you. 

That means you need to get to the point right away.

When you learn how to write effective copy, you help your website convert more visitors into customers. When you register for the web, the goal is to establish trust and credibility.

If you want to learn how to write a text that turns sales into leads, enrol in this digital marketing course to become an expert in email marketing and copywriting and learn automation.

3. Substitute Data for Adjective

Copywriting is writing for a targeted audience, and it’s an important skill to master if you want to market your product. 

A good copywriter knows how to grab the reader’s attention by first grabbing their attention with provocative headlines and then selling a product using compelling copy.

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This thing will always work, When writing copy for your email, don’t fall into the trap of using adjectives to create intrigue. Instead, use numbers to make your content more engaging.

4. Avoid Weasel Words

Clear writing. 

“Weasel Words” are words or phrases that sound polite or impressive but do nothing actually to do anything. 

They’re vague, Boring. And weak.

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Here are some Weasel Words you should eliminate.

  • In a situation like this, we… 
  • Obviously. 
  • Of course. 
  • Obviously. 
  • To tell you the truth… 
  • Unfortunately. 
  • I guess… 
  • Of course.
  • Obviously

5. Test Yourself with “So What” Question?

Writing well requires practice, so here are some copywriting tips for beginners and seasoned professionals to improve conversion rates. 

Ask these questions before you send the email:

Ask questions before sending the emails
  • Ask If everything you write is grammatically correct, it will be dull. 
  • Ask If you focus on your product or service, the reader will. 
  • Ask If you focus on the reader, the reader will.
  • What does that call to action say?
  • What does that call-to-action mean?
  • Can the reader figure out how to take action?
  • Is it clear, brief, and easy to understand? 
  • Is your call to action easy to visualise? 
  • Is it ‘at the moment’? 
  • Is a call to action, or action verb, used?

6. Use You and Yours to get Human Touch

The key to writing a killer conversion email is to write in a natural style. 

Remember, you’re writing to humans and not robots. 

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And if you want to convert a reader, you need to sound like a human being. 

That’s why you should aim to use “you” and “your” as much as possible. Since you’re writing to a human, don’t be shy. 

Be conversational.

Use words and phrases like “you,” “your,” “your family,” “your friends,” “your community,” “your colleagues,” and “your friends” to get your point across. 

While you’re writing in a natural style, don’t forget to include a call to action.

7. Emphasize Actions

While your copy may be eye-catching, it must follow key copywriting tips to drive conversions. 

emphasize action

As the outline, Start writing an email with these 4 elements,

  • Engage your audience 
  • Tell a story 
  • Use action-oriented language
  • Use numbers

For a call to action, use these verbs to attain attention,

  • Launch
  • Explore
  • Grow
  • Create
  • Drive

8. Keep it Simple

When writing a business email, it can be tempting to use long words and complicated phrases to impress the reader with your level of intelligence and knowledge. 

This can be frustrating for the recipient, who wastes time trying to understand what you mean and feels you have constantly made an assumption. 

A simpler method can be more successful when communicating with customers, colleagues, your boss, and, importantly, when it comes to copywriting.


Keep it simple

The more you are simpler, the open rate increases and people start focusing on your product.


A good piece of writing needs to be easily understood. When writing, it’s incredibly important that readers appreciate clear, succinct, and organised language. 

The quality of your prose is only as good as your ability to organise and convey your ideas and information. 

And if you’re having trouble improving/increasing your conversion rate, contact our digital marketing agency; we have a copywriting professional who can pitch your sales in no time.

I hope this article helped you in rethinking the style of copywriting. Comment below your thoughts; we would like to hear from you!!!

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